Ichimaru Gin's Diary

Entry 991

I'm almost outta pages...

It's sad :D

No wait...I meant ta do this face D:

...If dere were an emoticon fer rippin' up Diary-kun, Grimmjow woulda used it.

Entry 992

I should finish Diary-kun with a bang!

That's what she said! -Nnoita

Blow it up with a grenade. I'll help. -Grimmjow

Noo! Ya ain't supposed to do dat! Yer supposed to keep it ferever an' love an' cherish it wit' all yer heart!

Are ya marryin' the stupid thing, or blowing it up?

Explosions ARE cool...and pretty :D

Let's do this then, Ichimaru! I'll get the fire!

Yer not allowed ta play wit' fire, Grim'.

Yes I am.

No, yer not.

Ya, I am.

Ya ain't doin' this again. Just get to the next entry already.

Entry 993

I figured, since I wanna make dis go out wit' a bang, we'd use fireworks :D

Why do you keep writing that, Ichimaru? -Ulquiorra

Writin' what?

:D -Ulquiorra


Lol? -Ulquiorra


Lmao? -Ulquiorra


Ttyl Bffl Xox? What does this all mean? -Ulquiorra

I just got ya ta write down some funny stuff :P

...What does it mean? -Ulquiorra

Dat's a smiley face, laugh-out-loud, laughin' mah ass off, an' talk ta ya lata best friend fer life kiss hug kiss.

... -Ulquiorra

Ha-ha, I think he's in shock.

Entry 994


What? -Ulquiorra

I need ya to do one more thing.

... -Ulquiorra

Use yer hand as a gun, an' say BANG!




Ya...so...it's been 'bout an hour...

Well...Ulquiorra DID use 'is hand as a gun an' he DID say "bang."...But he cero'ed meh in the face...

...It hurt.

Entry 995

I watched TV wit' Szayel ta'day.

Don't ask why I did.

He watched dis show called "The Big Bang Theory"

It's about some nerds, so I kinda see why Pinky likes it.

...He wants ta hunt the tall ultra nerd (I think 'is name's Sheldon) down an' challenge him ta a nerd off.

...I kinda wanna go, but I'ma kinda scared 'bout what's gonna go down...

Nerds can be pretty scary.

I would say just look at Pinky when 'e's released, but yer eyes might combust.

Entry 996


Dere's no bang goin' on dere.



Ya, dat was dirty, I know...

Ginny's sorry.

Ta make it up to ya, I'll show ya how Yammy used ta say 'e was sorry back when 'e got a fridge stuck in 'is mouth. (I know, yer thinkin' Da fudge? Yammy apologizes?)


Entry 997

Ya'll never believe what we found :D

A whoopee cushion.

Not just ANY whoopee cushion, but a GIGANTIC whoopee cushion.

Ya'll never guess what we DID wit' the whoopee cushion.

We painted it white, molded it ta look like Aizan-taicho's chair...

I bet ya can guess what kinda bang came next when Aizan-taicho sat down at da next meeting.

He blamed it on Grimmjow.

Entry 998

Hi everyone, Mai here.

Ichimaru had to stay behind at the last meeting. So does Grimmjow...

I wonder what he did this time...

Something weird happened though, when the meeting first started, all throughout Las Noches, a huge, explosion-y, fart like sound was heard.

...I don't think I'm ever letting Grimmjow eat burritos for breakfast again...

Well...Gin-san's Diary-kun is coming to an end...so I thought I'd write in it one last time, even if I do have my own diar-notebook.


...Unless you don't want me here...then fine, I don't need you anyways...

We all know ya do^^ Sup Mai-chan?

...She left...

I only got a couple more entries D:

An' I dunno what ta write...


...Apple butter...


Heh-heh...whoopee cushion...


I just walked by a gigantic tangerine...

It meow'ed...


Entry 999

Um...some technical difficulties here...


So I'm back...Did you forget me? It's me, Mai...just making sure.

Well, I wouldn't count bawling as 'techinical' issues, but his Diary-kun, his rules.

He told me to write for him, since if he did, he wouldn't be able to hold the pen right...

But I think he just doesn't know what to say.

...I wonder if I'm just wasting even more space.

Ow, apparently, I am, I just got slapped.

...By Diary-kun.

Gin approves.

Entry 1000

Sorry Mai-chan ruined dat last entry.

It's de last entry!

I'm happy ta have mah time wit' you all, an' all never ferget any o ya!

Ya'll wit' wherever I go.

Love ya,

~Ichimaru Gin


Awww...this is the end. ...Yes, that last line is Gin's version of my class song. Me, Hana, Mattie, Ukei, and 'Toni all graduated not even two weeks ago. It was very sad yet awesome at the same time. Our teachers performed a school-y version of Don't Stop Believin' wearing hideous wigs that people brought in for our Mythology project. OUR GROUP BROUGHT A CONFETTI CANON. That day, half the boys in our grade wore make-up *shudder*

Anyways, This is the end. I want to thank everyone SO MUCH for reading, reviewing, favorite-ing, subscribing, and just for being awesome! Thank you so much. Domo arigatou, minna-san!

This story has been stretched out from 2010 til now. I thought I'd finish it up by now. I DID have another version of this chapter mostly written, and planned to type it, but I lost my composition notebook, so I started mostly from scratch.

Well, it's been two years, but it's finally done. Thank you everyone XD (Oh, this may be the last chapter, but I might post another talking more about the OC's that are mentioned. If there's one that you want to hear about more, then just mention them in a review or a message.

There MIGHT also be a little surprise. It won't be put up any time soon, but I have a feeling you might enjoy it. (I hope you do, it's been two years and I'm not sure how many people I have left that still even read this O.o)

Well, that's it. Thanks again for everything!

~Amaterasu Ai