Pretty Poison: Final Crisis

By: DeathNoteMaker

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Rating: T+

Warning(s): Slight AU, Language, Extreme Violence, Character Death, Dark and Sexual Themes, Slash, hints of Shoujo-ai, etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, etc.

Summary: Cloud Strife had always known that in someway she was destined for greater things, but due to her mother's illness she stayed in the place she would do anything to leave. After falling into a Mako lake, and being rescued by the mysterious Vincent Valentine, she develops her natural affinity for magic plus her progressing marksmanship, and she manages to find herself a little peace in her own personal hell. Then when the increase of monsters appearing in the mountains begins to unsettle the villagers, SOLDIER operatives are sent to the village, and because she is more knowledgeable of the mountain paths than the self-proclaimed best guide Tifa Lockhart, she is chosen as the guide of band of Mako Soldiers. Not knowing anything of the destiny that was about to unfold in front of her.

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Chapter 1

Firing at the pack of Nibelheim wolves that surrounded her with a gun in both hands, the beautiful young woman wondered once again why she had such a crazy mentor with weird training regimes. With every shot that she made, every monster was brought down with kill shots that hit the fatal points with excellent precision. Sensing the incoming attack, she flipped over to the side and then turned mid-air to face where the attacker was coming from. There standing in the spot she once occupied was a man, whom could have easily been mistaken as a vampire.

The wind made his tattered cape of the purest crimson, and hair as dark as the night sky swirl around his deceptively powerful form. Red eyes looked down at her from beneath his bangs, which peeked out from beneath and above the red headband wrapped around his head. The gold gauntlet on his arm gleamed with a malicious light, and even with all his dark clothing, she could clearly see his main weapon that was strapped to his right leg. Slipping easily into a crouch that was practically beaten into her through years of training, she steadied her guns for the fight that was sure to come.

Not even a second later, she had to jump back and she brought her gun forward and pulled the trigger with narrowed sky blue eyes. Knee-length strands of blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail swayed along with her graceful movements. The sound of the bullet ricocheting off of metal told her that he blocked it, and not even a second later she felt him closing in on her. With a flick of her wrists, the barrel of the guns in her hands shifted into blades. Locking eyes with her opponent, she noticed the small twitch at the side of his mouth.

Sending a small smile in his direction, she charged forward while bringing both her gunblades in front of her to create an X. As they collided, the sound of metal hitting metal echoed throughout the forest. While in a deadlock, the two opponents locked eyes once more before pushing away from each other. Both skid away from the force of their parting, and all the while kept sharp eyes on each other. The woman seemed to be panting slightly, but the man looked perfectly fine. Nothing but the wind and the rustling of the trees made noise around them, and after a few seconds the mysterious man stood up from the crouch he was previously in.

"You have now learned all that I can teach you…you now possess the skills that the Turks would desire in their ranks."

Getting out of the crouch as well, she bowed at the waist towards the man. Standing to her full unimpressive height, she unleashed a bright smile towards her mentor. It had been a few years since she had started studying under him, and it now seemed that she finally had the ability to protect herself, her mother, and anyone that she cared about. With another flick of her wrists, the blade retracted into the guns and then she slipped them back into the holsters on her lower back.

"So I'm guessing you've heard about the request that was sent to Shinra about the Mako reactor here right?"

Nodding the man leveled his crimson gaze on her, and he raised an eyebrow at the small blush that formed on her cheeks. "Yes, and from what those incompetent villagers were allowing to fall out of their mouths…you were picked as the one who will show them to it." Placing her hands on her hips she allowed her smile to be replaced quickly with a scowl. "I was picked because of Lockhart being the one who volunteered, and of course the other people here didn't want anything happening to their princess." The venom in here words could burn someone alive, or atleast in his opinion anyway.

I'm pretty sure our little one wouldn't mind so much if her words could actually burn the twit.

Vincent couldn't help but agree with his inner Demon. Ever since the Mountain incident years ago, Tifa Lockhart along with her friends had blamed the entire incident on the sole Strife child. There has been nothing but animosity towards everyone in the town (excluding her mother), but more so towards Lockhart from Cloud. After all, the Cloud was the one who told them going up the mountain was dangerous and wasn't a good idea, and then they flipped it around to make her seem like the one who came up with the plan to go up the mountain.

Brushing off nonexistent dust from the black short shorts, she tapped the ground with one of her black thigh-high lace-up boots, before placing one gloved hand on her hip. A zip-up, sleeveless turtleneck that stuck to her like a second skin, adorned her upper body, While the detachable sleeve on her left arm, held up by a silver badge of a wolf with a ring in its mouth, fluttered slightly as her arm hung by her side. On her lower back were the holsters for her guns, and an extra slot for a sword. She didn't own one, but she had expressed interest in wielding one. Unfortunately, swords were not really his forte and there was no one in this village that could or would teach her.

"My mother will be awake about time I get back…do you want to stay for dinner with us?"

The avatar of Chaos looked down at his blushing pupil. He knew that if he were who he was all those years ago, he would have smirked in amusement. Bringing his gauntlet covered hand, and gently brushed her long side bang from her cheek. Pale cheeks turned a deep shade of red as she looked up into the eyes of her teacher. It was no secret between them that she possessed a crush on the former Turk. Vincent unfortunately didn't want to tempt fate though, and so didn't try to think of the young woman in that way. On the flip side, Chaos was all for it and said that she would be the perfect mate in a few years.

Especially after that plunge into that pool of Mako she took due to those foolish townspeople…you too can see that she is slowly aging, and that will soon stop as well vessel.

A valid point.

"I will have to decline…There is something that I have to find in the mansion."

Deflating slightly at the refusal of her offer, Cloud then shook it off. He usually did that and so it really wasn't a surprise. Pouting slightly, she admitted if only to herself, that even if she knew this, she didn't have to be happy about it. But she was sure that whatever he had to look for had to be important! Clenching her fists, she allowed a grin to form on her face. "Alright! But I will bring something for you to eat, so please don't just disappear into that library again okay?"

Running off towards the small wintry town of Nibelheim, Cloud Strife, the only daughter of Skye and Solomon Strife had a determined expression on her pretty face. For some reason, she had a feeling that her life was about to take a drastic turn, and it had something to do with the Shinra operatives coming here to this town. "Well whatever it is I will face it head on, after all I am a Strife!"

Zack Fair was extremely bored. This was very much true, and could be proven by the way he was pestering the driver of their transport. His spiky hair that many people had likened to that of a porcupine was a little messier from how many times he had run his hand through it to nurse the lump he received from his silver-haired superior. Pouting silently, he crossed his arms and glowered at the General who sat across from him with closed eyes. Disgruntled at everything going on around him, he looked outside the window.

It had been a couple hours since they were last attacked by a pack of monsters, and they had done nothing but sit here in this small transport for far too long since then! Sighing loudly he flopped himself back on his seat like a small child before they threw a tantrum from hell. Grinning inwardly at the incredulous looks thrown at him from the grunts, he grumbled about how mean 'Sephy' was to him, and knew that he couldn't sit still for so long a time!

'…But it seems like I am not the only one who is restless…though I am the only one that could tell, Sephiroth's has been temperamental ever since we started our ride here…'

This was one of the first things he had noticed when they had stopped to slay a couple of monsters on their pathway. One of the grunts deciding to be a hero raced forward, and almost got himself killed. After Sephiroth saved him, not only did he only strangle the poor man, but almost made him break down into tears. Zack had never seen Sephiroth this angry before, and he wondered what was going on with his superior and friend. "Only a few more minutes and we should be arriving."

Letting loose a cry of excitement and relief, Zack went over to the window and rolled it down. Sticking his head out the window, he grinned widely as he saw the town that was quickly coming into view. Adjusting the buster sword that was resting on his lap, he ignored the small glare the General of SOLDIER sent him for his loudness. 'He should be use to it by now.' His grin widened even more at the thought. Zack was one of the few that could rile the stoic man up. The young man then returned his mind towards the upcoming town.

Nibelheim was a backwater town where the only thing out here besides their grape fields and other crops, were a Mako Reactor and a Mansion left behind by the company.

'It's just like Gongaga…only that this place is almost freezing!'

Not that he could really feel the cold thanks to the Mako that ran through his blood. But from the shivering of those grunts behind him, he could tell that it had to be really cold. Once the van came to a stop, the First Class SOLDIER instantly dashed out of the transport and sucked in a large breath of air. It had been a while since he was able to breathe in such crisp, clean air. Midgar wasn't known as one of the polluted cities for nothing, and since he was a country boy it took him some time to get use to it.


Turning around his glowing violet eyes landed on the leather-clad General as he stalked towards him. Cat-like Mako green eyes drifted from him to the town gates, where a single person stood. Zack followed the line of his gaze, and noticed the person standing at the gate as well and instantly assumed that this was supposed to be their guide for their time in the town. As they got closer, they were able to see their 'guide' clearly.

Whistling, the First Class SOLDIER could say that she was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. That was saying a lot, especially coming from Midgar where many world-class beauties actually resided. (Strangely enough at Brothels mostly too) Coming to a stop in front of the girl, Zack allowed his trademark charming grin form on his face, and lifted a hand in greeting. "Hello, are you Cloud Strife?" For a second a look of surprise formed on the dark-haired beauty's face, and then something of disappointment replaced it. She had a cowboy hat that was hanging down her back from the string around her neck, and was wearing a cowgirl outfit made of dark orange, brown, and white. Knee-high cowboy boots adorned her feet, and a black belt with a silver buckle where a turquoise jewel was in the middle of it. Basically she looked like the perfect stereotype of a country girl.

Reddish-brown eyes, strangely like the color of wine looked at all of them for a second before she shook her head. "No my name is Tifa Lockhart…I was chosen to escort you to the Strife home in order to meet your guide." Disappointment was clear on Zack's face. '…And here I thought I would have a pretty girl to flirt with on the way to the reactor!!' Sulking, he allowed Sephiroth to step forward and continue where his Second in Command and friend had left off. "Miss Lockhart, we would appreciate it if you would quickly escort us towards our guide's home."

The girl though being talked to by the World-known General didn't seem to be the least bit interested in any of them. From the slight relaxing of his shoulders, the First Class SOLDIER could tell that Sephiroth was happy about this fact. 'Not that I think he will have the same luck with the rest of the villagers or even this escort of ours…' Practically having to cover his mouth at the inevitable encounter with the villagers, and Sephiroth's horrified expression that was surely to arise. Zack could tell that he was going to enjoy himself during this little mission!

'Besides who could pass up some entertainment, even if it is at my dear friend's expense!?'

Stirring the contents in the pot, Cloud dipped the spoon into the broth before putting it in a small saucer. Bringing the saucer to her lips, she sipped the broth and allowed herself to think over the flavor. 'Hmmm…it is just about right…maybe a little more salt, but not bad.' Putting the saucer down to the side, she placed the top of the pot on before moving over towards the oven. Opening the door to the oven, she was instantly hit in the face with the smell of freshly made buns. Checking the timer, she nodded seeing that it only had a few more minutes until they were done.

Moving over towards the long table, the glowing blue-eyed blonde placed the plates and utensils down. Their guests would be here soon, and her mother thought it would be polite to have something to eat ready for them. 'Especially since those assholes decided that since I was the one who was being their guide, I should be the one looking after them!' Putting the plate down on the table with a little more force then necessary, she cringed a little at the small dent she put on the side. Exhaling, she finished her task before turning towards the living room.

Rubbing her hands on her apron, she walked through the doorway.


The blonde-haired woman jumped slightly as she came out of her daze, she brought a hand up to her chest and laughed softly. "Oh Cloud! You startled me!" Sending the woman an apologetic smile, Cloud walked into the room and sat right next to her. "Dinner is almost ready…all I have left to do is get the cinnamon rolls and cookies ready for dessert." Clapping her hands together, Skye Strife beamed lovingly at her daughter. Pride welled up in her heart, she was so proud of her precious daughter. Despite this, she felt utter sorrow in knowing that instead of following her dreams, her precious child has been stuck here taking care of her.

Of course, she told Cloud to go but the girl wouldn't hear any of it. "That is wonderful! I'm sure that our guests will absolutely love it!" Watching a small smile form on her daughter's face, she couldn't help but feel happy that she was able to make her daughter smile. There were so few things that made her smile these few years. Especially with the villagers heckling her and treating her like a pariah. 'Though the other villagers loath her, they are now noticing the beauty that she is growing into…some of the other villagers have already been showing up and asking on wither she had a fiancée chosen for her yet.' Clenching her small fists, Skye bit her bottom lip.

It seemed like since Cloud's father had died then she became sickly, the whole village just seemed to have it out for their family. What confirmed her suspicions of this was after Cloud had fallen into a pool of Mako, and instead of dying from it, she actually hadn't been affected all that badly except for a fever. Even now her sky blue eyes, which she had inherited from her father, glowed like those of SOLDIER were rumored to have. "So are you sure that you want the SOLDIERs to stay here mom? I could make the Inn take them, seeing as they already have plenty of room."

Snapping out of her troubling thoughts, she looked up and shook her head with a smile.

"No, it is alright dear…I'm sure that they need those rooms for something."

Glowing blue eyes looked deeply into hers for a long moment, before her daughter sighed. Standing up with the fluid grace of a cat, Cloud placed her fists on her hips. "Okay Mom…but if at any time you can't handle them being here, I will have the Inn take them regardless if they want them or not." Agreeing to this to satisfy the stubborn girl, Skye watched as Cloud turned towards the direction of the doorway.

Looking up at her daughter with a small amount of concern, Skye tightened the sky blue quilt that was around her shoulders. "What is it dear?" Glancing back at her mother over her shoulder, a grim expression implanted itself on her face. "It seems our guests are arriving, and there is an extra that I am not so happy about." Not waiting for the inevitable question of whom, Cloud instantly made a Beeline for the front door. Cursing under her breath, Skye stood up slowly and followed after her daughter. She could only pray that this extra wasn't in fact the Mayor's daughter.

There has been bad blood between them for years.

'Though it is more of Cloud than Tifa, but…'

"So to what do I owe the honor of Nibelheim's princess to visit our humble abode?" Preparing to stop the confrontation, she released a small gasp as she noticed the group right behind the 'Princess'. It seemed that either Shinra really cared about what was happening around their small village, or that they just wanted to parade the Hero of the Wutai War for kicks. 'And I am guessing it is more of the latter.'

Sephiroth (No last name) was standing there in all his silver-haired, leather-clad glory, with the Masamune in which he was known for being the only one to wield it with grace and skill not ever seen done by any normal human being. Her daughter was currently staring at the small group with unreadable gleam in her eyes. One that Skye knew very well and it hurt her to see that her daughter still felt even a tiny bit of regret over everything.

Cloud looked over the group (Minus Tifa), and she couldn't help but feel a little awed by the figures in front of her. Her glowing blue eyes took all of them in, and immediately a name came to her mind as she stared at the man, whom once inspired her to leave this hellhole known as Nibelheim, and try her luck in Shinra. Unnoticed to all those in front of her, she shook herself out of her thoughts, and ignored the shocked looks that she was receiving from the Shinra operatives. Placing her hands on her hips, she stared at them with a leveled gaze.

"If you don't already know, and even if you do for the sake of politeness I will introduce myself…my name is Cloud Strife, and I will be your tour guide and caretaker during your stay here."

Sephiroth was expecting many things in which he could probably expect from their tour guide and now apparent caretaker from what this young woman was saying. But he was surprised at what he saw in front of him. While she had shown signs that she knew who he was, she didn't look like she was preparing to jump him. In fact, she looked like she would much rather have them anywhere but in front of her at this moment. Though this was shocking, the most surprising was the familiar glow that her eyes held. None other than those in his organization held that telltale glow.

Zack lightly elbowed him in his side, and his glanced at the slightly shorter male from the corner of his eyes.

"Seph, she has the SOLDIER glow to her eyes."

Turning her gaze back to the girl, he almost lost himself in those eyes. Eyes that made the sky seem bland in comparison. Plus that voice had stopped as soon as she had stepped out of the house. Mako green eyes took in the vision that the girl made, and he knew that things were going to change due to this meeting. For good or bad, he didn't know. One thing he did was that, something was going to happen and the outcome was going to be in this girl's hands.

End of Chapter One

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