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Sanctity of Kisses

Chapter two:


He was someone who could kiss her pain away. To break the confinement around her heart that she had given to a previous lover that didn't existence in this life. He was her tenshi that destroyed the strings of fate. Demo, she must admit that if it weren't for destiny, she wouldn't have met him.

The day started out normal with Shingo hogging the bathroom in the morning. The slamming of several doors and the huge commotion of who stole all the hot water. Then the laughter of one otooto who watched his oneesan trip over an invisible object on the floor, taking a nose-dive into the floor.

" Itai! Shingo no baka! Wait until I get my hands on your scrawny little neck!" Usagi threaten as she rubbed her nose, only to found a puff of smoke and the trail leading out to the door.

"Saa, Odango-atama, only if you can catch me!" Shingo taunted as he stuck his head back in the room. Then he was off again.

" Oooh, just wait!" She jumped up and pumps her fist in the air. At that moment a current of electricity stroke through the air in the background nearly electrocuting her.

" Tousan really needs to fix the light bulb in here...that one almost got me." Usagi mumble as she crawled out of the room.

The thundering of footsteps and slamming of several more doors continue on as morning rolled by. It was a mere wonder that this didn't faze their parents at all. Well, Tsukino Kenji was sitting in his favorite armchair, reading his morning newspaper with his left eye twitching and a huge vain protruding from his neck. While Tsukino Ikuko was busily humming over the kitchen stove, making breakfast to notice much.

Then the inevitable happen. Chasing Shingo down the stairs, Usagi tackle him to the ground, even though she did trip over a cord that just appeared out of nowhere, rolling pass where tousan sat and into the kitchen.

As they rolled, Shingo grabbed a handful of Usagi hair and pulled hard, causing her to screech out in protest. Usagi managed to bite Shingo arm who screamed out in alarm as they rolled pass by Ikuko and into the sliding door.

The glass sliding door, that now no longer exist since they did roll right through it.

Pain. Sweet Kami. Pain.

Usagi hissed as Ikuko applied the stinging alcohol on her cuts. Shingo sitting next to them, bandaged up in white gauze cringing as Usagi cried out.

" KAA-SAN! Not so hard!"

" Oh, Usagi. Honestly, if you just let me finish cleaning the cuts, it'll be over soon. Now, stop squirming!" Ikuko reprimanded her daughter as she pressed the cotton on the wounds.

And then the only thing that the rest of the family beside Usagi could hear was the constant ringing in their ears.


Breakfast was normal for the Tsukino household, Shingo and Usagi as always battling for the largest portion of food. Chopsticks equipped both had on their poker face, eyeing one another as Ikuko placed the plates on the table. There should as well been a flag raise as they both doves in shoveling as much food in their mouth as they could. Ikuko and Kenji in chibi-form in the background waving flags in the air. Some which read 'Go Usagi!' or ' Come on Shingo, be a man!' Of course, Usagi won every time, having that bottomless stomach of hers came in handy for something, ne?

A very happy, giddy Usagi walked with an upbeat attitude made her way to class. Everything was going so well this morning minus the cold water she had to shower in and Shingo tugging on her hair and of course the glass door demo breakfast made up for every thing.

Swinging her school bag joyfully, Usagi smiled at everything. She smiled at the sidewalk, the birds flying by, and the trees, people walking by. Anything her eyes came into contact with she smiled at. She even smiled and patted the pole she ran into in several occasions. When she saw a familiar black mop of hair belonging to a certain someone, who as usual had his head stuck in a book, she smiled even wider.

She stood there her legs crossed, arms behind her head, leaning against the wall waiting patiently for him to pass. Her school bag lay next to her feet. She popped up and with her hand, she whacked him as hard as she could at his back. Causing him to topple over and snap the book shut on his nose.

" Ohayo Mamoru-baka! Lovely day isn't it!" She chirped out watching him rub his nose, scowling at the same time. With a little wave, she picked up her school bag and skipped happily off to school. Turning her head back only to catch a glimpse of Mamoru staring back with a puzzle look on his face. And that added a little more 'umph' in her walk.

Then two blurred figures going at the speed of light came barreling down the sidewalk from the opposite direction, the first spotted a blond obstacle in front of him veered to the left completely avoiding a collision while his unlucky friend smack right into it.


Usagi was knocked forward landing on her face. And if that didn't add salt to the wound already, the jerk fell right on top of her, squishing her face further into the ground.

His friend fled the scene yelling back, " Oi, Sano see ya there."

" Jerk! Get off of me!" Usagi muffled out.

" Baka..." He mumbled at his friend. But he made no move to get off from her.

" What! You're calling me an idiot when you're the one you knocked me down and should be apologizing!" Usagi could only wave her arms wildly around in protest.


"Oi, quit yer yapping!"

" Then get off of me then!"

She brushes herself off giving him a sideway glance at the same time. Then she massages her face with the palms of her hand getting the blood back in circulation. He stood there with a bored expression on his face looking around him as if nothing particular just happened.

She stared at him arms crossed, feet tapping expectedly on the ground. While he stared back with a blank look.

" Well...."

" Well what?"

Usagi closed her eyes mentally counting from one to ten and back. She reopened them and with teeth clenched. " Aren't you going to APOLOGIZE?"

He tilted his head to the side considering. " For what?"

She snapped. Gripping her schoolbag, she steps forward to whack him with it. Only to have him shift back causing her to spin around and hit air with the momentum she gained. And she was once again sprawled onto the ground.

He stood there with the most odd expression on his face and blinked. He never met such a weird girl before. He strode off giving her a short wave muttering something along the line of bad day.

' Jerk...jerk...jerk ...jerk!" Usagi muttered to herself as she watched him leave. ' How dare he leave her like this.... without an apology too.' She glanced down at her watch and shrieked.

" That jerk made me late!" She squealed running rampant to class, knocking down any poor souls that should be in her way.

" Tsukino-san! You're late... I knew yesterday was too good to be true. Detention!" Haruna- sensei rubbed her temples as she glared at a flush Usagi who was bending over trying to catch her breath.

" H-haruna sensei...this jerk made me late...he ran into me.... and..." She sputtered out.

Haruna-sensei just pointed to Usagi's seat who dragged herself there and sat with a 'plop'. All throughout the lesson Usagi's mind was somewhere else.


Usagi would volunteer every other day after school at Juuban Clinic with Ami. She really did enjoy helping others since she didn't want to see anybody look sullen much less hurt. She was back in the storage room stocking up the supplies when Ami poked her head in.

" Usagi-chan, I don't want to bother you demo, it's urgent though. We're kinda of short-handed right now plus...Riko-san took her break and...." Ami trailed off has she nervously tap on her clipboard.

" Ami-chan, spill it. What do you want me to help with? " Usagi questioned as she stocks the last remaining boxes of syringes. After she was done she parked the cart in the back and smiled at Ami.

" Ano, there's a patient in Room 17 who needs to be cleaned and bandaged up. Tannku-sensei has already examined him. I would love to do it demo, my hands are full helping Maaya-san with the charts and files."

"Sure, no problem!" Usagi winked at Ami who sighed with relief.

" Arigato, Usagi-chan. I owe you big." Ami called out as she ran back to help Maya with the files.

Funny, her life was based on around a block of crystal that held no shape until it had been chipped to perfection to be revealed as a beautiful center piece which is Crystal Tokyo demo she felt cold. Her future was her friends' path to happiness and she didn't want to shatter their dreams. Everything sketched in the sands to the stars yet not written down in blood. So what happens when the wind clears away the sand and the stars begin to incinerate?

" Sagara... Sagara Sanosuke?" Usagi asked as she walked into the room. She looked up from her clipboard that one of the nurses handed to her and was startled that he wasn't waiting on the bed. " Sagara-san?"

Of course, the deity wasn't counting on Sagara Sanosuke to enter the scene and completely and utterly use it to his benefit.

The blonde volunteer glanced to her right where the restroom was and notices the door was half-ajar. She walked towards it with her clipboard tuck underneath one arm and gently rapt out side of the door.


" In here." He gruffly responded. Today was not a good day at all. Staring at his reflection, his face slightly bruised; his hair hung rakishly over his face, since he regrettably used his red band to stop the bleeding from his now twisted hand. The jacket of his school uniform lay tattered on the floor. His shirt un-tucked from his pants, a few button missing, letting his chest peek through.

Just his luck. When he finally didn't skip class today, his intention turns out to be the worst idea ever. He didn't even make it to the steps of Juuban High before one of his buddies drag him off screaming 'It's going to be our lucky day!

'Yeah right..' He snorted. ' Look what you got me into.'

After losing quite a few bets, Sanosuke walked out from the abandoned warehouse that served as a gambling house with his hands behind his head, sighing.

" I have the worst luck."

Just as a figure rammed him into a wall taking him by surprise. " Guess what Zanza, it just got worst."

Hell no.

Using his thumb to wipe the trail of blood that escapes from the corner of his mouth. He spat out excessive blood that filled his mouth to the ground.

His eyes glinted dangerously at the unwelcome attention. Just as he thought, today was going to be a shitty day.

'Damn it!' He clutched his smashed hand that was profusely bleeding. He was sure that one or two of his fingers was broken, it didn't take a doctor to figure that out. Since they were bending at an awkward angle.

He needed to stop the bleeding and the only thing he could think of that would somewhat help was his red band. Kami, he couldn't do it, disgracing the memories of his sensei like that. Demo, he needed it.

Carefully, untying the band with his good hand, his hair collapsing around his head without its support. He wrapped it cautiously around the damaged hand. It would do for now.

And here he was standing in front of the mirror when he heard his name being called. He ignored it he'll answer when he was good and ready. Damn nurse, he cursed when she repeated his name. Couldn't she come back later? A soft knock from outside of the bathroom door and his name being called once more.

With one hand he reached and yank the door open without turning his back. " In here." He growled out.

Unnerved Usagi cheerfully introduce herself as a volunteer. " How are we feeling Sagara-san? Watashi wa Tsukino Usagi! I'm here to bandage your hand."

He made a face and had a strings of curses line up to assault her with as he whipped around with his ' do not piss me off look' and screeched to a halt as he stood blinking, mouth agape...

" YOU!" He pointed at her as he jumped back bumping into the sink.

Usagi blinked several times and furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion. She stared at him, raking her eyes over at his face. Her mouth dropped open, then she screamed, charging forward to Sanosuke, clipboard swinging at the direction of his face.

" BAKA! BAKA! Because of you I had detention, breaking my one-day streak of not having a detention. BAKA!" As whacked him harder with each 'baka' being said.

She stomped her foot on the ground pouting pausing for that moment not to pound Sanosuke with the clipboard. " Ooh, I was having a great morning too. And you just had to ruin it for me!" And thus continued to assault Sanosuke.

Sanosuke used his arms to block each hit, as he grew annoyed with the blonde volunteer.

" Oi, you think you had a bad day?" He growled out shoving his bloody hand in Usagi face. Two of his fingers were secure in stilts to keep him from doing any further damage it.

" Oh kami, what happened to you?" Usagi shriek out as the clipboard fell from her hands. She took the injured hand and examined it. Tugging him forward, she led him to the table bed and asked him to take a seat. She immediately went for the gauze and alcohol.

Carefully and slowly she peeled away the red band that stuck onto his hand by the dried blood. She almost threw it away when Sanosuke hand gripped her wrist. With a slight tone of malice he only uttered, " Don't throw that away."

She gave him a confused look and nodded her head as she placed it next to him. She wanted to ask why but from his stern face, he wasn't going to say anything else.

" You know, you still owe me an apology." As she re-wrapped his hand with new gauze.

He snorted. "What for?"

" Jerk!"

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