A/N: I've been suffering writers block, and Ela (never-ending nights with you) gave me a prompt which inspired me. So this for Ela because she is the awesomesauce. :D

"I've always hated thunderstorms."

She looked so small out in the rain, biting her lip and shivering from the cold. She didn't even have to turn around to know it was him, somehow just knowing. That's how well she knew him.

"I know," Lysander said slowly, unclasping the front of his robe and taking it off. He wrapped it around her shaking form. "So that's why I'm wondering why on earth you're standing out here in the pouring rain. You're soaked."

It took a full minute before Lily decided to reply. "It's because of her. My bloody cousin. Merlin, I hate her."

"Which cousin are we talking about here?"

"The perfect, loved one. Vic-fucking-toire."

"Oh. Right."

Lily gave a frustrated huff. "She's so bloody—"

"—this doesn't have to do with Teddy, does it?"

"She doesn't deserve him," Lily muttered.

Lysander frowned. "Why not?"

It was such a simple question, and it had Lily stuck.

"Come on," Lysander pushed. "Why doesn't she deserve him, Lily?"

"She doesn't know anything about him!" Lily said, shaking her head furiously. She then took a deep breath, closing her eyes and repeating softly, "She doesn't know anything about him, and I know everything."

There was a pause before Lysander said gently, "He's eleven years older than you, and he loves Victoire. You have to deal with that, you know?"

"They're getting married. Teddy just sent me a letter."

"Who proposed?"

"Does it matter who proposed? They're getting married, and they want me to be the bridesmaid!"


"And I don't want to be the stupid bridesmaid. I don't want to wear a dress, and smile, and pretend that I'm happy for them when really I'm breaking inside. Do you hear me, Lysander? I don't want to pretend."

"Well, say you don't want to be the bridesmaid then," Lysander suggested.

"It's not that simple," Lily said with a dry laugh. "They'll wonder why I refused."

"Then tell Teddy. Write a letter. I don't know. Merlin, you've been mooning over him since you were eleven. Don't you think it's time to tell him?"

"Right after he got engaged? Oh, yeah, great time to tell him."

"It's better now than never."

"Well, it's not that simple!"

"Why not?"

"Because it would completely crush our friendship," Lily said logically. "And because all he sees me as is as a girl whose practically his little sister."

"Then stop fucking obsessing," Lysander snapped.

This stopped Lily dead in her tracks. Lysander never swore. "I beg your pardon?"

"Stop obsessing," Lysander said firmly, though he lowered his voice. "If you won't even give telling him a chance, then make yourself get over him because I don't want to hear about him any more."

"It's not that—"

"—easy, simple. I know. Use all the adjectives you like, but I've made a rule that you are not excusing yourself out of this one. You know that you have to stop fancying him sooner or later, Lily. After all, there's plenty more fish in the sea!"

Lily scoffed. "Show me one fish that's even close to being decent!"

"All you have to do is just look at whose standing in front of you."

"Lysander, are you saying that you—"

"—Yeah, I'm saying that I'm a decent fish. And now that I think about it, it's a stupid analogy, but I'm saying that I'm a pretty awesome fish and I'm standing right in front of you, gasping for breath because someone caught me and is contemplating throwing me right back into the ocean where I came from."

"Lysander...I agree that you're a decent fish. In fact, you're a rainbow fish and they're the real rare ones. But the fact is that I don't deserve you —this rainbow fish— and I know it. I want to throw you back into the ocean so other people get catch you."

"I don't want anyone else to catch me."

"It's not that—"

"Yes, it is."

And so, Lysander kissed her and it was that simple.