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Prologue: Romance at Dawn Gender Bender Style

Foosha Village, a small peaceful village in the East Blue…

"It's quiet, don't you think, Mayor?" the woman bar owner spoke to the elderly man in front of her while she cleaned a mug.

"Ha! That brat is probably still sleeping that's why! Makino don't you ever get tired of Luffy hanging around here so much?" The old man spoke while fixing his glasses "That kid is always just waiting for Ace or that Shanks Pirate to come along and having dreams about being a pirate… such a bother really, it's a disgrace to the village!" Makino giggled "Nah, I don't mind, Luffy's cute that way."

In a room overlooking the seaport…

On the bed next to an open window a bag was opened and clothing was being shoved in. Said person stopped shoving clothes and moved to stand in front of a full length mirror scissors in hand. The reflection showed a young girl, with big chocolate eyes, a scar under one of them. The girl put on a red vest that covered her bound breast making herself look flat chested. Taking the scissors she started to messily cut her waist long hair, so short it resembled a boy's haircut. "Shishishi this way no one will recognize me!" The girl said as she took a straw hat laying on the bed and placed it on her head. "Time to make that promise come true, whether you like it or not Ace-Nii wait no, Aniki shishishi this will be a fun adventure!"

A rubber "man" would set sail soon…

Running through the town heading to a small boat docked at the seaport, the girl now looking like a small cute boy, caught the attention of many townspeople. "Hey! Isn't that…!" Many of them said trying to get the attention of the speeding blur.

Townspeople started to get rowdy outside the bar the Mayor and Makino were in and so the two went outside. "Mayor! She's trying to make a break for it! She's almost at sea!" A random citizen explained to the elderly grumpy man. His face turned that of annoyance and worry "If she gets to sea and becomes a pirate its going to be the end of me!" The mayor and Makino made a run to the seaport where the young girl had already started to set sail.

"WAIT!!! YOU DAMN BRAT! YOU WILL DISGRACE THE VILLAGE!" The mayor yelled at the girl but held back a small smile. "MAKE SURE YOU BECOME QUEEN OF THE PIRATES!!" Makino yelled at the retreating form of the small boat and girl.

"No! I'm going to be king! King of the pirates!!" The girl laughed putting her hands on her waist. "Now I just need to find some Nakama!"

Who would become captain of the Straw Hat Pirates…

(A few weeks later)

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" The Mayor of Foosha Village's Den Den Mushi went of screaming in Ace's voice. "Relax; she went out to find One Piece…"

"THAT'S EVEN WORSE!" on the other line of the Den Den Mushi, Ace was sitting with his fellow Whitebeard pirates in a pub. Things around him started to burst in flames, his signature hat was covering the angry look in his eyes. "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE CARE OF HER! SHE WONT SURVIVE AS A PIRATE! SHE'S…SHE'S… LUFFY FOR GODSAKES!!! WHEN I FIND HER ILL DRAG HER BACK HOME!"

"Sheesh over protective much…" Marco stated. "Shut it!" Ace shot back.

Monkey D. Luffy

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