So after writing "Romantic Advice from a Charizard" (which was pretty darn funny I might say lol), my brain decided that it was going to make a sequel...So remember those shorts that involved just the pokemon? Yeah, its like that here, only they're trying to hook their trainers up...Chaos. Will. Ensue.

* * means pokemon talking, just to clear things up

Ash and Misty are about 16-17 in this fic, also a btw

And the final BTW (boy I got a lot of those) here are Ash's and Misty's pokemon. Ash: Charizard, Pikachu, Staraptor, Buizel, Torterra, and Gible. ( no Infernape though sorry folks just wouldn't have been funny)

Misty's: Gyarados, Azurill, Politoed, Corsola and Psyduck (for sheer comedic enjoyment lolz)

Disclaimer: I do (just kidding, I don't) own pokemon... Because if I did...well, I don't think you guys want to know...

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

Pikachu sighed and wondered if this was ever going to end. Unfortunately, Brock wasn't around, so there was a distinct possibly it might. Heck, he didn't even know what they were arguing about In the first place; he had since learned to drown that part out. He was close to beating himself with Ash's pokedex, or better yet, beat his trainer with the pokedex. Yeah, he might just do the latter.

"Hey guys, like, its dinner time! We got, like, some takeout!"

"Thank Arceus," Pikachu silently praised. Maybe he really should reconsider staying in the pokeball from now on, anything so he wouldn't have to hear their bickering, or 'lover's quarrels' that Brock liked to call them. Of course they vehemently deny those claims.

"Guess we better feed the pokemon now." Ash said, still glaring daggers at Misty. After competing in the Sinnoh League, he had come home to visit his mother and then Misty, leader of the Cerulean gym and traveling companion for so long.

"Really? I didn't notice," Misty replied sarcastically.

After distributing the food into their respective bowls, they left the gym for the dining, leaving Ash's and Misty's pokemon alone.

*I think,* Pikachu began. *That its time to intervene.*

*'Bout what?* Buizel asked through a mouth full of pokechow.

*We need to get Ash and Misty together. *

*Brock's been doing that for years,* Charizard brought up, snorting a smoke ring.

*And notice his track record too,* Torterra brought up, agreeing with the dragon's assessment.

*Exactly. And If Brock can't get them to mate, then I don't think that we can either.* Charizard nodded, seeing his argument won. *Ow!*

*There are children here!* Staraptor scolded after smacking Charizard with her wing, pointing to Azurill, who was gobbling up its food.

*What it's just a baby, it can't tell what we're saying-ow! Geez!*

*Um excuse me guys!* Pikachu waved its paws frantically to get them back on track. *My point is, we all know that they like each other, but they're too stubborn to admit it, so we're going to do it for them.*

*Oh goodie, oh goodie! How are we going to do that? Are we going to act like spies? Lock them in a room? Or are we-* Gible kept chattering.

*I'm going to put you in a room if you don't shut up.* Politoed threatened the loud mouth pokemon.

Pikachu shook his head. "Am I the only sane one around here?"

*So, * Charizard looked lazily over to the small mouse. *How are we going to do that?*

*Well, from my travels, I learned that human girls like getting flowers from their prospective mates.*

*Flowers make me sneeze,* Corsola complained.

Pikachu ignored her. *So what I was thinking was that we-*

*We get Misty the flowers and make so they're from Ash right?* Gyarados popped out of the water, looking down at the group head tilted to one side.

*Holy Articuno, its a Gyarados!* Buizel squealed. *We're all going to die! *

Charizard cuffed him *Oh for Mew's sake it's not going to eat you! It's a trainer's pokemon, not a wild one!*

* Still... * Buizel kept glancing at the serpentine dragon, half-expecting to eat the small sea weasel at any minute.

*Ahem, AS I was saying, Ash would be much too dense to send her flowers * That elicited a couple of giggles from Ash's pokemon. * We'll make it so that it'll be from a secret admirer. *

*Real genius Pikachu, but what will that get us?* Charizard asked, deflating all of their plans.

* Well Misty think they're from Ash, and then Ash will get jealous because he'll think they're from someone else. * Staraptor saw the logic in that.

* Exactly. * Pikachu looked rather smug.

* You're just tired of them arguing aren't you?* Torterra asked the small rodent.

You have nooo idea. *

*One problem though.* They all looked at Politoed. *Just how are we going to get the flowers? We don't exactly have thumbs nor can we speak human to get the flowers.*

*I don't have thumbs,* Gyarados noted.

* Correction: You don't have fingers period.* Charizard corrected.

*Will everybody just SHUT UP! * Pikachu yelled, sparks flying off his cheeks.

They all fell quiet. *I did make a legitimate point you know,* Politoed pouted.

* Actually yes, that was a good point, * Pikachu thought. An idea came to him. *While we can't speak human, I know someone who does....*

* Ooh! Who is it? Who is it?- * Gible started off again.

* And for the love of Ho-oh, will somebody get him to shut up?!*

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