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Hiccup's first conscious thought was that he wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. He squinted against the light that was streaming into the windows of his room and simply lay there, soaking in everything. The most potent, of course, was the steady throbbing of his leg. He moved it and a twinge ran up his calf. He frowned as he stared at the ceiling.

It had been a little over a month since he had awoken after the battle with the Green Death. Even though the Healer said that the injury was healing pretty well, and Gobber himself said he was healing faster than he had expected, it was little consolation. Every day it was odd to wake up and look down at a complex metal foot rather than a normal flesh one. But he was getting used to it. At least it wasn't a peg leg. A familiar rush of gratitude ran through him at the thought. Gobber had insisted that his foot be made specifically to fit Toothless' saddle, and it worked wonderfully. Gobber had told him that it wasn't hard. He had looked at his designs for Toothless' saddle and replicated the similar contraption so it would fit with the stirrup. He remade the stirrup slightly as well, but the saddle had gone unchanged because of it. And Hiccup would always be grateful.

To be honest, that was what had worried him most when he had awoken to the strange sight. Would he be able to fly with Toothless again? But he needn't be worried.

Speaking of the Night Fury…

He sat up slowly, looking around the room for the familiar black form. When all he saw was the wood that made up the floor of his room, he ran a hand through his chestnut bangs and slid out of bed. He looked over at the stool next to his bed where the familiar prosthetic sat, shining in the sun. He set his one foot on the floor and looked at the odd stump, then looked back at the prosthetic. It was a weird sight, but not necessarily a bad one.

He grabbed the thing and put it on quickly, putting some cloth underneath the still slightly tender stump for padding. After less than a minute he was standing and rubbing his eyes. He leaned to the left and put more weight on his foot, delighting in the only minor pain that he felt. He was just about healed.

He went down the steps rather quickly and looked around in the main room, not really expecting to see his father but checking anyway. The room was darker than his own room, seeing as his room had more windows. The deep brown wood gave the room an old feel, though the actual room had been rebuilt only three months ago. Remember: old village, new buildings.

He opened the door slowly, not wanting to catch too much attention. It was the strangest thing – it was only a few months ago when he had wanted nothing more than to get some positive attention for a change. Now half the time he snuck around, avoiding all of the attention he was getting now. It wasn't that he disliked it or anything, but sometimes he liked being alone. Or with Toothless. Those two were interchangeable, seeing as he was rarely ever alone.

And not all of the attention was from Berk's human residents. For some reason Hiccup could not fathom, Terrors loved him. The minute they spotted him, he had three dogging his footsteps and another two flying around his head, chirruping and squawking like boisterous parrots. Toothless, needless to say, did not like how much attention Hiccup was getting from other dragons; the Night Fury made it clear that, according to him, Hiccup was his property.

He looked around, then quickly loped around to the backside of his and his father's house before walking over to the shoreline. He hadn't gotten more than ten feet before he heard his name being called. He turned, smiling politely as Snotlout ran towards him. He saw Snotlout's Nightmare off a ways, watching the two of them with one golden eye.

"Hey! I was wondering if you and Toothy wanted to help us practice flying?" he said, looking back at his Nightmare.

Hiccup wondered what Toothless would do if he ever heard Snotlout call him 'Toothy'.

"Maybe later? I was hoping to find Astrid, actually. Do you know where she is?"

Snotlout rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah, lovebirds. She's over on the western bank practicing loops. Her Nadder keeps throwing her off. It's pretty funny, actually," he said with a chuckle. He turned around again, eyeing his dragon with a smile. Hiccup couldn't help but grin. Snotlout had always been a jerk before. But now…

Said boy turned back to hiccup. "Well, we're off. Gonna try fishing. See ya later!" he said, then with a wave, ran back to where his red and black dragon was sitting amiably. Hiccup watched him go with a small smile before he turned to the western bank, where he could see a blue sheen flying above the water. It wouldn't take more than ten minutes or so to walk over there.

He couldn't help but wonder where Toothless was. His dragon was rarely ever far away from him; in fact, the Night Fury was almost never out of eyesight. Hiccup didn't mind so much, however. He probably wanted to stretch his legs, seeing as he couldn't fly without Hiccup.

In a short time he was walking up the western bank, avoiding the small pebbles on the rocky shoreline. The western side did not have a beach, but it was rather a steep rocky cliff facing the ocean. He walked slowly up a small hill and saw the familiar black back of his best friend. Toothless immediately turned his head, surely smelling his rider, and turned and bounded towards him, tail low and swaying from side to side. Hiccup grinned and scratched behind his ear as his dragon reached him, delighting in Toothless' blissful expression.

He heard a shout of frustration, however, followed by a splash. He looked up with a jolt of nervousness, but Toothless merely snorted and rolled his eyes. Hiccup gave the black dragon a curious look, but Toothless responded by looking over at the rocky bank. A flash of blue and brown greeted his eyes as a bright blue dragon, a Deadly Nadder, flew over the bank and landed gracefully, a very displeased looking Astrid atop its back. The blonde Viking was muttering something angrily and the moment her dragon's feet touched the ground she slid from its back, avoiding those dangerous spikes framing its head. She was dripping wet, and her furred boots were making a squelching sound as she stomped away from the blue dragon.

Toothless gave a guttural sound that Hiccup could only interpret as a chuckle. Astrid turned her bright eyes over to Toothless with a glare. Then she looked up at Hiccup.

"He's been laughing at me all morning!" She said angrily, stomping her foot in a display that was very un-Astrid like. She turned with a scowl and looked at her Nadder, which was busy licking the scales in between its claws. She rubbed her wet bangs out of her face quickly.

Ever since Hiccup had awoken, he and Astrid had been dancing around the kiss that she had given him. They didn't know if they were together or not, and neither of them brought it up. They were often together, but it was an unspoken companionship. He knew he was afraid of commitment, as Vikings usually marry their first girlfriend, and he suspected Astrid felt the same way.

"Good morning to you too," Hiccup said with a laugh. Astrid's annoyed gaze shot to him.

"It's hardly morning. It can't be earlier than ten or so."

"Well sorry that I don't 'rise with the dawn' like you do," he replied. Astrid frowned but he could see amusement in her eyes. She glanced over at Toothless, who was staring lazily at the clouds, and scoffed.

"He's been sitting here, watching me fly," Astrid said. "I was surprised when he followed me."

"I was surprised when I woke up and he wasn't in my room," Hiccup said with a nod. Toothless rubbed his nose on Hiccup's elbow and nudged it upward, as if reminding him that he still loved him. "Yeah yeah, I know buddy," Hiccup said with a laugh and patted his nose. Hiccup turned his gaze back to Astrid.

"What had you and your Nadder been trying to do?" he asked, though he knew the answer.

"Loops," she said shortly. She inhaled, then exhaled. They stood there in silence for a few moments, Astrid staring at her dragon and Hiccup staring at the grass, before Hiccup opened his mouth.

"Would you like me to show you?" he said, watching his words. He knew she wouldn't accept help from anyone but him, and even then it was only with something to do with dragons. And even then, her stubbornness compelled her to immediately refuse. She was a Viking, after all. She seemed to mull over the words before nodding once.

"I'd like that," she said, tone a bit softer. Hiccup smiled, glad she wasn't mad.

"We'll have to head back over to the storage shed," Hiccup said. "We don't have our riding gear."

"I'll go, it'll be much faster," she said with a nod. Hiccup nodded, feeling slightly put out. Astrid seemed to have seen his expression falter, for she looked away quickly, expression guilty. She patted her Nadder's neck and they lifted into the air quickly.

Hiccup knew it hadn't been a dig at his lost foot or at Toothless' missing fin, but it was the truth. Without a saddle he and Toothless couldn't fly. It was hard to be reminded of the fact. Toothless seemed equally displeased at the comment, because he snorted and sat back on his haunches with a scowl. Hiccup patted his head and traced his forehead spikes, his touch light. "She didn't mean it like that, buddy," he said. Hiccup sat in the grass and Toothless laid down next to him and sat his head in Hiccup's lap heavily. Hiccup scratched at his scaly muzzle, earning a deep rumbling purr out of his draconic friend. Toothless' eyes were half-lidded as he continued to purr contentedly, and Hiccup smiled down at him. They both sat in a comfortable silence that was only perforated by the dragon's purrs for the few minutes it took for Astrid to return with Hiccup's and Toothless' riding gear. Both stood as the blue dragon landed lightly, Toothless' saddle propped in between two spikes behind Astrid and Hiccup's own riding vest held before her.

Her Nadder crouched elegantly and Astrid slid off of its back before turning to Toothless and Hiccup. She handed the gear to Hiccup without a word, but he leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cheek. She jumped and looked over at him, eyes wide, but he smiled genially at her, letting her know she hadn't hurt his feelings. She gave him a relieved look, getting the message. Hiccup shifted his attention to Toothless and put on his saddle with ease, trying his hardest not to grin like an idiot. He put on his own vest, clipped the leather strap on the saddle to his vest, then jumped into the saddle, metal foot clicking into place in the handmade stirrup with ease. Toothless shifted beneath him, clearly glad to have his rider back. He looked over at Astrid, who was climbing up her Nadder's side and into her own saddle. Toothless walked over to the Nadder's side and waited. Once Astrid was settled in her saddle, she leaned forward and patted her Nadder's neck.

"Alright Bluebell, let's show them what we can do," Astrid said to the Nadder beneath her. Hiccup choked back a laugh.

"Bluebell?" he asked, swallowing his incredulity. He expected her to shoot him a glare, but he was shocked to see a small blush arise on her cheeks. She avoided his gaze as she spoke.

"Well, she's blue, and pretty, and Bluebells are my favorite flower," she said, tone hard as though the topic was trivial, though the blush said otherwise. Hiccup's eyebrows rose. He hadn't known Astrid had a favorite flower. It seemed so…feminine. Hiccup smiled.

"Cool," he said. Astrid still refused to look at him, but she smiled lighty.

Toothless, who was clearly done listening to all of the talking, shot his wings out and bounded forward with a snort. He jumped in the air fluidity that belonged to only a Night Fury and did a series of complex turns and flips, clearly ecstatic. Hiccup couldn't resist a laugh of happiness. His head felt light, and his metal foot twitched, guiding Toothless' fin with ease. The wind rushed through his hair and over his face, and he felt happier than he had in days. Winter was fast approaching and the wind had a small bite to it, but it didn't matter. Toothless let out a small stream of fire, warming Hiccup's face as they spun and banked low to the sea. He was finally home.


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