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Hiccup didn't know what to think. He was sick of thinking, sick of all of this. And it had only been about a half an hour since they had seen those ships. It was ridiculous.

As Toothless shifted his gaze from me to the sky, he knew they were there. He knew it wouldn't be long before Astrid would come to find him, and the others were bound to follow her. But while he was looking forward to seeing Astrid – and he couldn't help but admit to himself that her looking for him made him happy for the attention from her – he wasn't sure it he liked the fact that the other four were here. But he looked up at the sky and watched them land, face blank.

Toothless immediately rose to his defense. Hissing and curling around him, the dragon was making it pretty obvious Hiccup didn't want company. Hiccup didn't try to calm him.

Hiccup ran a hand through his shaggy hair and stood, Toothless still serving as a sort of barrier. Even through his depressed fog, Hiccup still felt himself analyzing the five teens and their dragons. Ruff and Tuff were getting better at dismounting, but it looked like it was due to more cooperation from their Zippleback. Snotlout and Fishlegs still needed to work on their dismount, but he could tell the brunette Viking had been practicing more often; he and his Nightmare were already accustomed to one another. He took his eyes off of them and returned them to Astrid as she spoke his name.

"Hey," he said, not quite sure how to start the conversation. He was overcome by the familiar feeling of awkwardness, though he admittedly had been feeling it less and less recently. He didn't want to tell them what his dad had said. He wanted them to hear it from him. But he had to tell them something.

Toothless made his familiar deep rumbling sound that was a cross between a cat's purr and gurgling water. Trust his dragon to be the constant source of comfort. He nudged his nose against Hiccup's elbow and rubbed his side, his nose nuzzling right above his hip. He smiled down at his and scratched his nose in thanks before turning back to the others. Okay.

"I know you want answers, and I know you're wondering why Toothless and I took off," he said, looking to each of them in turn before fixing his gaze on Astrid. "But I can't tell you." Each of them made noises of disagreement and frustration, but were silenced a second later by a growl from Toothless. He was making it clear that arguing right now wasn't going to happen. "I'm sure Astrid told you that my dad is gonna tell everyone later, and she's right. You'll just have to wait."

"Will you at least tell us why you and Toothless stormed off then?" Ruffnut asked, arms crossed over her chest. Her Zippleback head was perched inches above her shoulder, watching Hiccup intently.

"I…wasn't too pleased by the decision my dad came to," he said, careful of the way he spoke. He shifted his weight to his good leg and ran a hand through his hair. "There's gonna be a lot of activity tonight."

Tuffnut opened his mouth to inquire further, but was silenced by Ruffnut's foot being planted firmly on his own. He frowned over at her and she frowned at him in return. Astrid stepped closer and put her hand on Hiccup's shoulder gently. Toothless watched her closely, eyes brightening. He leaned forward, mouth opening slightly, revealing pink gums in his small interpretation of a smile. Astrid grinned and patted his nose, earning a purr from the black dragon. She smiled down at him before turning to Hiccup. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked.

Hiccup winced. That meant they had seen his actions before he and Toothless had taken off. He had hoped that they weren't watching his emotional outburst outside of his house, but he supposed that was hoping for too much. None of the others reacted, but simply watched. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was surprised at how quiet they were being. With Fishlegs it wasn't a huge surprise, but for the twins and Snotlout to be simply listening was indeed a rare occasion.

He brought his attention back to Astrid, a hundred thoughts flying through his mind and a hundred emotions flowing through his chest.

"I'm fine," he replied simply. She gave him a look that she seemed to reserve only for him. That look that clearly said 'I'm not an idiot, and I'll be standing here until you think of a better answer.' He sighed, something he seemed to be doing a lot today, and said, "I'm actually feeling better. I'm not looking forward to tonight, though."

She nodded, understanding.

Hiccup looked around at the others and their dragons, who were perched comfortably behind their respective riders, and smiled. "Thanks guys. For, you know, looking for me."

Snotlout snorted. "It's not like we were just gonna let you fly off like that," he said, as if it were obvious.

"Seriously," Fishlegs added.

Hiccup was once again struck by the sheer oddity of the scene. The group of Vikings that had, in all respects, thought he was completely useless two months ago, were now following him around to make sure he was alright. He never would have thought anything close to this would have happened. He knew the main reason of the groups newfound closeness, for lack of a better term, was due to the dragons and that final battle they had together. They all had to unite under Hiccup's leadership, and, in doing so, had involuntarily become closer.

"Do you want to fly back?" Astrid interrupted his thoughts gently, voice still soft. Hiccup felt a jolt of annoyance but quickly smothered it. He appreciated Astrid's concern, but she was almost babying him at this point. Even if he was upset, he was still a Viking, and he didn't appreciate the excessive gentleness of her inquiry. But he didn't vocalize any of this, and instead stood taller and nodded. He didn't want to talk about himself anymore. Sometimes he liked to be alone with his emotions, and by alone he meant either really alone or with Toothless.

"We need to get back before sundown," he said, green eyes scanning the horizon. The sun was sinking pretty quickly, the temperature was beginning to drop enough to give him gooseflesh occasionally. He looked back at the group once more, then looked at their dragons. "You guys seem to really be getting along with your dragons well," he said, expression lightening.

He felt the entire emotion of the group shift. Every face lit up and they each looked to their own dragon, confirming Hiccup's assumption. Toothless finally shifted and relaxed his posture, sensing the much lighter emotion flowing through the group. He sat next to Hiccup, ears forward as he watched each of the dragons as well.

Snotlout's Nightmare looked at Toothless, however, and the black dragon let out a low growl, teeth slightly bared. Snotlout frowned over at him while Hiccup rubbed his neck. "He's still pretty mad about the cage fight," Hiccup explained. The Nightmare had almost killed Hiccup and probably would have if Toothless hadn't showed up when he did. Snotlout nodded but still looked rather bothered that Toothless was acting so negatively to his dragon. "Besides, Toothless doesn't much like other dragons anyway," Hiccup said with a chuckle. Said dragon snorted in affirmation, giving the Nightmare another dirty look before looking away. The Nightmare lowered his head and let out a small grumble before laying down, head in the grass. Snotlout scratched behind his horn before looking up, expression bright.

"Hey! We all have names for our dragons! Well, except Fishlegs," he said, looking over at him. Fishlegs frowned at the grass. Hiccup smiled as well.

"Lemme hear them!"

"Well, you two go first," Snotlout said to the twins. Ruffnut and Tuffnut both stared at him for a second, both of them with and identical mixture of bemused and annoyed expressions, before turning to Hiccup.

"Mine's name is Zipper, cause he's awesome," Tuffnut said with a smug grin. Ruffnut rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, and the moron named my boy as well," she said. "His name is Sparky."

"But isn't-" Hiccup started, but was interrupted.

"Yeah, he's the gas-breathing one. I know. But he liked the name, and Tuffnut's an idiot," she said with a sneer towards her brother. Tuffnut sneered back in an imitation of her before looking away with a scowl.

Astrid was scratching Bluebell's nose when they all looked at her. "What?" she asked, looking bothered.

"Did you name yours?" Fishlegs asked. Astrid nodded.

"Bluebell." She murmured before turning back to her Nadder, body language firmly expressing her desire to not talk about her reasons. The twins both had cocked eyebrows, but they didn't comment. Snotlout opened his mouth, clearly about to compliment on how a gorgeous name that was and how so Astrid it was, but Tuffnut waved his hand in front of his face.

"Yeah yeah, we know. Tell us the name of your Nightmare already."

"His name is…are you ready? Frenzyflame!" He said, arms held out as if displaying his Nightmare for the first time. Said dragon let out a small sneeze and licked its nose, looking over at his rider with half-lidded eyes. The twins both snorted and chuckled, looking at the Nightmare with raised eyebrows. Snotlout crossed his arms over his chest.

"You don't like it? Tough! It's an awesome name!" He said, patting his Nightmare's nose. Frenzyflame sniffled then grinned at his human. Hiccup couldn't help but chuckle as well.

"I like it," he said. "It suits a Nightmare."

"How about Murphy?" Fishlegs said abruptly. The group turned to the blonde, all confused. "For my dragon's name. After my uncle," he explained. Hiccup looked at the Gronckle, who was scratching its chin with its back leg, and grinned.

"I think it works," he said. The twins and Snotlout shrugged noncommittally.

"You guys think we should probably go now?" Astrid said. Toothless shoved his nose against the small of Hiccup's back, supporting this idea. Hiccup nodded, surprised at how much better he felt.

"Yeah, let's go. My dad should be talking to the village soon," he said. Once the words escaped his mouth, though, that sinking feeling returned. He frowned, but turned away from the group as he climbed onto Toothless' back, not wanting them to see. Once he was settled in the saddle, he looked around and saw all of the others were ready to go. Hiccup nodded to himself, and Toothless took this as an invite to take off.

The moment the two surged into the air, Hiccup left his worries on the ground next to that cliff face. He grinned into the wind and Toothless turned his head to see if his rider was as happy as he was. Pleased by Hiccup's clear pleasure, he flew higher and slower, letting the wind caress them.

The rest of the flight back was not as relaxing as Hiccup would have hoped, however. Ruffnut and Tuffnut got into a fight about only the Gods knew what, and their poor dragon's heads were jerked around as the twins tried in vain to exchange blows. Both heads kept the twins apart and looked almost embarrassed to have the bickering twins as riders, something that was exceedingly amusing. Zipper and Sparky were perfect for them. Snotlout was happily flying atop Frenzyflame, who looked more than content to stay away from the bickering twins. Fishlegs was sitting hunched over in Murphy's saddle, looking pleased and nervous at the same time. Hiccup thought he'd be nervous riding a Gronckle too, seeing as how round they were; he'd be afraid of it falling. But Murphy seemed to be enjoying himself, his large eyes half-lidded as he flew.

Toothless and Bluebell, however, were not as comfortable. Hiccup could feel Toothless' growing agitation at flying so close to the female dragon, and Bluebell looked just as unhappy. Astrid was patting her neck and whispering words to her, looking concerned. Hiccup looked down at Toothless as well. "C'mon buddy, she's not doing anything to you," he said. He snorted, then shifted his flight path and flapped his wing right in Bluebell's face. Hiccup quickly altered the position of his fin, sending him banking to the left and away from Bluebell. "What was that about?" He asked, but Toothless gave a noncommittal grunt.

Before the two dragons could get any angrier at one another, they reached the center of the village. They landed, Hiccup dismounting first as he looked up at the sky. The sun was nearly set. The ships would be here soon.

As the others dismounted, several Vikings walked by. "Ye should head to the plaza now," one woman said in passing. "Stoick said he has an urgent announcement to give."

"Yeah, I know," Hiccup grumbled, that familiar heavy sinking feeling in his stomach reappearing. He looked around at the others, then at the numerous dragons perched on rooftops and munching on fish held in the basin in the center of the inner square. He exhaled firmly through his nose before turning to Toothless. The black dragon gave a high pitched grumble that Hiccup had come to interpret as a whine.

"I know, buddy," he said, then began to walk forward. The others followed, as well as Frenzyflame and Bluebell. Sparky, Zipper, and Murphy moved to the fish basin, chirruping and grumbling at some of the other dragons there. Astrid's hand was on Bluebell's nose horn, holding her head low as she walked. Toothless' own head was held low as well, eyes darting around and tail swaying from side to side as they approached the crowded plaza in front of the dragon arena. The Vikings cleared a path as Hiccup approached with Toothless, moving aside to fit the dragon as they walked toward the side of the platform his dad would be speaking from. It was accustomed for the chief's son to be diagonal from the platform that the chief spoke on, and seeing as Hiccup didn't go anywhere without Toothless, not many had any qualms about moving out of the way for him. Astrid and the others walked around the back, not wanting to walk through the crowd with Bluebell and Frenzyflame. They came to a halt behind Hiccup, the other Vikings clearing a small path for them anyway because they knew they would want to be near him.

They all stood and waited.

The sun was about a full sun's length away from being submerged by the sea when Stoick the Vast walked onto the platform. The talking Vikings ceased doing so, knowing that the chief demanded silence. Stoick stood tall and straight, but his eyes, which had been sweeping over the crowd, focused in on Hiccup. Hiccup stared back, expression neutral. Toothless flattened his ears but made no noise, knowing better than to make a sound. Hiccup felt all eyes zoom in on him, but he stared resolutely at his father until Stoick looked away. He felt his shoulders slump the second his father's gaze shifted.

"My son came to me earlier today with news. He and Astrid were flying their dragons earlier this evening when they spotted something on the horizon," he said loudly, booming voice travelling through the entire village. Hiccup was momentarily struck at the oddness of his father speaking about Astrid. For some reason he felt that she would be announced as something else; just Astrid seemed too informal for some reason. He wanted to see Astrid's reaction to it, but he didn't know where she was. Two seconds later, however, he felt a hand firmly grasp his, making him jump. Well, she knew where she was now. He smiled slightly and squeezed back, happy for the comfort.

Stoick paused, then clasped his hands in front of him. The crowd of Vikings was silent. They could tell something was wrong.

"There are ships sailing for Berk, and they should be here within an hour."

There were two seconds of silence, then the plaza exploded in an onslaught of speech. Some were shouting questions up at Stoick, while others were talking quickly to those next to them. Hiccup heard the others behind them gasp then begin speaking to one another as well. Snotlout's voice was the loudest, proclaiming what he was afraid was gonna happen, which were not far from Hiccup's own fears. He looked up at the front of the crowd and spotted Gobber looking at him with raised eyebrows. Hiccup gave him a pained look, then lowered his gaze. Astrid's grip on his hand tightened, and he returned the gesture.

Stoick held up a hand and the din died down within a reasonable amount of time. "We don't know why they've come, but it must be important. We all know no one sails at the brink of winter, and that's where we are now."

"What about the dragons?!"Someone shouted from the crowd. Almost everyone's heads swiveled in the direction of the voice, but Hiccup's eyes were firmly pinned on his father. Stoick licked his lips before answering.

"When Hiccup told me of the approaching ships, he insisted that we hide the dragons. I insisted that we not. After thinking long and hard about it, I've decided we'll do a bit of both."

There was murmuring, and Astrid looked over at Hiccup with raised eyebrows. Hiccup himself was surprised. What did that mean?

"The dragons that are the most familiar with people are the ones we kept in the arena. They are also the ones being ridden by the six children that defeated the Red Death a little over a month ago. It is these dragons that will stay behind. The rest will be ushered, with care, into the woods. They are more than capable of finding a few good places to stay for a while."

Toothless let out a short growl which attracted the attention of the few surrounding Vikings. Stoick hadn't mentioned him specifically, and he wanted there to be no doubt that he was staying. Hiccup put his hand on the dragon's head, the pit in his stomach slowly dissipating. If it was just going to be the five dragons, it would be much easier to keep the coming Vikings from panicking and attacking. Stoick looked over at Toothless and Hiccup for a fraction of a second before continuing.

"Toothless, Astrid's Deadly Nadder, Snotlout's Monstrous Nightmare, Ruffnut and Tuffnut's Hideous Zippleback, and Fishlegs' Gronckle will be staying in the village. The rest of the dragons need to be ushered into the forest. We have to move fast; we'll have to welcome the ships soon." Toothless gave a pleased noise and rubbed his nose against Hiccup's side, as if to say 'see? He said I could stay.' Hiccup patted his nose, smiling despite himself.

"How do we know they're not here to attack?" someone called.

"Because Geir the Patient spotted them about ten minutes ago, and they're flying a white flag," Stoick said. "We don't have much time now. Those with dragons are going to fly around the Eastern bank and lead the others into the woods."

"How are we going to get them to stay?" Fishlegs said quietly. His question went unanswered.

"C'mon, we have to go," Hiccup said, patting Toothless' nose again. He was beginning to feel steadily more optimistic. This plan was much better than what he had been afraid his father would try to do. There was still a slight risk because their dragons would be here, but it was much better than these ships threatening all of the dragons of Berk. Astrid let go of his hand as more people began to spread out, some approaching Hiccup. Toothless shifted his body so the people couldn't get between him and Hiccup and Hiccup climbed into his saddle.

"Ruff, Tuff, get a net and gather up some food. Have your dragon hold it high, and hopefully that'll bring the dragons to follow us." The twins nodded then both sprinted off towards their Zippleback, Ruffnut shouting "I'll get the net!" and Tuffnut shoving her, retorting with, "No, I'll get the net!"

Hiccup rolled his eyes before turning to the other two. "Snotlout and Fishlegs, try and herd them from the back. Make sure they follow us and stay close." Snotlout and Fishlegs both nodded, Fishlegs following the twins into the square to the basin that held the fish. Snotlout climbed onto Frenzy's saddle quickly and the Nightmare jumped into the air. "Astrid, you and me are gonna lead. If some of the dragons break loose of what I'm hoping will be a herd, you and I are gonna be responsible for getting them back into formation. And we have to make sure to stay out of the line of sight on the Western shoreline." She nodded, eyes determined. Hiccup sort of felt bad for dishing out orders, but ever since the battle with the Red Death, whenever there was a time for command, they immediately looked to Hiccup.

"Come on, bud," he said to Toothless, patting his neck, and the dragon jumped in to the air and darted away from the plaza. Hiccup looked back at his father, who was watching him, and gave him a small smile. He returned it.

"Alright," Hiccup said, turning forward with determination. "We have to do this fast." Toothless nodded and flapped once, pushing them into a faster glide so they reached the center square within seconds.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut were just finishing hoisting the net full of fish. Zipper and Sparky were both looking determined, and the twins seemed to be getting the same vibes from their dragon, because they, for once, weren't bickering. Hiccup looked around and, sure enough, almost all of the Nadders and Gronckles were watching the net lift with wide eyes, clearly not liking that their food was being taken away. Zipper and Sparky flapped their wings, heaving the heavy thing into the air. Immediately all of the Nadders, Gronckles, Terrors, and Zipplebacks in the vicinity were staring hungrily at the net. Snotlout was flying near the edge of the village, pushing the other dragons close, which consisted of a few Zipplebacks, a Gronckle, and three Nightmares. Fishlegs appeared from around the other edge, his Gronckle ushering two Nadders forward to join in the fray.

A flash of blue next to him, and Astrid and Bluebell were at his side, waiting. "Okay, let's go!" Hiccup shouted, and Toothless lurched forward. Zipper and Sparky flapped their wings harder, the net creaking from the added weight. But the momentum of the swing of the bag made the dragon lurch forward, and they were soon flying towards the trees. Toothless surged to the front, Astrid to his left a little behind him, and at least thirty dragons trailing behind the Twins and their Zippleback. They heard shouting from Snotlout and Fishlegs as they urged the dragons into a closer group. So far, so good.

Toothless, ears shifting, turned his wings and Hiccup adjusted his fin appropriately. A Nadder had tried to break formation to go back to the village. Toothless roared and cut it off, and the Nadder swerved back into the group with an unhappy squawk, clearly afraid of the Night Fury.

"Fishlegs! Can you go to the left of the group?" he shouted. Fishlegs nodded and his dragon immediately darted over just as a small group of Terrors tried to make a break for it. Toothless pushed another Nadder back in line as Astrid darted forward, keeping a Zippleback in check.

"Uh, guys!" Ruffnut shouted. Hiccup and Toothless flew over quickly, flying abreast with the Zippleback. Before she even spoke, he knew what Ruffnut was going to say. "He's having a hard time carrying all of this now. And on top of us sitting on their necks…" she said, scratching behind Sparky's jaw. He let out a small whine, and Hiccup saw a thin line of blood running from his mouth.

"Astrid!" he shouted. Toothless was better at herding them, as he was the quickest and most lithe. Besides the fact that all of the other dragons were afraid of him. Bluebell's jaw was much larger than Toothless' as well, making her the best choice. "I need to you help these guys carry this! Toothless and I will take care of keeping them in check!" he shouted over the din of squawking dragons. She nodded quickly and Bluebell surged forward, grabbing the side closest to Sparky to ease the weight off of his side. He made a noise of gratitude and Bluebell gave a short call back.

Toothless immediately darted around and contained a few more dragons. They were about fifty feet until they entered the woods, and once they got there it would be much harder to keep them together. But they didn't have to go very far into the woods.

Toothless was constantly moving from right to left, over and under, keeping them in a slightly panicked tight group. They din of the dragons was getting ever louder, but the group pressed on, Snotlout always at the rear with Frenzy letting loose uncharacteristic snarls at any dragons that lagged behind. Fishlegs and Murphy were fluttering around, the Gronckle snapping at the heels of the dragons and keeping them from escaping until Toothless arrived to push them back in line. It was slower than Hiccup would have originally thought, but soon they were passing the tree line.

The group immediately tried to split in two. Toothless let out a loud roar, swiping at the dragons. It worked for most of them, but some were too pissed to care. They snarled and snapped back, sick of being pushed around by the Night Fury. Toothless snapped at them, and even Hiccup shouted, trying to get them back. If any of them made it back to the village, the entire group would break and go back.

Hiccup abruptly became aware of the orange glow of the forest; they only had about twenty minutes of sunlight left. Toothless swept to the back of the group, smacking some of the dragons with his wings on the way, and flapped, flaying out his wings so as to look as large as possible. Teeth bared, eyes blazing, and large wings silhouetted by the fiery sunset, Toothless really did look like the evil offspring of Lightning and Death. The dragons' eyes widened in fear, and they began a crazed sort of flapping, trying to escape the black dragon's fury by retreating into the forest. At the same moment, Bluebell, Zipper and Sparky dropped the net full of fish, then did the same thing, circling them and flapping and shrieking, ushering them into the woods. The dragons finally gave in, scooping up some fish frantically then flying into the trees as fast as their wings could carry them.

Toothless stopped shrieking and slowed his flapping until he was flapping steadily about ten feet above the ground. Hiccup suddenly became aware of his and Toothless' labored breathing. Both of them heaving for breath, they dropped easily to the ground. Toothless lowered his wings, exhaled smoke, then turned back to Hiccup, eyes looking guilty for some reason. Nervous. Did the dragon think that he would scare Hiccup away?

"You were awesome buddy," Hiccup assured between breaths. "I'm still here after you screamed in my face, aren't I? Nothing will scare me more than that did, don't worry," he said with a chuckle.

Astrid landed a few seconds later, staring at them with an odd expression. Hiccup cocked an eyebrow, then looked around at the others. They were staring at Hiccup and Toothless as well. "What?" Hiccup had to ask.

"Well, we're so used to Toothless being, well, Toothless," Tuffnut said, staring. Ruffnut's expression mirrored his.

"He's usually such a goofball that we forget he's a dragon sometimes," Ruffnut elaborated, earning a snort from said dragon.

"I think it's that we forget that Toothless is a Night Fury," Astrid said, hands on Bluebell's reins. The others nodded. Even the other dragons, who hadn't had to face Toothless' wrath (excluding Frenzy, of course), looked a bit uncomfortable. Toothless' ears swiveled forward and he let his wings fall, trying his best to look as unintimidating as possible. Hiccup laughed lightly, scratching behind his hear. He leaned his head back, that familiar look of pleasure lightly up his face as his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

Hiccup ceased the scratching and patted the dragon's neck with a grin. "I forget all the time, too," he said. Toothless shook his head and tapped his tail against the ground, looking back at Hiccup with an unreadable expression.

Hiccup looked to the trees. "I hope they won't think we've permanently kicked them out," Hiccup said. Toothless grunted and shook his wings and head, a movement Hiccup interpreted as a 'don't worry, we'll figure it out later.' Hiccup gave a lop-sided grin and scratched the patch of scales between the saddle and Toothless' skull in gratitude.

"We should get back," Snotlout said, still in Frenzy's saddle. Hiccup looked up from Toothless and nodded. They didn't have much time and they wanted to try and at least have some time to try and strategically place the dragons.

"What are we going to do about these guys?" Fishlegs asked, looking around at the five dragons.

"Well, I'm going to have Toothless with me, whether it's my choice or not," Hiccup said. Toothless snorted and smacked his tail against the ground before the brunette continued. "And I don't want them just flying around. It's like saying 'Hey, welcome to Berk! The prime spot for target practice 24/7!' Not good," Hiccup said, rumpling his hair in thought. Astrid rolled her eyes.

"Drama queen," she said, pursing her lips at him in a very un-Astrid fashion. Hiccup was tempted to stick his tongue out at her but smothered the urge.

"We can have them in the middle of the plaza," Ruffnut said. "That way they'll be together, and the Vikings won't be tempted to do anything stupid," she added. Tuffnut snorted.

"Yeah, good luck with that working."

"No one asked you, idiot," Ruffnut scowled back. Hiccup raised his hands in a peaceful gesture and intervened.

"C'mon guys. The sun's almost set. And flying in as they dock is probably not a good idea," he said, turning and looking back at the forest. Not a dragon in sight. Good.

"Then let's go!" Snotlout said, and Frenzy jumped up into the air with a snort. Sparky and Zipper followed, both grinning as they rose. Fishlegs, Astrid and Hiccup all followed, Toothless darting ahead. Hiccup just hoped they hadn't already docked.

Two minutes of flying later answered his worries. Hiccup had the others fly low, just to be safe, while he and Toothless darted up to the watchtower and hid behind it, watching. Sure enough, as Toothless peaked around the side of the tower, the first ship's hull glided into the dock. Hiccup ran a hand through his hair, and he felt Toothless exhale heavily beneath him.

This was gonna suck.


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