Tear Droplet: So I got addicted to the game A Witch's Tale and I just couldn't help but write a story on it. For those who don't know what A Witch's Tale is, it's a Nintendo DS game that's a little mix of the stories: Hansel and Gretel, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and 1,001 Arabian Nights. The graphics are okay, the battle play is quite boring and gets me agitated whenever I come across a monster but the storyboard just keeps me on the edge of my seat because I wanna know what happens next (ooo and I like the art). So far I finished part 1 of the game so now I'm going back for part 2 (from what I hear at least, there is a part 2). It will take a while however but I'll manage somehow. So, this story is just something random because I like the pairing Liddell x Loue (insert fan girl squeal XD) and I don't know if I'll get any of that in the second part of the game. Since I played the first half of the game, basically this story is kinda continuing from there and it kinda isn't. I won't keep you reading any more of this crap even further if you are so I'll start with the disclaimer. I'm not expecting any reviews how I never wrote a game fanfiction in my whole life or know how or even read. (I really don't plan on anyway) For now, just enjoy it as a regular game story (which is prob boring)

Disclaimer: I have no rights to A Witch's Tale or their characters. (Please don't sue me, I'm just a kid)

(If you don't know anything about the game at all then I'll try to fill you up along the story without much spoilers but I can't guarantee that. Read at your own risk. I'll explain the characters and events that are dragged from the game)

WARNING: Since I really don't know how to type it, it's going to be very similar to the game only with me changing some parts and adding some bits. So… if you don't like those types of stories I suggest you don't read.

Summary: After all the chaos in the beginning half, Liddell now lives a peaceful life in hopes that it would never happen again, but like most stories with sequels that is impossible. Liddell once more releases another sealed being and now taking responsibility once more, embarks in another journey stop them and their vengeance on Queen Alice.

Chapter 1: Unleashing the Wicked

Just as the Eld Witch was sealed and the 6 new kingdoms were to be created, a young wizard by the name of Chronos appeared. He and the Eld Witch's daughters who teamed up with him caused a rippled through space destroying the sealed lands. His magic was different from the Eld Witch's thus Alice who was weakened from the first battle and unfamiliar with the new magic was unable to stop him. However, Alice's sister in charge of the opposite kingdoms was capable of and sealed him in the new lands thus creating the 6 sealed kingdoms.


"That's just so cool….." A little girl with blond pigtails holding an orange umbrella and an old textbook said.

"Liddell what are you doing now?" A girl with long brown hair and very cute catlike features came in the room.

"Nothing Kitty, just ditching class and reading up on some more ancient magic" the girl addressed as Liddell answered.

"Oh you're still into that? Don't you remember what happened the last time you got into that? Babayaga must've really blown your brains out. I found you in front of her gate and it looked like you were having a nightmare" Kitty stated

"Yea…" Liddell sighed 'still was that really all a dream? I could've sworn it was all real. When I came to myself I had the book in my hands and Danya was golden but too bad the book won't open'

It's been at least a year since Liddell went to Babayaga to ask about the Rune magic and though Liddell returned to her usual daily life, she still can't help but wonder about her dream wondering if it was truly a dream. She has carried the book around with her wherever she went in hopes that something would happen again.

"So, what are you reading about now?"

"I found a continuation to the Rune magic legend" Liddell replied "That's just so cool, I wish I knew more about this magic, there wasn't even a name for it in the textbook"

"Are you sure?"

"Yup, the book was quite old so I could hardly make out anything but I guess what I got is close enough"

"You think Babayaga would know anything about it?"

"I don't know, she might, I think I overheard her the other day talking about some strange magic other then runes" Kitty replied.

"Really now, Kitty you should really stop listening to other people's conversations. Anyway, let's go check it out!" Liddell exclaimed throwing the textbook at Kitty who caught it.

"Wait Liddell, what about class!" Kitty shouted at the retreating figure.

"Skipping!" she shouted

"What! Again! I told you we shouldn't skip anymore after what happened last time…" Kitty muttered to herself

Back to Liddell, she was running out the school library and down the lane towards Babayaga's mansion.

"Hello Liddell" a pumpkin lantern along the way greeted her, "where are you going on such a fine night? What happened to school?"

"Ditched it" she replied.

"Well where have I seen this before? Anyway I won't bother you for whatever you're doing. It won't be long till your friend Kitty returns looking for you" it replied

"Haha thanks!" Liddell laughed as she continued down the path.

She soon reached the gate to Babayaga's house.

"Liddell what brings you here?" another pumpkin lantern greeted

"I'm going to ask Babayaga about the mysterious magic" Liddell answered.

"Mysterious magic? You mean the Runes? Didn't you already ask her about that?"

"Nope, I just heard about some new magic and I want to find out more" she replied

"Still trying to become the greatest witch? Trying to beat Queen Alice?"

"Yup!" she replied enthusiastically though her mind drifted away… 'Though it was a dream… I still remember Queen Alice being shot and how they say I was to become the new Queen Alice' (A/N: ahh I'm sorry, just spoiled something right there)

"Well thanks for talking to us again though, it's nice to feel appreciated instead of ignored"

"No problem, after all where would we really be without you guys" Liddell replied as she bid her goodbye and ran to Babayaga's hut. (A/N: I'm sorry I should really stop switching from mansion to hut and to who knows what else but it's a bad habit sorry)

Babayaga's hut

"Hey Liddell what brings you here?" Babayaga greeted.

"Tell me about the mysterious magic" Liddell ordered.

"What are you talking about? The Runes? You've already know all about it after all y-"

"I'm not talking about the Runes, I know all about it, I'm talking about the sealed magic" Liddell replied

"The sealed magic?" does she remember?

"You know, the famous one after the Runes"

"Ah… are you into that now? Still becoming the greatest witch? Well I guess it can't be helped now" she said "Here, why don't you find out more about it yourself" she said and before Liddell knew it, she had fell into a portal.

Storage Room

"Oof" Liddell muffled when she landed on an old mattress "Well at least I landed on something soft this time unlike last time" she muttered as she dusted herself and hopped off the mattress. Wait… what do I mean by last time?

"What is this place I wonder? It's full of all sorts of junk… oh well where's the freaking door now" Liddell muttered as she made her way through the dark storage room until she finally found the door and exited out.

"This place is so weird" Liddell said as she made her way through a hallway that seemed to be covered in branches. None of the doors she encountered would open so she made her way through the hallway till she reached a room where in the middle was a giant nest and inside the nest was a giant egg.

Liddell crept closer to the nest and opened the egg. Inside she found a girl with black hair and white wings but her outfit was a red-ish color with hints of other colors and she was wearing golden color boots curled up like a ball.

'How come this feels like déjà vu?' Liddell thought to herself till she realized a line of bookcases up ahead.

"What the she thought" as she dropped the other half of the eggshell into the nest and made her way to the line of bookcases facing one another. 'This is weird I though there should be a door' she thought.

She took out a book from one of the shelves and flipped through it but found nothing of use. 'Now what' she thought as she placed the book back onto the shelf and leaned onto it. The bookcase moved on the weight that it was given surprising Liddell though she straightened up just in time. The moment the bookcase moved however, the wall where the cases lead up to started to blur and then a door was made visible.

'This is probably where the magic I want is kept' she thought with a smile. "Now… to get it open… should I use magic? Nahh, what would be too obvious, maybe there is something back in that storage room that would be of use" she said as she ran back to the storage room.

When she arrived she ran her hands against the wall until she finally found a light switch and flicked it.

"Holy Crap, there's a lot of junk in here" she said aloud as she walked inside and started to rummage through the things.

"Hmm Chemistry Set don't need, bird seed definitely not, a hammer probably won't be strong enough, ahh what's this?" Liddell said as she came across an old wooden box. She opened it and gleamed with joy on its content. Inside was a key and attached to the key said SPARE KEY: GOOD FOR 1 USE ONLY, CAN OPEN ANYTHING

Liddell ran back to the Nesting Room and inserted the key. The door automatically clicked as the key disappeared. She pushed open the doors causing a loud screech.

"Man these doors sound like they haven't been open in ages" Liddell said when she made her way into the room beyond the doors.

Unknown to her, the screeching of the doors caused the girl in the egg to wake in confusion on what just happened. She was barely able to make out Liddell entering the Hidden Room.

"Hey wait!" she yelled, "don't go in there!" she yelled again as she carefully hopped out of her nest and ran after her.

'That's odd' Liddell thought when she entered the room. She was expecting to find a book of some sort but instead of a book, the room was practically empty. Only a picture frame with a picture was the only thing worth noticing inside.

Liddell picked up the picture frame to examine the picture but it was hard to make out the picture since the room was so dark. She was able to make out 1 tall man and 6 shorter girls in the picture but before she could examine anymore the girl burst into the room shouting "STOP!" surprising Liddell.

She dropped the picture frame onto the floor having the glass crack and the picture being revealed as a puzzle that was starting to be undone. That wasn't all that happened; as soon as the puzzle broke a shining light had emerged from it blinding the two girls.

"No…" the girl whispered.

When the light cleared out and Liddell opened her eyes to see what had happened, a man and 6 little girls around him were now right floating in front of her. They were the people from the picture.

"After all this time I'm finally free" the man said "Oh, and what this is? My savior is a sweet little beautiful girl" he said as he moved closer to her face.

"Thank you Mademoiselle" he said as he took her hand and kissed it.

"This can't be…" the black haired girl muttered.

"Oh… it's you again" he stated plainly after lifting his lips from Liddell's hand who was still shocked.

"Return to your seal!" she shouted

"Hmm like I would do that, I still have a score to settle with them so I'll be making my departure. Little girl would you like to join me?" he said offering his hand to her.

"No! Don't take it! Chronos, what's the big idea!" she shouted as she ran in front of Liddell slapping his hand away.

'Chronos?' Liddell thought

"My even though your renewed, you still have that stupid attitude of yours. Whatever, I don't have time for this. Niea, kindly take care of these two brats" he said as she pushed a girl wearing a flowered black and red kimono.

"Hai Dana-sama" she said.

"I'll be back for you little miss" he said as he disintegrated into the air with the other 5 girls clinging onto him.

"Now, he wants me to take care of you so I might as well make it quick" the girl addressed as Niea said.

"I won't let you do anything to this girl" the black haired girl stated hugging Liddell and placed a hand between herself and Ni and started to concentrate on summoning a barrier.

Niea giggled as she took a flower petal from her hair ornament and blew it towards the girl.

The girl took stiffened when the petal passed through her barrier.

"Sayonara" she said as she too disappeared just like the group before and the petal exploded.

A few minutes later, the smoke had cleared and the two girls were sprawled on the floor. The black haired girl was the first to recover as she held her head trying to ease the pain. She turned her head to face Liddell who was still unconscious.

"Hey!" she said as she shook Liddell "are you alright?" she said again still shaking. "Hey wake up!" she said again shaking even harder.

"Oh no, what should I do?"

"What happened here?" a masculine voice interrupted as a tall figure dressed in cape entered the room.

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