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"My turn, draw," Yami's normally regal tone announced with placid nonchalance. The former ruler's exotic eyes brimmed with mild curiosity and honest concern as he glanced to his opponent. As his slender fingers drew the card for his turn, Yami whisked a lock of his unruly hair behind him and caused the gold ankh chain around his neck jingle in response. The illustrious item glinted like a spark under the light. Seto had been the one to suggest such a trinket for him to wear and Yami was surprised when Seto had it delivered and specially wrapped to the Turtle Game Shop. Since the two of them began dating, in secret from the public eye 5 months earlier, the game king began dressing a little more visually appealing than usual; much "cuter" as he overheard Téa disdainfully mutter once before. A fitting black halter top hugged Yami's torso, giving a nice view of his abdomen leading down to the dark capri pants that hung snugly about his lower half. On his feet were sandals that resembled house slippers. The kohl around his eyes was applied a tad heavier than the amount he normally used and to top it off, his lips were given a nice glossed look. Upon inquiry, Yami had sworn profoundly that he had merely been applying chapstick for the warmer months but Seto could never be too sure. Nor did he really care that much. Through all of the various flavors, Seto would still be able to pinpoint Yami's taste and devour it eagerly. That was how things were when their relationship was still new and fresh, however. As time trickled on, new issues Yami never would have thought feasible occurred between them. Now, months later into their relationship since January, Yami was unable to tell what thoughts ran through Seto's head as of late, nor what emotions or lack thereof, tipped his kisses.

Without a word, Yami placed two cards facedown and ended his turn. In the opposite corner of the room stood a silent Seto Kaiba. His glacial orbs were hidden behind light lids; his bangs slightly tussled and masking the unreadable expression on his face. No words bothered to form on his tongue as he summoned a monster in attack mode and also set two cards face down. It was only then that his cold eyes slowly revealed themselves, then narrowed in indecipherable context as they fell on Yami's form. A thick and heavy air wavered between them and Yami was beyond bothered by it. His brows furrowed slightly and his lips quivered momentarily as if the words he wished to form dared to emerge at first, but shied away and shriveled to nothingness on his tongue. The atmosphere between himself and Seto was weighty and uncomfortable. And if there wasn't any significant change in it before the day ended, Yami was prepared to cease their relationship. Just hours earlier, he brought his concerns to Seto and the calculating male demanded they have a duel. But instead of his challenge carrying the usual sensual undertones when he ordered this, his words lacked more than what Yami could recognize. Nonetheless, the former pharaoh allowed them to have one more duel; possibly the last one they would ever have together.

From that thought, Yami adverted his troubled eyes from Seto's form and led them to an empty spot in the room of the home office. The time the two of them had spent together seemed to just fly by. It was already June. The last day of June, to be exact. Yami's eyes aimlessly etched lines along the wall, tracing the simple designs that were carved into the woodwork. He was too proud to surrender the duel due to emotional reasons and he was too dejected to look at Seto for more than a few seconds. In truth, Yami had expected the discerning CEO to take him up on his wedding offer. Although that offer still remained inconclusive, that wasn't the brunt of the issues that divided them and complicated their feelings. Ever since February, things had gotten a little rocky in their relationship. Like any other couple, they had their problems and arguments ranging from silly to the serious. But that fact alone failed to quell the disquieted rage that ensnared Yami's heart and battered his emotions. His attention began to detach even more from the duel and wavered back to a more subdued wound that time still had left to fully heal.


February 2nd

"You're taking us where?" a bewildered Yami questioned, looking up from sifting through his deck. His pants were still unbuttoned from their simmering love-making just minutes before. Questioning amaranth swiftly outlined his lover's frame before glancing to the fogged windows that still had yet to erase the various hand prints. A mild frown drew Seto's lips into a thin line while he fastened his silver belt into place. "Don't act so surprised," he began with a disinterested quality to his tone. When Yami gave no verbal protest, Seto trailed his eyes over to him, " I told you last night after dinner I wanted the two of us to go that particular restaurant in town." With his words spoken, he didn't bother to care what Yami's response would be this time as he took long strides across the room to retrieve his tossed aside duel disk. Carmine-violet studied Seto's form and movements as the taller male reattached the device to his arm. Seto's suddenly sour attitude caused Yami's features to harden. The two of them had already had a conversation about his feelings towards being out in public as a couple not too long ago. "Seto, we've talked about this. I already told you that I did not feel comfortable going to a highly prestigious restaurant in public with you. What was wrong with the more discreet and low profile one we had dinner at last week?" Seto glanced dubiously towards Yami; glacial eyes piercing the tanned male's very core. But Yami remained unfazed in the least.

"Last week and the one before that? We've been there almost every other day alternating between lunch and dinner. They specialize in Chinese food, Yami and I don't know about you, but frankly, I'm quite tired of dumplings and General Tso's. The place I said we should go to is a 5 star establishment. And they are the only place in this city to serve a gourmet that isn't smothered in fried oil with a side of fortune cookie. Happy?" Yami winced, a bit put off by this, "I meant no disrespect towards your choice, Seto. But don't you think it's...better...for your company and reputation that we continue to keep our relationship away from the gossiping eyes of public?" At this, Seto scoffed and shook his head at the absurd suggestion. His desire had brought up that foolish concern everytime Seto mentioned he wanted to take them out someplace to eat or visit. Domino City, Paris, Rome, Italy, it made no difference where. Yami's complaint and worry was always the same from every suggestion. Truthfully, Seto had grown tired of it rather quickly. He understood Yami's concern, and even appreciated it, but wherever Seto Kaiba wanted to go someplace he did just that without question. "That again... Look, I don't care if the fact that we're a couple gets out."

"What are you saying, Seto?" Yami disputed, "Do not misunderstand. I do not disapprove of us. But I

am not seeing the rush in all of this. Being with you someplace small is better. While I could care less if

I heard dishonest and fabricated stories from the tabloids about us, Seto, this situation isn't just tied

to us, but it's a direct assault towards you. And that is something that I refuse to let happen at all to

you. So please, I know this argument seems absurd, disagreeing about restaurant preferences but-"

"Yami, look," Seto interrupted, taking a step closer to his lover to stare directly into his deep eyes,"Do

you realize that the two of us are going to get tabloid publicity anywhere we go? You know who we

are! We're the world's top two duelists! Whenever we want to go somewhere, the choice is yours or

mine. Period. I'm not rethinking a choice of mine just because some fool from a camera will be there."

Yami paused, taking in the entirety of the truths he just heard"Seto... I know that. You know I do, but perhaps you misunderstood my concern. So listen as I explain myself again..."

"No, you listen. If some gossip-groupie with a camera happens to be in the same place to take pictures, or a reporter from some random tv station, chances are they're going after the two of us being out together as rivals for some kind of friendly meal. Not us as a couple." Despite the honesty of Seto's words, the expression on Yami's face told he felt otherwise. "Besides, Yami, the press finds very persuasive ways to make up lies about other people's lives to make up for their lack of having one. You've also stated that. So quit whining about it and start thinking about what you're going to order."Seto concluded, turning on his heels and heading towards the other end of the room to initiate their duel. It bothered Yami a great deal that this had to occur over something as simple as a choice of where one was to eat their next meal. He spoke of his concerns as they arose, but he still always held back how deeply it really effected him. But for this particular situation, he knew his reasonings and concerns were valid. Seto also had some strong agreeable points, but Yami couldn't help but believe that Seto was still missing the big picture. Yet, he had been wrong before. "I was merely concerned for your well-being and your status of this company. But, I suppose you are right, Seto," Yami half-heatedly agreed. But in the back of his mind he wondered if he would ever one day see Seto's reality through his own exotic eyes.


"Go," Seto's voice barely met Yami's ears it was formed so dispassionately. The former pharaoh blinked, sending the previous memory into scattered shards. For now, he forced himself to push the discomfort in his heart aside and attempted to focus on the game between them."Right. Sorry..." he apologized and drew his card for the turn. Exchange. Lucid drops of amaranth studied the card with devoid acknowledgment. Instead of voicing his moves, Yami wordlessly summoned the Dark Magician Girl in attack mode. There was already a Dark Magician in his graveyard, so her attack points jumped to 2300 from its base 2000. In addition, Yami equipped the blonde mage with Magic Formula, raising her attack by 700. A cute sound emerged from her as she struck a fashionable pose with her newly acquired power boost, accented with a wink. Seto glanced at her with a bored expression. But soon, his half-lidded eyes drifted over to Yami. Seto could easily tell that Yami was troubled from his colder than usual behavior by his game plays alone. Yami never played Dark Magician Girl this way when she was the only monster on his side of the field. She would normally have support accompanied by another monster. Seto's eyes narrowed in thought. He could remember a particular time clearly when dejection claimed Yami's expression as thickly as it did now. Seto despised the fact that he caused Yami to feel this way, but there was a reason for his dispassionate actions. This time, he was certain he was 3 steps ahead of his rival. And it was about time.


March 22nd

It was early in the afternoon. Mokuba had already gone to school for the day. Yami was the one to see him off while Seto did what he usually did from the crack of dawn until dusk. Work. The only difference with this particular time was that he and Yami shared a rather satisfying and steamy moment in the middle of the night as well as a continuation in the shower after they decided to get out of bed for the morning. In truth, Seto didn't get any sleep. But he made sure that Yami did. Seto never told his other this, but he quickly became fond of watching him slumber. The elegant visage his sleeping face bore stirred a feeling of rare tranquility within Seto that he found difficult to ignore, regardless of what arguments or disagreements that may have been exchanged the days before. Seated at his desk clad only in his boxers and a dress shirt and tie, Seto typed away; his attention teetering. It was too quiet when he was alone. Where was Yami? Without another thought, Seto closed his laptop, a brand new one since Yami broke his previous one, and pushed himself up from his desk. Donning a pair of silk pants, Seto rid himself of his partial dress attire and made his way down the vast corridors of the mansion looking for his desire.

Much to his relief, it didn't take him long to find him seated in the kitchen. Back straight, Yami sat on the very edge of the chair, legs crossed. A simple muscle shirt and form-fitting drawstring pants conformed to his body almost like a glove. The ankh necklace's luster glistened quietly under the illumination of the sunbeams that peeked through the room. His regal demeanor made him appear rather thoughtful as he gazed out one of the windows; a box of cereal in his hands.

"This is where you've been..." Seto stated in a flat tone from the doorway. He breathed it so quickly it almost sounded like a relieved exhale. A beat passed before Yami turned to face Seto; hints of slight surprise and faint amusement from being found twinkled in his eyes."Were you looking for me, Seto?" Yami questioned in a smooth, taunting voice before slipping a few pieces of the cereal into his mouth. Seto shifted his weight to the side while he gave an awkward expression of disbelief from the foolishly blatant question. But it soon dissolved into intrigue from what Yami was doing.

Casually, lightly tanned slender fingers slithered into the depths of a box of Coco Puffs, crinkling the thin packaging. Seto watched with ascending interest from the way those precise digits emerged with numerous amounts of cereal between them. Gingerly, Yami brought the treats to his lips, parting them slightly to allow the cereal to drop along his tongue. It was concealed in seconds within his mouth and the sound of crunching drifted into the room. It took Seto a moment to process this occurrence in all its oddity. If that wasn't a peculiar enough sight to behold, Seto felt his brow raise high on his head from the sight of Yami taking a few gulps of milk from a tall glass. Part of Seto willed for a dribble of that milk to run down the side of Yami's face, but Yami knew better. Once he placed the glass on the table, Seto's eyes narrowed in ubiquitous suspicion. "What are you doing..."

"Having cereal."

"No that isn't it."

"What?" Yami blinked, then smirked, resting the box atop the table, "Have you never seen me have breakfast, Seto?"

"No, you're not having breakfast. You're eating dry cereal out of the box and drinking a glass of milk behind it. Some would classify that as insanity, but for your sake, I'll just call it a snack."

"Call it what you will, Seto," Yami chuckled lightly. He popped a few more pieces of the chocolatey cereal in his sweet mouth before washing it down with another swig of milk. "And so what if I am? I got hungry," he claimed, slowly dragging his tongue along both his lips to illustrate his point as well to tease Seto. The taunt didn't go unnoticed, but Seto made no remark towards it."Mokuba left this cereal opened out on the table after leaving for school and I..."

"That isn't what I mean."

Yami blinked, and gave Seto a rather analytical look. He hadn't really paid much attention to it before because he was used to seeing his Seto appearing so tired. But not he could clearly see the faint hints of dark circles beneath his eyes. His hair was mussed and Yami could tell he had changed his clothes at least twice since getting out of bed that morning. "Would you like some?" Yami offered, taking the attention away from Seto's insomniac appearance. The mahogany-haired CEO curled a lip in disgust and shook his head. "No," he stated, taking a seat at the table. "Then, would you like me to get you a different box?" Yami mused.

"I'd rather not eat dry cereal and drink milk behind it."

"Is something wrong with that?" Yami questioned, a regal air laced around his words.

"I have the need to make sense. Obviously, you are lacking that understanding."

"Hmph. Say that again..." Yami challenged, leaning down on the table, his weight on both his hands, and stared directly into Seto's eyes. Lazily, Seto returned the attention. He also found himself pulled into those amaranthine depths like the day they first became a couple. Grasping Yami by the collar, Seto drew his desire's face close to his own. Their noses touching, Seto tilted his head slightly to one side and brushed his lips over Yami's. "Coffee. Make me some," he breathed with a faint curve to his mouth. A faint sound of amusement emitted from Yami and he mimicked the gesture, breathing his words against Seto's lips. "If I feel like it."

"Mmm...I can be rather persuasive you know."

"And, if I kiss you, you're not getting anything from me but what I decide is best for you," Yami retaliated, gripping a fistful of Seto's hair, causing the taller male to growl lowly in his throat. "You know the outcome will always be the same, Yami."


"And... I hate Coco Puffs," Seto smirked, releasing his grip from Yami and moving him away. Standing to his feet, Seto walked to the island in the middle of the room and began to prepare his own coffee anyway. Yami grunted in response and crossed his arms. Seto snuck a look at him and wasn't surprised to see him puffing his cheeks out a bit. He never told Yami, but he thought it looked all right on him. Just not for long. "So, are you having difficulties sleeping Seto?" Yami asked casually, gathering the cereal box and milk to put them away. Seto made a bored sound in response. "You shouldn't need to ask me that. You can see the answer yourself."

"Maybe I wanted to hear the answer directly from you."


"Seto," Yami began, his tone serious and firm, "things have been going a lot better between us lately, don't you agree?"

Seto snorted, but gave Yami respectful attention. "If that's what you want to call it. I'm not as nit-picky as you are when it comes to every disagreement and argument we've had, Yami. You're not going anywhere and neither am I." Seto stated with finality. But Yami insisted on continuing, "And when you give me answers like that, how can I not be so 'nit-picky' about us, Seto?"

"Simple. You don't. Just stop," he commented casually, returning to preparing his coffee to be brewed.

"Seto, I'm being serious."

"Look, neither one of us needs to go through this right now, Yami. Especially me. No, I did not get any sleep, yes I am tired now and no, I will not see a doctor. I've lived like this for years and I am fine."

"... Very well," Yami dispassionately and reluctantly agreed.

"So now, let's change the subject. I don't want the two of us to be in a foul mood the rest of the day," Seto paused, gliding his cool eyes over to a rather unpleasant-appearing Yami, "Of course, if that's all right with you, Your Highness," Seto scoffed.

"Kaiba...!" Yami groused in a rather familiar tone he often used during Battle City when Seto did something he needed to be chastised for. Frigid azure hardened to daggers of ice from the usage of his last name in such a way. "Don't. Call. Me. That. This is the last time I will remind you of that. My surname says nothing about who I am, only what I was brought into."

"I know this, Seto. But your snide comment was uncalled for. In any case, I understand. But, I was only concerned for you. Nonetheless, I do not feel like fighting so early in the afternoon with you."

"You're usually the one who starts it," Seto stated dryly, "So, when did Mokuba leave this morning?"

Yami paused, acknowledging the sudden change as slightly offensive from it being so casual. But he did not let that effect his answer. "Shortly before you arrived to find me."

"I see."

"Yes..." Yami nodded, trailing his eyes elsewhere. An empty and uncomfortable silence wavered between them. It was obvious that Yami hated this. Their relationship started off hot, fast and enriched with passion. There were a few bumps here and there, but there were also times when more serious issues arose like what was starting to form now. Seto would be lying if he could say he was able to ignore the discomforting situation, but he did his best to pretend like he did. He made it a point to be strong when Yami was not. He would have punched him, but he knew he would never hear the end of it.

"Stop sulking, Yami." was all he said instead. "Seto, did you forget what I said to you that day?" Yami inquired out of the blue. Seto didn't have to ask. He knew what 'that day' was referring to. The sound of the coffee being brewed bubbled throughout the room before Seto decided to speak. "Not again..."

Yami didn't bring it up that often, but Seto knew of the thought always lingered in his desire's head. It

was always that same one, accursed question Yami asked him months ago, late in January. Yami was

ready, obviously, to still stand firm on that offer. But due to his nature, Seto never had a definite answer

to such a simple question. His response then was that he'd think about it. He thought Yami's words to

marry were just a bad joke at first. But when Yami would ask again and again, he knew better.

"I'm only going to say this once and when I do, I don't want to hear you ask me that question. Not now,

not a few weeks from now, not even a month. You don't want us to date in public, but you're always so

ready for this?" Seto inquired, indirectly marking Yami's concerns with inward acknowledgment, "But

for your feelings towards wanting to get married to me and only me, I actually do appreciate. But...

marriage? It's too soon. We've barely been together for 3 months and you want to walk down the aisle

now," Seto continued, crossing his arms. His calculating eyes studied Yami, knowing of his next breath.

"Why," The word barely left Yami's lips, but it didn't leave unscathed from the uneven tone of his voice.

"Yami, look," Seto sighed,taking a step towards the smaller other and not removing his eyes from him,

"It isn't that you're the only one who has thought about us getting married. I've thought of it too. And it

isn't that you are the only one who has these feelings. But I do think it's ridiculous that you would pick

June of this year. Give us time to get used to being with the other. Besides you don't know you snore,

yet," Seto finished with a hint of a smirk.

"Huh?" Yami blinked innocently. Then his brows furrowed in mock anger, dare it be called "cute".

Seto chuckled softly. Once the coffee was done, he threw out the grinds and poured himself a cup. "Want some?"

"No," Yami stated and crossed his own arms, "And...I do not snore...that loudly...do I?" Seto half smiled, peering at Yami over the rim of his coffee mug. Unbridled thoughts of his desire being an interesting flavoring to his morning cup of caffeine fluttered behind his eyes and he wondered what protests and shouts would come out of that little mouth. "Loud enough. If it were any louder, I'd be pissed." A twinge of a blush marked Yami's features from hearing this, but he continued on, "And why is that? Does it keep you awake, Seto?"

"No. I don't care about that," his eyes narrowed, "I would just have to make you moan for me even louder." Yami's features blanched momentarily, but then returned to his usual bold demeanor. "I... see."

"But aside from all of your worried-for-nothing nonsense about my sleeping problems, perhaps, I have been working more than I should. I'll fix that."

"Seto?" Yami smiled triumphantly. A small curve marked Seto's lips as he eyed Yami with an expression of silent beckoning. And to further establish this, Seto motioned for Yami to come closer with an arch of a finger. Yami hesitated for a moment, pretending that he was put off by the behavior but they both know he loved it. "Yes, what is it?" he inquired, his tone thick with dignity. Seto inwardly chuckled to himself at the irony he was unraveling. Without a word, he blatantly splashed Yami with the hot coffee, laughing lowly while he watched his desire flail and jump around. "Hot hot hot!" Yami yelped, feebly attempting to brush the liquid off his clothes. Surprisingly none of it got on his necklace; its shimmer almost teasing him. The sound of the chair legs scraping against the floor caught in Yami's ears and the next thing he knew, he was in Seto's arms; his mouth enveloped in a kiss.

The two of them barely made it to the bedroom still being clad in some type of clothing. Yami clung to Seto with his arms around his neck, kissing him strongly. In the next instant, Yami was thrown to the sheets and Seto climbed atop him. Rasped sounds of wanton moans and hisses claimed Yami's voice as Seto's lips devoured the taste of his abdomen. Drops of coffee still lingered about his skin and Yami clenched the sheets while Seto made sure there wasn't a trace left. "Mmm Seto..." Yami cooed, writhing in tune with Seto's movements. His hands grasped at the pillows beneath him and he wasn't surprised to find them concaved with the same impression he left on them earlier that morning. In lieu of that, his mind slipped away to the last time he and Seto copulated. Then the times before that, and the many others before that. It had been so frequent, he had lost count. Seto never disappointed him in bed and he was certain he was just as good, if not better to Seto. But he couldn't help but wonder if they had been perhaps having too much sex. And in the event that they were, that added an extra dimension to Seto's comment earlier about them barely being together as a couple for 3 months. Suppose the reason they didn't know as much as they should because of the abundance of sex? Yami wasn't too certain and it wasn't long before his consuming thoughts gained the better of him.

"What is it..." Seto's voice questioned, laced with genuine concern. Lost in his thoughts, Yami didn't hear him at first, but seamlessly met eyes with him when he felt Seto's hands cup his cheeks. No sound emerged from him at first as his lips parted, but his voice returned to him swiftly,"I'm sorry," he apologized quickly, "Seto, I'm sorry..."

"Yami, what is it? Did I do something wrong? What's the matter with you?"

"I... I can't. I'm sorry," Yami repeated, sitting up. Softly, he placed his hands over Seto's and removed them from his face. What was he thinking? The two of them were happy just a few moments ago and now Yami had to feel distraught for no reason. It angered Seto a bit, but he was still willing to listen to Yami's reasoning...if it was a legitimate reason, that is. Sensing this, Yami led his eyes elsewhere, causing Seto to curse the weakness that wavered in those once bold eyes. He wanted that boldness back. Now. "Look at me," Seto demanded, guiding a hand under Yami's chin to force him to look his way. They met eyes for only a second before Yami pulled away from Seto and rolled out of the bed. "It isn't your fault, I just have a lot on my mind," Yami stated coolly, his back to Seto. "You shouldn't have anything on your mind but me," Seto shot back, "If your mind is drifting when we're having sex, there is a problem."

"Seto, please..." Yami sighed, "I need some time to think. You're demanding too much from me at the moment."

"What?" Seto couldn't believe the nonsense he was hearing. Just minutes ago, Yami let him do whatever he pleased and enjoyed it. But NOW, there was a problem? It didn't make any sense and Seto was too irate to bother sifting through it to make it make sense. "It's just like I said in the kitchen, it's always you who is starting these problems between us, Yami!" Silence. Slowly, Yami turned his face to a profile before giving Seto his full attention. His eyes carried a hint of a liquidy red tint that intensified the crestfallen anguish within it. "You will speak no more of this to me, Seto. And for the rest of this week, I will not participate in any sexual activities with you." Yami announced, his voice faltering only slightly. The moment he began to turn his back to Seto again, the angered male rose from the bed and grasped Yami's shoulders tightly. "Don't you dare turn your back on me!"

"Let me go...!" Yami shouted, yanking from Seto's clutches. Although Seto wanted to force Yami back into his arms so he could choke him before yelling some sense into him, he allowed his significant other to part from him. Then and only then did he ponder if being with Yami was a mistake on his part. He never knew how vulnerable the former ruler could be until now. Silently, he watched Yami with glowering eyes as he shuffled into a pair of his own pants and a top, that was Seto's by the way, and stormed out of the room. An obscene string of curses sparked from Seto and in his anger, he knocked everything atop the nightstand to the floor. Although Seto was easily, and appropriately, vexed from the nonsense that just unfolded between them, the face Yami gave him burned its imprint into his mind. Now he would always see it and there was no getting rid of it. All over nothing—or so he believed.


"I play Exchange," Yami announced plainly, flashing the card between two of his fingers so Seto could see its picture. The nonchalant male only skimmed his eyes over the card before stealing a quick look at Yami's mildly distraught and withering expression. Once their eyes met, Yami's features brightened hopefully for a brief second before Seto's attention traveled back into the cards in his hand. With a shrug, he began walking towards Yami. Hesitating, Yami forced his legs to move forward to complete the effect of the card. The two of them showed their hands simultaneously. Seto had all 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons in his hand, Polymerization and a Delta Fly. Yami held a Graverobber, Kuriboh, 2 Magical Exemplars and a Crystal Seer. The obvious choice for Seto would be to take the Crystal Seer; for Yami, the Polymerization. Routinely, Yami went with the most obvious choice, while Seto took hold of the Graverobber. Yami blinked in surprise at the odd move and wondered if Seto had taken the wrong one by mistake. "No, I made no mistake," Seto stated in a flat distant tone, easily catching wind of Yami's thoughts. Although, his words almost sounded as if they were referring more to himself than his moves in the game. Then his tone lowered and his eyes narrowed even more as they burned into Yami's. "This time." The chill in Seto's voice caused Yami to shudder uncomfortably. Before Yami could question those words, Seto had already turned his back to him.



April 18th

"I have returned," Yami's authoritative voice announced in soft contrast. Seto's form barely moved from his desk as he looked up at his significant other entering the home office. In truth, he wanted to get out of that chair, grab a surprised Yami by the arm and press him against the wall. And before he realized what he was doing, his body moved on its own to do just that. An airy sound of discomfort and anticipation drifted from Yami. "Seto, what is the meaning of this?" he demanded while he shifted uncomfortably against the wall. It took a few seconds for Seto to realize his thoughts had intermingled with reality. His cool eyes narrowed as they delved intently into Yami's. The enigmatic pulls of Yami's expressions of fortitude led Seto into a momentary trance. He loved the way those crimson-violet eyes sparked with determination and challenge no matter what the situation. A low sound settled in his throat as he felt his affections stir the beast in his pants, but he forced himself to refuse its flourish. Instead, he leaned his face close to Yami's; his lips and words brushing against Yami's ear. "Where were you... It's been 8 hours..."

Yami shuddered under Seto's sensually interrogative demeanor and lowered his lids halfway. However, he was not in the mood. "Seto.. I do not live here. I may come and go as I please."

"I didn't ask for you to explain your acts of free will to me. I simply asked where you've been."

"Where you waiting for me?"

"Don't ask me questions you know the answer to and answer mine."


"Your grandfather and that runt of yours left for a little vacation this month so there would be no one for you to go home to...except for me. Now, I'll ask again. Where were you?"

Yami sighed and fixated his gaze elsewhere. With no way out of an explanation, Yami tuned his words towards a more subtle approach. "Seto...," he began thoughtfully, shifting those indomitable orbs towards his other's.


"Do you believe that I found something to do with my life? Have you ever thought of me away from

you in any capacity to consider this?" Yami asked lowly. His tone was calm and wistful, "Something I

love to do that I felt only I was capable of doing... But please, do not misunderstand. This concerns

me and me alone."

"?" Seto's eyes contracted further still. Unconvinced, he pulled back slightly to look Yami directly in the eyes more clearly. Swirls of triumph and satisfaction looked back at him. Seto tended to enjoy picking riddles apart as much as Yami did, but now was not the time.

"What...did...you...do...?" Seto inquired sternly, teeth partially clenched. It wasn't the lateness that bothered Seto very much, although it did worry him a bit. But the fact that Yami was beating around the bush as if he were hiding something, or someone, important was what started his anger to build.

"I got a job," Yami stated casually, as if Seto's jealous attitude to rip off the head of the person Yami could have been messing with didn't faze Yami in the least. "At the Domino Museum teaching others about ancient Egyptian past."

"With Ishizu..." Seto continued, in understanding monotone, "Why"

"No, nothing is going on between us, if that's what you're wondering." Yami added in his defense.

"That isn't what I asked you, Yami."

"But that is what I am telling you, Seto. You should not have to worry about where my loyalties lie."

Seto said nothing for a moment, his features twisting into a curt frown. From the way their relationship had been heading lately, he couldn't be sure of where Yami laid those loyalties exactly. It certainly wasn't beside him for the past few weeks. Since their last major argument the month before, Seto hadn't seen Yami in 14 days. When he did finally show his face and lithe form around Kaiba Corp and the mansion again, he had been spending the majority of the days with Seto. But with each passing day, Yami started to disappear hours later than he had each day before. And now with this new 'job', Yami's staying out for 8 hours had gone on for half a week until Seto finally confronted him about it.

With a heavy sigh, Seto released his grip on Yami and pushed away from the wall. Instead of being greeted with meaningful, and understanding words of trust from Seto, he was met with the callous sight of his back turned to him. Yami's eyes softened; he was mildly offended by his boyfriend's behavior. He knew that body language all too well. His Seto was none too pleased with what he had just heard. But in the same token, Yami wasn't too happy with the lack of answers he desired. "You did not answer my question, Seto," Yami pressed in a gentle tone.

"Not now, Yami...," Seto retorted, his back still to the other. It was beyond him why Yami felt the need to go and get a job. Yami didn't have to do anything with him around. He had him. He had Kaiba Corp. What more could he ask for? Obviously, more than what Seto seemed to be able to offer. It was bad enough he hardly had any time to spend with Yami because of his own spontaneous work schedules. Now his desire had suddenly decided to limit their shortened time even more with something he didn't need? Yami still hadn't moved out from his previous dwelling with Yugi and his grandfather, but Seto still, indirectly, showed that he was beyond capable to take care of Yami.

"Seto... this changes nothing between us," Yami spoke up, keen to the familiar act of Seto's thoughts churning in unresolved circles. "This changes everything between us! Can't you see that?" Seto tossed back, raising his voice and facing Yami entirely, "And if you're too dense to see that from being wrapped up in some mystic crap that happened in our past being in that place around that woman, then you can stay there as long as you want! And don't bother coming back!"

"Seto, you are being unreasonable!" Yami retorted, stepping closer to his angered partner. He was used to seeing Seto's indignation, especially due to the arguments they had been falling into since they've been together. But Seto's lack of seeing both sides of this situation struck an uneasy chord in Yami. "I am not cheating on you, nor do I ever intend to."

"That isn't the point!"

"No, Seto, you are being selfish!" Yami deflected, pointing an accusing finger at Seto, "This is the one of the few times that I've wholeheartedly decided an outcome for myself by myself without any input or suggestion from anyone else! I don't need your approval nor did I ever ask for it." At this, a flicker of a dark smirk overtook Seto's lips before a mocking sneer took its place. Slowly, he neared closer to Yami. If it were anyone else, they would be intimidated. But not Yami. Never Yami. That was another trait of Yami's that Seto secretly adored. Couldn't Yami see how important he was to him? In Seto's eyes, Yami was the one who was selective in what he saw. Yami was the one who was flawed, not him. Crossing his arms, he allowed Yami to continue his little rant.

"Honestly, to tell you the truth, Seto, after Yugi and I separated from the same vessel and I gained my own entity, I felt...at a loss," he emphasized, gesturing his hands towards himself, "I felt like a wandering ghost. Nothing I did really made me feel complete..." Seto clenched his fists at this, not believing what he was hearing. Yami sensed this, and rephrased his words. "That does not include you Seto. I am referring to what I could do for myself only. You mean more to me than anyone else. And that is a proven fact. But I needed to do this. Teaching those who are willing to learn about Egypt ignites a thrill in me that I, myself, have never witnessed. It makes me feel like I actually do still have a purpose in this life besides dueling everyday...and getting into arguments with you, quite much like this one now," Yami finished, stating the last part with a saddened curve to his lips and a twinge of sarcasm to his tone, "However...you obviously have objection to this."

"It doesn't matter," Seto seethed, ignoring that last statement on purpose, "I could demand for you to quit that job right now and you wouldn't have any other choice but to comply."

Yami quirked an eyebrow at this. "Oh? Attempting to frighten me out of my own decision is rather low of you Seto. Who says I'll listen?"

"I do. All it takes is one phone call and you're done with that little 'job' of yours," Seto affirmed harshly, moving towards his desk. Yami winced and his mouth dropped open in disbelief. "You wouldn't..."

"I just said I would," Seto reinforced, already picking up the receiver. Looking up from it, he gave Yami an acidic smile. "It just so happens I have that building on speed dial... Last chance to say you quit now."

"Don't you dare, Seto, I am thoroughly warning you," Yami threatened in a clear voice. Seto snorted, "Wrong answer," he stated and punched in a button. Satisfied, he crossed his arms, staring directly at Yami. He felt something within him ascend with each expression of dejection and remorse that flashed over Yami's regal features. But instead of making any movement towards Seto, Yami narrowed his eyes and gave his rival a calm, focused look. "You still did not answer my question, Seto," Yami reminded, coming rather close to spitting the name as if it were a curse. Still on the phone, and waiting for an answer, Seto still gave Yami his undivided attention. A thin gloss played over Yami's eyes, but his expression did not waver. "Well? Do you? Or not?" Was all he asked. Seto remained silent. He knew of the answer Yami wanted to hear, but at the same time, he couldn't bring himself to speak it.

"Hello? Domino Museum. Seto? Is that you?" Ishizu's gentle voice wavered through the phone.

Silence settled in the room as neither Seto nor Yami made a move nor breathed a sound. The two of them were completely focused on the other and nothing else.

"Seto? I can see your number on the caller ID. What business do you have with me?"

Taking a quiet breath, Yami continued his words,"And if you do, Seto, then you should understand my position perfectly," Yami paused, swallowing the uncomfortable lump in his throat, "Now, answer me. Do you?"

"Seto, if this is a bad time, what is it that you wanted so we may discuss it another?"

"You shouldn't have to ask me that," Seto returned, his focus on Yami and Yami only. His desire understood this perfectly, but did not back down on his stand. He had placed his heart out in front of him and allowed Seto to decide to accept it or discard it. "Well? If you say the wrong thing, I will leave you for good and you will never see me again. I can certainly promise you that."


There was a stalemate between them and neither of them dared to make a move for quite some time. Discouraged, Yami sighed and began to turn to leave when the sound of the phone slamming down shot throughout the room. "Seto?" Yami wondered, turning around expectantly; the telltale signs of his shed tears highly evident now. "Do what you want," was Seto's curt response. Without wasting another word, he pushed himself away from his desk, and roughly passed Yami. "Keep the job if you want it so badly. Just expect things between us to change."

"It wouldn't be the first nor fifth time, Seto," Yami replied in a regretful tone. But Seto was already halfway down the hallway and did not hear him. Distraught and conflicted with his emotions and whether to run after Seto or not, Yami shook his head and leaned against the frame of the doorway. A familiar burn blurred his eyes and despite his anguish, his lips formed a thin smile. " 'I love you'," he whispered, "was all you had to say..."


"Dark Magician Girl, attack Seto's life points directly," Yami commanded; his words sounding forced. As if worried for him, the once cheerful girl looked back at him with concern reflecting in her eyes. Yami did not meet them, but nodded. Leaping into the air, she pointed her coiled staff at Seto and released a powerful wave of black crackling energy at him. The attack consumed his entire being in a moment's instant, but he gave no elaborate reaction to it more than a flinch. Through the obsidian of the blast, Seto watched Yami closely. He witnessed the pain in his desire's body language as his attention faced elsewhere. Seto had been playing a mind game with Yami this day and it was working more effectively than he had thought. However, despite his seemingly ruthless actions, he wasn't upset with Yami. He was fully aware of Yami's anguish and confusion. He shared these emotions himself but in a different sense. Throughout the months they had been together, Seto hated to admit it, even to himself, but Yami had changed him. He knew from the way he had been treating Yami lately probably led him to thoughts of breaking up with him. But today and now would be the moment Seto would show Yami just how much he had effected him.

"My turn," he spoke, drawing. Without a word, he activated his face down trap, Reckless Greed. Instantly, he drew 2 more cards. His eyes traveled over to Yami who was now staring back at him with wavering eyes; eyes that seemed to say 'finish this' and 'let me go'. Not taking his eyes off of him, Seto played Foolish Burial, sending his Makyura the Destructor to the graveyard. And from doing that, he was able to play traps from his hand in the same turn. Seamlessly, he played Yami's Graverobber and willingly gave up 2000 life points to use it, bringing back Yami's already played Exchange. A hint of wonder tingled over Yami's features as he beheld this but didn't say a word until Seto started walking towards him. "Seto?" Yami questioned when he saw his significant other place a hand over one of the silver bangles that adorned his forearm that the Duel Disk sat atop and begin to unclasp it. The hologram of the Dark Magician Girl double blinked in curiosity and floated behind Seto to investigate what he was upto. "Seto? What is the meaning of this? We should finish this game," Yami stated firmly as if it was to be the last duel they would ever engage in as a couple. The implication didn't go unnoticed by Seto but he ignored all that and tossed his Duel Disk to the floor. Yami watched his cards scatter but didn't have time to question it when Seto grabbed him by the arm and threw him back first against the wall. The pained memories came flooding back to Yami from this and he squirmed uncomfortably in Seto's grasp. "Seto, let me go, I am warning you," Yami growled to which Seto ignored and started to unclasp his Duel Disk as well. The Dark Magician girl neared closer to Seto, as if she could stop him from harming Yami. But once she caught glimpse of something he slipped into his hand, a blush streaked across her face and she covered her mouth in a gasp before her hologram fizzled out. Unable to hold back his uncertainty, Yami blurted out every feeling he had kept buried inside.

"Seto, I don't understand you anymore! These past 5 months have been nothing but arguments! Just

what do you want from me? We've carried on with this game long enough and I don't mean the duel! I

am sick and tired of everything you've put me through and I want it to end! Now! Don't you ignore how

I feel about all of this, either like you always ignore when I'm revealing my heart to you! I want you

to tell me how you feel Seto!" Yami shouted, his outburst causing his entire body to quiver, "From

you...I need to hear the words from you... Or perhaps, you have no words to speak..."

Seto had no reply at first; his eyes studying Yami's expression. His furrowed brows belied the sincerity that rippled in those amaranthine depths. Seto knew very well what words Yami wanted to hear from him. But he was not ready to speak them yet. He felt he didn't have to. His actions alone should have showed Yami what he sought to hear.

"Shut your mouth, first of all. You're overreacting. Any strong relationship has to have bumps come

up every now and then, so get used to it. Second," Seto warned, his nose a hair's breadth from Yami's,

"I'm more than able to take perfect care of you. So don't stand here acting like every disagreement is

proposing to be all my fault. You've stirred up more arguments than have. In addition to that, what

aren't you unsatisfied about? You complain about everything just like the little wife you want to be. So

I will make sure you get what you deserve. Understand?"

"?" Yami blinked.

Perplexed, he raised a brow from Seto's odd statements. "What...did you just say?" But his bewilderment soon melted into a look of utter shock and disbelief as his eyes beheld the male before him lowering to the carpet. Seto Kaiba had knelt down on one knee and held one of Yami's trembling hands in a steady palm. Something small, but weighty was placed in Yami's hand from the gesture Not only that, but when Seto moved his hands away so Yami could open his, a small white box presented itself in the middle of Yami's palm. "S-Seto...you... you didn't...!" Yami gasped, watching as Seto opened the box to him. A beautiful golden ring topped with a large diamond in the shape of an ankh sparkled up at him. The name "Atem" was encrusted in rubies and diamonds along one side of the ring's band while the word "Is" decorated the other side in similar fashion. Yami thought that was a rather odd inscription, but he wasn't in any position to quarrel with Seto now. He actually and finally proposed!

"I did. Now, you're going to marry me. And I won't take no for an answer."

"But... ah... how? When? Now?"

"Why not?"

"But... the guests! The arrangements! The location! It will take us weeks to sort all of that out alone!"

"Already taken care of," Seto stated casually, now standing.

"What? What do you mean you-?" Yami questioned, but his words were stopped short when the whipping blades of a helicopter hovered near the large windows. The trademark "KC" was painted on its side and a long rope ladder dangled from its open door. In astonished disbelief, Yami took a glance at Seto's smug expression, the helicopter, then back at Seto again. "You...! You're not serious?"

"I'm always serious. Don't you know that by now? Now. Let's go." he added, offering his hand to Yami. "Seto..." Yami whispered, greatly taken aback with emotion; flecks of affection glistening in his eyes. Seto had planned to marry him this whole time? "Idiot!" Yami shouted, punching Seto in the arm before strongly taking hold of his lover's hand. A new feeling overcame the two of them as they ran to the windows, pulled them open and leapt towards the rope ladder fearlessly.


"THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE, SETO? ARE YOU MAD?" A beyond astonished Yami bellowed in utter impressive surprise. A haughty snort was all he received in response as Seto kicked open the double doors to their room. Both still clad in their tuxedos of their trademark hues of white and black, Seto sighed and glanced to the new spouse in his arms. "Please tell me you aren't going to start nagging me again already. It's bad enough I paid for everyone else to stay here too. Not to mention the Bahamas and the air transportation for them to travel between here and there."

"B-But-! Seto-!" Yami stammered, tightening his arms around Seto's neck in his excitement and bewilderment, "Granted, while I am extremely grateful for your rare generosity, you didn't have to go and buy one of the most expensive hotel suites in the world! Bikam da Fondoq, Seto? Bi kam el odda bil laila? Da ghali awi!"

"Ana mifallis," Seto muttered lowly as he entered the bedroom. Hearing this, Yami's pupils dilated and he grasped Seto by the collar of his suit. "なんじゃこりゃ?" Yami exclaimed, briefly ignoring the fact that Seto had just spoken Egyptian-Arabic to him, focusing more on its meaning. Seto winced from the unneeded outburst and craned his neck away from Yami, a disgusted look on his face, "Relax would you! It was a joke. I was only joking!"

"JOKING? Don't ever joke like that again!"

"Then I'll keep it in mind to never take a joke from Ishizu ever again," Seto replied dryly. The elegant woman told him to say that whenever Yami would ask about costs. Seto had his doubts. Ishizu seemed to have never told a joke in her life, but he ended up saying it anyway. He imagined that woman snickering to herself right about now. The joke was on him for telling a bad one.


"Nevermind. Now get comfortable," Seto demanded, flailing Yami onto the king sized bed. Yami's light body bounced on the mattress a couple times before he gained control. Panting a bit, he sat upright and kept his eyes on his husband while he casually loosened his tie. "This place is gargantuan..." Yami whispered to himself, gazing up at the ceiling and trailing his eyes over the entirety of the room in utter awe. He still could not believe that Seto purchased the entire upper floor of the hotel for the week. But on the other hand, Yami couldn't believe how simple the wedding was. It was almost low key, even for Seto's incredibly high standards.

The entire ceremony went off without a hitch. It took place at an island resort in the Bahamas that Seto had also bought out for the entire week. In addition, he also purchased multiple rooms at the The Bridge Suite in the Bahamas at $22,000 a pop a night. Mokuba, Yugi, Serenity, Téa, Tristan, Ryou, and even Ishizu, Odion and Malik attended the wedding. And wherever Ryou and Malik were, Bakura and Marik weren't too far behind, even though they, nor Joey, were invited. Both Yugi and Yami gave Seto a bit of a, comical, hard time about it. But Seto had known that if Yugi had arrived, then that mutt must have gotten a way to the wedding as well. And sure enough, he was right. The two of them got on the other's nerves like usual, but in the end, Seto eagerly took his place beside his Yami. Mokuba was the Best Man and Yugi was the Ring Bearer. As the two of them received their wedding rings, Yami discovered the solution to the partial meaning on his engagement ring. In engraved cursive lettering, the words "Seto's" and "Completion" filled either side of Yami's wedding ring. Absolute solace and a hint of laughter had charmed his features from the little play on words. "Atem is Seto's Completion." Seto must have asked Ishizu or done research on what Yami's birth name meant and ordered for it to be etched onto his wedding ring. And if that wasn't good enough, Seto had the words "Atem is Mine" etched across his platinum band. Instead of a priest, Ishizu wed the couple, speaking highly of them both within the traditional readings. As she read, Yami caught Seto giving her more respectful attention than he'd given anyone else that wasn't him. But Seto felt his lover's eyes searching him and took his hand; squeezing it. That reassurance of affection was all Yami needed. And he knew it was all that he would get until the after the wedding.

And that was fine.

While everyone else explored the island resort, Seto and Yami had flown to NY in his Blue Eyes jet to be alone. Now they had the entire 1,300 square feet all to themselves on the 46th floor in Crowne Plaza Times Square. "It's awfully quiet up here," Yami murmured to himself, still taking in the spacious room. "Is that really all you can keep your mind on, Atem?" Seto smirked, already ridding himself of his dress shirt, revealing the square shaped tank top underneath. Yami stared intently at his husband momentarily, silently acknowledging the name he called him out of copious context. "It isn't that, Seto. I'm also concerned as to why you decided to purchase such a large amount of space for our wedding and honeymoon."

Seto's eyes contracted slightly at this and his hands rested at his belt buckle. "Do you have a problem with my tastes in getting the best money can buy for our wedding and honeymoon?" he questioned, utilizing the same words Yami had used in description. "No, Seto, that wasn't what I meant. What I meant was... suppose I left during our duel before you proposed? Suppose I had decided to follow through with the callings in my heart and broke up with you? What would all of this mean then?" An annoyed sigh drifted from Seto and he crossed his arms. "Why does any of this matter now? I did what you nagged me for months about and more importantly, I did it with style. But now you're wondering about what if's? It doesn't matter now. We're legally bound to each other now," Seto reminded, holding up his left hand, showing the platinum band with a small blue stone embedded in it around his finger. "I know it's foolish of me, but I..."

"Then stop. Don't say it and shut your mouth before you do," Seto warned, tilting his head to whisk a stray lock out of his face, "Today was the one day I thought I wouldn't hear any complaints from you. I should have known better."

"I apologize."

"Whatever," Seto murmured with a thin smirk. Still clad in his white dress slacks, he walked over to a rather long cart that carried two chilled bottles of champagne and 6 flute glasses. He took hold of one bottle, exquisite and highly expensive Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet, and uncorked it with ease with a nearby utensil used for such. Discarding the instrument, Seto added a cube of ice to two glasses. Carefully, he grasped the opened bottle and both glasses, holding the polished glass elegantly. At least, Yami thought so. As Seto neared closer to the expansive bed, Yami scooted over to allow Seto to sit directly next to him. Silently, Seto handed Yami a glass and poured himself some of the fine wine before filling Yami's chalice halfway. "Mmm thank you," Yami smiled, enjoying the soft fizz of the bubbles tickling his nose. "There was never wine like this when I was Pharaoh. This must be aged well..." he whispered to himself. "It had better be aged well from the trouble I went through to get it. Consider yourself lucky to taste some." Seto stated, raising his glass slightly. Yami nodded and touched his drink to Seto's in congratulations. "Have you ever had this kind before?" the former ruler asked with sincere curiosity.



"A long time ago. At a time when I was still underage."

"How old were you?"


"Were you alone?"


"Who was with you?"

Seto paused for a moment before taking a swig of his drink. "Ishizu. She almost spent the night," Blue eyes glanced to the smaller male before him, witnessing Yami bristle a bit at this. "I see."

"We didn't do anything so stop looking like that," he trailed off, taking another gulp of the cool wine, "Your cheeks puff out like you're pouting when you do that."

"They... they do not...!" Yami retorted poorly in his defense. He knew of the way he looked. He was just too proud to say it. "Hmph," he grunted, taking a long drink until he drained his glass. The cube of ice that remained clinked along the glass and played over his lips. Still thirsty, Yami emptied the ice into his mouth and began crunching it. Seto eyed him intently as he did this; his eyes darkening with thoughts of mischief. But he allowed it to pass. Yami had already complained to him once before about them possibly having too much sex—even if it was the reason for having a honeymoon. Instead, Seto rose to his feet and set the glass down on the cart. Briefly, he walked out of the room, but soon returned with his laptop in hand. Yami's body stilled from the sight. They had just gotten married and already Seto wanted to do WORK instead of him?

And Seto was already one step ahead of him. "Don't say it. You wanted me to control my urges and I am. So now that we're finally married, I can get back to work," he informed, sitting on the bed and opening the computer. Instead of placing the laptop in his lap, he pulled over a nearby lavish-looking console table and placed it on top of that instead. Yami's features contorted into a frown and he rested the empty glass on the nightstand near the bed. If not for the ice in his mouth, that muscle in his jaw would have clenched. Then suddenly an idea hit him and flickered over his eyes. "I am tired, Seto," Yami declared, rising from the bed. Already encompassed within his work, Seto continued typing and clicking away without looking up at the one who addressed him. "Heading off so soon?"

"You could say that..." Yami smirked and stealthily sank to his knees. It was a tad stuffy in the room, so Seto undid his belt and the top of his pants. As he did, Yami's hand sneakily crept within the folds of the layered fabric and rubbed against the slumbering length in his boxers. Seto's body responded in an instant. Quirking a brow, Seto pulled away from the narrow table to look down at the activity that was taking place below his waist. He wasn't too surprised to find Yami there, even despite it being him who complained about them having too much sex. And yet, there the impish former pharaoh was, on his knees, and even had the audacity to wave to Seto. Before he could say a word, Yami enclosed his mouth over Seto's growing flesh, causing the taller male to hiss and grit his teeth. The stinging bite of ice cold encircled around his erection before an enveloping wave of warmth cascaded over in its place. New to the sensation, Seto let his head loll back, a throaty sound wavering from him.

Feeling accomplished, Yami took as much of Seto into his mouth as he could before beginning an eager rhythm. A few moans and breathy sounds drifted from Seto as he ran his fingers through Yami's hair and clutched a fistful of it. "Nnnn...I wouldn't do that if I were you..." Seto breathed quietly. "Hmph... and why is that..." Yami challenged, mouth still around Seto's hardness. "Because..." Just then, there was a knock at the door followed by a cheerful announcement. "Mr and Mrs. Kaiba! Your dinnaire 'as been sahved!" Called a thickly accented voice from the other side of the door. The sounds of the new voice caused both Seto and Yami to freeze before Seto pushed Yami back under the table so he could quickly hide his endowment inside its cloth confinements. Yami nearly bumped his head, but managed to roll safely along the carpet."Hold on, I'm coming," Seto called back, causing Yami to flash him a wicked smile Seto almost confused for jealousy. "I wouldn't say THAT, if I were you," Yami taunted, turning Seto's words against him. "Shut it," Seto half-smiled, that appeared more like a smirk, and opened the door. After a few words of thanks were exchanged, Seto wheeled a large meal cart that was full of all kinds of concealed cuisines that smelled as delightful as they probably tasted. "That smells scrumptious, Seto. What is it?" Yami asked, already standing behind Seto, genuinely interested in learning of the flavor of this new cuisine.

"Food," Seto replied plainly, closing the door behind him with his foot. Yami gave him a slight pouting frown. "What KIND of food?"

"The kind that I wanted to eat with you out in public months ago. You remember don't you? It was the same kind that you were too paranoid to be seen in public with me over. Refresh your memory?"

Yami felt as if something within him started to shrink from embarrassment and he looked away. "Oh..."

"Yeah, 'oh'. But it doesn't matter. I finally get to eat what I want with you."

"I suppose," Yami nodded, "However, I don't want to eat in the bedroom. Hotel or not, I'd rather not wake up to the sight of insects scurrying around my place of slumber." Seto made an amused sound at this, but proceeded to move the cart out into the main/living room where a 45 inch HD flat-screen, cappuccino maker and rather modest-sized windows awaited to be used and viewed. Silently, Yami followed behind him and regally sat down on the edge of one of the cushioned chairs; back straight, legs crossed. Even though the sky had darkened outside, the room's lights gave off an artificial sun effect rather well they were so bright. Yami still couldn't get over how much all of this probably cost Seto or how much it may have set him back.

"$105,000. Or rather ¥9075150.0000, which doesn't hurt me nor Kaiba Corp at all." Seto stated in a monotone, while fixing them both plates of food. "Ah, I see," Yami nodded in mock casualness, "Just a few million yen... not a major problem at all. Pocket change, right?"

"I won't say that, but let's put it this way. Would you have rather flown to Rome than the states? Two words: Westin Excelsior."

" The Villa La Cupola?"


"Uh... I won't even continue to ask."

"Great answer. Now you're making sense," Seto smirked. After he finished filling their plates, he stepped towards Yami and set their dinner on a reflective coffee table in front of him."What is this, Seto?" Yami wondered candidly. "Filet mignon topped with foie gras," Seto described placidly and took a seat on the sofa adjacent of his spouse. Yami eyed the meager portions of such exquisite and expensive sounding food and gave his husband an awkward look. "Where's the rest of it?"

"You're looking at it."

"Yes. I see. But Seto, what exactly is foie gras?"

"Good. Now be quiet and eat. Once you're asleep I'll get back to work. I'll be having a meeting first thing in the morning, so we should enjoy this time alone now."

"Seto..." Yami whispered. Although Seto had a strange way of speaking his affections, Yami's heart was still touched, "You're right. Thank you for arranging this meal for us...and for everything," he added, picking up a knife and fork. Aimlessly, he looked around for a pair of chopsticks instead and he didn't have to utter a word when Seto placed a pair of them next to Yami's plate. "I recommend using the western utensils, but you do what you like."

A light blush of embarrassment crept across Yami's face, but he nodded in agreement anyway. As they ate, Seto watched Yami's expressions and movements acutely. He could tell the flavoring of the meal was to Yami's liking, but he could also tell that a few ingredients and condiments were missing from what Yami was used to eating. But at least, he was enjoying the meal. "Atem," Seto spoke suddenly, gaining the instant attention of his partner. "Yes, what is it, goozi?" Yami replied, covering his mouth from the use of his native tongue in casual conversation to one who wouldn't understand. Seto lifted a brow, "What did you just call me? Garoozis?" he questioned, the image of one of that mutt's previously owned cards popping into his mind. "Ah no, Seto. Actually... I never imagined that I'd ever use such a phrase at all in my life."

"What does it mean"

"What you are to me as of today."

"Oh really..."

"Yes. And before you answer me with a witty comment-"

"Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess..."

"Why didn't you do that first?"

"Maybe I wanted to just hear the meaning directly from your annoying mouth."

"Haha..." Yami couldn't help but chuckle at that. He had used that similar wording towards Seto many times. He wasn't surprised that it was used against him now. " 'My husband' is what it means. Now, what is it that you called me by my rightful name for?"

Finishing his dinner, Seto wiped his mouth with a napkin, not taking his eyes off Yami. "Not until you come here first." Yami gave an odd expression at Seto's sudden "playful" attitude, but obliged his request anyway. Sitting in his husband's lap, Yami crossed his legs as well as his arms in that signature way he did, and listened. Seto gazed at Yami for a moment before sliding an arm across his back; his fingers toying with the soft fabric. "As you know, you, and the others that attended the wedding are the ones that know about it."

"? Yes, and?"

"None of this has been relayed to the public yet, if at all. I will leave that choice upto you. Also, I have decided to wait until you are ready to go dating in restaurants that I would like to goto where gossipers, fans, tv reporters and ordinary people alike can plainly see us. Maybe after having this dinner tonight, you'll think twice about where you'd want to eat. With me," Seto offered, taking Yami's ringed hand in his and bringing it to his lips. For the first time that day and in weeks, Yami was speechless with absolutely no thought of a response in his mind. His warm eyes fleeted between Seto's steady gaze and his mouth opened. But no sound emerged.

"Nothing to say?"

"...!... I.. Seto, I..."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm just that good."

"Thank you, Seto!" Yami exhaled, throwing his arms around Seto's neck happily, "Thank you. All of that was truly thoughtful of you. You must have had this planned for weeks!" he exclaimed, pulling back to meet eyes with him. "Correction: months," Seto smirked, raising a finger, "Still want to leave me? I can guarantee we'll have at least a hundred more arguments if you stay."

"Hahaha... Seto, I could get into a thousand and one arguments with you, it still wouldn't change how I feel about you."

"Hmm... Funny. It didn't seem that way in March and especially not April..."

"Shhhh!" Yami shushed, touching a finger to Seto's mouth, "Those months are over with! I admit I was a bit unreasonable, but-"

"You were horrid. Just like a child," Seto stated emotionlessly, moving Yami's finger away just to say those words and then returning it to being atop his lips again. A rich sound rose from Yami as he laughed. No matter how upset he got at Seto, he would always continue to love him. Smoothly, he leaned down and replaced his finger with the brush of his lips against Seto's. The taller male expected the kiss and cupped Yami's face in his hands, deepening the savory embrace. Tongues played, breathy sounds whispered, hearts bonded. Slowly, Seto undressed Yami, taking in the sight of him with the extravagant display of the illuminated metropolis as his backdrop. Only the leather collar and glistening ankh necklace adorned Yami's slender form. No words were exchanged as Seto scooped Yami into his arms and pressed him back first against the windows. The faint wisps of expectancy that Yami breathed were Seto's guide to what sensation he craved the most about his skin. " Habiibi..." Yami cooed softly, drifting between reality and his own world where only he and Seto existed, "Goozi..."

"Where do you want this, Atem," Seto questioned airily against Yami's navel, "Where do you want me to take you... The windows, the tables, the bed, the carpet..."

"The bed... Please..."

"Hnn" Seto glanced up at his desire wearing an almost obscure expression. Through his glossed half-lidded eyes, Yami saw this and chuckled lightly. "Your 'window fetish' will have to wait."


"And in addition to that, I can't chain you to them."

Seto's eyes flickered with a hint of surprise before intrigue took its place. "What makes you think I'll let you?"

"Because..." Yami began, placing his hands atop Seto's shoulders while he rubbed the inside of his thigh with his foot. A low sound rippled in Seto's throat. He wanted Yami. Now. Laughing, Yami slithered behind Seto with the fluidity of water and the swiftness of a feline. The next thing Seto knew, something leathery slipped around his neck and fastened snugly into place. The jingle of a chain echoed behind him and before he could turn to face Yami, he felt a tug at his neck. Nude without his trademark collar around his neck,nor the ankh necklace, Yami smirked dauntingly and coiled the small chain around his arm. "Where did that come from?" Seto demanded, his tone not doing a good job of hiding his excitement. Yami chuckled and wagged a finger at him. "Like I was saying. I am the one who has you ensnared after all," His crimson-violet orbs glinted as the relaxation in Seto's eyes proved he remembered the first time Yami had said such a thing to him. And it would seem that Yami was right.

"You are my eternal rival, Atem. I've only lost against you in everything... No one else has that right but you... And only you have used it..."

"It wasn't like it was a free prize, Seto. You've always fought against me with honor and determination...and love," Yami spoke the last word quietly, knowing how Seto felt towards speaking things that could be better shown as actions. Standing to his feet, Seto led two fingers beneath Yami's chin, causing amaranth to meet lapis lazuli. "Only for you. No one else deserves me to look at them this way..." Seto trailed off. Yami's irises softened from his words. This was about as close to hearing 'I love you' that he would probably get. Gently, Seto leaned down and placed a light kiss atop Yami's forehead. With the same tactility, he trailed his lips to Yami's ear and bit it slightly. "... ..." he whispered, his cryptic words only able to be understood by Yami. And he understood it well, nodding slowly in silent agreement. When Seto pulled away, the two of them eyed the other in solace. Neither of them bothered to exchange dialog, mental nor verbal, as Seto lifted Yami into his arms and carried him over the threshold to their honeymoon bedroom. The powerful and coded words that Seto spoke still resonated in Yami's ears until the door closed behind them.

"I lose."


Egyptian- Arabic:

Bikam da Fondoq- How much is this hotel?

Bi kam el odda bil laila- How much is this room per night?

Da ghali awi- It's too expensive

Ana mifallis- I'm broke

Habiibi- My sweetheart

Goozi- My Husband

Atem (variant of Atum)- Completion

Random Japanese-

なんじゃこりゃ- WHAT THE-

Secret Messages-


Yami: "What am I to you"

Seto: "You are mine"


Yami was ready to marry

Seto: "I'm not ready for marriage now"

Yami: "Why"

Seto: "Yami, it isn't June yet"

Yami: "Huh?"


Yami: "Do you love me?"

When Seto pins Yami against the wall before he proposes

Yami: "Seto, what am I to you"

Seto: "Shut up. I'm proposing, aren't I?"

Throughout this story, I've given nods to other media and as well as different individuals.

The question of Yami asking Seto why he only calls him Atem when they're having sex in chapter 2 is a reversed question from the doujinshi "Honey" where Seto asks Yami why he only calls him by his first name when they're "doing it"

The scene where Yami is eating cereal and drinking milk was inspired by myself for doing that. I told this to a friend of mine (LORD OF KI!) and asked if he'd ever do it and his response was no because he had the need to make sense lol Pretty much what Kaiba said lol

The eyebrow quirks and Seto closing the door with his foot was inspired from many different fics mah grrl Mikage has written! ( love that door-foot-close with Jack!)

The mention of Seto drinking at 14 with Ishizu being with him and her almost spending the night, as well as her not very good witty jokes and puns was inspired from mah grrl Lemmie (of whom this friggin story is for lol) from her fics. (Metamorphosis of the Mariposa, son!)

The flashback scene where Yami is trying to leave Seto when they're about to go at it is a nod to the doujinshi "Be There" where Yami is doing his best while riding Seto, but because he's the only one sweating and Seto isn't, he starts to get up to leave. Seto asks "What's wrong/the matter?" as Yami starts to pull away.

The ending statement of "I lose" is a nod to the doujinshi "Risky" where Seto says to Yami, after Yami admits his feelings for Seto in bed, "You've read my hand. I can never beat you. I lose...!"

^^; So there you have it.