(A series of short stories from the life of Adam Stephens. Each one takes place in a different year, and each will vary in length)


When Adam Stephens was five months old, his mother realized that he was going to be special.

There was a glint of sadness in her eyes as she held her baby boy.

It had been late, nearly three am, when he had woken up crying for the second time that night. Careful not to disturb Darrin (who had an important business meeting early the next morning) Samantha had wearily made her way to their son's room. Thankfully, all Adam had needed was a quick feeding and, once his stomach was full, the five month old quickly drifted back to sleep.

Although she could have placed him back in his crib a little while ago and returned to bed, she had been holding him for nearly twenty minutes, rocking him gently and listening to the sound of his little breaths as she tried to come to terms with what she could no longer ignore.

The older Adam got, the more she could sense it...and tonight, as she held him, it seemed stronger than ever.

It was difficult to explain, especially to a mortal, but Samantha could feel the magic inside of him. She knew that it grew stronger by the day. It was only a matter of time before he, like his sister, began to exhibit the signs- and her stomach sank as she pictured her husband's reaction. She knew that Darrin would never turn his back on his son, no matter how magical he was destined to become...but she also knew that, deep down, her husband hoped that he would no longer be the only mortal in the house. He would be unable to mask his disappointment, and she would feel the familiar sting of guilt and regret.

"Your father is wrong," he had recently proclaimed with a grin, "I can tell already- Adam takes after me."

There had been such pride in his eyes, and Samantha had not had the heart to correct him. She'd tell him one day- soon enough- but she figured that it wouldn't hurt too much to let him be happy for just a little bit longer.

She felt Adam snuggle closer to her chest, and she could not suppress a smile as she stroked his soft tuft of brown hair.

"You'll always be mommy's special little warlock..."