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"You sure you can't hang here for a little more Alice?" Boris asked her. Alice shook her head firmly, "Thanks but no thanks."

Boris walked her towards the exit with a frown, "Sorry if the old man left you scarred."

"Pft. You need more than a couple bullets to scare me." Alice rolled her eyes.

"Seriously? But seeing as how easy you dodged those bullets I can understand." Boris said with a hand on his chin. Alice's heart froze. "What bullets did I dodge!?"

He blinked, "The ones that almost hit you. I was going to block the way for you, but then I saw how well you doing. It was impressive!"

"Erm… thanks?" Alice said as Boris suddenly turned around, his eyes alert and tail twitching.

"You okay?" She asked him concerned as he got on all snickered evilly and began running. "Come back Boris! I can't find my way back alone!" Alice screamed chasing after him.

Where'd he get that knife and fork from!? Alice thought frantically as she stayed hot on his tail (excuse the pun) Soon Boris ran around the corner of building that Alice soon followed.

"No! Stop it!" Another man, he was short, with brown hair highlighted yellow and red with scared green eyes, he also sported a hat. He had what looked like bear ears on the top of his head as he ran in a circle with Boris going after him.

"Help me~chu!" He said running behind Alice and peeking over her shoulder to look at Boris.

Alice clenched her fist and resisted the urge to flip the stranger over her head from his sudden movements. "Erm… Who is this?" Alice asked Boris who looked at the boy with predatory eyes. The stranger buried his face in Alice's shoulder making her blush. "G-get off!" She stuttered angrily.

"That's my lunch." Boris smirked walking closer.

"Stop him!" He cried clutching his hands around Alice's waist making her giggle since she was ticklish.

"Calm down both of you!" Alice commanded making both of them stop their shouting and protest. "First off, Boris put away those utensils." Alice glared at him as he pouted but complied.

"Second. Get off of me." Alice ordered as the man meekly let go flinching at her tone of voice.

"I'm Pierce Villiers." He introduced himself. "I'm Alice Liddell. A foreigner is what others from this world call me."

"A foreigner?" Pierce repeated in awe.

"Yep. And are you cosplaying as a bear?" Alice questioned. "Bear? I'm a dormouse." He stated.

"Which just so happens to be one of a cat's favorite meals." Boris licked his lips.

"AH! Save me Alice ~ chu!" Pierce cried as Boris attempted to chase him again. The second Boris passed by Alice, she stuck her hand out to catch his tail and yank him back.

Alice sighed, "You're taking me to the Hatter's. I have a tea party to go to."

Boris yelped at the sudden pain, "Ow! You're such a bully Alice!"

"Gee, you're not a hypocrite at all." Alice said sarcastically, "Hey, where'd Pierce go?"


"Does any of this have alcohol in it?" Alice asked cautiously as she stared into her teacup. "You never struck me as that type." Blood responded blankly.

Alice blushed while shaking her head, "No! I don't want any, it's just that…" She trailed off as she thought about how long it had been since she gave up on drinking.

The whole reason was because last time she ended up getting drunk. And when Alice Liddell gets drunk… She's a seductive drunk. She was at a late night poker game with a mafia group. She drank a lot, thinking it was juice. After that, she remembered blacking out. And when she woke up her Poker Buddy was restraining her. Apparently after kissing everyone at the game on the lips she cracked all their necks. Everyone except that one comrade who had tackled her to the floor after she made out with him.

It gave her headaches thinking about it.

"I'm underage." Alice lied, but the look Blood and everyone else gave her basically knew she was lying.

She sighed deciding to change the subject, "So this place… Those without faces are servants or something?"

"Yep." Boris answered simply. Everyone continued eating as Alice searched her brain for more questions. It was important for her to learn more about where she was. No matter what. After all, she was in a mafia's territory. That wasn't something to take light of.

"Then why is it that you all thought I was a spy when I first came here? If only a selected amount of people have faces, and you know them all and everyone else is faceless, then why?" Alice questioned looking over at Elliot and the twins who all sweated nervously at the glare she gave them. "Well!?"

Elliot coughed into his napkin, "Well… Personally, I only figured you were a spy because of these two."

"What!? You stupid hare! You said you didn't care if Onee-san was a spy or guest! You were going to kill her anyways!" The twins proclaimed angrily.

Boris scratched his cheek, "How'd you guys figure Alice was a spy!? She looks as dangerous as a butterfly!"

"Butterfly!?" Alice glared at him enraged. "I may look a little petite but—"

"He is right. The young miss doesn't look very threatening. As though one grip too hard on her hands could crush them." Blood replied pouring tea into his cup.

Alice folded her arms over her chest while hotly glaring at the Mafia Boss, "All of you can shut up now. Because you have no idea as to what the hell you're saying." She growled quietly.

"Hey, since we're all getting to know each other, what are your hobbies Alice?" Boris decided to question her. This left everyone at the table quiet, waiting for her response.

I like the feeling of a person's warm blood on my hands after I kill them for underestimating me! She thought crossly.

"I've been learning gymnastics and stuff since I was young, so I'm a bit agile." She stated. "I also love reading books."

"Onee-san is so talented." Dee smiled at her.

"And so smart." Dum grinned as Alice blushed lightly.

"You like books? That's convenient! Blood has a whole collection of books in his room!" Elliot exclaimed.

At this moment they all turned to the Hatter who drank his tea soundlessly. "Fiction, fairy tales, biography's, mystery, philosophy, agriculture, history I have them all." He answered.

"That's a lot!" Alice gaped. Elliot nodded, "Yeah! You should take a look at them!"

"No thanks. I rather not." She said stiffly

"It's quite alright." Blood reassured though his tone was flat.

"I don't care. I said no." Alice responded glaring at him. "But I insist." He retorted in monotone.

"Well you don't sure seem like it." She countered getting angry.

"But I am." He said bluntly. "Not to me!"




"Then drop your damn attitude!" Alice shouted rising to her feet and slamming her hands on the table making everything on it clatter. All the spectators sweated nervously waiting for Blood's reaction.

Blood put down his cup and stared at Alice, "Sit."

Rolling her eyes and turning around Alice huffed, "You're such an ass; you can't force to me sit. I'm going back to the Tower."

Everyone was frozen in surprise at how she verbally defied Blood, "Excuse me, young miss. But I invited you to this tea. For you to act so vulgar…" Blood said through narrowed eyes as Alice turned her head around to face the table. She simply stuck out her tongue, before continuing to go.

Blood glared down at his tea, "Bring her back here." He commanded to one of them.

"But Blood…" The Hare began but Blood glared harder causing him to sigh and get up, with Boris and the twins following.

"Come on Alice! Don't be such a party popper!" Boris called running after her,

Alice snorted, "Screw off!"

"You won't be able to make it back there at night, come back to the tea…" Elliot said catching up to her while panting.

"I don't care! I hate people who order me around. I'm no one's servant. Anyone who believes otherwise will be kneed in the groin. No matter whom they are." Alice sharply said causing all the guys following her to pause and flinch.

Elliot sighed, "He can't help it! He's a mafia boss. But believe me, he can be a gentleman if you get to know him."

"Yeah, he isn't that bad. He did invite us here after all…" Boris tried. Alice stopped walking with a sigh and glared at each of the guys. For some reason a shiver executed their spines as though Blood were glaring at them.

"What part of screw off do you idiots not understand!?" She barked out causing the guys to shrink away. "Now, I'm going to go back to the Tower. And you're going to go back to the tea party Blood set up. Then, you're going to explain to him that I'm not coming back. Laters." She waved off as she began walking off again.

"Onee-san is scary…" Dee and Dum said to each other. "But I never saw a girl talk to Boss like that! She's so brave!"

Boris grinned, "Now there's a woman that knows what she wants… I like that."

"She's so… different." Elliot sighed. "Now which of you are going to explain to Blood what just happened…?" He trailed off as he looked back; Boris and the twins were gone and in their spots was nothing but a streak of dust that led into the forest.


Horray for Pierce :D I hope I caught more of Alice's badassery. She won't take crap. And I hoped I exercised that a bit.