The Diary of Ichimaru Gin

Chapter 1: Diary

Entry 1

Yay! It's the first entry! Aizen-taichou asked all the Espada plus Tousen and me to write in journals :)

Nnoitra keeps calling it a diary... Harribel-chan keeps glaring at him while the blue kitty says its a journal...

So...I heard ya are suppose to write ya 'feelings' in these here diaries. Ok, I will.

Entry 2

Right now I am on a stone table or bed...

I can't tell the difference...


I'm writin' in my new diary...

I wonder if Aizen-taichou keeps one...

Entry 3


"Yes, Gin, my brother?"

"Do ya keep a diary, too?"


"...So do ya?"

"...Why yes, yes I do."

"Wanna decorate 'em with stickers with me?"

"...That would be wonderful my brother..."

Then he walked away muttering something about how gay I acted.


Entry 4

Remember how I said I'm not gay?

Well, are ya talkin bout happy gay? Or gay Szayel?

If yer talkin bout happy gay, then yes, I am gay.

But if yer talkin bout Szyael gay, then no, thats just him, not me^^

Entry 5

I decided ta take a walk.

So I went to the halls of Fraccion.

Where the Fraccion live when they're not with their Espadas.

Lylinette kept poking people...

Baragan's Fraccion were betting if Charlotte could go a day without wearing a skirt...

Harribel-chan's Fraccion were texting her... Sun-Sun asked about my diary^^

Emo bat boy doesn't have any Fraccion... I should ger Aizen-taichou to asign him one^^

Tesla is walking beside me...I mean 5 feet away from me like a stalker... Yay, I got my own stalker^^ (AN: he's being serious lol)

Shawlong was drooling in his sleep while the others were poking him and throwing Doritos at him... (AN: I dont own doritos)

Pumpkin freak didn't have any Fraccion...

And Szayel's were...eating each other... OMG CANNIBALS!

I better get to bed now^^ It's past nighty night time and I just chugged 3 bottles o' SAKE! Right after seeing Granz'z lovely canniballsss!