Chapter 21:

Saying goodbye…

Tomorrow was Halloween and Dray reviewed his Army. Everything was ready, even his father had help train his army. All the illegal curses and counter-curses were known to the DA-students. It wasn't a guarantee that they'd come out without a scratch or a guarantee they would live to see the next day at least it was something.

The Pegasus was over at the Centaurs and Unicorns. The Veelas would be there as well, together with the Goblins.

The past few weeks were spend practising as a Clan on a whole, giving both Harry and Dray cover and flexibility at the same time. The entire school was going to be briefed at lunch, those who would choose to go home would be sent home. Harry was betting on Voldemort's hatred for him; he had sent an invitation to the latter.

The Pegasus had challenged Voldemort to a Final Battle at Halloween, here at the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid had contacted his old friend Aragog, promising the giant spider and all his kin the liberty of fresh meat. The only condition being that the spiders could only feast on the death eaters. It was an offer the arachnid could not refuse.

Before lunchtime arrived, Voldemort showed his utter negligence of wizarding honour and protocol. Students were screaming while those from the DA-club started calling on their Corporal Patroni. Dementors where attacking the castle. Prongs stormed to the castle followed by herds of Unicorns. The unicorns, being so pure, where the only living creatures that could kill the foul creatures that once guarded Azkaban. Padfoot, Èowyn and Freya took to running and flew throughout the castle, protecting the students and killing the creatures with their horns. The Centaurs shot at the approaching death eaters and tried to keep them at bay. Reaching the Castle, Prongs heard his mate's voice thunder through Hogwarts.


Prongs, though worried for the students' safety, was immensely proud of them. Every student from the DA and the DA-club stood by their side, dodging, stunning and firing hexes at their opponents. They had become quite an army indeed. Those who were trained in Medi-aid revived and helped the wounded, sending them of to the Headmaster's Office where they could enter the Fifth House.

KiA, the silver dragon, was even fiercer in battle than her husband was. Who'd ever thought that the studious, young witch, who had always been so terrified of flying would fair so well. Fury was outside on the castle grounds, fighting of trolls and giants, together with the two Ligers.

The Werewolves and the Pendragon with her Protectors were taking out the Vampires. Voldemort was still nowhere to be seen. Many students and several faculty members had fallen.


Voldemort only came out after the heat of the battle had gone so high that the members of the Clan were no longer beside their mate. Voldemort stood in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch, his horrible voice laughing out loud at the sight before him. Freyja was the first to spot him and called on the entire Potter family and Clan. Prongs led with Dragon telling his children to go home. Surprisingly it was Èowyn, the sweetest and most obedient of the three, who flat out refused. Being a Potter, her place was on the battlefield with her parents. Worry filled Prongs but Dragon shot him a dark look.

'No Love, our children might only be a month old in days but they are teenagers like us. Now we have a job to do. Let's get rid of this piece of filth.'

It was a heavy battle between Harry and Voldemort. Dragon waited and waited till the signal came to finish the other off. Prongs would not be able to kill; his unicorn-self wouldn't allow it so Dray would do it. Prongs went down and as his silver blood poured on the ground, the Veela lost it. She soared into the sky then dove straight for her prey. Fury caught a curse for her before she cast the killing curse at the evil wizard.

Like the first time, Voldemort's soul survived. Just then the triplets stormed at the mist that was the soul of Voldemort and pushed their horns into it, making sure that their horns would touch in the centre of the mist. An enormous explosion followed and the fillies were thrown backwards.

Prongs and Dragon, being connected to Voldemort, had passed out during the triplets' action. Remus came storming over, the battle was over the moment everyone witnessed the destruction of the Dark Lord.

"Harry, Dray, where are you?" he called.

In his search between the casualties he found Padfoot. The young prince was unconscious but seemed otherwise fine. Remus signalled his mate to take the youngster home. Now terrified, the werewolf searched for the others, 'why had the youngsters been at the battle? They were supposed to be safely inside the lair.'

"Moony", a voice croaked, starling the DA professor out of his musing.

"'Mione, what happened? Where's your mate? Where are the others?"

Tears shone in the eyes of the silver dragon. Shaking her head slightly, the werewolf howled into the night. Crying he transported the she-dragon to their home where Poppy would be waiting. Severus had returned and had found his god-daughter and Freyja. The surviving students were now too scurrying the grounds trying to find the members of the Light.

A few days later emerald-eyes looked into silver-grey eyes.

"You made it," the raven-haired man whispered to his wife. Tears brimming her eyes she nodded,

"And so have our children. We lost several students and members of the teaching staff. Blaise is still unconscious and Hermione's a wreck but she won't budge from his side. Susan has broken all her ribs and Ron lost a leg. Ginny, Neville, Luna, Dobby and Glenda are all fine. They are helping Poppy with all her patients. Severus and Remus have been keeping the triplets occupied so I could stay with you."

"Is it really over then?"

"Yes, my lovely Pegasus, it is finally over. I finished off his body but the triplets disposed of his foul soul. They treated him as if he were a Dementor."

In the months that came the wizarding world was celebrating while those who had fought in the battle were picking up the pieces of their lives. Yule came and not a single student wanted to return home. Their parents, family and friends wouldn't understand.

All the wizarding world could think of was celebrating; the students didn't feel like celebrating. Most of the Slytherins were forced to fight their own family; Pansy had killed both her parents leaving her and her sister an orphan. Others were still in shock from the horrors they had seen. The Headmaster and Headmistress had decided to leave the door to their office open and with the help of Albus Dumbledore the students could walk into the Clan's home. This became a frequent happening as students sought solace by the people who they had come to love as parents.

The end of the schoolyear was drawing near and the Headmaster and Headmistress had decided it was time that the students reintegrated with the rest of the wizarding world. Despite the protests, the Clan and the Potters coaxed everyone out onto the carriages that would take them to Hogsmeade.

The wizarding town had suffered a great deal almost being destroyed during the final battle, yet the people there had continued with their lives. Perhaps the villagers could get through to the still weary students. Not all death eaters had been captured by the Ministry though Arthur Weasley had managed to get all those from the inner circle. That is to say all those who hadn't been consumed by Aragog's children.

The carriages had reached Hogsmeade and the students needed some convincing to get out of the carriages. KiA managed it beautifully by making the carriages come to life for a brief moment. The carriages then threw everyone out before taking of for the castle. The students stuck together and the triplets, tired of waiting, each dragged a few students with them to the different shops. The others followed suit and soon the remaining staff and Clan were left to their own devices.

It was nearly dark when the whole school population went back. The first and second years were feeling extremely glad that they had been given permission to visit the wizarding village. Everyone had gotten the feel of life again. Things slowly returned back to normal again, though every once in awhile a student would come up to Harry or Dray for a hug at night. Helena's counselling sessions were a success as well; over the last few months less and less students suffered from the traumas that stemmed forth from the battle.

When the end ball came up the seventh years looked back. They recalled the fallen students and faculty members. The housecup was awarded to all houses and a mellow celebration was held. The Clan-members who had replaced the fallen faculty all sat at the High Table.

Pansy rose from the Slytherin Table, "Dear Hogwarts' occupants. As you all know the seventh years are going to leave this school and into the big world outside. Some of us shall become aurors, others medi-witches and still others shall pursue other professions. On behalf of all seventh years I would like to thank each and every one of you for making our last year here the most worthwhile of our lives. Never forget how strong you are when you stand together. Never allow prejudice to rule again. I wish you all a fabulous evening and let's celebrate our lives in honour of those who have fallen."

Prongs rose too, "My dearest Pansy, once long ago I believe it was last year," giggles and snickering ruled the Great Hall. "We were nemeses but then I married my rival. Hogwarts certainly owes you a lot and for your sacrifice I would like to do something in return."

"Pansy, I was once promised to you by my father. Being a Veela, I could never have amounted to a good husband for you. What I can and am willing to do is the following, Harry and I have a property and I would like to give it to you and your sister. I am also aware that your sister is still a minor and therefore in need of a guardian. You, fresh out of school without a job would never suffice according to the wizarding law."

"In other words, Pansy, what Dray is saying that we would like to ask you to fulfil the position of DA professor considering that our current professor has decided to go on retirement with his husband-to-be."

"So do you accept?" Dray Epona Potter ended.

Overwhelmed the poor girl could only nod while blinking back the tears that were forming in her eyes. The entire castle erupted into cheers and the party had started.

The Clan said their own goodbyes to each other. The Pendragon and her Protectors returned to their own realm together with Glenda and Dobby. Ron and Susan went to live in London. Remus and Severus would retire to Snape Manor. Only Hermione, Blaise, Harry, Dray and their triplets would return to Hogwarts after the summer. They all wanted to spend some time with their family.