Chapter Two

Spread out before me in an elegant arrangement, was a beautiful picnic. Their was an abundance of gourmet cheeses, breads, fruits and apple cider(I'm still underage), spread out on an cashmere blanket that looked almost as soft as the fine sand on the tropical beach, looking out onto the crystal clear ocean. The beauty of it all was amazing, but the fact that Edward did this all for me made my heart beat faster with devotion for him. Though I was hesitant opposed to us getting married in the beginning, I surely wouldn't mind spending eternity like this. Only then, I'd be able to return the favor. I felt Edward walk to stand behind and wrap his cool, stone arms around me and whisper in my ear "Surprise." Is it just me or is he trying to get raped on the beach? I'd rather not have sand down there. So he better stop using that seductive voice with me, or I can guarantee a rape. Okay, that thought did not help me in the abstinence area. Better keep it P-G.

"I love you, Edward. There aren't words to describe the feelings that you give me. Thank you for everything." I wanted to say so much more, but instead of making myself look like an idiot and blush my butt off, I left it at that.

"Other men said they have seen angels. But I have seen you, love. And that in itself surpasses any type of beauty." He said, and spun me around so he could look into my eyes, which were filling up with tears of joy and compassion, love and desire, all mixed up into my expression that I could see mirrored on Edward's face also. The rational part in my brain was screaming at me "Stop this! You need to eat before you rape your fiancé!" While the irrational side of myself said "Who gives a crap! He said you could change your mind! Attack him! " NO. As much as I want Edward, we couldn't do this here. Not when we were so close to the wedding. Not when we were on the beach. Not now. I settled for a hug and a quick and unsatisfying kiss (as unsatisfying it actually could be from Edward).I was about to say something like stop, or something of that sort of genre, but Edward beat me to it. Of course he would, he was way faster than you.

"It's lunchtime for the human. Enjoy yourself." So I unlatched myself from his glittery neck and walked towards my straight-out-of-a-magazine-but-better-looking picnic and sat down, patting the area next to me so he could sit beside me. He did sit down, but I climbed into his lap and swiveled around making sure I could face him. I opened my mouth to say something, but Edward used this action to feed me a slice of cheese and a red grape. The flavors combined were sensational, and made my body tingle with utter contentment.

"What is that? The cheese and grape flavors combined taste amazing combined.

"It's Brie cheese. The grapes are from Wine Country in California." That reminded me of the summers I'd spent with Charlie in California, trying to do activities without breaking one bone. That didn't turn out to well. I fell into the water trying to stand up and put on my life preserver on correctly. Though, I did benefit from it knocking out a loose tooth that refused to come out. Good times.

"Eat, Bella. I'd rather you have some sort of energy so you don't faint. You're going to need your strength for your activity tonight." He pleaded, and I instantly popped a delicious miniature fruit tart into my mouth. I plastered a fake smile on m mouth, telling Edward with my eyes "Happy now?" When I finished chewing, I remembered that Edward had spoken about me needing strength for our little "surprise." What was our my surprise anyways?

"So, Edward…." I said, trying to be flirty and seductive, but it probably came out like I had a weird eye twitch and a gimormous hairball stuck in my throat. "I heard that we have a destination to arrive at that requires some morsel of energy. Mind explaining that to me, Eddie?" I asked, using the nickname he loved (when I said it, but whenever someone else said it, mostly Emmett, all hell broke loose.) while also playfully putting a hand on his inhumanly sculpted chest.

"Nice try, love, but you're not getting anything out of me. You'll just have to wait and be patient." He said smoothly, and I turned my face to the ocean to hide my pout. Before I finished the action, Edward caught my face into his hands in a comfortable but inescapable grasp.

"I wish to give you everything you desire and more, but it ruins the intent of a surprise if I tell you, doesn't it. And I would never put you in a situation that would have any aspect of danger. It will go perfectly. Didn't you say that you would never bet against Alice?" He said, and we both knew that he had me there. It was alright, because I enjoyed the picnic and would not let my lack of knowledge for tonight's event sour my mood. Not when Edward planned this spectacular weekend for me.

We continued our picnic for the rest of the day, with me devouring the foods that Edward fed to me. Our conversations wandered off into a land of love and laughter, filling the air with a tangible joy. When it had finally settled around 7:00, we packed up our belongings and headed for the house, cabin, or wherever we were staying. The Villa was to the west of where we had landed on the island, nestled between the ocean and shrubbery. It was entirely white, having lots of windows to look onto the Palm Trees that were in front of it. It was beautiful, the balconies adding a classic feel to the otherwise modern home. Before I had an opportunity to enter the Villa, Edward scooped me up Bridal Style and carried me inside, giving me a kiss and never breaking it until we got to the doorstep. The inside of the home was just as pretty as the outside, keeping the theme of the island in soft tans, striking turquoise blues, and relaxing greens.

"Welcome home." Edward's intoxicating voice greeted me.

"Edward, this is so amazing. I feel like I'm in a dream or something, but if I am, I never want to wake up."

"You're amazing, Bella. And I don't think that this is a dream, because I can't sleep. Although, the reality of you being here with me is almost fairytale like."

"The way you regard me is ludicrous."

"I could say the same. Anyways, your suitcases with the items you need to wear for tonight's plans are in the closet. " He let me down, taking my hand to lead me to the bedroom. Okay, that didn't exactly come out as clean as it really was. When we arrived, he opened the door for me and gave me a simple kiss on my forehead.

"Hurry back to me." He said to me.

"Always." I replied. Once the door had shut, I scurried towards the closet which happened to be bigger than a master bathroom. Alice, I thought to myself, then reached out to the rack of clothes that was labeled Friday Outfits overhead. It consisted of navy blue track jacket and pants paired with a white camisole and Vans Navy blue sneakers. I quickly dressed and hurried out of the room (not without stubbing my toe) to meet Edward in the Living Room. He was dressed almost exactly like me, except his track suit being Black instead of Navy Blue. I stifled a giggle before running into his arms and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked, winding an arm around my waist like a snake to a rabbit.

"Ready as I'll ever be." We walked out the door, hand in hand, for what seemed like the whole perimeter of the beach if it was heading to the center of the island. We eventually reached a majestic mountain, looking proud and tall as it looked down upon the rest of the area.

"Climb on to my back, will you." Edward said, and I lithely jumped up onto his back. We ran at his inhuman speed while I planted small kisses on the back of his neck. After we had ran for 10 minutes, give or take a couple, we came to stop at the top of the mountain. Awaiting us at the top was the same picnic blanket from earlier in the day, along with another blanket beside it.

"We're here, love." I unlocked my very tightly wound fingers from around his neck and slowly slid down, managing to do something without hurting myself at all. A gentle, but chilly breeze fanned across the open space. It was a new moon, and out of the night sky the stars made themselves known to reveal the heavens above us.

"I've never seen so many stars before!" I said in a whisper, afraid that speaking to loud would disturb the stars and make them all go away. I was so mesmerized by the splendor of the stars, making their own designs across the sky and leaving me breathless.

"You haven't seen the have of it yet."

And then it began…….