"Well, I've seen how Bella looked like when she and Jacob started hanging out. I mean, when she first came to Forks, she was all happy and everything. And when the leeches left, she was pretty much.. Well… dead. Maybe its something to do with that. Maybe Paul couldn't imprint on her because…." Leah trailed off.

"Maybe because… Because her soul was too broken." Emily said. And I believed her.

Bella, after hearing some very interesting things while the Cullen's were gone, brakes up with Edward and decides to change. She visits Jake, and surprisingly now, she is met by another problem.

But this time, It includes love, war, and possible death.

Plenty of Lemons, swearing and fun times with the pack.

Paul/Bella Imprint story.


His eyes were hard and black as flint "Not that way. You're staying human."

I nodded once, keeping my face businesslike, and then moved on.

"Alice?" I asked, knowing the answer already.

"Yes!" She squealed and not a second later, her laughter filled the room. I nodded and moved on.


"Yes." To be honest, I wasn't quite sure of his answer, but was happy he accepted me. I nodded with a small smile and moved on.

"Rosalie?" She hesitated , a pained feature overflowing her beauty. She closed her eyes, taking in a breath and opened them again.

"No." She said . I nodded and moved on but Rosalie interrupted. "Wait. I want to tell you the reason…" She began and looked at Edward with a cold glare. "Edward hasn't been exactly faithful during our disappearance…"

"Rosalie!!" Edward roared. "Be quite."

"Make me." Rosalie said evenly, crossing her arms.

"What do you mean unfaithful?" Oh god. Please tell me he didn't love someone else…

"Bella… The Denali have a new member. Her name is Ellen…From what I saw and heard, I think they're together." She mumbled. A tear sped down my cheek and I couldn't control the sobs any longer so I just let go and broke down in the middle of the meeting.

"Bella, who do you believe? Me? Or Rosalie?" Edward spoke. I lifted my head and immediately stopped sobbing. I didn't do anything, just kept his gaze who he slowly released.

"Rosalie." I said without another thought. I don't know why I have just said that, but it felt right. It felt good.

Edward growled and glared at me before saying;

"Goodbye Bella. Hope you have a good life" And with that, he was gone.

He was Gone.


He left me.


All alone…


I collapsed to the ground , glad when the blackness took over.




All I can see is darkness….

And then someone shook me once, twice, bringing me to the real world.

"Bella. Bella, Wake up!" Alice sang impatiently. I opened my eyes and was instantly blinded by the light. I stood up, still a little hesitant because of my balance.

"I'm sorry…" I whispered. "He's gone again." I said to the family.

"Oh trust me, he just brought us more misery. To Jasper especially." Rose's voice turned to ice when she talked about her brother Edward. I nodded to her, suddenly happy she wasn't ignoring me like she used to before the family left.

There was an awkward silence between everybody.

"You know what? Let's have a sleep over!!" Alice giggled like a maniac. I stared at her like she grew another head.

"Alice? Are you okay? Seriously. I'm grounded already. Charlie will kill me this time." I explained to the hyper pixie.

"Ill cover. Ill tell him that you came here to break up with Edward because you don't forgive him. And that you need Girl time with Me and Rose." She planned quickly tapping her chin.

"Well…that's clever. Okay. I'm staying." I decided. Alice jumped up and squealed while clapping her hands and Rose cracked a smile. Emmett was by my side in an instant and hugged me tightly.

"Emmett…Human here." I wheezed. He laughed before letting me go. Esme and Carlisle were next and squeezed me nearly as hard as Emmett. Jasper gave me a smile and surprised me by giving me a quick hug. I smiled back at him and then Alice brought me to sit on the sofa. Rosalie sat beside me, with Emmett and Jasper at her feet already starting their PS3 and putting on some bloody game. I smiled before Alice took a seat beside me, now a cell phone pressed to her ear.

"Charlie? Oh Hey. Yes, yes… Bella's here. Oh no no Charlie. Bella came here to break up with Edward. Se said she had enough, and he left. Bella needs some girl time see…She wants to stay here for the weekend. Can she? Please Charlie. The whole family missed her…we need some bonding time. Oh really!? Thank you Charlie!! Yes sure. Love you too!!" She laughed into the phone and hung up. She turned to me.

"He said you can stay but wants to talk to you when you get back." She said.

"Thanks Alice." I said. Esme came into the room then with a mug of hot chocolate. She handed it to me with a smile.

"Oh, Thank you Esme." I smiled at her. She kissed my cheek before sitting beside Rose ,Carlisle following her.

I was happy than ever. They accepted me even though I was human and made their first son leave. And evil smirk spread across Alice's face.

"Hey Bella, I think you need a new haircut." Alice stated.

"Ok." I said simply. Her eyes widened.

"Ok?" She asked.

"Yeah. I need a change." I said. Alice giggled and jumped off the sofa.

"Oh My Gosh!! Rose is the best with hair. She can cut it. Oh and we'll give you a makeover since it looks like you wont sleep for a while. I mean you slept for about 16 hours. That's a long time. Now, we're gonna make you up, cut your hair, and change your clothes. And of course I'll give you new clothes. You are so getting a new wardrobe!" She scolded while rambling on and on. I rolled my eyes at her while the others laughed heartily.

"Yeah me too. I want to give you some stuff too." Rosalie volunteered with a smile.

"Umm… Guys . You don't have too." I whined.

"Oh but we will. Either you chose stuff, or we pick them Easy as that." Alice said smugly.

"Fine." I huffed with a annoyance. Alice picked me up, bridal style and threw me not so gently at her bed. She picked out a brown fluffy towel with some black lacy but innocent underwear making me blush. She then put them in my hands and shoved me in the bathroom, shutting the door. I sighed, putting the towel and underwear on the cupboard and started stripping off my clothes. I stepped into the shower, glad when the water awoke me a bit. I washed through my hair and body with Alice's toiletries . I stepped out of the shower, nearly tripping, and rolled myself into the towel. I dried off, putting on moisturizer and dressed in the underwear. I checked myself in the mirror, and blushed furiously to see that the lace barely covered my skin. I sighed and stepped out of the bathroom, to see that Alice and Rose were already there with scissors in all sizes .

"You look so very fine in that Bella!" Alice sang while twirling me around. I blushed slightly. "Remind me to take you to Victoria's Secrets honey!" She continued and I groaned. Rose giggled at that and I had to join. We stopped after few moments.

"Ok. So how do you want your hair? Curly? Wavy? Short? Medium? Dyed?" Alice began.

"Um I kinda thought about it in the shower and I want medium hair, layered with a side fringe." I said memorizing the haircut I thought about previously. Alice opened a big book and looked through the pages. She stopped immediately and handed me the book.

"Like this?" She asked.

"Perfect." I decided with a smile.

"Ok." Alice said wrapping me in the foil that hairdressers put you in before they cut your hair. She sat me down near her mirror on the chair and got to work.


22 minutes later, my hair was done. Rose was giving me some finishing touches and to be honest, I loved my new hair. Alice took the foil off and gave me the clothes that I had to wear today. A yellowish strip tank top with floral patterns on it, A black cardigan, Gray skinny jeans, brown UGG boots with patterns, a gold-plated citrine necklace, a flower cuff with a diamond studded frog on the flower, and which looks like 24 karat gold plated hair band.

"Me and Rose have to step out and get the bags… Put the clothes on Bella. We'll do the make up." Alice said with a kind smile. I smiled back and they were gone, shutting the door behind them. I put on the tan top, then the jeans, followed by the jewelry being extra careful with the hair band and necklace. I then put on the cardigan, rolling up the sleeves and leaving in unbuttoned . I stepped into the UGG boots and realized they were just as comfy as the ones I had in Phoenix. I sat on the bed, waiting for Alice and Rose. They came in a while later.

"Sorry, we couldn't find them. They ended up being in the basement." Rose explained.

"It okay. I don't mind." I reassured with a smile.

"You look pretty Bella." Alice sang. She threw the bags at the bed.

"Ok. I'm giving you a choice. Either you pick the clothes . Or I do." Alice said crossing her arms.

"I…Uh… I don't want to take away anything you like…Look Alice… you don't have to give me anything. You're giving me a lot by just being back." I explained.

"Ok. I'm picking." Alice said while clapping her hands like a five year old getting a pink bike for Christmas.

"Fine" I groaned. Alice and Rose got to work straight away. Alice began picking out tops and Rosalie just folded them. She picked out another cardigan but it was pink. Not my favorite colour, but oh well…

Alice threw three hoodies at Rose and she had them all folded within 2 seconds. She then threw an expensive looking black jacket at Rose and I began protesting.

"Alice." I whined. " Stop picking out stuff that are expensive.' I added.

"Shut your pretty lips and just watch." Alice warned.

"." I said raising my arms in the air in mock defense. Rose giggled again at my actions. Yeah, as if my arms are going to keep a over-hyper-pixie-vamp away from me.

"Ok we're done with the tops. Now… the skinnies, leggings and shorts are next." Alice mused. And I couldn't protest. She'd eat me.

She threw which looked like nine pairs of different leggings and Rose folded them putting them in the bag. SH then threw six pairs of different kind of skinnies to Rose. I liked the purple ones the best. When she was done with the skinnies, she gave Rose five pairs of short jean shorts and two pairs with patterns on them.

"Ok. I'm done with my stuff. If I add anything more you'd throw me into your chimney." Alice joked.

"You got that right." She'd be the perfect size for the hole… . Alice giggled.

"I'm next." Rose announced. She grabbed my hand and led me into hers and Emmett's room. She pushed me down on their bed and ran to the wardrobe. She started picking out shoes. She decided on three heels and two pairs of converses. I had to say, I liked the heels that were denim material converse on heels. They looked nice. She picked out three clutches and two bags. Then threw in nine belt all different colors. Two pairs which I guessed were fingerless gloves. And three scarves that I liked. She picked out another eight clutches, And I liked the blue one most, adding two new bags. One crème, another blue. She then went to her cupboard with a mirror and started picking out sun glasses. She ended up on three pairs. One pair of black ones, another pair of rhinestone glasses and lastly cute, heart shaped ones.

Lastly, she threw in a beaded Night Cuff and something shiny. I looked at it and stopped immediately. A Sapphire bracelet.

"Oh no, Rose. I cant have that. Its to expensive." I whined. But she was worse than Alice.

"Well , too bad. You're keeping it. I want you to have it. Please, don't give it back." She said, with a sweet smile on her face.

"Thank you Rose." I whispered and went to hug her. She hugged me back but let go quickly.

"Lets go and continue the rest of your make over." Rose insisted.

"Ok." I smiled. "What's next?"

"Make up." Rosalie waggled her eyebrows. I laughed.


Alice did my eyes in black eyeliner, and put on some pink blush. Not that I would need it, but whatever. Let the girls have fun.

She did my eyes with black eye shadow, only lightly though. I don't want to look like a Goth.

Rose did my lips pink and my nails Black . And I mean like really black. Really really black.

When they were finished, they sighed happily.

"You look even more beautiful!" Alice sang skipping around the room. Sometimes I thought she was a hippie and was high.

"You look perfect." Rose said.

"Thanks Rose. All thanks to you guys." I said. "Can we go downstairs now?"

"Sure. You need to eat breakfast now. Its nearly 6 A.M…." Alice said. She took my hand and bounced downstairs and to my amusement, I didn't trip even once. The bags were already waiting beside the door, ready for me to leave with them anytime. I sat on the table, watching happily as Esme , Emmett and Rose prepared my breakfast and Carlisle went through a smoothie book. Alice and Jasper went hunting. And then it hit me.


Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit!! How could I forget about my best friend who was currently probably suffering? I'm such a horrible person! He was right! Edward left again. I need to see him. Probably in the evening today. Ill stay with the Cullen's until noon, then stay with Charlie for a while to make it up to him. Hopefully I'm not grounded. The door opened again and Jasper and Alice came in, their eyes a perfect gold mixture. She smiled kindly at me and danced to sit at the table beside me, with Jasper following suit.

Esme, Rosalie and Emmett handed me my favorite while I spent night here, omelet with ham. Yummy. Carlisle gave up and made me an orange smoothie.

"I apologize Bella. My cooking skills should be damned." Carlisle joked. I giggled at that. I began eating.

Carlisle and Esme were gone to Carlisle studies, talking about expanding the house for few meters while walking out of the kitchen. Alice and Jasper sat on the love seat, talking about taking me shopping this Friday night. I groaned but was still happy that they decided to stay. Emmett decided to entertain me how he made pranks on Edward when they left cause he was always up to something. Rose and I just listened and laughed. I was done eating and Rose took my plate and glass and did the dished for me. Alice and Jasper sat at the table with us.

"So, I've been thinking. I kind of left Jacob, when he took care of me. And he was right. Edward left again. I want to apologize to him and try and be friends again." I started.

"About that Bells. The first monsters leave forks and you find another group to hang round with?" Emmett joked. I laughed with him.

"No, I really have to apologize to him. I hurt him when the only thing he wanted to do was to protect me." I mumbled suddenly ashamed of myself. " So maybe Ill stay with you guys until noon, and then Ill go home. Stay with Charlie for a bit and then go to La Push." I planned.

"That's a good idea. It would be good to make alliance with the wolves since Victoria is still out there." Carlisle said, stepping into the kitchen. Esme put a hand on my shoulder.

"You are always welcome here Bella. Remember that. We still love you." Esme said with a smile.

"Of course, Esme. I love everyone here dearly. Thank you for giving me a family." I thanked. Rose laughed at that.

"Well, we wouldn't be really called a family without you Bella. You're like the glue that keeps us together." Rosalie explained. I smiled at that little remark that meant a lot. They needed me.

"So, what was it like seeing it from your eyes? I mean, from when Edward left. The motorcycles, the movies, the wolves, Laurent, cliff diving, Italy …" Emmet began.

"Well, when you left…" I began.

And so I told them everything. Every word. Every Feeling. Every Nightmare. I told my heart mind and soul out to them.

After nearly two hours of telling my story with the wolves, I finished it after telling them everything that Edward said to me after Italy. The familiar melody sang through my head.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

Alice took my hand and sat me in front of the TV. Putting on some movie called the Day Breakers. I had to say, the vampires were pretty freaky. They had those golden eyes like the Cullen's. Its as if the humans knew of the vampires. The movie came to an end and the clock read 11:53 A.M. I stood up.

"I have to get home I guess. Thanks for everything. Ill visit as soon as I can." I promised. Esme pulled me into a hug.

"Sure honey." Esme said. Rose kissed me on the cheek and smiled.

"That was fun. Lets do it again soon." She pressed.

"Sure Rose." I promised again. Alice danced her way up to me and hugged me tightly. She let go and smiled. Jasper waved with Carlisle.

"Ill take you home." Emmett volunteered.

"Sure" I agreed with a smile. Me and Emmett made their way to the door, him taking the three bags all in one hand.

"Oh, I nearly forgot!" Alice shouted handing me a box with a smile. I opened the package, and smiled.

"Wow. Thanks Alice!!" I shouted giving her a hug.

"I bought it for you in Italy on the airport. It's a brand new LG BL40. I saved all our numbers there. If you need any help, you have us on speed dial. Bought $200 credit too. No expiry date. Enjoy." Alice said.

"Wow. Alice? $200 credit? That's a lot Alice. This phone probably cost a fortune!" I exploded.

"Not to me!" She sang cheekily. I sighed.

"Thank you!" I shouted while walking out of the house. Emmett ran to his jeep and I groaned. He laughed and threw the bags inside. He opened the door for me, lifted me off the ground and shut the door, running around, and jumping in the car. He did my harness first, leaving his untouched and hit reverse, driving like a mad man. Our ride home was pretty hilarious. He told me the time when he thought Edward was gay and stayed away from him for weeks. I , obviously laughed my ass off. Soon enough, he parked on the side of the road at my house. He unharnessed me, and got out of the car himself, taking the bags with him. He opened the door for me and took me in his arms, setting me on the ground carefully as if I was a china doll. I smacked him on the arm for that, instantly regretting that. He laughed loudly, and I told him to shut up, which to he laughed even louder. I ran to the door, opening it. Charlie was sitting on the dining table, reading the newspaper. He looked at me and put his paper down. He walked to me and pulled me into a hug.

"We have to talk honey." He whispered in my ear before letting me go. I nodded at him.

"Ill put the bags in your room Bells" Emmett said.

"Thanks Emmett." I said. He run up the stairs with the bags and I tiny thud and he was back. He came over to me , hugged me tightly.

"See ya later Bells." Emmet shouted before walking for the door. Few seconds later, the road was empty of his giant jeep. I looked at dad who was sitting down on the dining table now. This was the conversation I was dreading. I sat down , across from him. He put his newspaper down and faced me.

"Bella, you were gone for three days. You left nothing but a note. I was worried to death. I thought you were gone to somewhere like Italy for gods sake." He murmured. Oh dear daddy, you have no idea how right you are.

"And then when I checked up on you un the morning, you were gone. I thought you really did move out. And then I got a phone call from Alice saying that you went to their house to brake up with Edward. And I couldn't be more proud of you. I am so happy, to know that you have been so strong. To let him in your life again, and push him out. That why, I decided that I will unground you. You're an adult now and should decide yourself. At least I shouldn't be worried about you running off to Vegas to marry that Cullen kid. That reminds me. You look beautiful. Did Alice make you cut your hair?" He said.

"No. I wanted a change. I'm different now dad. I let go of Edward." I said. "And of course Alice and Rose made gave me a new wardrobe. They just packed it for me without me asking them. And Rose did the hair. She's the best at it." I explained. "Did you eat anything for breakfast?" I asked. He shook his head. I groaned.

"Oh Dad! You need to eat!" I scolded him, he smiled wildly and went to sit on the sofa.

"We'll order pizza Bells. Just you and me. We have to catch a bit." he said. I agreed and went to sit beside him.


Half a pizza, two glasses of coke and a season 3 of Family Guy later, and it was five P.M.

"Dad? Can I go to Jake's? I have to apologize." I asked, hopefully hell let me go. Heck, I bet he will.

"Sure Bells. Take your time." He said with a smile.

"Thanks Dad." I said while kissing his cheek and running for the stairs.

I ran for the wardrobe, picking out an outfit that Alice bought for me while we were in Phoenix. I left the makeup on and put my hair in a ponytail. I jumped down the stairs, grabbed my black cardigan and ran to my truck. I hit reverse and was speeding as fast as my truck could go, down the road. Soon, I could hear the ocean from the first beach, giving me a sign that I was near my best friends house. I stopped my truck in front of the house, confused why Jake didn't come out to greet me. I knocked on the door, once, twice, three times…someone answered on the fourth knock. Jake.

He still had his eyes closed, his huge hands balled into fists while rubbing his eyes. He opened them and my air supply was instantly taken away as he crushed me into a bear hug.

"Jake…Jakey… Can't…Breathe.." I wheezed. He laughed and let me go. I swear, he and Emmett would be trouble. He looked me up and down, finally settling on my eyes.

"You cut your hair." He stated.

"Technically, it was Rosalie." I said.

"I like it. It suits you." He complimented.

" Thanks Jake." I said, cracking a smile. I guess we were cool.

"Come in Bells." He said gesturing towards the living room. I walked in, sitting down on the comfortable cushion. He sat down beside me, the couch bending under his weight.

"I came here to apologize. You were right." I said, looking down at the floor.

"I accept. So he left again, huh?" He asked, probably hopeful.

"Yeah, I made him leave." I mumbled. He looked confused. "I found out some pretty interesting things about him. So I broke up with him. He ran away. Again." I explained.

"Good." He said harshly. I looked up at him.

"I'm sorry." I apologized again.

"Hey, don't worry about it. we're cool right?" He asked.

"Yeah, we're cool." I said. We talked about nothing in particular. I told him about the 'Vampire Government/Mafia.' He laughed at the name.

"So I take it, the Cullen's are back, eh?" He asked.

"Yeah…" I whispered. "Oh. That reminds me. Carlisle wants to form some kind of an alliance to hunt Victoria down." I said.

"Well, that's not a bad idea actually. But that's not my say. Sam wants her gone as well… although I don't know if he'll be pleased about the idea. Ill ask him later." He assured me.

"Its good you woke me up when you knocked on the door. If you didn't, I would be late for the Bonfire. Oh. Hey, You wanna come? Emily has been dieing to see you. Leech lover or not. Quil phased too. Sam is a bit angry at you. Or more like you 'hurting' me. But Ill explain everything. Or you know what? Ill phase and let them know. Sam's on patrol now. Wait here a sec. Ill be back." He said. He stood up and walked out the back door, already unbuttoning his shorts. I looked at the living room. It was kind of untidy so I did what I was good at. I cleaned. Well, not really cleaned. Just tidied everything up. I threw the cover tilt in the wash, in the mean time doing the washing. I washed the dishes and went to sit down. Wow. That didn't take long. Five minutes. Jake came in then.

"Sam said you can come. I have a surprise for you, by the way." He said, chuckling evilly.

"What surprise? You know I hate them." I whined like a three-year-old.

"Oh you'll like this one." He assured. What could it possibly be?

"Fine." I huffed. "Go get ready mister. Don't wanna be late. It starts in few minutes."

"Shit!" He yelled.

"Language!" I scolded him.

"Pshh." He teased running to his room.

"Don't you dare to 'Pshh' me Jacob Black!!" I yelled, joking of course. Laughter came from his room. Seconds passed and he was out of his room. He wore dark jeans and a normal tank top. I walked to the door, shutting it in Jake's face and ran to the beach. Of course, he was faster than me. He catched up to me, swinging me over his shoulder, while laughing and running faster. I screamed so loud that I was sure Forks heard. We eventually reached the beach, and I realized it was getting dark. It looked lovely. The fire and its dusk were shimmering through the night air, making a comfy, home looking setting. The Elders were there. Old Quil, Sue Clearwater, and Billy. He smiled kindly at me. Emily was bringing more and more food from the house. All the guys seemed to be eating it with their eyes. Sam was helping Emily , and when he saw me, he gave me a nod and a friendly smile. Embry and Jacob were now sitting beside Leah, probably trying to flirt. She just laughed at their tries. Jared and a pretty Quileute girl were sitting beside the fire, whispering to each other. She had these pretty hazel eyes. Her light russet skin had some freckles covering her, making her look exotic. Seth was talking to Sam about something, so Paul took over his job and helped Emily. Jacob walked up to me, smiling at someone behind me.

"So what's my surprise?" I asked cheekily. His eyes held joy now.

"Surprise, Surprise!!" Someone yelled from behind me, I saw no other than Quil Ateara Jr. .

"Quil?" I asked in surprise.

"Yep." He said. Popping the 'p'. I ran to him and gave him a hug.

"Its so good to have you in on the secret!!" I squealed.

"I know. I feel ashamed to be judging Sam before I phased. But now I know the truth. That reminds me. I should be pissed off at you." He said , crossing his arms over his chest.

"Why?" I said confused.

"Because. You're dating a leech." He said.

"Uh… correction. Dated." I corrected. "I broke up with him today." I said. Proud of my self. He smiled widely and spun me around.

"Good." He said, and then ran to talk to Embry. I turned to Jacob.

"You were right. I did like this surprise." I said.

"Told ya." He said chuckling. I walked over to Emily.

"Hey Em. Jacob said you missed me!" I said cheerfully. Emily ran over to me and smiled while hugging me.

"Yes. I did Bella. So how was Italy. Meet any hot vamps?" She said, winking at me. I heard a growl from behind Emily. I looked there, and was met by the most beautiful, chocolate eyes I have ever seen. I was lost in their depths. His eyes weren't the only attractive features. His lips, to soft looking . His nose, straight, perfect. His cheekbones, His eyebrows were furrowed for a second, and then his eyes changed into pure love .

And then I realized, it was Paul. What hell just happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Emily, Sam, Jared and who I guessed to be Kim, smile. Billy had looked at me with knowing eyes.

"Story Time!" Billy announced. Everyone sat down. I sat beside Leah. Me and Leah have always been good friends. Me and her always went to feed the ducks in the ponds while Harry and Charlie went fishing, when we were eight. Well Leah was nine. She was a year older than me. She smiled at me. Emily sat on my other side and Sam behind her. Paul sat beside Sam. On Leah's right side, sat Jake, then Embry, Quil, Jared and Kim.

And the Legends began. I had to say, The Third Wife, was my favorite. Billy's voice was magical, plus adding the fire, the forest, and the soft crashes of waves to the shore, made it more realistic. I found my self in the times of the flood.

Too soon, the stories were over. All the boys plus Leah rushed to te table with food and started placing food on their plates. Leah brought me a hot dog.

"Thank Lee." I said, using my childhood nickname at her.

"No problem Bells." She assured. Sam was sitting on the logs beside Emily and he kissed her on the lips. I looked at Leah, already knowing her story. She looked down, a single tear rolling down her beautiful russet skin. She looked up at me again and smiled. I smiled back.

The bonfire was great. It was funny as well. Embry dug in to his what looked like fifth hot dog, it fell down on the ground and he picked it up quickly, mumbling something about a three second rule. I laughed at that. Sometime into the bonfire, Sam, Paul and Jake started wrestling on the cliffs. Everyone made a circle and cheered for them. Seth went back to the house to get a drink. He came back with a can of Mr. Pepper , tripping and landing on me. Me , being the nearest to Leah, pushed her by accident, and she landed in the group of the wrestling boys, sending them right off the cliff and into the cold water. Nearly everyone was near hysterics now. Few seconds later the boys came up the beach, choking on water, their face showing pure shock. Sam came up to me and growled playfully before walking up to Emily and giving her a kiss and starting to tickle her. Jake was next, shaking and drying like a dog.

"Seriously Jake, you act like a real dog." I managed between giggles.

"Woof, Woof." He answered which made me giggle even more. What made me stop was another figure walking down the beach. I knew it was Paul, but I just couldn't stop staring. My eyes trailed every single muscle in his arm. Hi chest was my next aim. That nicely developed six pack. Oh and that delicious looking, tempting V.

"Like what you see?" Someone giggled in my ear. I turned around and saw Leah.

"Shut up Leah." I growled.

"Aww… Is the little kitty angwy?" Leah cooed. She laughed harder. "No offense Bells. I just couldn't resist." She explained. Everyone sat down, the boys already dry.

"Ok. Everyone, we have two announcements." Sam said, and everybody went quite. He continued. " First of all, We welcome three new members of the pack. Leah, Seth and Quil." Everyone clapped. " And we will congratulate Paul, for imprinting." He finished. Everyone clapped louder, some even 'whooping'.

"What's an imprint?" I asked confused. Everyone went quite now. Sue spoke.

"Its one of the things that wolves do. Its when you find your soul mate. Now, it doesn't mean that you have to be together. You could be friends, best friends or even siblings. But imprinting is just easing your way of life. Choosing the one person for you that could never hurt you, or leave you. Imprints feel each others pain as well. You could start out on being friends, and then grow. But you will always most likely end up together." Sue explained. I listened with wide eyes.

"Are there any positives?" I questioned.

"Well of course there are a few. You find you soul mate, your protector." She said. "Oh and of course, as long as your wolf phases and you um… have a… intimate relationship, you don't age." She said, rather embarrassed. Wow.

"So, who has Paul imprinted on?" I asked Sam. I heard Paul gulp.

"A girl." He said. His voice was so smooth yet husky.

"Wow Paul. I feel like I've known her all my life." I said sarcastically, liking the way I said his name. He turned to me.

"Oh believe me. You do." He said, still not helping. Who could it be. The only girl that beside my mom that I know, is Leah.

"Leah?" I said, couldn't help but feel jealous. He smirked, guessing by my tone.

"What!?" Leah exclaimed. "Totally 'Eww!'" She yelled, mock wiping her arms and moving away from Paul. Paul's face went serious. He bit his lip and said.

"I want that girl to have a choice." He whispered, and then took off to the woods. Few seconds later, a piercing howl filled the tension. Why didn't he want to tell me? Why was I hurt by that. My stomach started to hurt badly, it was hard to breathe. I was picked up, and carried to a bedroom. I heard the Elders leave, and Jacob went with them. And then the Pain came again.

Leah POV.

I phased, I couldn't control my self any longer. That fucker, her fucking imprint her. He was meant to fucking protect her for gods sake.

Where the fuck are you?!-Me

Go. Away. Leah.- Paul mumbled.

Not a chance you fucking idiot. You hurt her! You want to see what happened to her? Huh? Do you?- I asked, but it was too late. The moment Paul left flooded my mind, Bella laying on the ground. It played like a 3D movie. Paul whimpered

Good. I hope it hurts deep you dick head.- I screamed louder.

I mean, shit. Stop fucking hurting! It hurts her too. Think about that.- I begged.

Fine. Phase back Leah. And tell her Ill be there soon.- He said.

I phased back, pulling on a sundress that Emily gave me.

"So where is he?" Emily asked worried.

"He's coming back." I said with a smile.

"Ugh. Good." She said while we walked into the house. We walked into the spare guestroom and stared at Bella who was lying there, lifeless. And the Paul came in, his eyes, instantly on Bella. Her heart stopped beating so fast now. I dragged Emily out of the room, but before shutting the door, he said.

"She'll be alright. Ill help her." He whispered.

"Oh you better, you fucking idiot." I said harshly, he rolled his eyes and shut the door on me.

Bella POV.

I heard a door shut and opened my eyes instantly . There by the door, in all his glory, was Paul. He turned to me, and his worried expression turned to relief. He sighed in relief and went to sit by my bed.

"We need to talk." He said.

"Yes, we do. Answer my questions. Why didn't you want to tell me who you imprinted? And why was is to hard to breathe when you left? And when you came back, why did I suddenly feel all better. What the fuck is this shit?" I swore, which made me blush. Paul chuckled.

"Well, uh… Look Bella. Please don't run from me when I tell you this okay? It'll hurt." He explained. Was he a serial killer or something? I nodded.

"Promise." I said.

"Ugh. Look, I don't want to take your free will okay? God Bella, I imprinted on you ." He said, stressed out. Oh god, what have I done? I just took away his will, he wouldn't love anybody else beside me. The broken goods. I felt a tear run down my cheek. Paul wiped it away, but left his hand there.

"Why are you crying?" He whispered.

"Because I'm a monster. You got the wrong person. I'm nothing. I'm broken, Paul. You deserve better." I whined. He immediately stood up, and sat at on the bed. Pulling me into his arms.

"But I want you Bella. I want to make you happy. I want to follow you everywhere, to protect you. God Bella, Its been an hour, and I already am falling for you." He murmured.

I sighed.

"We have to go downstairs. Pack meeting." He said. I nodded, standing up and going for the door. Paul catched up and took my hand in his. We went down the stairs. Everyone was gathered in the living room. We sat down, looking at Sam.

"SO I take it everyone knows why we're here?" Everyone nodded except me and Paul.

"Well, all I would like to know is why Paul imprinted on Bella now, not before. We could have spared all the fucking Volturi shit." Sam said. "That reminds me. The fucking Vamp Mafia is out to get her." Sam added. Paul growled at that.

"Shit Bells. You actually are a real danger magnet." Leah laughed, but shut up when Sam gave her the look. Everyone went quite. Probably thinking.

"Well, I've seen how Bella looked like when she and Jacob started hanging out. I mean, when she first came to Forks, she was all happy and everything. And when the leeches left, she was pretty much.. Well… dead. Maybe its something to do with that. Maybe Paul couldn't imprint on her because…." Leah trailed off.

"Maybe because… Because her soul was too broken." Emily said. And I believed her. Everyone agreed.

"Before I left, Carlisle had an idea. He wanted to create an alliance, to hunt Victoria down. Since they're vampires too… they could possibly relate to Victoria now. Besides, Alice can see the future. That would help a lot." I said to Sam. He thought for few minutes.

"That would mean we would have to change the rules of the treaty." Sam said.

"Well, it would stop the killings Sam." I protested. He bit his lip, thought hard for a second before saying.

"That wouldn't be a bad idea actually." He decided. I smiled.

"Ill let them know later." I said, glancing at the clock. Eight P.M . Charlie said that I could take my time. But he probably didn't mean to stay that long.

"Well, I have to go I guess." I said, standing up.

"Ill take you home." Paul said, standing up with me. I agreed and we said goodbye to everyone.

"Tomorrow we're having a BBQ, come over!" Emily invited.

"Sure." I agreed with a smile. We were out the door after that. We walked to my truck, only a few meters from here and stepped into my car. Paul sat in driver seat and I let him drive without a protest. The ride was quite. Soon enough, we parked beside my old house.

I stepped out, with him behind me and stood on the porch. Neither of us talking.

"Well, Ill see you tomorrow." I said finally. He smiled.

"Yeah , see ya." He knelt down, and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and walke dinto the house, he was already gone of course.

That night, I dreamt of Paul. My soul mate.