The metal tracking bracelet, that hung on my wrist felt like it weighed 100 kilos. I was still in shock that we ended up in this place, I mean what idiots would agree to letting the last Dragomir princess, out of the wards of the academy. Let alone her only guardian not having any weapons to protect her.

"Welcome to Swords & Cross." A lady who introduced herself as Randy said. "You all know why you are here, and all you need to remember to keep your stay here as good as possible, is the Meds, Beds and Reds-"

"Look lady." I said cutting her off. "I don't even know how the hell we got put in this shit whole. Just call our school St Vladimir's and ask for Stan or any of the other teachers, and we can safely go home, before there are only 11 royal families left." Lissa flinched.

"Rose? Is that your name?" She checked her note book. "Yes Rose Hathaway. I will remind you why you and your friends are here. Let's start with you, as you seem to be the ring leader in all of this. You killed someone. Christian Ozera here lit an old woman on fire while you tried to kill her with some sort of metal device.

"My stake, which-I-need to-protect-them. Because they will die not being at the academy." I practically screamed.

"Yes your 'stake' what are you some sort of vampire hunter?" she laughed.

I was getting angry, I was about the kick this woman in the face, Rose, calm down, it's going to be okay, Lissa sent calming emotions threw the bound. Adrian and Christian kept giving me warning looks. "Why isn't anyone doing anything to get us out." I screamed

"Be quiet, while I continue to answer your question, of why you are at Swords & Cross reform school. Adrian and Vasilisa held down the victim while you killed him and nearly killed his friend. Now let my finish, the Reds are security cameras so we can track every move you make, your beds are in the dorm Rose and Lissa, you will be sharing room 118 and Adrian and Christian you will be sharing room 120. We are running low on rooms so you are stuck with each other 24/7, none of you are on meds at the moment so you don't need to worry about them. Here is your class schedule." She said handing them to us. "Before all of you can leave you need to dump your hazards." She pointed at the large bin with a sign above it.

Poor Adrian had to dump his alcohol, Lissa has to dump her phone and I had to dump my gun and stake. We were so screwed…

As soon as we left the room Lissa started balling her eyes out. "Why are we here? Why hasn't the guardians helped us. I need to get out of here." I could feel the dark feeling circling in Lissa's mind and I hoped and prayed we could escape here before anything bad happens.

"Does anybody have a phone? I am going to call my aunt to get us out of here. I don't even go to fucking school anymore." Seeing all my friend's worried faces, I started to cry.

Quickly wiping away my tears I started to reassure them. "Don't worry, when we call the school it will be fine, and if the school does nothing I will call my father, then Adrian's aunt and then my mother, one of them will get us out, or I will. Shit this is such bad timing, with Dimitri coming and everything-" Ah shit, I hadn't had time to tell Christian and Adrian about that before we got taken here.

"What do you mean Dimitri is coming? I thought you killed him." Christian was looking at me like I was crazy. He was looking at Lissa for answers but she couldn't make eye contact.

"Rose, what happened, why is Dimitri coming?" Adrian asked whilst gripping my upper arms. "Rose, tell us."

I took a deep breath and while taking the note out of the pocket where it's been ever since it got sent to me a mouth ago. "The night I got back from the Russia when we were just finished eating dinner, I got this package. It was from Dimitri, it had the stake I had used to kill him in it, and this note." I handed them the note, and heard them gasp.

"You didn't kill Dimitri, and his coming back to kill you… soon." Adrian's breath was coming in small quick. "Why didn't you tell us? This is important Rose, his going to come here and kill us all-"

Adrian stopped talking when he heard somebody catch there breathe, turning around we saw a girl with short black hair, and big brown eyes. The look on her face, confirmed she just heard we he was saying. "S-sorry," she stammered. "I was just coming to say hello, I know this place was very intimidating when I first got here I thought you might need some guidance." She looked like she was about to cry, I didn't know if it was because she thought somebody was coming to kill her, or she was scared of us. "I'll just be going."

"Hi." Lissa said, she was such a nice person she hated seeing anyone upset, even if they just ease dropped on our conversation. "My name is Lissa, and this is Rose, Adrian and Christian." She held out her hand and the girl hesitantly took it, when Lissa touch her hand, I could feel beautiful emotions threw the bond, she was sending her spirit.

She jumped and instantly looked calmer and content. "My name is Luse, I moved here a few weeks ago. What school did you guys come from?"

"Luce." A girl called, walking up behind her. "I've been looking everywhere for you-"She stoped talking once she saw us. "What'd we here, newbie's. Hey I'm Arriane."