Okay so this is a story I am doing in my free time so don't expect me to review every 20 secs and every 5 chaps there will be a flash forward of some sort and this is the first one


I sat up smiling at the incredibly sexy blond standing in my door way, smiling. I jumped up and tightly embraced him. "Hello there, forget something?" I asked a smirk on my face. He smiled and kissed me softly.

"No no... Just a quick visit." I frowned, always quick visits these days.

"Come on!" I whined, "I never see you during the day and now your ignoring me in our only alone time?" I stepped away and glared angrily.

He frowned too, "I'm sorry but people are starting to notice things and we are not ready for this to go public."

"I don't want to go public!" I yelled then suddenly we stopped and leaned against the door for movement or noise.

"The coast is clear." He murmured quietly. I turned back anger at him, he sighed and wrapped himself around me,"Please understand, I want to stay with you like this forever but you don't want to go public so we have to be careful." I loosened alittle but still was pissed. He sighed again and looked deep into my eyes. "I promise I will stay extra long tomorrow?"

I gave in. "Ok, ok, but you have to promise."

He lifted my chin up with his hand, "I promise." He whispeared soflty and kissed me gentley then ran out the door.

I sat back on the bed and was almost asleep when the door creaked open. A burst of happiness shot me up out of bed, "Couldn't stay away?" I asked not turning to him.

"Well I could but I wanted the full story before I put this on FaceBook." A happy and much too high pitch voice laughed. I turned in horror to see the brunette with a twisted grin on her face, "Oh this is too good."

Sorry but the flash forwards are always going to be rwally short so I will work on it so you don't find my FaceBook and murder me in a school shooting.