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Chapter 1:

A startling discovery

Harry was in his room at the Dursley's, the room was a complete mess and even though he knew Aunt Petunia would have a fit if she would see it. Harry no longer cared. Actually Harry didn't care about anything at all any more. All he would do was relive the moment that Sirius fell through the veil. If only he hadn't been so stupid as to think it was real. His godfather wouldn't have felt the need to come and rescue him. Then another train of thought would take over his mind, the prophecy...Why life treat him so unfair? He lost everything he cared about, his parents, his godfather and now he was going to lose his friends too. He didn't want to see them get hurt or worse die because of him. There was no other way than to make sure that they would never go near him again. That they'd have everything they deserve. This was his battle, his war and if he was going to die then at least he was going to be with those who loved him.

Between grieving for Sirius and brooding on the prophecy Harry's waking hours weren't much different than his nights, which were haunted by his nightmares. Of course the fact that the Dursley's were so scared of the retaliation that the wizards at King's Cross might give them helped in making his otherwise horrible summer a little less horrible. After a fortnight Harry had grown so thin that Hedwig grew alarmed. The Boy who Lived was on the verge of becoming the Boy who Died of Starvation. His mental state now extremely unstable caused him to lash out at her more and more. That night he set Hedwig free and told her never to return to him again. He was only a danger to everyone who got close to him. When she refused to leave the light started to flash, the house shook as if an earthquake had hit Privet drive no.4. Still the snowy owl refused to leave his side as if to say: I'll never leave you, come what may. As Harry's anger grew and grew the windows started to explode and he could hear the Dursley's screaming in the background. When Vernon finally burst into his room he found his nephew on the floor. Harry had past out and lay on the floor in a very disturbing manner. He was glowing in different shades of green and silver. If it wasn't for the glowing he looked quite dead lying in a pool of blood. Vernon called to Petunia to come quickly. At that moment Hedwig flew out the window and took of.

Petunia reached the doorway when she saw why her husband had called her. "Vernon! What did you do?", she screeched, "What did you do?!"

"Petunia," her husband answered not as calmly as he'd like to appear to be, "I didn't do anything. I found him like this. We need to call one of those freaks to let them know."

Harry's aunt now whimpered, "Vernon, I'm scared, what if they'll try to hurt us. Saying we didn't take care of that retched boy?"

"That, my dear is why we are leaving and we'll telephone that half-freak friend of his from a payphone."

Petunia quickly began packing, in case the wizards found out before they could leave. Twenty minutes later everything was packed in their car and they sped of. Finally, after driving around for a few hours the Dursleys dared to stop at a telephone booth.

"Petunia", he hissed, "what's the name of that half-freak?"

His wife merely looked at him as if he'd grown two heads.

"How am I supposed to know? Duddykins, do you know the name of that half-freak?," Petunia asked her son quietly. The fat boy merely shrugged his shoulders. Turning purple Vernon Dursley now silently cursed beneath his breath. He did not relish the idea going back to Privet Drive, in case the freaks had arrived however he didn't feel much for running either. In the end he decided that they were going on holiday and pretend they hadn't known about Harry, after all the boy looked pretty much dead when he'd seen him. The drill salesman recalled briefly how he'd seen the boy. Blood had been splattered everywhere, his eyes staring wide open and his body poised as if he'd fallen from a fifteen-story building. Yes, he silently agreed with himself the boy was surely dead so they could find a hotel and pretend they'd been on holiday when this tragic incident had occurred. Pleased with himself he got in the car and set out to do the things he'd planned.

Draco arrived at Privet Drive merely minutes after the Dursley's had left. He had rudely awoken from his dreams; he knew his mate was in danger. He had simply opened his bedroom window and flew out to find Harry. He had no idea where he was, he merely relied on his instincts to take him to his mate. Having arrived he thought by himself that maybe there were good points to his being a Veela after all. Draco rushed into the residence, his hart bounding with fear. This was not good. He could feel the life draining from Harry. He didn't know where to look; his feet just brought him to the Boy-who-lived. The moment he saw Harry however he was shocked. Even though he could feel that the raven-haired boy was still alive, he was taken aback at the amount of blood that splattered the floor, the strange position his limbs lay and the wide open eyes which stared into nothing. He frantically ran to his mate trying to wake him. When he didn't get a response he ran about the house desperately looking for a flooplace. Noting that there was none he grabbed a blanket and carefully wrapped Harry Potter in it. He debated for a moment where to take him. The manor was not an option; Lucius would immediately had him over to the Dark Lord. Hogwarts was simply to far away and St. Mungo's was invested with Death eater spies. The nearest safe place he could think of was The Burrow. The Burrow was the residence of the Weasley's and Harry was all but officially adopted into their clan. There would be hell to pay if he went there but he didn't care any more. Gently cradling his mate, he took off one more time into the dark night. While flying, he kept whispering soft, soothing words to Harry. Words of encouragement to hang on, words to try and take the pain away, he even professed his love to the boy with the emerald green eyes. Finally The Burrow became within sight. By now all the Malfoy heir could care about was keeping his mate alive.

"Weasel! Weasel!," Draco shouted while running, with Harry still carefully in his arms, unto the front porch. 'Oh shit. Merlin, that was a really stupid thing to say.' The Veela thought to himself as now there were 8 wands trained on him. 'At least I got their attention.'

"What do you want, Malfoy," Bill Weasley said flatly.

Fatigue was now getting the best of the silver-haired boy and he panted: "Harry...hurt... can't... hold... much...longer..."

At hearing the first two words two eldest Weasley boys jumped into action. Charlie grabbed hold of Harry while Bill supported Malfoy. Inside the Burrow they saw how badly the golden boy of Gryffindor was hurt. Ginny gasped while Hermione immediately took charge. Sending the twins of to fetch Madame Pomfrey and Professor Dumbledore. Then she started removing his upper clothing to be able to see the extensiveness of the wounds.

Ron however lunged at Malfoy screaming: "What did you do to him?!"

He started to pounce the other boy. Being too exhausted Draco didn't even try to defend himself.


Startled, the young red-haired boy let go. "Wha...what..what's that for 'Mione? He obviously tried to hurt Harry!"

Before the clever witch could answer him however, Bill spoke up. "No! You stupid git! If he'd hurt our Harry or had planned to, he wouldn't have brought him home. Need I remind you of the tensions between our families? He knows we'd hex him in a matter of seconds if we'd want to."

At hearing the words 'our Harry' the Veela spread out his razor-sharp wings. Clearly showing his agitation.


Slowly it dawned the Veela that Ginny had walked up to him in a very calm manner and had softly called his name. In confusion he turned around, though not letting his deadly wings down yet.

"Harry is not our mate, he's our brother. He's your mate, isn't he?"

Not trusting his voice de Veela just nodded. The wounds Ron had inflicted had now healed. Though Ron was about to pounce him again when he saw the ferret nod when his sister asked if Harry was his mate. The young girl continued in the same soft, caring voice, "Does Harry know?"

Suddenly the wings came up again when Ron trained his wand to hex Malfoy. 'Bloody Ferret!' But before he could actually hex him, Ginny hexed her brother with her infamous Bat-Bogey Hex.

The silver-haired boy relaxed again and whispered, "No, I couldn't tell him".

Hermione worked all the healing spells she knew but anxiously awaited the arrival of Madame Pomfrey. 'What's taking them so long?' She wondered just then she was startled out of her musings when she heard the heart-wrenching scream coming from the kitchen.

"HARRYYYYYYYYYY!" With that Draco broke down in sobs, his eyes shining immense grief and fear. Tears flowing freely on his pale face.

Just then Dumbledore arrived with Madame Pomfrey.

"Mess. Weasley, Mr. Malfoy where can I find Mr. Potter?," Pomfrey asked in her usual businesslike tone. Draco leapt up and took her straight to Harry.

"I need to know what happened as well as who found him and where", Poppy Pomfrey said matter of factly.

"I found him, Madame Pomfrey, at his residence. There was no one there, he was just lying there room in a pool of blood, looking as if he'd fell a 100 feet from his broom" Draco sobbed quietly as he told her.

Hermione looked up at Malfoy with a concerned glance, "Are you okay Draco?"

"I'm fine...Harry please don't leave me...please..." Draco had resumed his soft words directed at the boy-who-lived. He spoke the same words he'd spoken to him during their flight.

Suddenly Poppy stood up ushering Hermione out of the room saying she wanted to talk to Draco alone, "I'll explain once I come down."

"Mr. Malfoy, am I correct in assuming that Mr. Potter is your mate?"

"Yes, he is" he said before returning all his attention back at the boy on the bed next to him.

"Very well indeed Mr. Malfoy."

Draco looked up for a second to find out what the Mediwitch meant.

"Young master Malfoy, I have done all I can, now it's up to you. You are the only one who can save Harry's life."

"But, but how?" he asked, now very confused.

"Mr. Malfoy, your wings."

"My wings?"He asked incredulously and now thoroughly confused.

"Yes, seeing your confusion I take it no one has taken the liberty to explain the healing powers your wings have on your mate".

"No Madame. What do I do with my wings?"

A small smile appeared on her face before she said, "cover him protectively with your wings. Much like a cocoon around him."

She then conjured several pillows and placed them against the headboard. Poppy then indicated Draco to sit up against it while she levitated Harry of the bed so he could sit. Once Draco was comfortably seated she gently lowered Harry in his arms. The silver-haired boy immediately wrapped the raven-haired boy in his wings.

"Now what do I do?" he asked the Mediwitch softly.

"Now? Now, my boy, now you rest. I will come check on you both tomorrow." She administered a sleeping draught to him and quietly left the room.

"Well, Poppy how is he?" Dumbledore asked as soon as she came into the kitchen.

"I'll not lie to you Albus. It's bad. I've done everything I could and Miss Granger, I must thank you for your quick assessment of things and proper first aid. Now it is up to young Mr. Malfoy."

"Has everyone gone mad? This is Malfoy here, were talking about. The same Malfoy who's hated Harry for the past five years. His father is a death eater for Merlin's sake!" Ron was screaming by now. Bill had enough of his youngest brother.

"Sod it Ron! Are you blind or just a plain stupid git? Draco Malfoy is a Veela; he CAN NOT hurt Harry. Harry is his mate. Draco is the only one who can save him, you fool," Bill snarled at his younger brother whilst the rest simply sat back and enjoyed their tea while looking at the two siblings.


"You are stupid, you've just proven it. Have you forgotten my fiancée Fleur Delacour? She's Veela remember. That's how I know. Veela's would rather die a slow torturous death before hurting their mate."

Ron lowered his head at this, turning profusely red.

"Now then, since that is settled", Dumbledore spoke up his clear blue eyes twinkling, "does anyone know what has happened?"

All the Weasley's shook their heads at this question.

"Perhaps, I can fill you in a bit headmaster", Hermione said. All attention was focused on her now, Ron glaring at her with his 'why didn't you tell me' look.

"When Madame Pomfrey entered the room she asked what happened, where Harry was found and who did this to him." She looked briefly at the Mediwitch who nodded to let her continue.

"Draco was alarmed tonight to feel his mate in mortal peril, he took of and his instincts took him to Harry. According to him there was no one there and he found Harry in his bedroom, lying in a pool of blood looking as though he'd fell of his broom at a 100 feet high. Not finding a way to floo, nor risking to take Harry to any place where there were Deatheaters he wrapped Harry securely in a blanket and carefully flew him over here."

"It is imperative then that we find the Dursleys. Bill, Charlie will you please start searching around Privet Drive as to any clues."

"We'll come too", the twins said, "he's our brother too."

Chuckling, Dumbledore nodded his approval while Poppy sat wide-eyed in disbelieve, saying she'd never thought to see the day that the twins would actually be serious. With that the four Weasley boys apparated to the Dursley residence. Standing up Madame Pomfrey bit everyone good night and left as well.

"Professor, how can Draco help Harry? I mean Draco hasn't told Harry that he is his mate." Hermione had voiced the question the remaining children shared.

"Ah yes, you have to understand", Dumbledore paused a moment to look Ron straight in the eye, "it does not matter is the Veela's mate knows or not. All that matters is that the Veela will do everything to keep his mate save from harm. When the mate of a Veela is seriously injured, the Veela will cocoon his wings around his mate and himself. The Veela magic will then start to rebuild the magic of its mate as well as healing any mental and minor physical injuries. Now it has been brought under my attention that young master Draco has not been informed as to who or rather what he is. Ms. Granger, would you so kind as to educate him in this field."

Only when she nodded did the old headmaster continue: "Mr. and Ms. Weasley would you be so kind as to take turns in watching over Harry when he is released from his cocoon?" Both nodded furiously at this.

"Well, then I suggest you rest and we will see each other tomorrow."

"Uh, professor, sir what about the fact that we used magic tonight?"

"The age restriction on underage use of magic you mean?" Dumbledore said with a twinkle.

"Well, yes sir. Hermoine used healing charms and I hexed Ron to stop him from attacking Draco again," Ginny explained.

"I don't see as to how the ministry would have noticed that as Fawkes was flying over the Burrow at that time."

Having said this the Hogwarts Headmaster winked at the three of them and took his leave.