Lay-Down-Harry (the Lyrics)

By Tom Kristal

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Author Notes: (See below for more details)


By Tom Kristal (abbreviated lyrics by Eric Clapton - Lay down Sally)

There is nothing that is wrong,

In knowing that your crime was found by me.

I know you've got somewhere to go,

But you must get your mind out of that reverie.

Because you can never leave...


Lay down Harry; put that wand down at your feet.

Another curse at me, ain't gonna help you.

Lay down Harry, no need to leave so soon.

Because the Boy-who-lived has got his wand pointed right at you.

The sun ain't nearly on the rise,

And here you are at your cell, alone with me.

You have got nowhere else to go,

Your time is nearly up. Don't ever bother trying to escape from me.

Because you can never leave...


You may long to see the morning light,

Instead all the happiness drains from you, eternally.

Why don't you go and say goodbye,

Your crime has doomed you to stay at Azkaban, indefinitely.

Because you can never leave...



Finite Incantatem.

Author Notes (2): When I said earlier in the story that were lyrics as well… I wasn't kidding! The truth behind the story is that I conjured up this concept originally with the song: 'Lay-Down-Sally' by Eric Clapton. I was simply listening to the album and I heard this song… and the idea arose. Funny how we think of the strangest ideas occur at the oddest of times. And like any good idea, I ran with it and thus resulted the story from the previous chapter. Seeing how the magic of music had influenced me into writing this story, it was only fair that I should share with you the song that I came up with. Normally I dislike song-stories, which is why it isn't a part of the actual plot. But to be technical, I actually wrote this song before I wrote the actual story. I apologise formally for the poor substituted lyrics. It's hard to mangle such a classic song. Yet somehow I managed it. At the very least... it's a somewhat good laugh. You're laughing, right? With me not at me, right? Don't laugh to hide away the tears… that's just mean.

Point of interest, the theme to this story is about a subject I believe is haphazardly mentioned in J.K. Rowling's books. Harry explains it the best, but if you look carefully, I left a few hint along the way. Fifty points again who knows which Red Dwarf reference I used.

I would like to thank everyone for their reviews and their support. This is my longest story so far and is to this point my most reviewed. Cheers for all those whom did review. You're all legends in my book. Once again, special consideration and thanks to 'XTimeGirlX' who has taken the time to Beta this story for me. I'm not sure where I would be after all her help. Probably in a gutter somewhere… or berating myself for not finding a beta reader. This story was brought to you by the number '12' and the letter 'Z'. See you next time everybody. ~Tom Kristal