"Did you hear me? Quit stalling and make your move already!"

"When I'm ready!" the former Pharaoh shot back to an impatient Seto Kaiba.

The two of them had been engaged in a heated duel for a little more over a half an hour, with Yami in the LP lead at 7000 and Kaiba at 5000. They had been going back and forth in terms of skill and execution, but after several turns of tactical superiority, their aptitude was at a stalemate with their life points showing minimal difference between the other. Since Yami had received his own body, Seto had begun calling the game shop, demanding that they duel every now and then; regardless of the weather. In fact, the smaller male expected nothing different from his dueling equal than to receive a call completely out of the blue to have a battle with him. Through, rain, sleet, snow and sun, when Seto wanted a duel, he would send a limo out for Yami to bring him to Kaiba Corp.

Today was no different.

Cautiously, Yami's ruby-amethyst eyes skimmed over the cards in this hands then aimlessly floated over to the vast row of windows behind Kaiba. Large amounts of snow spiraled in its thick descent to the town below it, blanketing everything within the horizon in stark white. However, it wasn't the fact that Seto insisted he arrive during such a snowstorm that bothered Yami...

"Would you hurry up?" Kaiba barked, crossing his arms. Frowning slightly, Yami 's eyes silkily glided from the windows over to the impatient CEO, whose tawny hair was slightly matted against his forehead. "Eg-gow harr...," Yami murmured in his native tongue, ignoring the sweat lining his brow.

It was the heat.

Noticing his rival's gaze, Kaiba snorted haughtily. "Would you stop worrying about the heat? I told you it's being fixed, so forget about it and concentrate on making your move and ending your turn. I'm getting tired of waiting, Yami!"

"Very well," Yami complied, placing two cards face down and setting a monster in defense mode, "I end my turn. It's your move, Kaiba."

"It's about time." the taller male complained, drawing his next card.

Yami's wary exotic eyes studied Kaiba's every movement; reading the taller man's body language accordingly. He and Seto had dueled so many times throughout the past few years of their lives being entwined with the other's that the elegant former ruler could tell what card or set of cards his proud counterpart hand in his arsenal from just a simple gesture. And Yami was ready to counterattack the summoning that he knew would take place.

No monsters were on Seto's side of the field and Yami had one under his control. He pressed his lips together in a thin line while he gazed at Seto. The taller other voiced his actions as he executed them; his teeming blue eyes burning directly into Yami's. A faint and familiar smirk marked Seto's face. For a moment, Yami felt completely vulnerable to the other's predatory glare. The way the strands of russet and sepia acutely framed Seto's face and lightly clung to his skin only enhanced the intensity in his blue eyes; stirring an emotion within Yami's lithe body and causing his frown to deepen. Seto Kaiba was the only man Yami knew of that could appear as visually appealing as much as he proved as a formidable opponent. And he was the only man Yami would allow to taunt him in such ways; whether on purpose or not.

"In addition to placing a card face down, because you control a monster and I don't, I can special summon Cyber Dragon from my hand to the field in attack position..."

"Bottomless Trap Hole."

A dashing smirk curved Seto's lips. "Destruction Jammer," he mused, casually discarding a card from his hand.

Seeing this, Yami couldn't help but feel a pleased smile spread about his lips; both from being able to read Seto so well and from the resistance and retaliation his rival conjured.

"I knew you'd play that in response to my trap, Kaiba. So I play Solemn Judgment. By halving my life points..."

"Seven Tools, Yami." Kaiba countered in a smooth tone, allowing himself to lose 1000 LP from the card's effect.

"What?" Yami questioned incredulously.

"Oh please, Yami. Don't tell me you didn't see that one coming," he trailed off smugly, "You know me too well not to...unless you're losing focus."

"That is absurd."

"You're disappointing me, Yami." Seto frowned. It was true. Throughout all the times they had dueled, Kaiba had brought his best to the table and always remained bested by Yami in the end.

Although the arrogant CEO wanted to win against his greatest rival and worthiest opponent, wallowed in the depths of his soul did he yearn for Yami to continue to overwhelm him. With every duel, his entire being earnestly desired to be beaten, to be dominated in ways that he would allow only Yami to bestow upon him. If he received anything less from the captivating duelist, he would feel robbed of not only the satisfaction of a great duel, but cheated out of rather sensual stimulation as well. "You're getting sloppy."

Yami scowled at this, but he could not deny it. Blast the voluminous heat. It was manipulating his focus and marring his gameplay. But most importantly of all, it was disinteresting Seto.

Idly, his liquidy amethystine eyes looked over his cards to plan out his next moves for when his turn arrived.

But before long, for one of the rare times in his life, Yami was rapidly losing interest in their duel. The rippling incandescence washed over him in stagnant constant; tightening his leather and playing tricks on his eyes. It was just too hot in the office. He swore the heaters had to be beyond repair. It was so hot in that room alone, Yami contemplated leaving Kaiba Corp and going to stand in the frigid blizzard. At least then he would no longer need to worry about the heat of the office—but the hotness instead of his mouth hungrily against Kaiba's as they rolled around in the tranquil snow fighting for dominance. Yami's passion would be as pure as the freshly driven snow—and Seto would gladly be the only driver Yami ever had...


The shout of his name snapped Yami out of his dizzying trance. Shaking his spiky head, he gave Kaiba his full visual attention; not regretting his rather sensually distracting train of thought in the least. Perhaps the manipulation of the heat wasn't so unbearable as Yami originally thought. "I apologize, Kaiba. My thoughts are rather...scattered due to these conditional circumstances."

"Please," Seto snorted, " I thought you were born in Egypt? Even I can endure longer heat conditions than this." Seto claimed arrogantly, a flicker of a glint in his azure eyes that Yami couldn't read. And at the moment, he didn't care to. Closing his eyes for a moment to better calibrate his thoughts, Yami sighed. Once he regained his focus, his ruby-violet orbs trailed up to Seto, then at the monsters in attack mode on his side of the field. His eyes then darted to the slot in Seto's duel disk that led to the graveyard. Seeing Yami's violet-crimson eyes search the area, Seto pressed a button that ejected the formerly discarded cards into his hand and he spread the items in his hand so Yami could see them. And sure enough, he saw a Monster Reborn there. Not only did Seto pull off keeping his Cyber Dragon to tribute it, but he also utilized a Cost Down and discarded a card to normal summon the first Blue Eyes while using Monster Reborn to bring back one that Yami had already sent to the Graveyard earlier.

Much to Yami's dismay, the gaping maws of two 3000 ATK Blues Eyes White Dragons were staring him down. He had a trap set to specifically negate and destroy the summoning of such a monster, but the distraction of the heat, and Seto's allure, split his attention into threes.

His face twisted into an annoyed frown and he cursed to himself; an action that did not go unnoticed by Seto.

The mahogany-haired CEO enjoyed seeing his rival's face contort in frustration whenever they dueled. And from the summon of his most prized monster out on the field, a darkly appeasing smile slithered across his lips; showcasing a hint of his arousal. He'd be lying if being in this particular position of power over Yami with his favorite card didn't sensually stimulate him in some way. Seto loved seeing Yami's fiery desire and determined will to execute a great battle and to be able to keep up with his moves, if not be a few steps ahead.

Only Yami was allowed to best him in anything he excelled at. Inwardly and secretly, he claimed Yami to be his. His prize, his trophy, the ultimate that Seto would probably never be, himself. Steadily, his cobalt hues narrowed at his sultry obsession-incarnate, attempting to read Yami's now cocky demeanor. Seto said nothing while his studious eyes swirled within those alluring drops of amaranth.

"What are you doing Kaiba? Aren't you going to attack me?" Yami jested. The mocking tone in the former pharaoh's voice caused Seto to raise an amused eyebrow. He could have sworn the former pharaoh was taunting him, despite the firm tone of his voice. And that was an challenging exhilaration Seto refused to pass up. He knew Yami had to be bluffing, yet he had one remaining card face down and his life points had dwindled down to 3500 thanks to his Solemn Judgment play.

If Seto hadn't known Yami as well as he did, and based on Life Points loss, Seto would have believed he had this duel won. And while that may had seemed satisfying from the start, he would not forgive Yami for allowing him to beat him so easily.

But the smug smirk painted across Yami's desirable lips promised Seto otherwise. And in turn, a rumbling chuckle brewed in the taller male's throat. "And walk into a trap? I know you better than that, Yami..."

Hearing these words, Yami's eyes traveled wordlessly down Seto's broad torso and lingered just beneath the etchings of his belt before rolling back upto his face. Tauntingly, he quirked an eyebrow. "And I know you more than you realize. So what will you do?"

'You had better not lose this, Yami,' Seto thought to himself. Raising his hand dramatically, Kaiba commanded his first Blue Eyes to attack. Yami did nothing to stop it and allowed the powerhouse to annihilate his face down card, a Sangan. Quickly, Yami searched his deck for a card within the proper attributes and added it to his hand.

Seto eyed Yami with conflicted eyes. Part of him wanted to trust Yami's better judgment, while the other part was swiftly becoming thoroughly disgusted with this bleak turn of events.

'You had better win... I want you to beat me...' Kaiba feverishly thought, hesitating to have his second Blue Eyes to attack. Yami dutifully took note of this, but made no attempts to stop it. Instead he held out his arms and lifted his head high. "I'm waiting, Kaiba."

Aggravated now, Seto barked his order to his dragon. The light played about its garish scales as its long neck wriggled in the shape of the energy blast it prepared to unleash. Right before its projectile fired, Seto glanced over at Yami. The mighty king of games kept a confident look amongst his acute regal features; a look that he was glad to see Seto decipher the moment a booming white flash devoured his form. Seto bit his tongue to keep from calling out to his opponent and forced to keep a nonchalant expression as his piercing eyes searched through the clearing smoke. Soon, the proud silhouette of Yami was seen still standing tall and unscathed; his life points untouched. A wave of relief rippled throughout Seto and his eyes caught glimpse of the card that had saved Yami.

"Kuriboh..." Seto muttered.

"Oh yes." Yami smirked, holding the card between his pointer and middle finger.

The play was an obvious one, but nonetheless, it kept the game going.

"Finished with your turn, Kaiba?"

"Hnn" Kaiba scoffed, his haughty features returning and he crossed his arms. "Your move."

"Draw," Yami uttered, obtaining his next card.

Time stealthily seeped through the cracks of time as the two battled. When Yami pushed Seto to his limit's end, he returned the same to Yami with twice the intensity. Everytime Yami restricted Seto's powerful plays and ebbed the strength of his strategies, the taller man could not fight back the low salacious growls that thrived in his throat. He lived for this type of engaging thrill that he only received from Yami. And after each duel he always wanted more. And Seto wouldn't dare say it, but he was certain the heat was manipulating his thoughts as well. His frigid-hued orbs glinted as they narrowed at Yami's slender form; glided discreetly over the lightly tanned skin and whispered through the thick locks of hair framing his face. Kaiba had always taken notice of Yami's attractiveness for a male, but he had never actually given it this much attention until now. He didn't much care for being sexually attracted to an individual of the same gender, but he found Yami to be an alluring exception. He wondered what thoughts Yami had towards him in that context.

Several more turns passed and Yami's LP was at a mere 100 while Kaiba's stood at 3000. Kaiba had plus four field advantage over Yami with a Majestic Red Dragon and his 3rd Blue Eyes, tribute summoned by Kaiser Sea Horse, and 2 face down spell or trap cards. As for Yami, there was one card in his hand and 2 face downs on his side of the field. The lithe male could feel tiny rivulets of sweat trickle down his face, but not from the duel. The situation was a typical one for him and Kaiba, so he was used to it, but the heat was becoming too much. Dueling Kaiba demanded all of his attention, but he was becoming too distracted for his, and Seto's, likes. In fact, the tawny-haired male eyed Yami with frigid stern eyes. It was obviously apparent from the way the duel was going, he was feeling cheated out of what started off as a promising duel.

But for Kaiba and himself, he was going to win this duel.

"My turn, draw." Yami called, his sonorous voice showing obvious sounds of fatigue, but once he held the card between his fingers, a knowledgeable jolt coursed through him and his features brightened.

"Yes..." Seto murmured, recognizing the look all too well.

Both he and Yami knew that this turn would be Yami's last for this round. With perfectly acute and precise fluid motions, Yami brought the card to the center of the duel disk. His actions were executed like perfect prose, as he played out his final turn. "First, I activate the Shooting Star Bow-Ceal and equip it to your Majestic Red Dragon. It loses 1000 attack points, but allows you to attack me directly...but because this is my turn, that effect is nulled. Next, I activate Snatch Steal, taking control of your Blue Eyes, thus allowing you to gain 1000 life points."

Smirking, Kaiba shrugged. "It's not like its going to matter."

Yami nodded in agreement. "I couldn't agree with you more."

"Hnnn" Seto mused.

"Now, I play the spell card Axe of Despair and equip it to my Blue Eyes, making it's attack 4000. And because I have not normal summoned, or special summoned a monster this turn, I play Dark Magic curtain and pay half my life points to bring out Dark Magician!"

"Yes...!" Kaiba smiled darkly, chuckling to himself. "Very commendable, Yami. You've managed to get not only my prized Blue Eyes on your side of the field, but also your Dark Magician as well from nothing. I'm impressed."

"You'll be more than impressed once I'm finished with you, Kaiba." Yami taunted, a thick hint of allure in his tone that he meant as a challenge. "Then show me," Seto dared, spreading his arms invitingly. And for that brief fleeting moment, Yami imagined what it would be like binding those arms in tight leather while he pressed his bare chest against Seto's. The thought alone tightened his pants and only enhanced the taunting look that broadened his majestic features.

He would have to keep that particular thought in mind for a later date.

Triumph swam in his liquidy eyes as he pointed his finger at Seto and commanded his monsters to attack. "Blue Eyes White Dragon! Attack with White Lightning and destroy his Majestic Red Dragon!" With no other choice but to obey, the shiny white dragon reeled its head back and opened its mouth wide. Seto's eyes widened and his mouth grew into an expectant, almost perverse, grin. The sight of his Blue Eyes taking orders from his greatest rival appeased him greatly. A hearty laugh bubbled its way through his chest as the engulfing attack collided with his syncro monster, sending blinding after shocks his way.

Yami didn't miss a beat.

"Dark Magician, give Kaiba a direct attack and wipe out the rest of his life points!" Yami chirped, emphasizing his words of victory. At his master's command, the Dark Magician twirled his wand in his hands like a light baton and pointed its jeweled tip at the guffawing Seto Kaiba. "Dark Magic Attack!" Yami commanded, forcing the hologram familiar to set forth a crackling blast of dark energy at Kaiba. The taller male continued to laugh soundly, and proudly, as his life points dwindled down to zero, "Yes, Yami! This is exactly what I expected from you! Only you can make me feel this invigorated to duel!" Accepting the compliment, Yami smiled faintly and rested his hands at his sides. "Thank you."

"But don't think just because I enjoy our duels together, that I'm going to let you off so easily."

Curiously amused by not only Seto's words, but the suggestive timbre of it, Yami quirked an eyebrow. "What do you have in mind, Kaiba?" the former pharaoh voiced in a smooth, deep tone that was very inviting. A chuckle settled in Seto's throat. "The remainder of our duel! What do you think?" he gestured elaborately, "Last I checked, this was a match. We've got one more round to go, Yami."

"That is true."

"And I don't appreciate the way you lost your focus back there... It almost cost you your victory and I don't like that. Am I not a worthy enough opponent in your eyes anymore that you think you can duel me so carelessly?"

"No, Kaiba, that isn't it."

"Let me guess, it's the heat, right?"

"Well, yes." More or less, that was the truth.

"I don't want to hear it, Yami." Seto warned, removing his deck from the duel disk and shuffling for the next round.

Sighing, Yami wiped the sweat from his brow and followed suit. If Kaiba wanted to be dominated by him so much, he would give him exactly that. At the start of the new round, Yami went first by playing Skilled Dark Magician in attack mode. Seto placed one facedown and a monster in defense mode.

By the draw of his next and second turn, Yami's regal eyes drifted over the design of the card before shifting to Seto. "I'm afraid I must end this duel now, Kaiba."

"What?" he demanded, surprised as he was enticingly intrigued. It was only Yami's second turn and already he had the duel won? Seto could feel the stir of the excitement bloom in his pants, demanding to be stroked. Smirking arrogantly, Yami flashed Seto the card he held in-between his fingers.

Card Destruction.

And from that one card, Yami finished the duel in that one turn. First, he used Nobleman of Crossout on Seto's facedown, removing it from play. Next, he used Monster Reborn on the Magician of Black Chaos that was discarded to the grave by Card Destruction. Seto tried to activate the trap Skill Drain, but it was promptly destroyed by the quick play Mystical Space Typhoon. With Skill Drain gone from the field, Yami reacquired the Monster Reborn and used it to resurrect his Dark Magician Girl that was also sent to the grave by Card Destruction. And from the usage of at least 3 spell cards with Skilled Dark Magician on the field, Yami had accumulated enough magic counters to tribute it for the Dark Magician in his deck. Yami's elegant fingers floated over the last few cards that remained in his hand and plucked the last addition to his combo. Magic Formula, which he equipped to Dark Magician Girl.

In just one turn, Yami was able to summon the 3 main monsters in his deck and they all stared down Seto with ranging emotions. The Dark Magician Girl blew Seto a kiss, to which he would have cringed at if he wasn't so immersed into Yami's spectacular play. The Dark Magician simply looked at him with one eye opened and the other closed nonchalantly and the Dark Magician of Chaos merely glowered at him before distantly adverting his gaze elsewhere.

"Oh god yes, Yami" Seto murmured, his fists clenching in response to desiring to be put to use in another way. At this, Yami's attention was placed firmly on Seto. Crimson-violet met intense glacial blue. Yami could clearly read the other's eyes as they demanded a boon only he could make come to pass.

Give it to me now.

With a single swing of his hand, the trio of Dark Magicians leapt into the air and spun amongst the other, creating a spiral of multi-hued energy. But Seto could care less about the light show. His eyes were rooted deeply into Yami's. Those taunting rich carmine orbs glimmered with allure and fascination Seto had never witnessed in such profoundness. He wanted to throw his duel disk aside, grab Yami by the hair and force him into a rough and searing kiss; to best him the only way he was able to.

He throughly yearned to free the pleasurous pain that throbbed between his thighs and relinquish its bridled propensity all over Yami's willing body.

He wanted Yami. Badly. He had always secretly wanted him. Seto was certain that he was able to keep his actual emotions under wraps and in check, but what of Yami? Seto had no idea of the thoughts that ran through Yami; the very embodiment of his bottomless desire.

What cravings lingered beneath that composed demeanor and lurked behind those luscious enigmatic eyes? Those mystical warm-hued globes glistened in response to Kaiba's silent questions as if the smaller male could read his mind. But Seto was only able to catch a glimpse of it before his vision was obscured by a blinding flash of black, red and pink

"Game over." Yami redundantly announced, again resting his arms at his sides. As he did, the holograms dissipated and Kaiba's life points hit zero. After the duel was finally over, the full intensity of the heat in the room fell upon Yami's body like a shroud and he began to pant slightly. Once the after effects of the attack cleared, Yami wasn't surprised to see Kaiba's respiratory flow following the same pattern as his own. The only difference between them being in the curve of a satisfied smirk on Kaiba's face.

His cool eyes beheld Yami with rather appeased acknowledgment. And from seeing his rival so contented, Yami couldn't help but feel himself return the gesture and smiled in response. No words were spoken within that moment and none needed to be. An equal understanding of respect and skill settled between them throughout their silence. But as the seconds passed, the density of the heat slithered up Seto's torso and clawed at his neck. In retaliation, he lifted to fingers to the top of his black turtleneck and tugged on it; a futile effort of attempting to cool himself down.

Airy wispy breaths continued to flutter from inbetwixt Yami's lips as he noticed the heat finally getting to Kaiba. Then, an idea hit him.



"Let us duel again"

"Again?" the taller male echoed curiously, "And here I thought you were losing interest."

"Consider this: for each time one of us takes life point damage, we must discard an article of clothing."

A devilish smile crept across Seto's face, accenting the damp strands that framed it. The idea sounded obtuse, but interesting all at once.

"Are you suggesting that we play strip Duel Monsters, Yami?" he inquired with a dash of dubious sarcasm lining his tone. Yami blinked, pausing to let the sound of those words marinate in his head. "I'm suggesting that we have a duel and help ourselves in gaining some relief from this heat," he added smoothly, then lowered his tone an octave, "if that's all right with you, Kaiba."

Seto's eyes narrowed immediately from the mischievousness spoken in the shape of his name and pulled out his deck to begin shuffling it. "Hmph. Whatever. Do as you please." A dark smirk played about Yami's face at this comment. His eyes lingered on Seto's large hands and the way his long fingers skillfully shifted through his cards before traveling lower. Casually, Yami brought his eyes back upto Kaiba's while he switched some cards from his main deck to his side deck.

"And I will. With excellent results." he mused.

"Duel!" they both announced.

About 3 turns into the battle, Yami had already set up the new engine of his gimmick for this duel: two Tolls and an activated Bad Reaction to Simochi trap card. Seto's eyes contracted slightly at the combination, and he smirked tauntingly at the idea of Yami being so eager to initiate such a thing. He'd never even seen the former pharaoh touch a burn deck before, but the fact that it was happening now aroused him. Seto summoned his second monster, but chose not to attack, wanting Yami to work for removing any of his clothes. The heat was no longer an issue, as now it was easily ignored with the emphasis of focus being on the two males in the room and the subtraction of their clothing.

On Yami's next turn, he drew and played Upstart Goblin. And thanks to the Bad Reaction to Simochi card, any life points Seto would have gained, he lost instead. The indigo-eyed male smirked nonchalantly as he lifted up his right arm and casually removed the silver bangle from it. Without much passion, he let the piece drop to the carpeted floor, where it rolled off in an aimless direction. On Kaiba's next turn, he burned himself for 1000 to attempt to attack Yami for 3000 with his Blue Eyes, but ended up with the attack slamming right back into him due to a smugly played Magic Cylinder by a very cocky Yami.

Growling a bit in frustration as well as excitement, Seto removed 3 of the arm-belts from his attire, grinning darkly at Yami the whole time. He wasn't going to satisfy his desirable rival so easily. Yami caught hint of this, and smiled mischievously. If that was the way Kaiba was going to be, he knew exactly how to bend him to his will, as well bring the CEO to his knees. Several turns later, in addition to Seto's remaining arm, and leg, bangles being taken off, his overcoat was also removed and tossed to the side. For Yami, he finally received some damage and eagerly rid himself of the jacket that framed his shoulders. A small bottle of lotion he brought with him to ease his skin of the harsh burn of the cold nearly popped out of one of the pockets, but neither of them gave it any mind.

The next item to go was one of Yami's shoes. Following, was Seto's boots, then both of Yami's belts. As the duel neared it's finale, Yami activated the trap The Paths of Destiny. The outcome of the required coin flip didn't matter, and Kaiba ended up taking 2000 direct damage. He grunted from the impact and gazed at Yami with mixed emotions. He knew that both of them would end up showing some kind of skin from this duel, but he never would have expected him being the one showing the most.

"Kaiba..." Yami softly chastised, pointing to Seto's chest. "You know what to do."

"Hnnn" Seto scoffed, narrowing his eyes at Yami. Taking hold of the bottom of his shirt, he pulled the hot fabric upwards slowly. Yami watched with intent half-lidded eyes as the light skin of Seto's abdomen peeked out. The former pharaoh felt his lips moisten from the sight as more of the slightly muscled flesh was revealed to his hungry eyes. Perfectly sculpted abs and a lean chest the great Michaelangelo himself couldn't have chiseled more superior got the better of him and Yami's eyes refused to tear away from the sight. Tugging the shirt upto his forehead, Seto paused, feeling Yami's prowling eyes graze over his heated skin. A faint smirk marked his lips before he yanked the shirt over his head; his mahogany locks shimmering with a thin sheen of sweat that caught in the lights above.

Enticed, the tip of the lithe male's tongue peeked out and laced the curve of his bottom lip. His thoughts held no boundaries between the reality that was unraveling before his eyes and the brewing desires he yearned to ignite into fruition.

He imagined Seto's mahogany locks drenched with sweat while his arms and legs were bound at the wrists and ankles; his body hovering above the floor secured with chains. His nudity wouldn't linger as a thought in his mind as he would writhe and boast needy moans from his throat while getting his thick ivory essence suckled right out of him.

A drop of sweat glided down the side of Yami's face as his imagination continued to run wild with such vivid imagery a little longer as he seamlessly made his next play. On the verge of possibly losing his pants next, Seto glanced at the cards in his hand while his mind swiftly sifted through numerous possible moves that he could make. However, the outcome of all of them remained the same, with his rival as the victor, and leaving him with a serious lack of clothing. A low amused sound fluttered in his throat and his indigo eyes trailed upto Yami's. Those exotic quixotic orbs glinted with smugness Seto could could only partially decipher. He saw challenge wavering in those inviting orbs in one second, and the next a flash of a silent desire ghosted over them like a gossamer whisper. Seto's eyes narrowed at this finding, determined to discover just what bizarre, and interesting, thoughts ran through his rival's head.

And Yami was more than eager to show him.

Their duel went back and forth for 3 more turns, with Yami in the lead. He was still clad in the majority of his clothing, with the newest exception being the removal of the remaining shoe and a sock.

He had been enjoying his toying with Kaiba a bit too much, with not only the nagging effects of Toll and other burn cards, but by building up magic counters on his Dark Red Enchanter and removing them to make his rival discard a card from his hand. But Yami decided that their little game had gone on long enough. He now wanted more from Kaiba than what a duel could satisfy him with. He could only imagine that Kaiba felt somewhat the same, if not completely.

And from gazing into those cool-hued eyes, Yami could tell exactly what dark desires loomed within Seto's being and what stirred his loins. Raising his hand in signal to his monster, the former prince parted his lips to speak, "I give up 1000 Life Points..." Yami rid himself of his remaining sock and grabbed the hem of his thin top, beginning to pull it over his head. Much to Seto's surprise, Yami's shirt came off rather easily. Tossing the garment aside, Yami shook his head freely, much like a woman would after relinquishing a towel from her damp tresses after bathing. His blonde bangs bounced weightlessly about the composed form of his face and enhanced his exotic beauty tenfold the moment his contrasting red-violet opals revealed themselves.

Seto nearly choked on his own breath once he realized how long he had been holding it.

His hands immediately balled into fists from the alluring sight, as well as in frustration for not being able to run his fingers through those downy locks.

A silenced pause scampered through the room as the two locked gazes with the other, neither moving an inch. An eternity could have eked by and the two of them would not have cared in the least. However, this duel needed to end. Not moving his eyes from the glacial orbs that swam in the gaze of his own warm hues, Yami pointed to his monster. "... Dark Red Enchanter, attack Kaiba directly." he finished, making sure to voice that name with sonorous emphasis. By Yami's command, the elaborately robed spellcaster aimed his weapon at Seto and rushed towards him. The tip of his arcane staff glowed with latent magic that doubled in size before it was released. Amethyst never left cobalt as the swirling mass of the attack engulfed Seto's form. Welcoming the attack, he spread out his arms. Then, for that moment, he allowed his lids to crumble to a close relishing in another defeat at the hands of Yami.

In the recesses of his mind, vivid imagery got the better of him and his thoughts began to wander. He saw himself on his knees before a triumphant Yami, head lowered. He witnessed the former pharaoh slipping his slender fingers beneath his chin, lifting his unreadable features to meet his studious amaranth eyes. And without a word being uttered, Seto could feel a hand snaking through his locks, gripping them tightly to bring his eager mouth to Yami's.

After the blast subsided, Seto shook the traces of his thoughts from his head. Once his eyes finally opened, he immediately took notice of the victor standing in front of him, matching his height.

Realizing it to be odd, he glanced down, realizing that he was on his knees, similar to the illusion of his fantasy. But instead of attempting to claim his lips, Yami eyed Seto curiously. A hint of affection glistened in his eyes while his bare chest rose and fell in a quickened pace from the excitement that swelled within it. Kaiba's eyes narrowed with an emotion Yami failed to read as the CEO brought his hands to the top of his pants. "You win again," he uttered, his lips barely moving. Discreetly, he led two fingers behind the top clasp. Intent red-violet eyed Seto's actions carefully and eagerly; watching the taller male's fingers take hold of his zipper and lead it downward.

A faint dusting of brown curls were revealed from beneath the fabric that traveled in a thin line down Kaiba's abdomen. A flicker of light blue could be seen through the small crevice of the unraveled zipper as Seto's pants were pulled down to just above his thighs.

'More...' Yami silently wished in his mind. As if Seto heard his carnal pleas, he stared straight at Yami until those enrapturing scarlet-amethyst gems crossed his line of vision. An arousing silence weighed upon them. Yami was the first to move forward and as instincts took over, Seto shut his eyes and tilted his head upward.

But the familiar sound of Freedom by La-Vie shot into the room, causing the two of them to recoil away from the other. Grunts of embarrassment and frustration tore from the both of them as Yami dashed towards his dueling belt and Kaiba stood to his feet. His frigid blue eyes studiously eyed Yami's slender form as he removed his cell phone from his deck box and held it to his ear. "H-Hello?" he answered, his voice littered with obvious awkwardness. The faint blush that skittered across his features did not go unnoticed by those predatorily watching blue eyes.

"What is it, Joey? Yugi did what?" the lithe male questioned, holding the phone closer to his ear and turning away from Kaiba. Seeing this, a frown tugged at Seto's lips as he resisted the urge to snatch the phone away, toss it across the room and pull Yami into a rough, meaningful kiss. He hated feeling as if he had to compete for Yami's attention with those that were dear to him. That was one of the reasons he sent for Yami to be brought to Kaiba Corp. Seto knew that if he kept at it, he would have Yami all to himself eventually. His eyes narrowed further. He almost had him, and they were conveniently interrupted.

"Is that so?" Yami continued, his half-lidded eyes aimlessly scanning the carpeted floor. He paused for a moment to roll his gaze over to Kaiba, catching the view of his backside as he turned on his heels and headed towards his desk. By this time, Joey's loud voice could be heard in a muffled sound through the speaker and Yami had to hold the phone away from his ear. "Take it outside," Kaiba sneered, gazing up at Yami from his desk, "The last thing I'd want to hear is that 3rd rate duelist's voice in my office..."

"WUT!" Joey's voice vociferated, earning a small embarrassed smile from Yami. "Joey, hold on for a moment, please." Yami stated. He glanced over to Kaiba, who had slipped out of his pants and tossed them to the floor. An unreadable gaze was fixated within his glacial eyes. Yami felt a little put off from not being able to decipher their meaning, but turned his back to Kaiba as he neared the office door. "This shouldn't take long, " he assured. A "hmph" was all he received in reply.

Watching the very quintessence of allure walk further away from him, Seto led one hand under the smooth surface of his desk and pressed a button to release the locks so Yami could leave. His other hand was clamped firmly around his growing erection as it pulsed within the thin clinging fabric of his boxer briefs. With a flick of his fingertips, the ethereal garment was pulled down below the weight of his spherical curves. The elegant former pharaoh paused in the doorway to give Seto one last glance, but wasn't surprised to find his penetrating blue eyes on his. The only thing Yami did not expect was how harshly narrowed into slits they were.

"Kaiba?" he wondered, placing a hand over the receiver as he tossed the CEO a concerned look. "I apologize for the intervention. Will you be alright?"

Seto felt his jaw clench as every smooth sonorous syllable that drifted from Yami's mouth drove him to grip his hardness tightly and give its length slow, deep strokes. He visibly shuddered from the action, but continued to glare at Yami with steady piercing eyes. "Get out or hang up," he demanded through gritted teeth, attempting to mask the vehemence of the euphoria he felt. Affected by the sudden remark, Yami's lips formed into a thin line and he nodded. "I shall return, Kaiba." he stated, heading out the door, but leaving it slightly ajar.

A low throaty moan floated from Seto as Yami left and he nearly threw himself back in his chair, pumping his throbbing endowment frantically. The pad of his thumb pressed strongly against the fleshy thread accenting the underside his gratuitous size and he bit his lip to the concupiscent sensations. Hints of Yami's name dribbled from his lips like an impassioned mouth-watering desire. Instantly, his mind reeled back to the moment when he summoned his 2 Blue Eyes to the field. The power they represented stirred triumph and a hungry need within him that he alone would never be able to quench. His thumb traveled upto the apex of his sensitive tip; swirling atop the oily substance that beaded there. Once his thoughts feathered over the memory of when Yami took control of his Blue Eyes and destroyed his synchro monster that he worked so hard to summon, his head lolled back over the edge of the chair and he shut his eyes tightly, pumping faster. A dash of carmine spread across his face as his chest heaved with heavy pants from his mind being filled with lascivious and vivid images of Yami. His Yami. Lifting his other hand, he brought his thick fingers to his mouth and sucked sloppily on them. In his mind, he pictured his sensual pharaoh taking the digits into his mouth and rolling his exquisite tongue over them, desperately, before guiding those drizzled fingers to his chest and leading them downwards; a moist glistening trail left in its wake. A slew of swears dripped from Seto's lips as he rolled the palm of his hand over the head of his slick flesh multiple times before sending that moistened hand down over his weighty spherical curves, continuing lower. A quivering gasp that could almost be mistaken for a whimper brewed in his throat from the teasing of his puckered opening alone. Droplets of sweat trickled down the sides of his face, causing his hair to cling to his pale features even more, increasing the color of the blush that deepened on his face. Biting his bottom lip, he bucked his hips into the hand that clutched his length while sliding one finger in himself. Teasing the opening, a guttural sigh of relief and relaxation rippled through him from the sensation. "...Yami..." he whispered huskily through gritted teeth, letting a growling moan slip from forming such a delicious name. Panting, he fit another finger in, then created a matching pace with them that matched his strokes.

He always did this when Yami left his office. Whenever he would send a limo after his dueling rival and bring him here, after they dueled and Kaiba received the satisfaction he craved, he kicked Yami out and masturbated to the day's events. But afterwards, he always felt empty, and that he needed more to sate his appetite. And so far, today was starting out to be rather promising as well as delectable. He could tell that Yami wanted him and Seto was going to claim is prize as he saw fit. He could nearly taste the image of the smaller male on his knees; his round mouth locked in a panting gape with his eyes tightly shut and his abdomen heaving with breath, laced with glistening sweat while Seto vigorously thrust into him from behind. A smug smirk graced Seto's lips from the thought as his tongue peeked out and rolled between them; consuming the thought.

The colorful display of a new illusion danced behind his glossed half-open lids, causing the former to melt away. This time, he envisioned Yami's petite form slink in front of him, positioning his slender body between him and the desk. For a moment, he just stood there; the pause of his form indicating that he was watching the taller male's motions and movements intently. Kaiba could tell a hungry look teemed within Yami's passionate eyes as he slowly eased to his knees.

"Kaiba..." the sonorous timbre of his voice sent chills tingling down Seto's spine and heightened the intensity of his ministrations, "You've wanted me?"

"Yes..." Seto responded, intoxicated by the images he witnessed and the way he imagined Yami's voice so perfectly inviting, "Yes, I've wanted you."

"For how long?" the deep, velvety voice continued while Yami curled his fingers around Kaiba's endowment beneath his own hand. Kaiba felt his throbbing thickness pulse in response.

"You are mine. You always have been... and always will be," he grunted, bucking his hips. He could feel the breath float from Yami as he chuckled against his heated flesh, "You do not own me. But I have advantage over you."

"And what's that?"

Instead of wording the response, Kaiba imagined Yami dipping his head and enclosing his hot mouth over the head of his length, suckling strongly. Not caring who could hear him, Seto let out a roar, and threw his head back; his hand still pumping and his blunt fingers continuing to delve deeper inside himself. He could envision the sultry former pharaoh teasing his swelling globes with those slender fingers, grasping and squeezing gently. His whole body shook from the thought of Yami's elegant tongue laced around his endowment while leading it to the back of his throat. One resonating moan would be all it took as the vibrations from Yami's throat sent Seto racing to his undoing.

A blinding flash of white was witnessed from behind his closed lids and his back arched suddenly. He could feel the power behind his climax bubble throughout his body and burst from his pulsing erection. He imaged the splatter of his milky essence draping along his fist and spurting atop his abs. Only this time, something was amiss. His eyes shut even tighter from the sensation of his seed being extracted directly from him, wave after wave. Catching his breath, he slowly, he removed his hands, but still felt a tensioned pull clamped around his length. Realization thundered through him and his eyes shot open. Through his hazy gaze, he darted his head downwards and nearly had a heart attack from the sight of Yami actually on his knees, playfully and expertly swallowing every drop of his seed.

His kohl-laced eyes were closed, his mouth open wide to accommodate Seto's generous size, one hand tightly clutched around his dribbling erection while the other rested in his own lap. The obvious telltale signs of an erection tented Yami's tight pants as he finished devouring Seto's milky extract.

"What are you doing!" the tawny-haired male wished he could have yelled, but his voice, and breath, had yet to return to him. Instead all he could do was watch Yami with half-lidded smoldering eyes.

Was he still imagining things? His imagination had been so vivid lately because of the heat, he couldn't tell what was real or not. Seto risked opening his mouth at another attempt to speak, but Yami indirectly tore the unborn words right out of his throat when he pulled his mouth away to lick tauntingly at the tip; the action causing Seto's thick length to bob in response after each aching lick.

"Al-akl mazboot..." Yami whispered against the heated flesh. Once Yami was satisfied, he swirled his tongue about the top and sent a tiny kiss in its place. The action caused a thin line of clear liquid to tether between the sensitive skin and Yami's glossed lips, to which he slowly and enticingly licked off.

"I heard you calling me..."his rich voice stated placidly as his luscious eyes opened alluringly to his rival. And if Yami hadn't clearly read the half-hidden raw desire in Seto's eyes for him, he would have apologized and left the building. But from the fact that he was able to read him so well, Yami knew how to strum Seto's strings to make delectable and exquisite music.

'Tell me this isn't some stupid illusion or mind trick...' Seto thought feverishly as his eyes fleeted between Yami's inviting fiery orbs. Smirking, Yami took Seto's expression as flattering and stood to his feet. Breathing heavily, Seto watched Yami's every movement as he straddled his lap. With an alluring purr, Yami leaned forward and nuzzled his nose under the angle of Seto's chin and ran a hand through the thick damp locks to cup the back of his head. A deep growl thrived in Seto's throat from Yami's aggressive actions. Secretly, he loved it, and craved to be dominated by him in a realm outside of Duel Monsters. No longer caring if the events that were unraveling were an illusion or actuality, Seto dropped his arms at his sides and let Yami take over. For now.

Yami paused from the unexpected granting of authority. Seamlessly, his erotic amaranthine orbs trailed upto Seto's abstemious thirsting eyes.

"Do it..." Seto uttered hoarsely.

"I'll do as I please with you..." Came Yami's bold response, the amusement clear in his voice. He brought his mouth to Seto's ear and nibbled on it possessively while sending his free hand down inbetween their bodies. He felt Seto's form jolt slightly from the titillating tactility and chuckled lowly to himself when his searching fingers grazed his entrance. A guttural sound drifted from his lips as his hands balled into fists. Not only were Yami's motions divine against his flesh, but it took almost every slither of restraint he had to not shove the pharaoh atop his desk and make him his. And as if the other could easily pick up on his thoughts, Yami made a sound in collective amusement.

"How long have you wanted this, Kaiba?" the seductive male airily breathed in Seto's ear.

"Too long to think about..."

"Mmm" Yami mused, brushing his lips against Seto's warm cheek and grasping at his undergarment.

Not bothering to wait, Seto clutched the fabric and literally tore it off his hips before throwing it over the chair. As he did, Yami slid briskly out of his pants, without needing to be bothered with an undergarment, and rubbed his erection against Seto's. A lustful hiss burned Seto's lips as a gasp escaped Yami. Eagerly, the lightly tanned male continued the action, loving the feel of their rigid flesh together. "Kaiba..." the drop of that name slipped from Yami's plump lips while his liquidy eyes gazed upto his partner.

Seto's chiseled features resembled the deceptive frame of an innocent young man; his eyes were shut tightly, his mouth was slightly parted as he panted and his lustrous hair was already splayed and matted against his composed features. The faint rosy-tint of a blush across his face punctuated his visage. He looked breathtakingly beautiful. Yami's warm gaze softened as he felt himself drawn to that intricately tempting face. His body moved on its own as both hands gingerly cupped Seto's face and his small lips touched their sought desire. Then just as quickly, those same lips claimed Seto's again and again, stronger and more passionate than the last.

Yami had wanted Seto Kaiba for too many aching years. He felt more for this man than he had ever truly let on, but he could never only have just lust for his Seto. And judging from the kiss he gained in response, the feeling was mutual. Clutching a tuft of the damp mahogany in his hands, Yami led the other hand behind him towards the desk before placing two fingers at Seto's puckered ring. The taller male lifted his hips slightly from the motion, noticing the cool, slick texture about Yami's fingers that wasn't there before. His eyes slowly opened like a blanket of sun spilling over a horizon at its rise, but Yami shielded his secretive actions with a kiss.

"What are you putting in me, Yami..." Seto demanded lazily against those hot lips. But his curiosity dissipated into the growling hint of a moan as he felt something thick fill within him.

"All of me," Yami whispered, kissing the tip of his chin and beginning to take his first few thrusts into his lover. A deep gasp made Kaiba's chest heave and his hands clawed at the side of the chair. This wasn't a dream. This wasn't an illusion. He wasn't in control, but for once he was glad he wasn't. He could clearly feel every movement Yami made, every spot he hit and each time his exiguous hardness throbbed within him. He grunted lightly from the tightness, but it wasn't anything he hadn't prepared for. Yami was just a tad thicker than he had imagined. But his body adjusted well to him and before long, Seto's arms snaked around Yami's body. But instead of hugging him, one hand grasped his spiky locks while the other gripped the curve of his bottom. The next thing Yami knew, he was lying on his back atop Seto's desk with his lover above him, both legs on either side of Yami on the desk.

Still entwined with the other, Seto smirked devilishly at Yami as he lifted and lowered his body atop the former ruler's stout size, riding him. Astounded, Yami's eyes widened sensually as their tepid hues darkened. Never in all his years of life in this world did he expect to ever be ridden by Seto Kaiba. And from the glint in Kaiba's eyes, he knew it as well. With a deep throaty moan, Seto leaned back, arching his back slightly, keeping an evenly quick pace. Yami licked his lips at the display and placed his hands firmly atop Seto's hips, further guiding his movements.

"Like being dominant, do you?" Seto addressed casually through smug half-lidded eyes and having the nerve to cross his arms.

Red-violet narrowed enticingly from the challenge. "My role demands it," Yami replied, referring to his former regal reign, as well as being the king of games.

"That wasn't what I was referring to."

"Then what?" Yami smirked, raising his hips off the desk's surface to strike a deep spot within Seto, making him moan through gritted teeth and drop his arms to his sides.

"Is that what you mean? I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said..." Yami mused.

"Shut up." Kaiba smirked, beginning to reach down and grasp his own length when Yami swatted his hand away, taking hold of it himself. "You are mine, Seto," Yami stated firmly and suddenly with a tone that belied the small smile that laced his lips. Seto stared at Yami for a moment, absorbing the new attitude, but he allowed him to continue to have his way. "I belong to no one..."

"Except me," Yami solidified, sitting up and forcing Seto's face down to his level for a hungry, sloppy kiss. Their tongues frantically searched the others' mouths, piercing through their heavy moans and growls of dominance and control. The sensual quarreling drove Seto to ride Yami even faster and deeper, clawing his hair roughly. They had been so immersed within their session, neither one of them heard the phone on Seto's desk ringing. It wasn't until the 3rd ring passed that Seto's body responded and he automatically snatched it up the receiver and placed it to his ear.

"What," he demanded with a snarl, now straddling Yami.

"Mr Kaiba, sir! We've been working on fixing the furnace for 3 hours now!" one of his employees stated. A low lustful sound stirred in Kaiba's throat from the feel of Yami rolling his hips against him and teasingly squeezing his erection. Luckily, his lackey took the sounds as one of frustration rather than what it really was. "I'm busy," he seethed, slamming the receiver back down.

Instantly, he threw both hands down on either side of Yami's shoulders and curved his back forwards to gain deeper penetration. A regal, yet licentious, moan flew from Yami's mouth and he raised his hips to mimic Seto's motions. "Nnnmmmm Seto...," Yami cooed, his head moving from side to side against the desk.

Hearing his first name spoken by Yami in such a needy way, Seto brought a hand beneath Yami's jaw and clutched his face so his thumb and fingers pressed against his cheeks. "What did you say.." he demanded lowly, his words brushing over Yami's mouth, "What did you call me..." All manner of speech escaped Yami at that moment and he eyed the one who ordered answers with a haze of yearning glistening within his fiery eyes."... ...Seto...," he breathed, "I called you Set-" he trailed off, as Seto's mouth abruptly crashed against his. "Mmmmnn!" Yami moaned, relishing in the sudden moment of being overwhelmed by Kaiba as he ravished his desire's mouth and quickened his rhythm atop him.

"Seto!" Yami wanted to gasp, but each trickle of sound he tried to make heard was consumed by Kaiba's hungry and feverish kisses. Both males were forced to break their devouring kisses as a lustful chorus of ecstasy-enraptured delectable gasps shot through them from the vibrant sensations that resonated from their copious actions. For that one moment, the world around them melted away and assimilated into nothingness, leaving them as the only entities in their world.

But, for the second time that day, the shrill tune of the office phone ringing shot through the air and their fantasy. Before it reached it's 4th ring, Seto answered it with an acidic growl.

"What. Is. It." he panted.

"S-sir! The furnace is still malfunctioning!"

"Then do it harder!" Kaiba thundered, biting back a guttural sound as a dazed, but mischievous, Yami took it upon himself to do just that. Seto's body jerked in response and he bit his bottom lip, as well as grasped the phone tautly, to suppress a raspy moan from Yami hitting another sweet spot.

"But sir, we've tried our best to go as fast as we could, and it will take at least another hour or more to gain the imported parts we need from another country!"

"Then do it even FASTER! Ughnnn! What do I pay you...ha... for?" he wheezed, shuddering and arching his back from the perfect pleasures he was receiving. The second he began to raise to lean back, Yami sat up slightly in succession and sent out his tongue to adorn Seto's pulsing tip with saliva. As he did, he stealthily reclaimed the bottle of lotion he had resting atop the desk and squeezed a tube of it in his hands. Meticulously, he lathered the substance onto his hand, then brought three slick fingers between his own thighs.

"Sir, things would go a lot faster if you were here."

"Can't you tell I'm BUSY? Ha... God! I can't take much more of this!"

"Will you be coming down here then?"

Upon hearing this, Seto growled harshly and grabbed hold of the entire phone. With one good yank, he pulled the cord out of his wall socket and threw the telephone smashing into pieces against the wall.

At his limit's end, Seto gripped Yami's slender waist and threw his head back. "I'M COMING!" he shouted. A sudden spurt of thick hot liquid pearl burst into Yami's mouth, forcing him to lap greedily to catch all of it. But his efforts became for naught once the 3rd wave spilled over the sides of his open mouth and tapered in rivulets down his chin, neck and chest.

As Seto gasped heavy, ragged breaths from his overwhelming orgasm, his body still continued to ride.

Yami managed to chuckle lightly, and occupied himself with drinking and licking what was left of Seto's essence and teasing his tip once more with his tongue. Taking Seto's climax into consideration, Yami slowed his thrusts mildly, keeping an eye on Seto's breathing. Minutes passed. Once Seto caught his breath, much to his amazement and slight dismay, he felt himself hardening yet again. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer and that meant Yami's little game of dominance had to end for today.

Before long, Yami shut his eyes and clawed at Seto's waist. "Seto...!" he cried, arching his back and curling his toes, giving Seto his best few final thrusts. Seto could feel Yami's hardness pulsing inside of him, approaching his first release. Smirking darkly, he waited until Yami's thrusts sped up before raising up off of him the second right before he would have climaxed, deliberately robbing him of it.

A hurtful sense of defeat wrenched Yami's heart and deflated his pride as his glossed eyes opened suddenly. A whimpering whine thrived in his throat and he sat up. "Kaiba..." he pouted in frustration but was too dizzy to yell. A triumphant laugh from his partner was all he heard before his world was flipped around and his jaw hit the desk. He groused from the impact and writhed in surprise when he felt one of his arms get pinned to his back behind him. But his sounds of discomfort soon assimilated into a throaty sound of anticipated approval when he felt something heavy and slick rub against his bottom.

The sound of something being thrown to the carpet fluttered into Yami's ears and he opened his eyes in time to see the bottle of lotion bounce across the floor, discarded. Before he could utter a word, the burning sensation of something hot and thick sliding into him inch by inch made him forget all else.

"Now, it's my turn," Seto mused impishly; his tone deep, dark and deceptive. Yami barely understood the esoteric banter as a stabbing heat rippled through his lithe body with force he could taste in his mouth from Kaiba's sudden entry.

"Ahh...Mish monasib laya...! Mmmnngh...!"

Amused by Yami's reaction, Seto chuckled to himself as his pulled back slowly; the tightness as well as the teasing he was making Yami go through was too good to rush. He was going to make Yami suffer deliciously for his actions. "What's the matter, Yami? Am I already too much for you...?" Seto taunted, concealing a moan from how welcoming Yami's body was towards him; his endowment eagerly swallowed back within the smaller male's depths. In the place of challenging words and boasts, only raspy gasps and mewls escaped from Yami as he found himself clawing desperately at the texture of the desk. His golden bangs clung to his forehead and the sides of his face from the the amount of sweat that decorated his dewy skin. A broad crimson blush blossomed about his face that was only enhanced by the clear droplets of liquid that budded his thick eyelashes. Noticing something was amiss, Seto curled an arm around Yami's waist and brought his back against his chest. His other hand meandered through his tepid locks and gripped them, bringing his head back so Seto could see his face.

Passionate amaranth stared straight back at him.

Silence hushed their mouths, but their eyes, their souls, openly conversed with and deciphered the other.

Why are you crying?

It isn't your fault, Seto.

I know that, which is why I didn't ask if it was. Answer the question.

At this, Yami's gaze softened and he rested the back of his head against Seto's chest and raised his hips slightly before lowering them again, riding Seto sweetly. "I... I've just waited so long for this..."

"I see. Suppose this never happened between us..." Seto suggested, his expression faltering for that brief moment; his large hands firmly grasping more tufts of hair and hip.

Yami said nothing for a moment, then shut his eyes. A small cocky smirk touched his lips. "You and I both know this was destined to happen whether you believe in destiny or not..."

"I don't care if it was. I made my own choices to bring you here."

"And?" Yami wondered, gazing curiously up at his lover.

"And, I've chosen to make you mine..." Seto confirmed, dipping his head to claim Yami's mouth, pressing his hips against him firmly, "And I'm going to make sure you stay mine."

"Mmmm Seto..." Yami breathed inbetween kisses, " 'I belong to no one.' " he uttered, mirroring the exact words Seto had spoken to him earlier, a playful smirk dressing his glossy lips.

" 'Except me.' And only me..." Seto returned, gathering more of a tangled mass of his unruly hair in his hand and forcing Yami into another quick, devouring kiss. Once his craving for such exotic and savory lips dimmed an octave, Seto abruptly severed the kiss and shoved Yami down atop the solid surface of the desk; promptly forcing him to writhe and secrete lustful shouts dripped in his native tongue. His fingers curled into taut claws that bore a relief into the polished wood of the desk while his throat swiftly became sore and dry from repeatedly scaring it with cries of Seto's name.

Matted wisps of hair jiggled against Seto's forehead and dared to venture into his eyes while the licentious azure orbs feasted on the nude form of the male beneath him in carnal fascination.

His eyes drank in the contours of Yami's slender back as it arched in the upward curve of Seto's thrusts; his muscles' fluidity accenting the light tan of his skin as they rippled. Hungry grunts and hoarse gasps lined Yami's throat; his mouth open wide. His greedy inhales tickled his tongue and rimmed the side of his mouth as clear dribbles of lust in its purest form.

"Ahhhh~hhh-! K- Ka-!" he stammered, digging his nails harshly into the wood. The sensations he received were far too great beyond anything he could have imagined they would be like. Seto was far more superior to any dream, to any illusion, to any thought Yami had ever conjured. The weight of their passion tensed his chest. The flavor of the surrounding heat of the office only added to the satiation of their own incalescence and intensified their powerful drama of unity.

"Kaiba!" Yami wheezed, the traces of the deep authority in his voice drifting only for a second, "Aywah! Aywah Kaiba-!" Yami boasted, giving a rather sound grunt when Seto's firm hand clutched another fistful of his hair and forced Yami's head back against his chest. Deliberately Seto's pace moderately slowed. A dark smile marked his lips from the desperate, almost pitiful sound that Yami emitted from the sudden recession in pleasure.

"That is not the name you call me, Atem..."Seto sneered deliciously into Yami's ear, mockingly provoking his rival. A sound of aggravation escaped Yami. He kept his eyes shut and moved his hips backwards, attempting to persuade Seto to continue. When he received no verbal answer, Seto slowed his pace to a near crawl.

"Answer me, Pharaoh..." Seto smirked, his words feathering against Yami's ear; priming the sensitive spot before enclosing his mouth over it.

"Nggnnngh!" Yami shuddered, biting his lip. But once he felt the swirl of Seto's tongue flutter in his ear, a gruff, desperate moan was torn from him, littered with interjections of Arabic.

'Now, you're mine,' Seto inwardly declared, claiming dominance over Yami's salivating mouth with his own; consuming each moan and whimper he willingly extracted with each powerful thrust he delivered. Deeply intertwined within Seto's clutches, Yami turned his body slightly so that he was able to roughly cup his lover's cheek with his hand to root their magnified kisses more deeply. The density of the heat in the room circled around them and intensified their own brewed torridity. Only the sounds of carnal devouring and slick flesh slapping against slick flesh could be heard; their powerful lovemaking filling the entire room and fogging the windows.

"Say it," Seto murmured, slipping his arms under Yami's legs, causing him to hover above the floor, impaled by his length. Panting hoarsely, Yami cried out from the lucid tactility of their sacs rubbing and rested his back against Seto's chest. Fiercely, he pressed his mouth to Seto's and sent his tongue to do battle. Their kisses were raw, passionate, and uninhibited. A light sound drifted from Yami as he pulled back slightly and widened his mouth. Dribbles of tepid saliva knitted into a thin thread between them as their tongues engaged in visible quarreling play. Seto moaned lowly, keenly eying Yami through glossed blue eyes and becoming quite intrigued by the range of lewd and needy expressions that painted his rose-tinted face. Seto's heavy hands gripped Yami's thighs tautly and dug his nails into the satin skin as he ventured deeper and more calculatingly into Yami, learning his body.

"Say it, Atem," Seto reiterated in a raspy tone just above a whisper.


"Say it!"

"Haa...Say what...Kaiba?" Yami breathed, smirking and rolling his eyes open. The expression written across Seto's face was beyond one of shock and leveled on the border of disbelief. But the glint of a challenge was the only constant that swam in those glacial orbs. Before Yami could blink, he felt his body slammed against the hard glass of the office's window and the ferocity of Seto's thrusts thunder through him. A slew of swears and interjections flew from his mouth in a mixture of Arabic and Japanese as his fingers clawed at the clear mirror. The intensity from Seto's feverish rhythm sent a swell of dizziness to throb through Yami's head. The cool welcoming touch the frigid glass invoked was the last thing he felt as he cried out from Seto ramming against a delectable spot. "AH! SETO! AYWAH! NA'AM!" Yami shouted freely, eagerly enjoying the pressure of Seto's frantic tempo pressing him further against the chilled glass.

Panting, Yami felt his head growing hazier by each pulsing second. The blinding swirl of the blizzard outside as it continued to blanket the earth caused his eyes to narrow from the stark luminescence. His liquidy orbs shifted to the right of him where his ragged breath marked the window with steam. Slowly, he raised a shaky finger to the fogged area and wrote the first thing that came to his mind. Almost automatically, his finger drew the kanji for Earth 土. Eying it silently, he lifted his finger again to write over it when Seto's lengthly digit crossed his line of vision and added the two strokes for cliff 厂 in front; creating the kanji for pressure and domination 圧 before smearing it.

Astounded, Yami peered up at Seto and was met with a daring smirk that was accented by the emotion that teemed within his blue eyes. And Yami could read it clearly.

That's right. You are mine.

No other words nor wavelengths needed to be exchanged between them as Seto pushed Yami up against the window again, grasping his haunches firmly while mercilessly pounding against the one spot that made him scream his name. The tightness that such a bold move bore caused Seto to swear as he felt his final climax unraveling throughout his length. "Seto-!" Yami gasped huskily; mouth opened wide, his nails scratched against the window as he felt his own release approaching. With a growl, Seto reached around Yami's waist and clutched his meager endowment tightly while pressing his thumb atop the beaded head. "Not yet, you're not!" Seto ordered, preventing Yami from reaching his orgasm until Seto reached is first. His senses on overload, Yami writhed and balled his hands into fists against the glass, swallowing a choked yell.

"Atem..." Seto breathed, sending a quick chaste kiss to Yami's cheek before releasing his binding hand while his powerful climax engulfed him and shot rippling wave after wave against that luscious spot. Unable to hold back any longer, an ear-splitting roar erupted from Yami's petite body tipped with Seto's name as his own orgasm expulsed profoundly from his aching length; splattering against the glass with girth that rivaled the width of his torso. Yami's lithe body quivered from the dual sensations from Seto's spurting essence in accordance with his own as another wave scattered through him, decorating the window with a fresh new coat of ivory. The hush of Seto's name quieted against Yami's lips as the emanations deluged his very core.

A heavy whoosh of air was exhaled from Seto as if a year's worth of stress had floated from atop his shoulders. A rare and relieved smile graced his lips and he peered down at Yami. Reaching out, he traced his fingers along the tip of Yami's dribbling size and spread the hot substance about his fingers. Silently, he eyed the thick liquid, deliberating of what to do with it. Slowly, he began to bring it to his lips when another thought crossed his mind. Slowly, he pulled out of Yami and spun him around. Clutching his shoulder tautly, Seto pressed his back against the glass and shoved the coated fingers in Yami's small mouth. Still intoxicated from the heat that engulfed him, Yami willingly took in the savory digits until Seto's fingers were suckled clean.

"Good." Seto uttered. Discreetly, he leaned down and covered his mouth over Yami's, sampling his taste and indulging in the welcoming warmth of his mouth. Liquid fire teased Seto's tongue as Yami retaliated with his own; dueling and devouring with every lingering ounce of fight he could muster.

Before long, the engulfing shroud of the surrounding heat fell heavily about their exhausting forms, causing them to break their oral onslaughts and sink to the carpeted floor. Ragged breaths were exchanged between them as they greedily devoured the sweet oxygen their bodies craved.

"Kaiba..." Yami breathed, resting the back of his head against the cool window behind him, "That was... ... truly magnificent..."

A small hint of arrogance curved Seto's lips from the compliment. " You weren't so bad yourself..."

"Haha...I suppose I should thank you for that. I've never had any actual practice in the matter."

"Neither have I," Seto replied candidly, looking at Yami out the corner of his eye and ignoring that growing dubious expression on his face, "I just knew what I wanted and made sure I grabbed it."

Despite his disbelief, Yami seemed to understand Seto's words. "As did I."

"Hmph." Seto half-smiled. Then his gaze softened; leaning down, he brushed his lips softly atop Yami's sweaty forehead. "Are you hurt?" "No. However, I do feel some...discomfort...," Yami trailed off, squirming a bit. Seto eyed him curiously for a moment until he realized the problem. Wordlessly, he reached towards the desk for the torn rag of his boxer briefs. He swiftly cleaned himself off before tossing the garment next to Yami. "Here. Wipe yourself off. " Yami eyed the strip of clothing silently, noting how nearly half of it was spotted with Kaiba's essence. Casually, his regal eyes drifted upto the proud form of the male before him as he began dressing. "Kaiba, what of the window?"

An amused chuckle rose from Seto as he walked across the room to seek out his remaining arm belt while fastening another to his shirt. "Leave it," he smiled darkly, his eyes narrowing into daunting slits.

"? Why would you..."

"Shut up and put your clothes on," Seto replied, gathering Yami's garments and throwing them his way. Upon reaching his cell phone and shoes, he kneeled to acquire them, but suddenly paused when he heard the stagnant constant of electrical static. Gritting his teeth disdainfully, he clutched the small device in his hand. "Talk."


Puzzled, Yami glanced over to his lover with a perplexed look. "What?"

"Not you!"

Yami blinked in confusion, "Kaiba, who are you speaking to?"

Instead of answering the sonorous voice, Seto held the phone closer to his mouth.

"I know you're there Wheeler, so speak up...!"

One sound of a gasp and another of surprise sparked from the speaker. The voices, Seto instantly recognized as Yugi and Joey. Once Yami heard their voices, his body immediately froze mid-dress. A deep set crimson blush blossomed rapidly about his entire face, slightly hidden behind his scattered bangs and stray wisps of hair.

"Well?" Seto continued, "If the two of you value your pathetic lives, you'll answer me now!"

"We're sorry, Kaiba!" Yugi's voice sputtered incredulously, "We didn't know the two of you were...!"

"I toldja they weren't still duelin' Yugi! Hey! Listen up rich boy! You bettuh not have hurt Yami or I'll rip you a new one!"

"Joey! If it's what Yami wanted, then we have no right to take that away from him!" Yugi patronized.

"Maybe not us, but Kaiba sure abused that right!"

"Give me the phone." Yami ordered, stepping next to Seto with his hand extended. Naturally, Seto refused. "How long were the two of you listening...," he sneered in a thin tone.

"Erm w-well..." Yugi stammered nervously.

"I got this one, Yuge," Joey assured softly to his friend before raising his voice, "Too long! After I called Yami earlier, and got irritated from hearin' your voice, Yami and I talked, then we hung up. But Yuge forgot ta tell Yami sumthin', so we called back again."

"A-and since Yami probably had the phone set to automatic pick up with speakerphone on..."

"Then the first loud sound the phone picked up, it automatically answered! We heard y'all duelin' at first and then, things got disturbingly... uh... interestin'... So we kept listenin!"

Seto's breathing stilled as his mind processed this. Oddly enough, his and Yami's "interactions" sounded like a duel to Joey and Yugi. It crossed his mind of what they would think from hearing an actual duel take place over the phone. "We weren't dueling when you called, mutt."

"Yami?" Yugi interrupted, "I'm sorry, but we just ... couldn't stop imagining what the two of you were doing...! If you or Kaiba were in any kind of danger, we wanted to know! For safety precautions, of course."

Absorbing the foolishness of their banter, Seto chanced a look over at Yami. It was unclear if his expression was one of anger or one of acceptance. "Then why didn't the two of you say anything to alert us?" Yami quired.

"Or just hang up?" Seto added.

"Because then you'd know we were on da phone. Yami's phone makes a sound after a call ends, you know!"

"Moron...!" Seto groused.

"Yugi, Joey, I shall speak with the two of you later. Goodbye." Yami stated, turning on his heels.

"You heard the man." Seto concluded.

"Bite me, rich boy!"

"You'd like that, wouldn't you... Just like the dog you are...," Seto taunted.

"WUT! I'd love to see you try and-!"

"Joey please just hang up already!" Yugi pleaded

"Huh? Oh alright Yuge. Latuh rich boy!"

A light sound wavered from the phone as the call finally ended.

"How embarrassing..." Yami frowned, covering his face with his hand, "The first time I engage in such an activity and two of my very best friends overhear..."

"Forget it. They're just jealous."

Bewildered, Yami quirked an eyebrow. "Jealous of what, Kaiba?" he questioned, his eyes studying Seto's form as it steadily ventured closer to him; his shadow absorbing Yami's sylphlike frame. It wasn't until his back brushed against the solidity of the window, did Yami realize Seto had backed him against it. With a low sound, Seto pressed both hands on either side of Yami against the glass


As Seto breathed life to his words, his voice was firm and his very words were a licentious whisper. "Don't make me remind you of how desperate you sounded just a few moments ago... I was all you could think of and the only thing you could do was scream for was more..."

A faint blush tinted Yami's face, but he did not deter his unwavering gaze from Seto's. "And? What does this have to do with my friends?"

" They can't have you the way I have." Seto continued, sliding a hand up Yami's clothed chest and cupping his chin, "You are mine and mine alone..." A small smirk touched Yami's lips from this remark and he inched forward so that his nose was a hair's breadth from Seto's. "Am I, Seto? Perhaps I am the one who has you ensnared." "Hnn" Seto mused. Clutching Yami's chin, he assaulted the smaller male's mouth, thrashing his tongue within its moistened depths.

"Mister Kaiba? Mister Kaiba are you there?" A sudden voice boomed from behind the door, followed by knocking. "Shit...," Seto swore, breaking their kiss; ignoring the thin trail of dribble between their mouths. "Grab your duel disk and put it on."

"Right," Yami agreed and did as instructed. Seto did the same.

"Mister Kaiba!"

"Just a MINUTE. What do you WANT?"

"It's the furnace, sir!"

"It had better be fixed!" Seto demanded, preparing to hit the button to release the doors. Frantic glacial blues darted to his alluring and formidable rival across the room as he attached the mechanical object before allowing his employees in the room.

"We managed to fix the problem, sir!" One of them reported.

"It's about time."

"We tried calling you, but we couldn't get..." the other trailed off, his eyes drifting to the spectacle of the smashed phone on the floor.

"I told you I was busy."

"And what is that smell?" the first questioned, looking around.

"Sweat. It was extremely hot in this room from a broken furnace you people failed to fix properly."

"S-sorry sir!" the first apologized stiffly. But the splash of white splayed about the window behind Seto snagged his attention. "Mr Kaiba, what is that splotch on the windows, there?" At this remark, Yami instantly froze. "..." Luckily for him, the two employees didn't suspect him of anything more than being a formidable dueling counterpart to their boss and merely paid him no mind.

"It's paint," Seto lied smoothly.

"Was it so hot that the paint was melting, sir?"


Once the two left, Seto exhaled loudly and hung his head. 'That was a bit too close,' he thought to himself. Lifting himself away from the desk, he turned to face Yami just in time to receive an angered kick to the shin.

"What the hell was that for?"

"That was a lousy lie, Kaiba, " the exotic male huffed, his hands balled into fists. Needless to say he was not too thrilled with how badly his lover's farce went. Not amused in the least, Seto folded his arms over his chest. "And I suppose if I made you tell them what was really on my window, that would have been the best idea?"

" I-I did not say that," Yami retorted, pouting slightly. "Hmph. I suppose I should take my leave now, then?"

Seto eyed him with an amused glimmer in his azure eyes. "Hnn. Do as you please," he stated placidly.

A faint blush crept over Yami's composed features and he nodded. "Right." Silently Seto eyed Yami carefully as he started to walk past him. But the lithe male didn't get far, and as if his hands had minds of their own, they reached up to grab Seto by the collar and forced him down into a rough searing kiss. It was a kiss that Seto could not refuse and dared to challenge.

"I will not forget this day nor the moments we shared, Seto," Yami murmured truthfully against the other's lips, "And I will return tomorrow to further continue today's rather exhilarating 'activities' if my words are valued as true."

"Don't make it sound so technical," Seto replied flatly before delving his tongue into Yami's mouth for a short bout of dominance, "I'd rather not have variables in my fucking."

To this, Yami laughed sonorously and returned the enticing gesture twice as intensely before pulling away. Satisfied, Yami licked his lips and crossed his arms. "Will you be busy tomorrow?"

Seto snorted from the nerve of Yami asking him that after he had already made plans to visit. "That's a stupid question, but I'll see if I can squeeze in a block for you."

"Then, I will see you tomorrow at your mansion in the morning," Yami declared with an air of finality and took his leave. Soundlessly, Seto watched him walk through the door and smiled inwardly to himself from noticing the "new walk" his desire exhibited while attempting to mask it.

Once outside, Yami sighed and leaned back against the wall of the building. He figured he'd be walking a little differently for at least a week. But a hint of a smirk curved his lips as he pushed himself away from the Kaiba Corp building and ventured out into the snow towards the awaiting limo. Tomorrow he would get Seto back for dominating him the way he did. As the limo pulled off, the perfect idea began to brew in his mind.

Seto Kaiba was going to suffer deliciously and Yami was going to enjoy every moment of it.

For my grrl Lemmie (did you catch the puppyshippin grrl? just 4 u. the story isn't over yet!)

-Egyptian Arabic-

Eg-gow harr- It's too hot

Aywah- Yeah/Yes

Na'am- Yes

Al-akl mazboot- This is delicious

Mish monasib laya- Will not fit

To be continued...