"It's Easter! It's Easter! The Easter bunny came!" Eleven-year-old Mario was woken suddenly just before 7:30 by loud shouts and a lot of extra weight landing hard next to him on the bed - all from his younger brother, Luigi. Mario groaned.

"Go back to bed. Lemme sleep. We can check our baskets later."

"But Mario! Th e Easter Bunny came!"

"Luigi, go back to bed. I don't want to get up yet," Mario sulked, rolling over and burrowing his face in his pillow. Frowning, Luigi pulled the blanket off his brother and started tickling his now bare feet. Mario kicked at his hands. Luigi pouted, then wrapped his hands around his brother's ankles and yanked him out of bed.

Mario caught himself before he hit the floor and looked up, red-faced, at his nine-year-old brother.

"The Easter Bunny came, Mario! C'mon!"

"There is no Easter Bunny, hairbrain! Get out of my room and let me go back to sleep!" Luigi froze and dropped his brother's feet.

"Of course there is! Who do you think leaves the candy and hides the eggs?"

"Mom and Papa. Why else do you think they're always up so early? Or they never get candy?"

"The Easter Bunny doesn't leave candy for grown-ups!"

"Because the grown-ups buy the candy. There. Got it? No Easter Bunny. Go ask Papa yourself. Just get out of my room."

Luigi's eyes watered up and he took off out of Mario's room, slamming the door behind him. Feeling slightly guilty, Mario climbed back into his bed, pulled the blanket over himeslf, and fell back asleep.