Chapter 5

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This chapter is why this story is rated 'T'. XD

Ash shuffled down the stairs, yawning mightily as he did so. His hair was up in random places (even more so than usual) and there were bags under his eyes. He had gotten hardly any sleep that night; he blamed that stupid letter that Misty given him. For some reason, every time he thought of that letter, Butterfrees flew around like crazy in his stomach. Maybe he caught a stomach bug. "Morning Misty." He yawned again,

"Morning Ash." Misty looked awfully cheerful for this ungodly hour (and in his book, that meant anything before 11 a.m). "Did you get any sleep?" She asked him; she had noticed the bags under his eyes.

"Not really."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Something the matter?"

He paused, frantically thinking up of an excuse. What could he tell her? That he spent the whole night staring at the ceiling and thinking of her and the letter she gave him? During the night and after some rather deep (well for Ash anyway) pondering, he finally figured what she meant in her letter. Ho-Oh he hated hormones. They do some crazy things to people (especially after hanging out with Brock with so long). "I'm fine. Must have been the caffeine from the soda I had." There, that seemed like a plausible excuse.

"Well considering that you had like four sodas, I don't exactly blame you."

"It wasn't that many!"

"Wanna bet? The trashcan right over there."

Ash looked at the can, deciding that it was best to not argue with Misty, especially today. "So um," he ran his fingers through his unruly hair. "What are your plans for today? Brilliant Ash! Now she's definitely on to you now!"

"Daisy wants me to do some shopping with her. Why do you ask?"

"Um, just curious, I guess. I'm probably gonna do some more training."

Misty raised an eyebrow quizzically. "Ash has been acting really strange so far today. I wonder if it's because of the letter he sent me."

Misty got up from the table. "Well I better get going before Daisy has a conniption fit about missing a sale. See ya." She left the table. Ash gawked at her backside like an idiot.

When she left, Ash smacked himself in the forehead. "I'm such an idiot!" He scolded himself.

*You got that right.* Pikachu trotted down the stairs, seeking the cabinet so he could have his breakfast of ketchup and whatever he could glop the tomato flavored sauce on.

"Ready for some more training today?" Ash asked the small, very tired mouse.

*Not,...really,* Pikachu stretched. *Why don't you go bug Charizard? I'm sure he would love to train with you today.*

Ash, like usual, took that answer as a 'yes'. He scratched Pikachu on the head. "Well little buddy, we better get some breakfast before we start then huh?"

Pikachu cursed under his breath. For a pokemon, he knew a lot of human curse words, which he used quite often, some of them would even make a sailor blush. " I must have pissed off Arceus in some past life to deserve this sort of torture." While he loved Ash dearly, some days, he would just love to electrocute the extraordinarily dense trainer to no end. He was in no mood to train.


*Its official, karma hates me.* Charizard moaned as he rubbed the end of his tail. He had taken a nasty smack from Gyarados's aqua tail attack during one of Ash and Misty's 'sparring sessions' as Ash would like to call them.

*Don't be such a big baby,* Gyarados rolled his eyes.

*Still hurt,* Charizard grumbled.

Buizel was practically jumping up and down. *So who's ready for tonight?*

Pikachu did a facepalm. *Crap! I totally forgot about that!*

*Well how are we supposed to get out to see it anyways?* Staraptor asked. *I mean, what if they make it back before we do and we get caught?*

*We could find a way to set up a diversion,* Torterra suggested. Unfortunately, since he couldn't fit through the doors, he wasn't able to see the whole thing go down, if it went down.

Charizard flashed a toothy, semi-malicious grin. *And I know exactly what to do again.* He glanced furtively at Gyarados, who was still miffed about the whole pokeimmunization incident.

*Yeah, if you want to pay for the damages again.* Corsola said.

*They still don't know it was me.* Charizard looked smug. It was a rather funny incident; who knew that Misty's Gyarados was so terrified of needles?

*Oh can it.* Politoed warned. *So what time will we leave?*

*After Ash and Misty leave. *

*Easy enough.* Buizel then scratched his head. *When are they leaving again?*

"Yep, must've REALLY pissed off Arceus," Pikachu thought. "And he decides to punish me by making me friends with a perverted dragon, a loudmouth shark thingy, a ADHD otter pokemon and an overly protective bird. Least Torterra has some semblance of good sense." But he still loved the idiots anyways. *At 10:00 pm.*

So the pokemon waited and waited. Buizel wanted to play 'I Spy', but Gyarados kept guessing everything correctly, which then convinced Buizel that Gyarados could read his mind, which promptly scared the crap out of Buizel. Then the group waited some more.

*The cost is all clear!* Politoed shouted from his sentinel post at the doorway. *They both left!*

*Time for Operation: 'Matchmaker' to begin its final stage!* Pikachu said with excitement.

*Wait, this whole thing had a codename?* Charizard asked, frowning in mild confusion. *I didn't know that.*

*Oh, shut it you.*


*I can't feel my butt,* Gible complained. The poketroop were stationed in a copse, hiding behind a large clump of bushes nearby Ash and Misty's meeting spot. They got there much earlier than the potential lovebirds due to the fact that two of their members could fly.

*I didn't need to hear that.* Corola pulled a slightly disgusted face. *Anyways, what are we going to do about Charizard's tail? He's gonna give us away.*

*Quick! Shove it in a bush!* Gible suggested, his numb rump completely forgotten.

*Oh that's just briliant. Let's just shove it in a bush and hope he doesn't burn the place down.* Staraptor's patience was wearing rapidly thin at this point.

*Oops, my bad.*

Staraptor harrumphed. *Got that right.* She turned to Charizard. *Could you maybe turn I down a notch.*

*Yeah, no prob.* The are got dimmer as Charizard down the flame on his tail. Their little hiding place was much darker now.

*Have I mentioned I was afraid of the dark?* Corsola piped up.


Ash arrived shortly after Misty did, who was sitting on a grassy hill overlooking the cliffside (cheesy yet romantic, just the way I like it ), not too far from where their pokemon were hiding. The night sky was blanketed with stars, the silvery river of the Milky Way above them.

"Um, hey Mist," Ash coughed, causing Misty to perk up.

"Hey, I was wondering when you would get here." She didn't sound too particularly angry, which in Ash's book was a good sign. The night sky shone in her aquamarine eyes, making Ash very, very nervous.

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that. I didn't want Charizard to get too tired; he had a long day you know."

*That's the first good news I've heard all day,* Charizard muttered.

*Sssshhhh!* The group hissed at him.

" Well Gyarados did knock the stuffing out of him," Misty joked. "You shouldn't have used him against a water type."

"I wouldn't need to if Pikachu didn't have such an aversion towards battling you." Ash flashed a grin.

"Pikachu likes me what do you expect?"

*Actually,he won't battle her because she gives him tummy rubs.* Politoed remarked sardonically.

*Hey! That was our little secret!*


An awkward silence fell between the two teens as Ash sat down next to her in the grass. He leaned back, tucking his hand behind his head as he peered into the night sky. "So," he began. "What do you want to talk about? I really should have called Brock asking him on some advice on this." He regretted.

"What do you want to talk about?" Miaty can practically see her hopes going down the proverbial drain; it was quite obvious that Ash didn't like her that way.

Ash shrugged "I dunno." He continued to stare into the night sky, lost in thought. "The stars are real pretty."

"Yeah." Misty propped herself up and looked over at Ash. "You usually can't see them from the city so I sometimes like to come out here and look up at them."

"If you think these ones are nice, you should come out to Pallet. There's barely any lights out there so you can see twice as many as you would here." Ash turned a little red. "I remember when I was little, my mom would take me outside and tell me stories about all the different constellations. It would help me fall asleep."

"That's really sweet of your mom."

"Yeah." Ash took a deep breath. It was now or never. "So, did you find out who sent you the flowers?" He asked, his heart going a million miles an hour. He prayed she wouldn't see how embarrassed he was.

Misty shook her head. "Not yet." Yep, her hopes were now the proverbial drain. " So, it wasn't you? Oh, congrats Misty, you pretty much told him that you like him!"

"No it wasn't. But I wish it was." He clamped a hand over his mouth, as if the hand there would prevent anymore word from flying out of his mouth, but it was too late; they had already been said.

*YES!* Pikachu made a 'V' for victory sign.

*Hold on buster, they haven't done it yet.* Staraptor gave him a queer look. *Isn't that Ash's sign?*

*Like trainer, like pokemon,* Politoed said.

Another uncomfortable silence fell. "Really?" Misty would have never ever expected Ash to say anything like that. She inched closer to him, until she could feel his body heat near her; he looked nervous

"Yeah. Took me a while to realize it, but I was actually jealous." He laughed nervously. "Guess I should still be a little jealous, huh?"

Misty leaned closer to him. "If it makes you feel any better, we could always say that they were from you in the first place."

"That could work."Ash jolted upright all of the sudden, their noses crashing into each other.


"Sorry." They realized they were mere centimeters apart. "Um, hey Mist?"

"Yeah?" Her voice was trembling.

"I think I really like you." Their fingertips brushed.

"What gave you that deduction genius?" She teased him.

*Just freakin' do it already!* Pikachu was ranting.

*Sssshhhh! We can't hear!*

*Don't make me volt tackle you.*

Ash grinned. "This." He kissed her.

*Now we can celebrate!* Pikachu began to dance with Buizel. Charizard pulled out something black, shiny and rectangular.

*This is gonna be good,* he cackled.

*You brought a freaking VIDEO CAMERA!?* Staraptor screeched. *You PERVERT!Why on Earth would you bring that!?*


*Yeah what are you, some porn director wanna be?* Pikachu noticed the camera as well.

*What's por-mmph!* Politoed clamped a hand over Corsola's mouth.

*Give me that!* Staraptor tried to grab the camera to destroy the evidence, but during the scuffle, the camera fell and broke.


*Now look what you did you big dope!*

*I'm the big dope? You shouldn't have tried to grab it in the first place!*

At the sudden clamor, Ash and Misty's heads popped up from behind the hill. Ash's hat was a little askew while some strands of Misty's hair was in her face.

"What was that?" Misty looked a little delirious, but ecstatic.

"I'm not really sure Mist. Sounds like a bunch of pokemon. Maybe I'll go check it out."

*CRAP! They hear us! Move, move move!* Pikachu, Buizel and Gible clambered up on Charizard's back, while Corsola and Politoed jumped on Staraptor's.

*Ow! My eye!* Charizard growled.


The two flying pokemon flew off in a flurry.

"Huh," Ash rubbed his head. "Well whatever it was it's gone now."

"Good. It could have been a icky bug." Misty shuddered at the thought.

"Ah, is Misty still afraid of a little bug pokemon?" Ash teased her gently.

"Just come back over here mister."


*So what do we do about the video camera that Charizard broke?* Politoed looked ticked due to the fact that it was his trainer's family video camera. The pokemon were back at the gym, looking harried.

*I didn't break it. It fell.* Charizard crossed his arms.

*Well, it was kind of old,* Colsola offered. *Maybe they'll just forget about it and buy a new one.*

*I hope so for Charizard's sake. Staraptor looks like she's gonna kill him.*


(Seven years later)

Charizard and Pikachu were sitting in the front lawn of a the Creulean Gym, the two looking rather bored out of their skulls. The two of them were wearing bow ties. Pikachu looked rather dapper in his. Charizard however, looked like a dork. (Seriously, a bow tie on a dragon?... Sorry for the commentary)

"Oh my gosh! Where's like, the camera?! We, like, can't film the wedding if we don't have the camera!" Daisy was panicking, her shoes in one hand, her other hand holding up her bridesmaid dress.

Charizard and Pikachu exchanged significant glances.

*Oh sh-ow! Will you stop that Pikachu?!*

Ah, the irony... I'm quite sure you guys know who's getting married too. Viola! My very first completed fanfic! (Does happy dance) I would like to thank all of my readers and reviewers! You guys are amazing! I never thought that this story would be so popular! AAML fics are so much fun! Go AAML!

PS: And we will never figure out the real reason why Charizard had that video camera in the first place, nor how he got it there (Maybe he kept in in Gible's mouth, he does have a big mouth you know)