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Chapter 23 - Epilogue

It had been about nine months since Roy had been in the hospital.

"Roy! Get your ass in here, you've got a mound of paperwork." Riza yelled at him as he walked away to go to lunch. Everyone else had cleared away minutes before, completely done with that shifts' work.

"Have I ever told you I preferred it when you called me Colonel?" He muttered, turning back. His eyes, renewed by the philosopher's stone, had a slight shine in them when he looked up at her, hand on her hip.

"I can't call you Colonel, dumbass, you're a General." She retorted, taking half his work and moving toward her desk.

"You're such a handful." He pecked her on the cheek and plopped into his chair, signing quickly. Riza skimmed the letters; he just signed them and let her check them. It was nice having someone who took care of your mistakes. Every once in a while he'd get a little sorry for her and actually read them before he signed, but usually he left the reading to Riza.

"Stop doing that at work. What if someone saw?"

"Who cares." He muttered. Grumman wouldn't bother about it anyway; He'd manage to overlook it. The Fuhrer had those abilities. And he'd always said he wanted his granddaughter to marry him. Roy still couldn't whether Riza's mother or father was the one related to Grumman, but he figured it was maybe an adoptive thing, like Grumman had taken her in after her dad passed. Riza never spoke about it.

She'd recently gone to her father's grave for the first time, and had dragged him along. Good thing, too. She nearly passed out after she cried on his grave for fifteen minutes.

"I care. You really want them taking bets on us?" Riza said, smiling.

"Sure. That way I can plan who wins." Roy smirked, thinking of the look on Havoc's face when he lost time after time. It really was fun to disappoint his friend, though he still liked to hang out with the whiny man at the bar. When Riza couldn't come, anyway.

"How do you think Maes is doing?"Riza asked. Roy's stomach seized up, then realizing she meant Elicia's cat.

After weeks of prodding, Al had finally gotten Ed to get a cat for him. However, Al had decided that Den and Xiao-May didn't like cats, and his kitten needed to go. Elicia and Gracia had taken the kitten happily, and Elicia had named the kitten after her daddy.

"I think he's full of milk and getting fat. Speaking of, tomorrow's memorial day. Do you want to stop by Hughes's grave with me?"

"Only if you come with me to his." There was ice in her voice, but Roy knew she loved her sick and twisted dad in some way.

Roy nodded silently, finishing the paperwork. Riza had signed hers off a moment or so before. Quite a few were obituaries from the Briggs war Roy was having to help with. Olivier was having problems with defenses; Even the Ice Queen wasn't God. Roy feared that his subordinates might be sent there soon. Even so, he planned to come along.

"I brought my lunch." Riza mumbled, pulling out a small paper bag from her desk drawer. "Figured we'd have extra, not less."

"At least it means fewer deaths." Roy said, trying to lighten her tone.

"I guess." Riza pulled out a plain sandwich, and Roy sighed.

"You know, Riza, I could buy you lunch... Turkey every day has to get boring."

"Oh, and where do you plan on taking me?"

"...How about we skip lunch today, and have dinner tonight. Ashley's gone today, and I was thinking grilled cheese..."

Riza looked up, putting the sandwich away and getting up from her chair.

"You sure you're not gonna catch the bread on fire again?"She walked closer. 'And this time, no crazy dad at the window.'

"I've gotten better at cooking, I swear. But this time I'll have a bucket of water ready by the stove." He pulled her in to his chest, causing Riza to grin, close-mouthed. Normally she didn't condone this at work, but... Hey, it was just once.

"Sounds good." She linked her arms around his neck, pressed her lips to his, and just forgot about work for a while.

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