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Chapter 4: New Encounters

After a while, Loue still hasn't woken up. Liddell sighed.

"How long is he going to sleep?" she wondered. "At this rate, by the time he wakes up, everything will be over. And here he was the one who wanted to quickly get this over with" she sighed.

An hour passed, at least what seemed like an hour to Liddell who was now getting very impatient.

"This is boring" she huffed. Slowly getting up to stretched, Liddell walked to the opening of the cave and looked out. The bright light blinded her but her eyes eventually adjusted to the light. She looked around. The world seemed to have gotten brighter than before. Everything was the same except for the fact that the clouds they were on, felt harder and drier than before.

"This sun's rays are intensifying" she thought.

She squinted her eyes to get a better view of the world. Not far from where she stood, she saw red glows of light.

"I'm curious on those lights" she said.

She turned back to face Loue and then turned back outside. She turned back once more and said "It's just going to be for a little bit." Walking towards Loue, she placed Balloy in his hands. "I'm going out for a few minutes, it's just to see those lights, I'll be back before you know it so wait here with him Balloy; and protect him" she said. The tauth doll stood still but as if it had telepathy, Liddell knew it understood.

Gathering the rest of her tauth dolls, the book of Runes equipped with Etoile, her umbrella, the phoenix tears, Glace's mirror, and the other items she brought over from the previous world, Liddell set out to investigate the mysterious light.

She walked about five minutes away from the cave before came across some more monsters, same as the ones she had encountered before. Knowing now what to do, Liddell used Luminous Etoile a lot and they soon reverted back to normal.

At the end of the battle Liddell was panting really hard. "This is getting tough, without Loue here it's hard to mange by myself" she said. The angels gathered around her worriedly.

"Are you alright miss?" they asked worriedly. "You shouldn't have used that much power for us; you should have just left us. If it would cause you such pain, we won't be happy with being ourselves again. We'll find a way to turn back."

"No *pant* don't worry about it *pant* I'm just a little tired that's all *pant*" she replied. Within a brink of a moment, all her exhaustion went away.

"Are you sure?" they asked.

"Yeah" she replied getting energetic to show them she was alright. "It's just as if I'm a level 1 witch fighting with strong monsters again, that's all" she said.

"Oh that's a relief to hear" they said "we shall be on our way to find our friends. It was an honor to meet you miss. Thank you" they all said before departing.

Liddell watched the retreating figures before turning to face the palm of her hands that she held out. She clenched her hands and then released them. "Yes, it's just as if I'm a level 1 witch again" she repeated once more. "Alright! No more dilly dallying, it's time to find the rest of the ingredients!" she shouted and continued to run.

She ran quite some bit before a sudden gush of 'red wind' blew past her at rapid speed causing her to trip. "Ouch, what was that?" she muttered as she got back up again. The 'red wind' which appeared to be a woman dressed in red and with a crown returned and was now standing in front of Liddell.

"I'm terribly sorry miss, I hope I didn't cause any injuries or anything" she said.

"No, I'm perfectly fine" Liddell said with sarcasm which she did not pick up.

"Say, you wouldn't be Liddell would you?" she said.

"What of it?"

"You admire Queen Alice don't you?" she asked

"Of course I do. She was a powerful magic witch who sealed up the evils who attacked the other world."

"That's how the story goes. Tell me child are you familiar with Queen Lorina of this realm?"

"I don't know much but I do know a little" she replied.

"Do you know that she was the original ruler and not that brat?" she muttered.

"What?" Liddell asked. "Lorina was the original ruler? Of course she is, she rules this place"

"Oh I said something stupid, you're right miss. I mustn't say such things. It's mere jealousy" she said. "It was nice meeting you, goodbye" she said as she swiftly departed with Liddell.

"Who was that woman, she's weird" Liddell said when she left; but not too long before she said that, the woman returned.

"Woah, that was fast! You have got to stop appearing so suddenly in front of me!" Liddell yelped in shock.

"Appearing suddenly is what I do. Speed is my specialty. You mustn't let the opponent know when you're coming to get them" she replied.

"I agree with you. With speed I can get to places faster than walking all over the place to figure out where I am?" Liddell replied.

"Then perhaps you will be able to gain this speed" the woman commented. "It's a very simple skill that you can acquire. All you have to do is get to the other side safely" she said.

"The other side of what?"

"The other side of the field" she answered "and when you do, you will be just like me, that's the only way you'll be able to gain such agility."

"So I just run across this field safely and get to the other side?" Liddell said.

"The world is nothing but a simple game miss. A game of chess which I'm sure you have heard of. You are now nothing but a pawn in someone else's hands but once you get to the other side, you will be promoted and therefore gain your speed. In your case, you just have to get to your enemy's territory. Once you reach it, you'll gain it. A special privilege you may gain in this world" she said.

"So all I have to do is get to Chronos' territory. Easy enough. It's what I have to do anyway. Once I get it, I don't have to worry about ever being late to class again!"

"Yes, it's a simple task. Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you today Miss. Liddell, an honor I'm sure. When you get promoted, it will be an even greater honor."

"Umm thank you, I think miss" Liddell said.

"Red Queen, I am known as the Red Queen" the Red Queen said. We will meet once again I'm sure. Unlike the fake one, I know you will make it" she said and quickly departed.

"Red Queen" Liddell muttered. "This world certainly has strange people" she said stretching.

Suddenly a chime was heard coming from Glace's mirror. Liddell quickly took it out and on the mirror it read "Updates: Map of Shiva: 36% successfully has been uploaded, Red Queen has been successfully added to contacts."

Liddell ignored its message and continued towards the red lights. After running a while, she started to notice it get colder. Before she knew it, it was so cold that she was capable of seeing her own breath. "Okay, it's just me, it's getting colder now" she said.

Slowly continuing towards the light, Liddell encountered many more monsters. Monsters different from the angels she defeated. Carefully beating them while trying out the different Etoile, Liddell was capable of only making them go unconscious. She didn't have time to beat them to the pulp. As long as they weren't in her way, that was enough for her. Along the route, Liddell had also gained a hefty number of new items such as Cloud Candy and Roasted sunbeams.

At last, Liddell had finally made it to the light source that she had spotted earlier. Unfortunately, the source wasn't visible. Liddell ran around frantically in the light.

"ARGH! Don't tell me I came all this way for nothing!" Liddell screamed. Due to her idleness when running, Liddell tripped over a wire. A trap door soon became visible. Curiously, Liddell walked down the stairs. Downstairs were a couple of angels running frantically around the light. The minute they noticed Liddell, they freaked out even more.

"Are you here to change our world too!" one of them exclaimed.

"What?" Liddell yelped in surprise.

"I can't believe they would still stay here after this much damage" another one cried.

"No wait you got it all wrong!" Liddell cried

"We won't let you do anymore damage to our kingdom! Guards!"

In the amidst of confusion, Liddell was attacked by knights with javelins, riding on Pegasus dressed in armor. Quickly jumping away from the attacks Liddell screamed "hey you got the wrong person!"

"How dare you try that trick on us again, it won't work! Guards!"

Liddell avoided the attack once more and sighed "if talking won't work, I guess I will have to fight first!" she shouted. Opening her book Liddell took out Danya and Peso. The dolls floated around to leave her hands free during attack.

"I don't want to hurt you too much so I'm going to stick with some easy magic" she said. "Biota Rune, advance to the target!" she exclaimed. Following, the magic, Danya and Peso attacked the same guard. During the attacks, Liddell and her dolls dealt some damage too. Liddell was grazed slightly on her cheek and her two dolls gained a little tear on their ear and hand.

"That does it!" Liddell exclaimed, "Biota Abyss!" Following a similar routine, the magic attacked all the Knights and then the dolls finished them off. The Knights fell off the horse unconsciously. The Pegasus' now without out a master on their backs, ran amuck in the room then went out.

Liddell panted as she looked at the frightened angels with no other source of protection. "We won't give you the remaining heat left" they said nervously.

Liddell sighed "Look here; there is a big misunderstanding here. My name is Liddell and I'm here to help save this world and all the others so I-"taking a step closer to the angels, Liddell had tripped over a knight's arm that lay limply on the floor. During her trip, Gretel's sigil had fell out and sprawl onto the floor.

"Ouch, I've been tripping too much since I made it to this world" Liddell groaned while getting up.

One of the angels picked up the sigil that she dropped and examined it. It then turned to the rest of the angels.

"This is the real sigil from the other world" one of them said

"She said her name was Liddell. The same name of the hero who defeated the Eld Witch" said another.

"Can we really trust her? What if she stole that and it's just another trap"

"Do we really have a choice? I'm sorry for what we have done Miss. Liddell" the one who picked up the sigil said and helped her up. "My name is Soria and I'm the head of this group. I feel like we made have made a mistake before and I apologize" she said handing her back the sigil.

"Its okay" Liddell said "It was my fault that whoever came here was probably my fault. I was the one who set those 7 free; but don't worry; I'm here to fix all that"

"Whether you were the cause or not on the previous incident or the reason for it doesn't matter now. What matters is you taking responsibility for it which I trust you will do." Soria said

"What is this place anyway?" Liddell asked.

"This is a special laboratory that monitors the health of Shiva" Soria answered. "Shiva is supposed to be warm and hot right now but unexpectedly the warmth Is being lost. Without the heat, we might not be able to live. We are currently trying to preserve any heat we can so if the circumstances call for it, we will keep everyone in one place to keep them all warm"

"So the red light I saw-

"Yes, the red light is fragments of the heat we absorbed in the area. We hate to do this; especially absorbing heat from Prince Auric's private garden but this place is the only place where heat is attracted to the most"

"But not far from here, there is plenty of heat" Liddell stated.

"That heat is headed towards Shakti I presume, to mess up there world too. We are just trying to keep it all here as best we can until the time comes." Soria said.

"I see, I'm sorry, this is my entire fault" Liddell sighed.

"Don't blame yourself Miss. Liddell, we all make mistakes sometimes. Besides, you're atoning for it by saving us." Soria stated

"But still"

Soria stared at Liddell for a while before walking to the light source and taking out a bottle that was connected to the machine that was absorbing the heat.

"Here Liddell" she said handing her the bottle "I want you to have this" she said.

"But Professor Soria!" One of the angel's exclaimed.

"It's alright, I trust Miss. Liddell here so I will give her the little bit of hope. Miss. Liddell, I want you to have this; it's all the heat we were capable of receiving so far. It will aid you in your journey"

"What! I can't accept this, you have it. Your world needs it" Liddell said.

"No, we won't need it if you save it. I trust you so I will aid you. Take this, the collected summer warmth we were capable of getting"

Liddell took the bottle and looked inside. Inside were 7 red glows of light. "There are seven of them" she said.

"Yes" Soria smiled "I guess you can say it's the summer warmth of 7. Now please get going, I know you don't have time to stay here and chat. We are counting on you Miss. Liddell"

"Thank you" Liddell said softly "I'll do my best to not let you down." Liddell ran out of the lab leaving everyone inside in silence.

"Professor Soria, was that the right thing to do? Telling her all those stuff and then handing her our hard work" one of the angels said when Liddell departed.

"Yes, I trust I made the right decision" she said.

"Oh no, I guess I was too late" a feminine voice chimed.

"Who's there!" Soria exclaimed.

A girl wearing a Chinese blue kimono dress jumped from the ceiling onto ground level. Her hair was put into 2 buns held by cloth and ribbon and her dress had a very high slit. She stood tall in front of them while using her handheld foldable fan to cover her mouth.

"It's you!" Soria exclaimed "guards hurry!"

"Nu-uh, I'm not letting you guys catch me. I came back to take care of some unfinished business" she said closing her fan. "My dear followers take care of them for me" she said. Giving her fan a swift wave near the floor and opening the fan when it came back to the top, the girl made a pack of wolves appear.

The wolves growled at all of the angels before leaping in attack. The angels were no match for the sudden attack. They all lay deeply injured on the floor.

"I shall deliver the finishing blow now" she said as the tip of her fan had flicked a small blade into place. Walking towards Soria with a deadly glare, the girl was about to jab the blade into her until –"SAN!"

San looked around before retracting the blade. "Yes sir?" she spoke

"Have you made it to Shiva?" a masculine voice asked.

"Yes I did but unfortunately I was too late. The Shivians had a backup plan and the result has been brought elsewhere" she replied.

"It doesn't matter" he said

"Should I follow? They couldn't have gotten that far" she asked.

"No, continue with the original plan. Pay our respects to the prince and wait for the players to come to you. They'll be there soon enough" he said.

"Alright sir, understood" she said. Turning her heads back to the angels on the floor she said "you're lucky this time. I'll come back to finish you off later" she said jumping up and disappearing.

Liddell ran quickly, heading towards where Loue was. Following the map on the mirror, Liddell had found a shortcut and ran towards the cave. Luckily, she didn't meet up with any monsters.

Entering the cave, she saw Loue already awake and wearing a worried face.

"Thank Goodness you're alright" he said hugging her. "When to came to, you had disappeared. I thought I lost you again like last time in Florin"

"Hey no hugging!" she said whacking him with her umbrella. "You don't have to worry about me" she said "I can manage perfectly by myself, see, I even got the next item we will need, the summer warmth of 7"

"That's great, but you should have waited for me. You might have been fine this time but there will be no next time" he replied.

"Well I was so let's keep it as that"

"Okay, we will drop this matter. So now we have two items. We need one more. I wonder what it is, and where it is" Loue said.

"This cave is the only place I feel that has any significant value. This world doesn't seem to have much and I feel like I've already been through all the important places." She said.

"This cave doesn't feel too deep so it doesn't hurt to check" he said.

Handing back Balloy to Liddell and the mirror back to Loue, the two wandered deeper into the cave.

"I wonder where this cave leads too" Liddell asked after a couple of minutes of walking.

"Well it's a cave, it doesn't have to lead anywhere" Loue answered

"Hey Loue, I just realized, why aren't you in your bat form? Now that I think of it, you didn't go back into your bat form since we saw each other. We even went to Rem Sacchras and you were still well you"

"Do you prefer me being a bat over this form?"

"Well it doesn't matter to me because you're the same annoying guy either way but I was just curious because you were in it so much on our last journey"

"I was originally in my bat form so I can avoid enemies that I had made over the years. For this world I most likely don't know anyone here because it's my first time being here by myself so it's okay for me to take this form. As for back in Rem Sacchras, I guess I forgot to due to the excitement"

"You guess you forgot huh! How stupid can you be? I bet when we return to the other side, we'll be greeted with your enemies from all over time"

"I guess it was my mistake, I'll remember to return to my bat form the next time"

"If there is a next time" she muttered.

"What brought this up?"

"I just remembered because we're in a cave and it's dark so I remembered how bats might be in here because of it. Then I remembered you were a bat"

"You don't like bats? I didn't know that, I thought you wouldn't mind them because you were okay with me"

"I didn't say I didn't like them. I think they're great! In fact, my room has quite some bat items. In fact, my outfit also has bat wings"

"So you have some kind of bat fetish? Don't go adding me to your collection now"

"Hey, I said I like bats not vampires who sleep on the job! And besides" she said turning around "you're not a bat, you're Loue, the stupid vampire who treats me like a kid, pats me on the head, who fell asleep on the job, who has lots of crazy friends, and who has the ability to turn into a bat"

Loue chuckled "That's quite a lot of stuff you have to say about me"

"Well I have more where that comes from!" she said.

"Well this stupid vampire who treats you like a kid and pats you on the head who fell asleep on the job and has lots of crazy friends who has the ability to turn into a bat, has been staying with you since we met so why not show some gratitude?"

"I don't have to show some gratitude for someone who AHHH!" Liddell screamed when she feel into a hole.

Loue ran quickly to where Liddell fell and looked down. "Liddell are you alright?" he said

"Ouch, not again! It's this world that keeps making me fall, I swear" she groaned.

"Why hello" she heard a familiar voice said.

Liddell turned around to see

"Babayaga!" she exclaimed.

"How good to see you again. Enjoying your journey?" she asked.

"Not since I got to this world I haven't" she grumbled.

Loue jumped down and saw who it was. "Hello miss, it's a surprise to see you in this kind of place. Thank you for aiding us in our last trip"

"Yes, it was been a while. If you would like, I shall aid you in this trip too. If you ever need something again, I'll help you"

"Well we do need a key" Liddell said.

"Ah the key for the palace? I'm afraid you'll have to bring me the ingredients just like last time so I can make it for you" she replied.

"Sometimes I wonder why we can't just bust in there" Liddell sighed "I'm sure they won't mind if we're saving them.

"Yes but the guards will because they don't know about it"

"Argh fine" Liddell muttered in defeat.

"So we have the summer warmth of 7 and the bottled light of 9" Loue said "we still need one more ingredient to make the key I believe. Do you know what it is?"

"The last ingredient is just past this cave" Babayaga answered. "It's a fragment of yin. You are currently inside the cave of yin. At the back of this cave you will see a stone. Just get a small chip of it."

"Is there some huge monster guarding it?" Liddell sighed.

"No, there shouldn't be" Babayaga answered.

"Okay, fine. Loue let's go" Liddell groaned. Standing up, Liddell tried hopping out of the cave but failed miserably.

"Here let me help you" Loue said has he lifted her up in her arms. "We'll be back" Loue said as he jumped up and made his grand exit.

"Hey Loue! Put me down!" Liddell's voice could be heard from far away.

"It's faster if you let me bring you to the end. I'm faster than you are after all" Loue's voice responded.

"I can walk on my own, now put me down!" –WHACK-

"Okay, okay" Loue gave in.

"Ah young love" Babayaga sighed "but they still have a long way to go"

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