Pretty Poison: Final Crisis

By: DeathNoteMaker

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Warning(s): Slight AU, Language, Extreme Violence, Character Death, Dark and Sexual Themes, Slash, hints of Shoujo-ai, etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, etc.

Summary: Cloud Strife had always known that in someway she was destined for greater things, but due to her mother's illness she stayed in the place she would do anything to leave. After falling into a Mako lake, and being rescued by the mysterious Vincent Valentine, she develops her natural affinity for magic plus her progressing marksmanship, and she manages to find herself a little peace in her own personal hell. Then when the increase of monsters appearing in the mountains begins to unsettle the villagers, SOLDIER operatives are sent to the village, and because she is more knowledgeable of the mountain paths than the self-proclaimed best guide Tifa Lockhart, she is chosen as the guide of band of Mako Soldiers. Not knowing anything of the destiny that was about to unfold in front of her.

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She could sense them. Two of her children were here within her reach.

One had been here since as long as she could remember, but she had been unable to reach her. No matter how much she screamed, her voice was not heard. She knew that it had to be something in the town that was preventing her from reaching her precious child. But now it seemed that her other child was here too, and whatever was preventing her daughter from hearing her…was now preventing her son from hearing her too!

Rage consumed her as she screamed and screamed in hatred towards this wall in between them. Her need for revenge against the filthy humans only had grown stronger of the time she had been stuck on this planet. And the desire for it had only grown worse as she watched her children from afar. The humans had all treated them poorly, especially her daughter that resided in the very village she had been bound in for years.

Nibelheim would be the first to burn of many, and she would enjoy this as she watched her children gain her vengeance! But for now she would rest…soon.

Releasing a sigh Skye Strife sagged in her chair as she felt that terrible presence recede from her senses. Setting her half knitted quilt onto her lap, she glanced in the direction of the reactor with tired eyes. It seemed that things were going to get very complicated, and it was getting harder and harder for her to keep the voice from Cloud and now the General. 'And it doesn't help much with my illness…' Coughing into her hand, she took a ragged breath before she leaned back in her chair.

The very life stream was talking to her. Soon the Calamity would be upon them, and there was nothing that she could do any longer. Her own life force was disappearing rapidly, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she was going to be seeing her husband once more. "Cloud…" It seemed that she would soon not be able to protect her little girl from the voice, and she would either break or fight against it.

She could only hope that she would be strong enough…

"Mrs. Strife."

Opening her eyes, Skye sat up straight in her chair and sent a small tired smile towards the silver-haired man. "General Sephiroth…I'm sorry to trouble you." The man nodded and came to sit in the sofa right across from her chair. Cat-like Mako green eyes stared at her from his stoic but handsome face, and something was telling her that what she was about to do would change everything. "It is no trouble at all."

Folding her hands onto her lap, she straightened her posture and stared at him with a fire that seemed to startle the intimidating male. "There is something that I must ask of you…it is alright if you refuse, because I may be asking too much…but…" Bowing her head to her lap, she decided that she must not hesitate. She had to make sure that no matter what happened; she knew that her baby girl would be taken care of.

"I do not have much longer on this plane…I beg of you…if anything should happen to me, I want you to take my daughter with you to Midgar."

Zack Fair has met a lot of intimidating people in his short span of life, but he could honestly admit that out of all of them this Vincent Valentine ranked #1 on his list. Of course, Sephiroth used to be in that spot. But since he had become friends with the man, he had loss that feeling in regarding to him a long time ago. Yeah, Sephiroth could be pretty scary with his whole 'Glare o' Death' thing. Vincent Valentine on the other hand could make you piss your pants by just glancing in your direction.

'Almost did when he snuck up on us…'

Though Cloud didn't seem to see it the way he did, in fact she didn't seem surprised at all when he snuck up on them. Watching the girl talking with the man with a warm smile on her face, he could honestly say that he couldn't help but feel jealous at the smiles she was practically showering on the vampire. After getting his hand slapped away from trying to steal a cinnamon bun, Zack slouched in one of the armchairs next to Cloud while pouting.

He really wanted one of those cinnamon buns!

"So what is this about Sephiroth's mom being some woman named Lucretzia? Sephy seemed very sure that his mother was a woman named Jenova."

Vincent turned his head to look at Zack, and a moment of silence passed through them. "Was that what a man named Hojo told him?" The SOLDIER's eyes widened and the vampire closed his eyes as the reaction answered his question. "Anything that monster has to say should be immediately disregarded, Jenova could be considered a mother but Lucretzia is his birthmother." Lying back in her chair, Cloud looked over at Vincent with a look of realization.

"That woman is General Sephiroth's mother!?"

Seeing him nod in answer to her question, Cloud slapped her forehead. "Now that I think about it…I can see the resemblance between the two of them!" This comment caused Vincent's eyes to widen in shock. "He looks like Lucretzia?" Nodding, she looked him straight in the eye. "He certainly has many of her traits…but I am guessing everything else is his father…but from the pictures I have seen I would have to dismiss that thought."

Laughing boisterously, Zack slung his arm around the petite blonde's shoulders while grasping her chin.

"Not only are you cute, but funny too! You certainly are a catch Spiky!"

Cloud's right eye twitched as she pushed the male away from her. "Down puppy!"

Ignoring the pout he was sporting, Cloud turned back to Vincent. "I think that you should tell Sephiroth about this since you know all this Vincent, it should be you that should tell the General…I'm sure he would appreciate finding out who his real mother is." Leaning back into his chair, Vincent closed his eyes and tilted his head up. Cloud was right.

Doing this could be your first step towards this 'redemption' you desire.

Coming to a decision, he opened his eyes and looked at his student before nodding.

"Alright, tomorrow bring him here and I will show him Lucretzia and tell him everything."

Smiling the gun-wielding maiden nodded.


Sephiroth looked at the determined woman in front of him, and he knew instantly that he wouldn't be able to say no to her. Not when she is proving herself to spitting image of the ideal mother in his mind. The fragile blonde woman didn't want her daughter to see her die, and she was even trying to make sure that when she died she would be taken care of. 'I have always wanted someone like this to care about me, about wither I am taken care of when she isn't around…she is what I have always dreamed of in a mother…'

He couldn't help but feel sadness and longing. Many would think it's weird for a grown man to be lamenting over the fact that he never knew his mother, but he didn't very much care. Looking into this woman's eyes, he could do nothing but nod. After all, how could he refuse her? Well yeah he could refuse her, but that didn't mean that he would. This once he would fulfill someone's request, which wasn't really an order that he wouldn't be able to refuse in the first place.

The sun was slowly setting, and he finally realized that Zack hadn't come back with their guide.

'And future ward…'

As if reading his mind, the older woman only smiled. "Don't worry about it, they should be back soon…Cloud just wanted to take her friend some of the dinner she cooked since he lives alone." Nodding at the explanation, he then turned towards the stairs as he heard a pair of feet. Like he thought, the two grunts stopped at the doorway to the room and saluted towards the General.

"Sir, we are asking for permission to go into town!"

Leveling his gaze on them, silence reigned through the room for a moment but then he nodded. The two sighed in relief before saluting and then walking out of the house. After hearing the door close, Skye clapped her hands and smiled gently at Sephiroth. "Well I think I should prepare a small snack for Cloud and Zack's return, I'm sure they will be very hungry." Getting up from the couch slowly, she sent a small bow towards the silver-haired man to excuse herself before she made her way into the kitchen.

Watching her leave the room, Sephiroth sighed and leaned back into the couch. Running a hand through his bangs, he wondered how all this would turn out. The day after tomorrow he had scheduled for their escort to take them up to the reactor, and find out what exactly was going on. He was happy that he had some silence now to sort his thoughts; he could only hope that Zack wouldn't be back for a while longer to enjoy it.


Sighing, the General massaged the bridge of his nose. He could only assume that was what he got for being hopeful. The man should have known better after all these years of being friendly with the younger man.

Not even a second later, the door to the house opened and the sound of his SiC's voice shattered the silence in the house. "HEY SEPHY! WE'RE BACK!" Grumbling, he massaged the bridge of his nose once again before sighing. A blur of black came into the living room, and he was instantly treated to the site of the hyperactive SOLDIER. Their guide came in not even a second later with a scowl on her face.

"I'm pretty sure that all of Wutai know were back Puppy."

The look of surprise at the nickname on Sephiroth's face went unnoticed as Zack turned towards the blonde with a pout. "Awwww! Cloudy! Why do you have to be so mean to me!?" Blue eyes narrowed on the spiky-haired man, and she crossed her arms under her chest. "Stop calling me Cloudy!" She then turned to look towards him, and the General raised an eyebrow at the intense look she was giving him.

"I hope that your errand went smoothly Miss. Strife."

Waving off the formal greeting, Cloud tilted her head slightly in his direction. "It's Cloud, just Cloud." Stepping over towards the kitchen, she disappeared through the door, not seeing the surprise the General had at the non-hostile aura that the girl was giving off earlier. "Hey Cloudy! Maybe later you could come and talk with Sephy and me! How about that?" Though he received no answer, a large grin formed on the man's face.


At the sound of his name, the spiky-haired man glanced over at him with a raised eyebrow and an innocently questioning look. "Yeah? What's up Seph?" Leaning back into the couch, Sephiroth looked at him with complete seriousness. "Mrs. Strife has requested something of us, and I want to make sure you know so nothing goes wrong." Seeing the no-nonsense look on his face, Zack sat down across from him on another chair.

"Uh huh…so what is this request?"

Brushing his hair over his shoulders, he had closed the open book he held on his lap for about an hour or so.

"For a reason unknown to me, she has asked that if something happened to her…we are to take her daughter with us to Midgar."

Shock was evident of course on the hyperactive SOLDIER's face. Not that the other could blame him of course. It was a very unusual request. One that has never been made before, and if anyone did request something of this nature, they usually asked for the SOLDIERs to drop off the person to a relative in a different town. This was the first time he had heard of anyone asking them to take someone with them. But the question was, wither Sephiroth would approve or not.

"Well…did you give her an answer?"

Looking at Zack, the silver-haired man nodded. "Yes, actually…I did." Ignoring the skeptical look that was sure to be on the younger man's face, Sephiroth returned his attention back to his book. "Mrs. Strife will be the one to tell her daughter this, and so just be ready if it comes down to that." Nodding, Zack leaned back in his chair. Things were just turning out really weird on this mission!

"Speaking of weird…hey Sephy! There is someone who wants to talk to you tomorrow about some things in the Shinra Mansion."

Mako green eyes were instantly on him, and the black-haired SOLDIER snickered at the interest that was clear in his eyes.

Throwing back another swig of brandy, Travis looked around the bar. Smirking slightly at all the scheming that was currently going on, he mentally gave a toast to himself. Due to a little manipulation with this town's greed for money, he would be having his first taste of the blonde beauty tomorrow. Licking his lips at the thought of his fiancé, he set his glass down. At the sound of the bar door opening, everyone's eyes slid over towards the newcomers.

Standing there in uniform were the two grunts from Shinra.

From the corner of his eye, he saw that the bartender was pouring more liquor into his glass. After it was filled, another round of Nibelheim's finest. Getting up from his seat, he moved over towards them while motioning for the bartender to send over a couple drinks. It wouldn't hurt to have a little inside help in order to get some things done now would it? Plus, everything would go much smoother if he knew when and where the General, and that purple-eyed buffoon were going to be when he was going about to accomplish his plan.

"Welcome to Nibelheim!"

The two men turned slightly in their seats at the sound of his voice, and a look of surprise formed on all of their faces as they took a good look at each other. "TRAVIS!?" Shaking himself out of his shock he finally gathered his wits, "Brian? Lewis? How's it going!?" Plopping himself into the free seat at the table, he smirked at them. Everything just kept getting better and better. Now he had the perfect decoys in order to get Cloud out of her house in order for his plan to work.

Many would be disgusted at the thought of using their friends, but to get what he wanted he would use anyone. And what he wanted was Cloud Strife.

Going into her room in a daze, Cloud went over everything that her mother had discussed with her in the kitchen when she arrived home. Her mother had told her that when everything with this reactor was finished, she would be going with the SOLDIERs to Midgar. Apparently she had made a deal with the General, and she was going to be leaving with them.

She had basically tricked the man into becoming her husband!

Not that she was complaining about him in general, after all the General of SOLDIER is a very handsome man indeed. Anyone would be happy to be tied down to the man, but the whole thing just didn't sit right with her. Did he actually know what he had agreed to? Crimson eyes flashed through her mind, and she shook her head.

There had to be something that she could do to get out of this arrangement! She had to stay here for Vincent! A blush colored her cheeks as she thought about her mentor. It was no secret that she had a huge crush on the vampire-like man, and it had evolved into love as she grew older. Cloud even had fantasies about them being together.

'I even started wearing clothes like these to gain his attention! He will have to notice sometime that I am a woman!'

Her shoulders slumped slightly. Despite this, he hadn't shown any real signs of interest, but she was positive that he had noticed! 'Or that could be my own wishful thinking…but in order to get him one day, I can't get married to the General!' Squaring her shoulders, she decided that she would find a way out of this arrangement. She just couldn't leave Vincent! Who would make sure that he ate!

Lord knows how he just seems to forget that no matter how genetically enhanced he was, or how many nonhuman beings resided in his head. He was still human and so had to eat!

Running a hand through her hair up to the ribbon holding up her hair. Pulling the ribbon from her hair, she shook her head as she felt her long hair fall down her back and fall a little above her feet. Sighing, she went over towards her dresser and pulled out her pajamas. Tomorrow they were going to take their first trip to the Reactor, and she needed to be rested. It was no secret of how many monsters they were sure to encounter going up Mount Nibel, and so she wanted to make sure that she would be ready.

Grabbing her towel, she went into the bathroom across from her room. Turning on the water to start the shower, she went into the cabinet to take out her vanilla scented shampoo while she waited for the water to heat up. Smiling at the steam that was starting to form in the bathroom, she knew that she would be perfectly ready to go to sleep after a nice hot shower.

Massaging his temples, Sephiroth made his way down the hallway to the bathroom. A nice hot shower would do him some good, and would possibly relax him enough that this growing headache would be able to go away faster. He didn't know why, but as soon as his Zack and his future charge came back into the house. From the little that he could collect out of his Second in Command, there was someone he resided in the Shinra Mansion who something important to discuss with him.

'Apparently he has some information on my mother…'

It was not a secret on how much he had always craved information on his mother, but Hojo had always told him the same exact thing. His mother's name was Jenova, and she died during childbirth. And though he had learned that he couldn't trust Hojo as far as he could throw him. The point of the matter was that he had atleast a little information on her. But now there seemed to be a person that was going to tell him about his mother.

That cemented everything in his mind. After he was done going up to the reactor, and taking a quick look around. He was going to have Zack take him to the mansion and meet this man, Vincent Valentine. Ignoring the slight spark of vague recognition of the name, he slipped into the bathroom not noticing the amount of steam that was present in the bathroom as he was lost in his thoughts.

Slinging his towel over the rail of the shower, he sighed as he pulled the curtain back only to have his eyes connect with wide glowing blue eyes.

Zack was in a very good mood!

Today he had been able to bring their hostile yet beautiful guide to open up a little bit. And he had to say that he really liked her smile. Grinning widely, he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen in order to swipe some more cookies that he had spied sitting in the kitchen. It was now late evening, and he was suspecting that everything was going to be calm until they go to the reactor tomorrow.

What he didn't expect was the high-pitched scream, which sounded very much like 'Pervert!' and then Sephiroth coming to fly into the wall in the hallway along with the door. Next Cloud came out of the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around her body, and fury was clear in her glowing blue eyes as she stalked towards the equally shocked General.

Already seeing that this was going to escalate, Zack moved towards Cloud.

Hopefully what he was going to do wouldn't cause her to slap him, from how much force it took to send Sephiroth out of the bathroom through a door and into the wall in the hallway. The 1st Class SOLDIER could tell that she packed a pretty mean punch.

'I don't want any side of my face to cave in because of a slap!'

End of Chapter 4

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