Summary: Hey, my names Alice Liddell otherwise known as Biohazard; one of the world's top ex-assassins. Yeah, so get this. One night after I decided to clear bad blood between me and a gang I got dropped in a place called Wonderland by some hot rabbit guy. Not only that; this place is filled weirdoes that use guns more than I ever had to! Too bad my assassin past is behind me; otherwise I might have some fun… One-shot! Mwahaha!

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POV: 95% Third. Otherwise Alice.


Caution: This Chick's A Biohazard

Alice groaned as she fell onto her knees in her back yard. She just came back from a meeting.

Her life was a wreck to say the least. Alice Liddell the daughter of ever so favored Lord Liddell since the age of 13 was a cold blooded killer. On the outside what all those other high class peers saw from her was a polite young lady growing up fine in the sophisticated world. However, unknown to all of them, this fragile lady, was an assassin. Ex-assassin, but, she was one the youngest and the best. The thrill of being a wanted person that everyone wanted to kill was something that excited her. But now, it disgusted her especially after it got out of hand at one point.

Her meeting was to talk with a Boss of a gang. Biohazard, as she was called in the world of death and betrayal, had killed over 20 of his men. Seeing as she was attempting to get the name to fade out the world of mafia and gangs she wanted to make peace. Too bad all they did was attempt to kill her. Pft. Amateurs, they didn't even get a scratch on her.

However, running and dodging knifes and bullets for so long got her tired especially when it was in the middle of the night this was all happening to her.

Soon, her legs gave in on her and she fell right onto her garden in the back. The rose bushes that surrounded her blew with the breeze. She felt extra warm in the clothes she picked out to show up in. Her elder sister Lorina was into cosplaying, so in an attempt to appear more innocent and at peace, Alice dressed up in one of her sister's tea party dress' to make the gang more at serene. It didn't help; all it did was slow her down.

She lay on her back and looked up at the stars; she really wished she could turn back time. Her 'hazardous' past something that complicated too many things and was just plain aggravating. No one in her family was aware of the fact her head was wanted by so many dangerous groups and police. Possibly due to the fact that all those that actually see her true face while murdering never mange to see anyone after that encounter.

Alice felt her tired eyes about to close when the most jaw dropping thing happened, a bunny rabbit about a foot high on its hind legs appeared to her, glasses on its nose and it was wearing a suit. Its face the perfect frame of impatience. Alice would have laughed at its expression if she wasn't so shocked and tired.

"Come on now! You're supposed to chase me!" It cried out annoyed.

Alice thought about going to her feet to run inside and lock the doors, but before she did anything hasty she rubbed her eyes, "I know what's going on… I'm having a dream. Too bad it's about stupid rabbits."

Without warning she was hoisted in the air unceremoniously onto someone's shoulder, "I suppose it can't be helped." A man's cool voice sighed,

She opened out her eyes as looked over her shoulder; a man was now carrying her. A man with white hair and white bunny ears on his head! Shocked Alice grabbed one of his ears to prevent herself from falling despite the fact the man had a hand on her waist, "AH!" Alice shouted,

"Please don't scream in my ear." He told her as he began running towards the forest,

"What the freak is your problem!? Put me down!" Alice screamed attempting to escape out of his hold, "Someone help! Cosplaying kidnapper!"

Where the hell is my gun when I need it!? Alice thought frantically.

The man chuckled, "I'll put you down as soon as we get there."

"W-what?" Alice asked breathlessly, "Just who do you work for! If this is about money I owe someone, tell your boss to screw himself!" She shouted

"Down that hole." He answered as they approached a huge hole that was near the entrance to the forest. "Also, don't worry, you owe no one nothing where we're going." He reassured her with a smile.

"Ah, but to reach our true destination we have to fall down it first." He laughed as he dropped Alice down before proceeding to do so himself.

Tears flew out Alice's eyes as she felt herself going down the pitch black hole, "I'm not ready to die yet!" She accidently shouted as she soared down along with the bunny man.

"You don't want to arrive yet? Well I suppose that makes two of us, falling is a thousand times more fun when I'm doing it with you." The man said wrapping an arm around Alice to bring her closer as they continued their descent, "Sadly, we can't fall forever."

A light began appearing bigger and bigger as they continued falling,

Looks like this is it! Mama, I'm sorry. This is exactly what I had coming to me. I just wish when I die I could see you one last time before I end up in hell. Alice silently prayed as she was enveloped in light.

Before she knew it, Alice was face down on a cold stone floor, opening her eyes, she was practically blinded by the sun, "I'm still alive... But where am I?" She questioned out loud sitting up on her knees as she looked around at her new surroundings.

"You're in Wonderland!" The bunny man said smiling widely, his closed eyes protected by his spectacles. "My dear, Alice."

"I've never heard of a silly place named Wonderland. And how is it that you know my name? I suppose I am infamous, but not as that name."

"How can I not know your name? I love you after all." He chuckled lightly,

Alice glared at him, "Who the hell is your boss!? Which gang do you work for!? I'll kick his ass when I see him! Take me home now!"

"I work for no gang I can tell you that much Alice," He shrugged uncaringly, "I'm also happy to tell you that that is impossible. But, here, you need to drink this." He said getting out a clear vial with a blue liquid in it from his pocket.

"No way! That probably has poison in it!" She exclaimed, he walked towards her with a sigh, "But don't you want to know my name? You must be curious."

"Who wouldn't be curious to learn the name of their hit man!? I just need your name so I can put it on your gravestone after I kill yo—" Alice's breathing hitched when she looked into her kidnapper's eyes. A bright and vivid red.

"So that means you must like me! However, the game can't progress with you acting this way," The bunny man said opening the vial; he poured the contents into his mouth before leaning down to Alice's level. Smirking he grabbed her chin and forced their lips together, finding a passage into her mouth, he proceeded to force the drink down Alice's mouth.

Shocked Alice could only watch as he pulled away, "Looks like your participating in the game then Alice." He laughed getting up.

Alice turned to the side coughing at the sudden attack. "I swear when I find my knife I'm going to…" Alice murmured checking her long socks for her extra knife.

"By the way, my name is Peter, Peter White. I hope to meet you again during the game." He said before walking away.

Still in a state of immobility Alice's thoughts went at lightning speed still attempting to figure out what just happened to her. Jumping to her feet she began running out the building she was at the top of. Blindly and still confused Alice found herself running down a path in the forest.

"A mansion! Maybe someone there can help me!" Alice panted as she approached it.

Huge black iron gates stopped her from going forward. Frustrated she wrapped her fingers around the bars and leaned her head on it, "A place this big should have guards…" She murmured to herself.

The sound of swords clashing together pierced her ears and her heart immediately began pounding. "Do you have business here at the mansion Onee-san?" A boyish voice asked her.

"Actually yes." Alice said turning around, two boys, twins most obviously dressed in matching solider outfits held large scythes over their heads that they positioned in Alice's direction with two grins.

"We're the guards for this place." The one in the red said.

"And our job is to kill all trespassers." The blue one finished.

Alice felt her heart beat increase as she watched the weapons they held, her head could only imagine the amount of blood those scythes collected. It frightened her but at the same time; looking at the weapons gave her a huge rush that came before she was about to kill.

"N-no, I was just here to ask—"

"You don't look tough,"

"But looks can be deceiving."

"You have no idea as to how right you are." Alice said looking down, "Now please put those down before someone gets hurt. I'll just be on my way..."

They both shared mischievous looks, "We can't let you!"

The one in red looked about ready to swing his weapon down on her; Alice closed her eyes and held her hands behind her. She swore she wouldn't take another life. That included these crazy kids as well in her vow. Her 'Bio' instincts cursed at her. Killing these two kids would be cake.

As the air was sliced when the weapon was brought down, Alice leapt out the way effortlessly. "I'd appreciate it if you guys didn't go trying to hit me without listening to my explanation!" Alice said outraged.

The twins looked at her amazed at the fact she dodged their attack. "She's defiantly a spy!" They concluded at the same time.

The one in blue took a gun out his pocket and without a warning began shooting. Eyes wide open Alice delicately began dodging them. She was used to avoiding bullets, just not for long.

"Hey! Just what do you guys think you're doing? Isn't that lady a guest?" A blonde haired man questioned walking up to them irritated. The weapon was put to a halt for a second. Alice exhaled a she backed away from them.

Another man with bunny ears! Alice thought amazed, and his eyes are purple…

"Hey newbie-hare we're just doing our job!"

"So stop interfering!"

"And besides, Onee-san is real fun!"

"But I still want to kill her!"

"Shut up both you." He sighed before turning towards Alice boredly, "Are you a guest or a spy?"

"Oh, I'm—" Before she could explain herself a cold gun was placed to her neck.

"Meh, either way I don't care." The man shrugged, "But I do want to test out my new gun."

He put his fingers on the trigger with a smile, Alice closed her eyes tightly.

Why are all these weapons randomly appearing!? He's going to shoot me! He's too close. I'll never be able to dodge this bullet in time.


The sound clashed with Alice's ears as she was lightly carried to her right, someone's hands on her shoulders, "Stop." A firm and soft voice ordered.

"Blood." The blonde man's voice said.

At the name Alice felt her heart drop, was it possible that her blood was exposed and Biohazard took over!? Had the man missed grazed her shoulder with the bullet and she caught sight of her own blood? Peeking an eye open she realized she was still in control. "How many times must I tell you all, don't kill anyone on my premise without my consent, Elliot." The man named Blood stated.

Turning around she looked up at her savoir,

"Thank you." She said looking into the man's face. Her heartbeat picked up as he gave her a smile, "You're welcome young lady."

Alice gritted her teeth before pushing him back off of her, "Don't touch me." She said before turning away and running. His face was similar to that of her ex-boyfriend… The one that broke her heart in the biggest betrayal ever.

"Being so rude after you basically saved her." Elliot grumbled.

"How interesting… That young lady was a foreigner." Blood smirked.

"A foreigner!? Really!?" Elliot asked amazed. Blood nodded, "Very interesting…"

Alice found herself running back in the direction from which she came from originally came from. By the time was making it up the stairs of the tower she noticed it was already nighttime.

Going through the door that was the entrance to where she first appeared in the weird world she saw a man with a long ponytail facing the ledge.

"Who's there!?" He asked whipping his head around. He glared at Alice as she scrambled to explain herself, "What are you doing here? Get out now!" He demanded as he walked up to her, he roughly grabbed her wrist.

"Hands off! I apologize for intruding in your home but I was kidnapped here—"

"To tell you the truth, I don't care. But you have to go back—"

"UGH! Why is everyone cutting me off! Is everyone in this place rude!? Well even if you keep telling me to leave and go home I can't because I don't know how! You don't realize how it is to be kidnapped from home, almost killed twice, and forced to drink some nasty potion! Especially when you're me! The chick who is trying not to kill!" Alice bantered angrily.

The man's eyes widened, "Potion?"

He released Alice's hands, and Alice dug in her pocket, "Yes. The potion was in this." She took out the clear vial for him to see.

"So you're a foreigner. That rabbit… He got you here without my permission. Wait until I see that Nightmare…" He mumbled obviously pissed off. "Follow me." He commanded walking back into the tower.

"And that's what happened." Alice finished her story taking a seat in the office the man brought her into.

"My name is Julius Monrey, and you, Alice Liddell… Have just entered of world danger."

Alice couldn't help but chuckle at the word danger.

"If what you've said is true, you're lucky to even be alive. Surviving an encounter with Elliot and the Bloody twins. They'll go ahead swinging their weapons to anyone. They are a part of the Mafia." Julius sighed.

Alice rolled her eyes, "I've seen a mafia group before. They don't look so mafia-ish." Alice said recalling the number of times she went up against gangs and walking away with only a scratch.

"Blood Dupre is their leader. There are other territories as well, the amusement park and the castle of hearts. All of which are involved in a power struggle. This Tower is the only neutral ground." Julius explained further.

"If that's the case… Can I please stay here!?" Alice begged looking at him with pleading eyes, "I promise I won't be trouble!"

Julius looked to the side, "You can stay here. Just don't—"

"Yeah! Thank you!" Alice said happily. "But I suppose if I'm staying here… I should tell you something about myself." She said sheepishly, this seemingly caught Julius' attention.


The twins would have gotten majorly PWNED by Alice if she was serious. If you're confused, I'll clear something's up: Alice is an ex-assassin. Her assassin name was Biohazard. As for how good she is, I'd say if you toss the chick two knives and pit her against Ace, Alice has a good chance of fairing against him. She wouldn't win but she wouldn't die easily.

But I was only dared to do one chapter :D sorry no interaction… tell me what you think. Also, UYS you owe me!