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She let the scorching hot water wash over her, numbing her senses. She tried to drown her thoughts, her feelings, her worries, in the downpour of water that streamed from the nozzle above her head. She put all her energy into focusing solely on the water which was pounding against her neck and back, slowly but surely loosening her tight muscles. And so far, it had worked. No thoughts of the past day crossed her mind, and she thanked her incredible ability to compartmentalise. Still, she thought, she was not spared the distant nagging feeling that something was wrong, that something had changed.

She remained in the shower until the water ran cold, no longer able ignore the shivers which ran up and down her back. Quickly stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around herself, she switched on the heat lights, hoping she would be filled with warmth again soon. She looked around her bathroom, but it was already too late. She had let her mind wander.

She was immediately bombarded with thoughts of him, and try hard as she may, she simply couldn't think of anything else. His last three words rang through her ears, over and over again, breaking the deafening silence around her.

I love you, he'd screamed. How could three words, so small, so insignificant when apart, hold so much meaning when placed together?

Brennan was lost. Lost as what to think, say, do, and feel. She was only certain of one thing – she had to talk to Angela, her best friend, immediately. Only she would know what to do. She pulled open the door and ran out into the living room to grab the phone.

"Angie?" she asked as a voice answered her call.

"Brennan, is that you? Are you crying?" asked Angela, worry clear in her voice.

"Um, sort of." Brennan answered, wiping the salt form her eyes. "I just really need to talk to you."

Angela, incredibly worried now, answered quickly. "Sure sweetie. Are you ok?"

Brennan paused before answering. "Rationally speaking, I am not in any physical pain or danger, and yet..."

Angela cut her off. "Thank god Brennan, you really scared me. I'm coming over now. Will you be alright until I arrive?"

Brennan nodded, despite knowing Angela couldn't see her. "Yes."

Brennan pressed end call, and returned the phone to its dock. Shivering again slightly, she returned to the bathroom, to finish getting ready before Angela showed up. She knew she had about ten minutes.

She dressed slowly, savouring very moment her mind was kept busy. At last she heard a knock at the door, and ran to open it. She was here. Finally.

Angela took one look at Brennan and pulled her into a tight hug. She could feel, just by looking at her, the pain Brennan must be in. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, and she looked tired, drained. She had no idea what had happened, but she knew it must have been bad. It took a lot for Brennan to willingly ask for help.

"So," she asked, weary of how upset Brennan looked, and yet eager to find out what had happened, "Spill."

A thousand thoughts ran through Brennan's mind; she realised she had no idea where to start. She shrugged, hoping Angela might know.

Angela knew that look. Brennan was confused. "Sweetie," she started, "who did this to you?"

Brennan tried hard to not replay the encounter in her mind. "Booth."

"Ah," Angela thought she knew where this was going. "He freaked you out. Asked some question about marriage, or relationships, and you flipped out. Am I right? I'm right aren't I?" she smiled knowingly.

"Ange, he said he loved me."

Angela's mouth fell open. "What?" What is she talking about?

"He said he loved me. Or rather yelled it."

Angela was beyond confused. Booth, actually admitting he loved Brennan? Not likely; he barely knew it himself. And risk destroying their relationship? Booth would never do that. Or would he? Maybe he'd finally figured it out. Took him long enough! Anyway, what did she mean 'yelled it'? What kind of way was that to tell someone you were in love with them?

"Wait, did he mean I love you, or I love you?" she asked.

Brennan stared back at her friend. Sometimes she just didn't know what Angela was on about. "I don't understand."

Angela shook her head. Of course she didn't. "I mean, does he love you in a friends-kinds-way or is he, you know, in love with you?"

Brennan sighed. She'd like to know that herself. "I don't know."

Angela chimed in. "Ok, start from the beginning and I'll decide."

Brennan nodded; it was going to be a long night. "Do you remember how we were all at the diner celebrating after we solved the case?" Angela nodded. "Well, Booth came back to my place as usual and we ordered Thai takeout. We'd just sat down..."

"Sweetie!" Angela squealed, "As usual? Why am I only hearing about this now? How often is he over at your place late at night? Has anything ever happened? This is so exciting!" Brennan raised her eyebrows. "Right, sorry. I love you. Way more important. Go on."

"Well, we'd just sat down, and I noticed that he seemed, I don't know, different. Rationally speaking he was the same, but I just felt..."

"You had a gut feeling." Angela stated, knowing how hard it would be for Brennan to admit.

"Yes," she said apprehensively, "and though I don't believe in such a thing, it always seems to work for Booth. Anyway, my evidence. He was sitting as far away from me on the couch as he could, and when I asked him if he was having problems outside of work, you know, in the bedroom, or in relationships, he would grunt, or shrug, or change the subject...I was worried."

Angela nodded, understanding immediately."Sexual tension, Bren. That's what you felt. You made him uncomfortable. He doesn't like talking about that kind of stuff with you, because, well, you could very well be theone in bed with him. In fact, he probably secretly wishes... "

"What are you taking about Ange? Me, in bed with Booth? I don't think so." Brennan shook her head, immediately denying Angela's comment.

Angela smiled. "Bren, I didn't say you were, or would sleep with him, or even that it was an option, just that, if things were different then you'd jump each other at the first chance you had. I mean, think about it logically," she drew the last word out mocking Brennan, "if you weren't partners, there would be nothing stopping you from having sex."

Brennan couldn't argue with logic. "I suppose," she started, "but we are partners. Why would Booth feel awkward? It's not like that between us."

Angela rolled her eyes. She really didn't get it, did she? "Because, Brennan, think about it. You are a highly successful, intelligent, beautiful women – of course Booth thinks of you in that way. It'd be weird if he didn't. Plus, didn't he just confess to being in love with you? I bet anything that he struggles with not being with you in that way on a daily basis."

Brennan didn't believe it, and yet she couldn't deny the fact that she'd thought about him in that way before. Tall, muscular...and very HOT.

"That's what I thought," mumbled Angela.

Brennan, ignoring this, continued. "Anyway, back to what happened. I told him that we were partners, and that partners shouldn't have secrets. He told me he was fine, and stood up to leave. But I confronted him. I know that I should have just left him alone, Ange, but I, I..."

"You felt betrayed."

Brennan smiled. Somehow Angela always knew what to say. "Yes. I hate seeing him so vulnerable, and so I kept nagging him. I wanted to help. He continued to get worked up, and then he just snapped."

"What did he say, exactly?" Ange asked, knowing this was the most important part.

"He kept asking if I really wanted to know, and I said I did, except I don't think he actually meant to tell me. In the end it just sort of slipped out – You want to know what's wrong? I love you!'"

Realisation flooded over Angela. Booth had in fact meant it. Brennan, of all people, understood perfectly. She'd continued to rub him the wrong way until he'd finally let it slip in anger. Wow. Talk about a tough break. And then it hit her. Where was he? What had Brennan said, and done? She winced at the thought. Damage control would definitely be needed.

"Tempe, what did you do? Where is he?"

Brennan winced. This part was embarrassing. "I didn't do anything. I just stood still. In shock I guess. And then he left."

Angela couldn't believe it. "You didn't say anything? Like, maybe, 'I love you' back?"

Brennan shook her head. "Why would I say that? I don't..."

Angela had no time for her denial. "Temperance. Seriously? We both know, in fact everyone knows, except maybe Booth, that you love him. You always have. You just haven't realised it because you don't know what love is. And because you're scared beyond belief of letting anyone close to you ever again."

Brennan just stared at her. Her, love him?

"Brennan, you do. You love him. You are in love with him. And he is in love with you." Brennan opened her mouth in protest but Angela pressed on. "You can't deny it. You want to protect him. You want him to be happy, no matter what. You accept all his beliefs, even though they contradict your own. Oh, and please stop me if these don't apply to you." She paused, waiting a moment before continuing. "You miss him when he's gone. You even miss him when you're with him."

"Why would I miss him when I'm with him?" Brennan asked, confused.

"Fine," answered Angela, "forget that one. You couldn't imagine a world without him."

Brennan had nothing to say. She couldn't argue with logic.

Angela took her silence as acceptance. "See, you love him. And he feels exactly the same way. Except that it's harder for him because he is aware that he loves you. He struggles with it every day. And every time you go on a date, or get angry at him, or cry, his heart breaks. Because he knows that he can never say or do anything. But he's happy anyway, just being close to you."

Brennan was speechless. He struggles with it every day? Could that really be true? I mean he always acted awkwardly when she brought sex up, but she thought that was just his Catholic upbringing. Logically speaking she had never felt closer to anyone, ever, but did Booth really feel that connected to her? So connected that he had fallen in love with her?

"Ok," Angela started, already planning what had to be done in order to fix this whole mess, "Call Booth. He needs to know you don't hate him. Or blame him. Because right now, he's probably sitting at home upset because he thinks he's ruined your partnership, and what you have together. And that's definitely NOT how someone should feel after telling someone they are in love with them. They should be happy, celebrating."

Brennan suddenly felt queasy. Call Booth? She'd admitted to not knowing what to do, but was calling Booth really the right thing? What would she say? He'd probably refuse to speak to her anyway.

Angela sighed. Brennan was still so confused. And that made her vulnerable. "Alright then, new plan – if you don't want to call him, I will. I'll make sure he meant what he said. That way you can be sure of what you feel, and you won't be forced into declaring anything you don't mean. Sound fair?"

Brennan nodded. Relief flooded over her. Angela was going to sort everything out. She just hoped it wasn't too late.

As soon as Angela hopped in her car, she pulled out her phone to call Booth. She hoped that she would catch him right away; this needed to be sorted out immediately. Instead, she got his answering machine so she left a message.

'Seeley Booth, its Angela. We need to talk."

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