If he had been alone, he probably wouldn't even have noticed the shaking. Years outside the field had dulled his reactions and he would have simply drifted back down into sleep without giving it a second thought. Without it really registering on his consciousness. Only, he wasn't alone.

Sam sprang bolt upright in the bed next to him, fully awake and reaching toward the bedside table. Not finding what she was looking for, she began to desperately search for it. "Crap.. Where… Oh my god…" Her movements grew more frantic the longer she looked.

Suddenly realizing what was going on, Jack clasped her shoulders and forced her to turn to look at him. "Sam…" Her eyes still weren't focusing and he could feel her shaking beneath his hands. "Carter."

The familiar sound of his voice barking her name finally got through her panic. Her gaze found his, hands reaching up to clutch his forearms so tightly it almost hurt. They sat there together unmoving for several long moments as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Finally, she broke the silence. "God… Jack. I thought… The shaking. And when I couldn't find my commlink to contact the bridge…"

He smiled gently. "I know. I've done it too…" He paused for a moment before adding, "Well, I've never mistaken an earthquake for an alien attack, but you know what I mean."

She smiled slightly, not quite laughing, but enough to let him know the moment had really passed. Sam gently squeezed his arms one more time before dropping her hands to the blanket between them.

He gestured back towards their pillows. "Sleep?" She bit her lip nervously, and he gestured again, this time toward the bedroom door. "Or, tea?"

She nodded, smiling her thanks. "Tea."

He pulled back the blanket and, slipping from the bed, silently followed her from the room.