Note: Chapter 1 is the most confusing of the entire story. The story has already been written in its entirety so there will be no worries of yet another half finished fanfic. Enjoy and please review.

Chapter 1: Through The Stars

The instance of death is simple. Your body reaches its peak then stops. Doesn't matter if the cause is old age, disease or accident; the instance is still the same.

The process is different.

I died in a hospital bed. The instant was quick. My body reached its peak ability to heal and systematically shut down. I was gone far before anyone suspected; my wife was asleep in a chair beside me.

My soul stumbled with the grace of a newborn lamb through the mortal realm, unknowingly producing havoc in its need to reach another soul. There were those murmurings of seeming madness; universal truths with no qualitative meaning to the living. Unable to see my peers I tried to feel them, or rather their souls. The need to feel them drove me near obsession.

I became a soul, my body still processed in the mortal realm but I had become a soul free of a body. Sometimes I would feel a gentle soul grace my presence. It would reach deep within me to calm my turmoil. Sometimes I would feel intolerable spirits. These would feed into my own hatred; the vile jealousy that plagued me in the living flesh.

These confrontations would be too much to bear at times. I could see the darkness, I remembered the darkness of space but this was real darkness. A soul trapped in its flesh fighting to escape to become its own being, almost at the opposition of its owner; sometimes simply to oppose its owner.

The most frightening are the souls that are hell bent on overtaking others. They don't rest, ever. They try to disguise themselves, they're good. Even I don't always recognize them. They approach calmingly with a tough that makes one trust. They stay in this form for minutes, hours, day, until their shell cracks and falls away.

Sometimes, though I'm sure must be other beings in the room with me, I feel no souls.

I could never identify people. This drove me from calm to restless constantly. I wanted to feel my wife. I was concerned she may have been one of the Darkness. I didn't want this to be true. The beautiful young woman I married, she couldn't be Darkness.

I couldn't distinguish between cylon and human either. At the time I drew no conclusions of this. Now I would conclude that there must be one and only God. The God of the cylon and the God of the human are one and the same. The cylons' very existence would not be possible without God. Our awareness of self, human drive; God made us to be the same. The wrapping may have been different but everything else was exactly the same.

For what seemed centuries I rested, I screamed, I reached, I was rejected. From time to time I would receive a message from the Galactica; the most fractured soul I'd felt, very pure, very confused, poorly developed. It let me know where I was. Occasionally it allowed me to catch glimpse of the integrated fractures of souls amongst a torn battlestar; battered Frontline Warriors.

Though they were fractured in psych, they knew who they were. Others were unaware of purpose, names, and labels. The confusion became unbearable. Everyday I became more lost until I was unable to murmur truths. I lay within myself seeking an exit from confusion.

Then as suddenly as I had died, the noise ended. I searched for a nearby soul and found one mirroring my own. It, unlike the others, knew where I should go.

Me, my soul, muttered one last sentence and in one fatal instance the fractured souls of the Frontline followed me through the stars to free ourselves of the confusion.