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Now, To the Paul&Bella La La Land off we go…

I woke up, feeling rather all happy and everything, after yesterdays events. I stood up, running down the stairs, finding out that Charlie was already gone fishing with Billy. I made myself tuna sandwiches, glancing at the clock. 8 am. One hour, and work. Three hours, La Push. I smiled at that. I ate, drank some coffee and jumped in the shower. I wrapped my self in the towel after taking a shower. I put on some red lacy underwear, a white hello kitty tank top, blue skinnies, and red pumps. Heels, I know. But I guess my balance improved. I skipped over to the vanity and put on two red rings. One a flower, and one a stone. Both red. And I just couldn't resist putting on the red bracelet that said love on it. Renee got me that when I was sixteen. I walked down the stairs, to get a granola bar when there were few knocks on the door. I walked to open the door, revealing a very sexy looking bronze god/Paul leaning on the door frame. When he saw me, he flashed a smile.

"What're you doing here?" I asked curious.

"I uh.. Thought …I- maybe you'd like to spend the day with me? Before we go to the BBQ…" He trailed off rather embarrassed. I smiled confidently, that was cute.

"Paul look, I would really love to… but I gotta work…" I said with a frown. He looked up now.

"Oh." He said sadly. "Can I give you a lift?" He asked.

"Sure ." I said, walking into the house, taking the coat Alice gave me and shutting the door, locking it at the process. He smiled angelically. He held out his hand, and I took it. I looked at him properly now. He was wearing a black tank top, black faded jeans, and gray converse. He stopped on the edge of the road. I looked at what he was looking at. A black Ducati 1098.

"Oh no ,no, I am not riding on this." I said.

"Yes you are." He said cockily. "Just hold on and everything will be fine." I bit my bottom lip, finally agreeing.

"Fine" I huffed. "But if you go over 80, I'm letting go." I warned, of course joking. If he went faster, I'd hold on for dear life.

"As if." He murmured.

"What?" I asked confused. He smirked now.

"Imprints cant lie to each other." He explained. Damn.

"So no secrets?" I asked, embarrassed.

"None." He said confidently.

"Lets get going. I don't want to be late." I said. He lifted me by my hips, and sat me down on the end of the bike. A second later, he sat in front of me. He reached behind him, and grabbed my hands, wrapping them around himself. I leaned into him, putting my head on his shoulder and got comfortable. He gave my hand a stroke before letting go, and started the monster.

The drive was pretty nice and comfy, I would laugh out whenever he made a circle in the middle of the road, knowing that Charlie would probably have a heart attack by now if he knew. We reached the Outfitters, and I groaned. I guess the fun was over. I got of the bike, Paul hopped of too and a small smile spread on his face. I looked at the store, nothing special. I shrugged, saying a small bye to Paul and walked into the store, but instead of opening the door, I ran straight into it. Creating a probably nice bruise on my forehead. Paul was there instantly, picked me up and checked me over.

"Hey you okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine. Guess that fucking door is stronger than I thought." I mumbled. He laughed. I moved my hand over the bruise, and cursed silently as I winced at the pain. I removed my hand quickly after that. Paul smiled down at me and kissed it, leaving a tingly feeling. I sighed happily.

"So what are we going to do now?" I asked.

"Well, We were gonna hang out at the beach at one, until the BBQ. Its 9:30 now, maybe you want to go to Emily's?" He suggested.

"Sure." I agreed, walking towards the bike. Paul picked me up, and set me down on the bike and jumped on it after. My hands took their position again, and this time, Paul cupped one of my hands. And kept it there during the whole ride.

We drove along side the beach, the wind blowing through our hair, making Paul's scent flow my way. I breathed it in, the scent making me relax straight away. The mixture of woods, rain, and strawberries, making my mouth water.

Paul chuckled lightly as I sniffed his hair. He gave my hand a stroke and then the bike stopped.

"We're here." He announced. I whined. And he chuckled again. He let go of my hand, and they dropped to my sides. He got off the bike, and the I hopped off. He took my hand again and led me into the house, without knocking. Everyone was there beside Jake and Embry.

"Hey Bella!" Emily cheered followed by another cheer from everyone. Sam and Emily eyed our hands and smiled. I let go of Paul, hang my coat on the hanger and went to sit on the floor beside Leah. She smiled at me.

"I take it you didn't go running for the hills when Paul told you?" Leah asked.

"Nope." I answered. Paul came to sit beside me, his arm went behind me. I rested my head on his shoulder.

"So, what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Well, when the boys come back from patrol, we were going for a swim. And then we're having the BBQ." Emily explained.

"On the beach?" I asked curious.

"Yep" She answered. Good thing I packed my bikini from Phoenix.

"Cool. Haven't bee swimming on the beach since I moved here." I mused mostly to myself.

"Did you tell the leader of the Cullen's about the alliance?" Sam asked suddenly. Crap.

"Shit. Forgot." I cursed.

"Hey, Maybe you want to go to the beach early?" Leah asked everyone. Not a bad idea.

"That's not a bad idea. We can wait for Jake and Embry to get back from patrol, and we can go. Its 10:00 though. Two more hours." Emily said.

"Well umm…. Ill need my swimming suit anyway… I have to get home. Paul?" I asked, standing up and heading to get my jacket. Paul followed me.

"See ya in a bit Bella!" Emily called. There was a chorus of 'Bye Bella's' and one for 'bye boys'. Paul grabbed me and placed me on the bike, and when he got on, my hands went around him and I rested my head on his shoulders. He looked behind him, at me and smiled. I just looked at him innocently. He started the ignition and once again grabbed my hand, but this time, stroking it the whole way home.

He parked beside my old truck, and I got off immediately and ran for the door, unlocking it and running upstairs. I heard the door shut and yelled.

"Make your self at home!!" Knowing he will hear. I opened my bag with Phoenix Clothes, and started digging through it. I finally came across my purple bikini with black polka dots. I stripped from my clothes, and put on the bikini, and pulled on short denim shorts and a shirt that said 'I'm Taken' . I know. Cheesy. I put on my favorite black, flip flops and went downstairs. Paul was already sitting on the sofa, staring at nothing.

"God. Girls take a long time to get ready." He complained. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "Its been thirty minutes Bella." He explained with a smirk.

"Oh." I mumbled. I sat down beside him and his arms went instantly around my shoulders. "What are you going to swim in?"

"Crap, that reminds me. I have to go get change. Mind riding to my house?" He asked.

"Sure." I agreed. He stood up, bringing him with me. I took the keys and locked the door. Paul picked me up and sat me down on the bike again, holding my hand the hole ride. Soon enough we parked in front of a two-story house. It was brown and had a wooden door. He walked in first, me behind him and shut the door.

"Make yourself at home, beautiful." He whispered, kissed my forehead and then he was gone. I went to sit down on the creamy sofa and stared at nothing. I thought about everything Edward said. His lies. I replayed the familiar sentences in my head.

"Surviving. You, at least, made an effort. You got up in the morning, tried to be normal for

Charlie, followed the pattern of your life. When I wasn't actively tracking, I was… totally

useless. I couldn't be around my family–I couldn't be around anyone. I'm embarrassed to

admit that I more or less curled up into a ball and let the misery have me." He grinned,


He meant , letting the misery have his family. I smirked at my self. How could I believe his lies? That seconds, I heard someone go down the stairs. And there stood Paul, shirtless, with only surfer shorts. Hanging so very dangerously on his delicious hips. His V line, the irresistible six-pack… Yummier than caramel sundae. My eyes finally rested on his face, where a cocky smile took place.

"See something you like?" He asked confidently. I turned bright red and turned my head, embarrassed. I smirked then. I guess two can play a game. I stood up, walking carefully and seductively to him, swinging my hips a little.

"Yes, very much." I murmured, our faces inches apart. He started to lean in but I made my escape then. I ran for the door, and jumped on the bike quickly. Surprised it didn't fall over. Paul came out of the house, not bothering to lock it and went behind me. Wrapping his arms around me.

"That wasn't very nice Baby." He purred into my ear, making my face go red. His arms left me, and went to sit in front. I put my arms around him again, and this time, he took my hand and intertwined our fingers. I smiled at the gesture and gave his hand a light squeeze. He responded by kissing my knuckles. My heart started beating faster and I bet I saw him smirk. He started the ignition and we flew through air.

Around five minutes later, we were at Emily's house, I could also hear Jake's laughter coming from inside. I guess they finished patrol. Paul hopped off, me beside him. He leant down again and kissed my cheek, lingering extra two second . He leant back and had the most angelic smile.

I could die now, and be happy.

The familiar line flew through my head. And it was 100 % true. He took my hand, and we walked inside, not bothering to knock. The whole pack, plus the imprints were sitting in a circle. First, it looked like spin the bottle, with the bottle in the middle, but then I heard Embry dare Jake to kiss Leah. On the lips.

We sat down.

"Hey you want to play Bella?" Emily asked.

"Sure" I answered. Truth or Dare were my favorite since I was ten. Everyone made 'whoo' noises at Jake and Leah now. I turned around and saw them lean in and couldn't stop smiling. If they could only imprint on each other. It would make life so much easier. Jake kissed Leah for a while longer than he should have and then pulled away, both blushing red. Jake looked at Leah now, eyes full of love. Something's going on. And I'm gonna find out soon. Jake spun the bottle and it landed on me. How lucky.

"Kay Bells. Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Kiss, Punch or Torture." Jake asked. Hmm… I bit my lip, and said.

"Double Dare." I chose with a smirk.

"Aww Man! I had the most perfect dare ever." He whined. "Fine. I dare you too tell us the most intimate moment you ever had with anyone, and tell us his name." I blushed furiously.

"Fine" I huffed. I had one boyfriend other than Edward in Phoenix. His name was Jamie, but I didn't really love him. I was fourteen when we started dating. "Um.. I made out with my boyfriend when I was fourteen, his name was Jamie." I confessed. Paul gave my hand a squeeze, letting me know he was a tad bit jealous. I then looked at Jake. "So what about you?" I said. Jake smirked.

"I went a little further than making out. Her name was Maria. That was before we started hanging out." He said, beaming a smile. Leah got a bit angry. I spun the bottle, and I landed on Embry.

"Embry. Truth, Dare, Double Dare ,Kiss , Punch or Torture." I asked.

"Dare." He sighed.

"I dare you to call one of your friends from school and flirt with them." I said, grinning evilly.

"Easy." He smirked.

"I know. The person had to be the same gender." I said. His mouth fell. Embry turned to Sam with pleading eyes.

"A dare's a dare, Embry." He said,, chuckling darkly.

"Fine." He huffed, picking up the home phone. He dialed someone's number and put it on speaker.

"Hello?" Someone said.

"Hey Nick." Embry said softly, but rather seductively.

"Hey Embry, watcha doin?" Nick said.

"Oh , I don't know. Just talking to you…" Embry mused, and I let a little giggle free.

"Dude, you feelin okay?" Nick asked, rather confused.

"Well, now that I'm talking to you." Embry broke the ice.

"Ok, yer… well… see ya later man. Bye." Nick said quickly and hang up. Embry gasped, and said.

"Oh my! He just hang up on me!" Embry said in mock horror and glared at me. "Ok last spin and we're going to the beach." He spun the bottle and it landed on Quil this time."Quil, you know the drill." Embry said.

"Truth." Quil decided. Embry smiled a little.

"Quil, how many girls have you been with. As in together, together." Embry challenged. Quil turned red.

"Um.. I don't know. A few." Quil admitted. Everyone glared him down. "Fine fine, a lot, okay?" he confessed. Everyone laughed and stood up, and headed for the back door. Everyone walked out, with me and Paul at the back. His features, so very perfect on sunlight…

His chocolate eyes, His prefect nose, his delicious plump lips and the most sexy haircut ever. I giggled at my self. Bad Bella. Be thinking dirty thought = Bad Bella. I scolded myself mentally. Paul looked down at me, a smile playing on his lips. His hand reached down to take mine, and sparks flew that moment.

We finally made it to the sandy beach, the day being a perfect early summer. Emily unfolded and threw the six massive rugs down on the sand. Me, Paul, Jared and Kim sat down on one. Emily stripped down to her black bikini, looking like a pure goddess. I could see that her scars went down to her arms, but it didn't make her look bad. If anything, it made her look even more beautiful. Kim was next, revealing a white bikini with purple flowers. I, deciding not to be the odd one out, took my clothes off. Kim was staring at me now.

"Wow." She gasped, her eyes wide. I blushed furiously. Emily took my hand and dragged me down to the water, Sam, Jared and Embry along with Quil following. I dived somehow gracefully , others following me.

I raised up for air, only to come face to face with a wet Paul.

His chest, the perfect six-pack, and the V, all wet. He chuckled slightly and I raised my head to his eyes. I blushed once more before I felt something heavy bringing me down to water, it couldn't be one of the guys, since they would be much stronger. I raised up again and gasped and turned to see Kim near hysterics now. I growled strongly, but it sounded more like a cat growl, which made Kim and Emily laugh harder. I walked up to Paul, dragging him down by his shoulders, and whispered to him.

"Can you something for me?" I whispered, hopeful. He nodded. "Tackle Jared for me" I whispered, pulling away and biting my bottom lip. He nodded once again and dived, only coming up once for air and tackling Jared, full force. Kim gasped, turned to me and glared. I just laughed at her , Emily not hesitating to join in. Soon after that, Kim started laughing too. I saw that Jake and Leah were sitting on the cliffs together, laughing at something that Jake said. They looked quite cute actually. I was suddenly cut away from my thoughts as something lifted me up in the air and threw me in the water, me being smart, breathed in air before collapsing into the water. I stood up, to see an innocent looking Paul standing beside me.

" What was that for?" I pouted, making my lip quiver. He smirked gently, coming closer to me.

"I don't like watching my girl staring at another guy." He answered, in a whisper. He leaned down, our lips were nearly touching, but then someone had to interrupt.

"Guys, save it for later, we need some help with the BBQ." Sam shouted from the beach. Paul sighed, pulling away and taking my hand. We walked through water and finally made it to the sand. Paul ran to his bag, taking my towel, and his out and putting mine around me. He then quickly tried himself and threw his back in the bag. He took mine off and I raised my eyebrows.

"Ill help you." He whispered in my ear, making me shiver in pleasure. He wrapped his arms around me, and brought me to sit down on the huge rug. Sam walked up to us.

"Hey, aren't you going to help? Whatever, Relax then." He said and ran off towards the house. Jake came running to us, Leah hanging over his shoulder, while laughing loudly. He dropped her on the ground and went to sit on one of the rugs. She sighed, coming to sit beside us. I raised my eyebrows at her and Jake's behavior, but she decided to ignore me and act like it was nothing. Kim and Jared came then. Leah moved to sit beside Jake on the other rug. Sam came back with nothing a while later.

"We're gonna have the BBQ at the house instead, guys." Sam announced. Some of the guys whined something about being to hungry to even move their hands, but Sam ignored them and ran back to the house. Me and Kim stood up, watching Paul and Jared play 'scissors, paper ,rock' about who was going to carry the rugs, and Jared lost. Paul stood up and smirked.

"Piggy back ride?" He asked me. I grinned like a happy child.

"Sure." I agreed. Paul knelt down in front of me, and motioned to his back I jumped on him, and he grabbed my legs, just as I was locking my arms around him. He started running, leaving everyone behind. A very short while later, we made it to the house. Emily was in the kitchen, marinating her last chicken breast. Paul and me sat down on the table.

"Need any help Emily?" I asked her. She turned to me and smiled.

"Sure. Can you bring out the ready food out on the table outside?" She asked.

"Yep." I said with a smile, Paul followed me into the kitchen and helped me bring the food out. We were done in a matter of minutes. We walked back into the house, me sweating a bit and sat down on the chairs. Emily was already done her steaks and she smiled at us, taking the plate and walking outside.

"Hey, have you noticed how Jake and Leah are around each other? Like-" But I was interrupted by Sam's calling. The food was ready. Paul gave me a side glance, took my hand and led me outside.

There, all the boys were stuffing their mouths with food. The funniest was of Leah and Quil having a food challenge. And guess who won? Leah. Nice one Leah. Quil has just got beaten by a girl. Yep, keep that up hun.

I took a hamburger with some fries and went to sit beside Emily who was watching Sam and Jake wrestle. The most funniest thing was, Jake trying to go for the headlock, but Sam caught him by his ear and Jake immediately surrendered. They stopped wrestling, meanwhile me and Emily were done eating.

Paul came just as I wanted to sit on the cliffs with Emily.

"Paul's lucky to have you." She whispered, just as Paul made his way to us.

"Yes I am." He agreed as he sat down. Emily smiled at me and stood up, walking to Sam. Paul hung one of his arms around me and I instantly leaned into him. I sighed happily.

"You want to know the story of my life?" He asked quietly, although he sounded like he was in pain.

"Only if you want to tell me." I said, giving him a choice. I wont force him into anything. He turned to me and smiled angelically. He stood up, offering his hand, and I took it.

We walked down the beach, just enjoying each others presence.

" I was raised without my dad. He died before I was born." He began. "I had a pretty good life until I was 14. Popular at school, 'school hottie' they said." He pointed out. " My mum is a business woman. She travels a lot. She's gone for three months , comes back for a week and then is gone again. She send me money every week. But still, its nothing to me. I just want a normal mom, That will be there for me when I need her comfort, her scolding. Don't get me wrong, I like the freedom, but sometimes I wish she'd be there to ground me or something." He said, sighing sadly. " I used to complain to her about it. She promised me that she'll be there for me through the hardest. But she hasn't. She's in on the pack secret since my dad was a werewolf, she was his imprint. That's why I don't blame her for not being here for me. Its torture when your imprint is in pain. Now imagine your imprint being gone. Never coming back." He finished. I bit my lip, a bit hesitant.

What if he'd be surprised that I said it? Or maybe scared. I don't want too move to fast but, it needs to be said.

"I cant imagine my life without you now Paul." I whispered, blushing lightly. We stopped walking now. I looked down at my feet, thinking how stupid I was to say that. His hand came to my chin and he lifted my face slowly and gently. I was met by the most beautiful chocolate eyes and sighed. Paul pressed our foreheads together, our noses touching.

"Can I kiss you, Bella?" He whispered, his hot breath leaving tingling feelings over my lips. I nodded simply, waiting only a few moments before his lips came crashing to mine. I got this feeling inside me, like the imprint relationship reaching a new level, and smiled against his lips. My arms went around his neck, and got tangled in his hair, while his arms came around my waist, strong and full of protect. He lifted me up, and my legs came up around his waist, but he got caught off guard and we fell to the sand, lips never leaving.

His tongue ran across my top lip and I opened up, being rewarded by his hot breath. His tongue snaked into my mouth. He rolled us around, him now being on top of me. He removed his mouth from mine, and placed four innocent pecks on my lips and then pulled away with a smile. He stood up, pulling me with him and caught me in an embrace.

"That was the best kiss I ever had" He whispered in my ear. I could sense the smirk on his face.

"Definitely better than I ever had." I agreed. He pulled away and smiled, showing his perfect white teeth.

"Lets get back to Emily's" He said, already wrapping an arm around me and leading us back.

"Ok." I agreed. We walked through the door, and saw everyone sprawled across the living room floor. Embry, Seth and Quil were laying on the floor, wrestling. Emily and Sam , along with Kim and Jared were discussing another movie night on Friday, While Jake was sitting on the sofa, with Leah's head in his lap, watching TV.

Now, don't tell Leah, cause she will probably snap my neck after this but… Jake and Leah -would- look totally and perfectly cute together.

Me and Paul sat down on the sofa beside Leah and Paul, me taking Leah's feet on my lap. Leah looked at us.

"Collin's and Brady's mother called. They're heating up." Leah muttered. Paul moved his focus to Leah now.

"When?" He asked worried. Leah smirked evilly our way.

"When you two have been to busy sucking each others faces Paul." Leah giggled. Immediately looked at Jake, he tensed up, hurt evident in his eyes… but he quickly covered it up with a smile. My Jacob's smile.

"I'm happy for you guys." Jacob said in a weak voice, his eyes tearing up.

I know this is hard for him. He was in love with me since he was five. He's always been here for me, when Edward left, when Victoria and Laurent were so very close to killing me. He's been here through everything. And what do I do? Fall in love with his pack brother and best friend and shove it right in his face. I'm a horrible person. But I cant help the love I feel for Paul.

"I'm sorry Jake." I whispered, knowing he'll hear me.

"No. Don't. Don't Apologize. At least Ill know someone will always take care of you." He answered, with happiness. He turned to Paul. "Take care of my girl Paul. I trust you."

Paul nodded simply and pulled me closer to him. The whole room went quite and was watching the scene. Emily and Kim had tears in their eyes, Sam and Jared friendly smiles on their faces, Seth and Embry, with Quil stopped wrestling were watching us. Embry was the first to crack a smile. Leah stood up and hugged Jake. I looked at Paul with questions in my eyes but he just shrugged and looked closer at them. I then looked at Sam and Emily, both of their faces showed amusement, although Sam looked like he wanted to try and think harder. Maybe he's seeing what I am seeing.

The way they talk, the way the interact… the way they touch. They cant stop touching each other. And they're never apart. When they are, the light, the happiness , the life from their eyes is gone.

Or maybe its just me and my over-thinking-glitch-filled-mind.

Or maybe the kiss from Paul made me high. Although I highly doubt that, since I should be seeing rainbows, unicorns and fairy's.

I gave Sam a look that said 'we'll talk later about this' and then looked at Paul, who was leaning on my head. Sam stood up.

"Okay, so getting to the matter at hand, I guess the only way Collin and Brady are changing, is because there are new vampires around." Sam said. "Or maybe the little red-headed bitch is back. Or maybe she's sending other vampire's to check up on us. That means more patrol's . It'll be easier now that we have Quil, Seth and Leah. And Collin and Brady soon to join." He said, as a shiver ran down my spine.

"How- How old are they? Collin and Brady." I asked weakly.

"I know them, my mom knows their mom. They're 13." Embry spoke.

"13!? Are you kidding me!? They cant go fighting vampires at that age! They're only children, barely teenagers!" I shrieked, throwing my hands up into the air.

" I don't like that idea either. But they'll have brothers, Leah , Kim ,me and You to help them when they need us." Emily said. Leah spoke up now.

"We'll take care of them ." She whispered, looking straight into my eyes.

"When should they be phasing?" I asked. Sam bit on his bottom lip.

"Around 3-5 weeks." He answered after a while.

"Only a month to be happy teenagers." I sighed.

"Well, getting that crap over with, we need to do extra patrols, now even around forks. Bella can you ask permission from Carlisle to patrol across the border?" Sam said.

"Sure" I mumbled. "After I get home." I added.

"And well, since it looks like The red-head is back, we need to have one member of the pack around her at all times." Sam said.

"Wouldn't it be easier if someone enrolled at Forks High?" Seth pointed out.

"No. How would you explain if you had to sneak out if there would be an emergency Seth?" Sam asked.

"Okay. Bad idea." He agreed.

"We have woods just beside my school, someone could always patrol there. We have lunch at 12:30, so maybe someone could come over to my table and have some of my lunch." I said.

"Then we could have schedule. One pack member for a whole day + another pack member doing normal patrols. Okay, for it to be easier, everyone who wants to be doing patrols with Bella, hands up."

Paul's, Leah's, and Embry's hands shot up straight away.

"Oh fine." Quil grumbled as his hand shot up as well. Seth's followed closely.

"Good." Sam said. " I will be giving you days you will patrol, when Brady and Collin join, it will change. Monday-Leah , Tuesday-Paul, Wednesday-Quil, Thursday- Seth and Friday-Embry." Sam decided. Everyone nodded their heads.

"Looks like Leah , Embry and Seth are lucky. We have hotdogs Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays." I laughed out loud. Paul and Quil groaned loudly, while Embry and Seth 'whooped'. Leah just rolled her eyes. "But don't worry, we have pizza in Wednesdays and Tuesdays." I added quickly. Seth and Embry growled, while Paul and Quil laughed.

I looked at the clock, it was 9 p.m. Shit.

"Holy Shit. Its 9. Charlie is probably going crazy now. Forgot to leave a note" I remembered while standing up. Paul stood behind me. Emily ran to me and hugged me.

"Come over tomorrow." She begged.

"Sure Em ." I laughed. Jake waved with me, Leah and Seth hugged me, Kim , Jared and Embry waved longer, and Quil jumped up and hugged me, followed by a kiss on the cheek, to which Paul responded with a growl. I just laughed.

"See you tomorrow, Bells. don't forget to buy me a hot dog!" Leah yelled from the house. I laughed at that.

We walked to the bike, I sat down my self and Paul followed and sat in front of me. Some uncomfortable silence followed.

"Does- Does that mean you… uh… accept me?" He asked in a weak voice.

"Of course I do." I answered, confused by the statement. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Oh I can think of a few reasons." He stated.

"Well don't." I snapped. "I know what I'm doing. Somehow, I know you'll never hurt me."

"I never will." He vowed, and we took of through the air.

When we made it to my house, the lights were lit. And Charlie was on the porch steps, arms crossed over his chest. He had a scowl on his face, and I guess I was in trouble again. I hopped off the bike, and hugged Paul, as I whispered.

"Come over when Charlie's asleep, knock on the window." I whispered. He nodded and hugged me back, kissed my cheek, and then he was gone. I faced Charlie, and walked up to him.

"Hi Daddy." I said innocently. Charlie rose one of his eyebrows and stared.

"That was… Paul. Jake's friend." I said. He still didn't say anything.

"Look dad, I'm sorry I didn't tell you where I was going. The store was closed so I went over to Emily's and had fun with the Pa- Jake's friends. We went to the beach and had a barbeque. I'm sorry Dad. Please don't ground me." I begged. He stared for a couple of minutes and then smiled.

"Its okay Bells. I just… I was scared shitless. Did you hear about the disappearance of five people from Seattle? They're gone. Nothing left of them. I thought that something like that happened to you. Don't ever do that to me Bella. I was scared." He explained.

"Wow, wow, wow, wow…. What do you mean disappearance?" I questioned, biting my bottom lip. Charlie sighed and opened the door.

"Lets take this inside."

I walked through the door, and into the kitchen and both of us sat down at the table. I sat across from Charlie.

"I - We don't know what's happening. One day everything's perfectly fine, the other… well… Its horror. Five people disappeared already. In one day Bells. One day. We might be dealing with a gang. That's going to be a problem." He explained.

"Wait, you mean you have nothing? No foot prints?" I asked.

"No nothing." Charlie answered.

"Did- Did anyone… anyone see the person? Or gang?" I asked once again.

"No. We have nothing Bells. We don't know how to look, where to look, what to look for. We don't have anything." He sighed, rubbing his forehead.

It couldn't be, could it? Sam was right.

Victoria is back.

But this time, not alone.

I'm putting everyone I love in danger. I'm not with Edward anymore, she knows that. But why is she still after me. I don't matter anything to Edward. I sighed furiously, knowing I had to contact the Cullen's. And now Sam.

"Well um, Night Dad. I've got school tomorrow." I said, walking up the stairs.

"Night Bells." He called back. I ran up the stairs, and into my bedroom.

Now, what to wear, what to wear. I looked at my bed , bored. And there, lay a small package. I opened it. There was a small note from Alice.

You'll need it tonight ;).

Your sister forever,


I smiled at the note and put it aside, I looked inside the back, and found silky P.J. They were Black. A silky tight fitting Tank top and silky short shorts. I the bag under the bed and smelled the P.J. They didn't smell like Alice, instead they smelled of Straberry and Freesia… interesting. I wonder why? I laid them out and on the bed and ran to the bathroom, washing my face, teeth and brushing my hair. I stepped out of the bathroom, and stripped down from my bathing suit, and put on the P.J . They seemed to be comfortable. I laid down on my stomach and started reading my Wuthering Heights book. I heard Charlie turn the lights off and he walked up stairs. He knocked on the door and came in.

"Goodnight Bella. Watch out for yourself." He said.

"Sure Dad. Goodnight." I answered. He smiled at me and shut the door. I put away my book and turned the lights off. Not a while later, I heard Charlie snoring and sighed, wondering if Paul was really going to show up. Just at that thought? There was a knock on my window. I smiled and jumped of the bed, trying not to make any sound, and opened the window. There on the tree, stood my perfect Paul. Without a shirt. He must have ran. I stood out of the way, and he jumped in. I shut the window and ran into Paul's waiting arms. I pulled away from the hug and pulled him with me on the bed. Once he laid down fully, I climbed on top of him and snuggled in. His arms came around my waist and I sighed happily.

"Thanks for coming." I said. "I have something about Victoria. Might." I added.

"What?" Paul demanded automatically.

"Five people disappeared today in Seattle. They didn't find anything. Nothing. No footprints… No one saw them. It happened today. Brady and Collin started heating up today. Victoria is back. She might have been either feeding, or changing." I said, while biting my bottom lip.

"How did you find that out?" He asked.

"Charlie." I explained

"Oh. Ill protect you. You'll always be safe with me Bella." He promised. I sighed once again and climbed higher, leveling my face with his. I kissed his lips gently, and he kissed back. I didn't pull away, I continued my kisses, until he traced my lips with his tongue. I opened up and at the mean time, I snaked my tongue into his mouth and we both moaned at the contact. His hands went under my tank a little and I shivered from the warmth. He took that as an Invitation and rolled us over until he was on top. My hands traveled down his back, just as his hands caressed my stomach.

Unthinkingly, I pushed against him, creating some kind of friction. He stopped all movement that second, breathing heavily. I looked at him confused, and the familiar feeling ran through me.


My eyes filled with tears as Paul stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, running his hands through his hair.

"Did.. Did-Did I do something wr-wrong?" I stuttered. Paul faced me now, with a confused look on his face.

"What? No. It was me. We're moving to fast, I don't want you to regret it Bells." He sighed.

"Oh." Was all I managed to say. The bed sank against his weight, and I was surrounded by his arms. I leaned into them slightly.

"I'm sorry" I apologized.

"Its okay. Now I have to take care of a problem." He whispered, and I wasn't sure I was meant to hear that. I turned to him, and sat on his lap, facing him.

"What problem?" I asked confused once again. He bit his bottom lip and blushed slightly. I cocked my head to the side, still not knowing what was going on. Paul looked down now, and narrowed his eyes. I looked down, and saw nothing, since it was dark.

The only thing I could feel was his phone, sticking out. Why would he bring a phone with him?

"Paul whats going on?" I asked. Paul groaned loudly.

"You're not going to make me say it out loud are you?" He begged.

"Paul." I said sternly. Paul threw his head back and whispered/yelled.

"Fuck, Bella. You made me hard." To which I blushed tomato red. Did I really have that kind of affect on him? Wow.

"Oh.. I ..uh.. I'm.. I … Sorry.. I really didn't… Um… Mean too.." I stuttered. Paul brang his head back and kissed me hard.

"Guess I'm going to have to get you back bad… hmm?" He hummed. And I couldn't wait.

"I have to get back to sleep Paul. School tomorrow." I said. Paul sighed and laid down, bringing me on top of him. I kissed him once more, and said.

"Ill see you tomorrow right?" I said.

"Of course. I cant live a day without seeing you, My Bella." Hm… I like that name.

He sighed again.

"Sleep My Bella." He hummed. I sighed happily and let the sleep overtake my imagination

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