'Jessica Harrison, meet Sam and Dean Winchester'

Hey so I am also working on another fanfic. But I got this idea and want to get it out before I forget. Hope you like.

When I was five I wanted to be a police woman, when I was six I wanted to be an army officer. When I was Seven I wanted to be a forensic scientist, examining all of the dead bodies and finding all of the smallest bumps and bobs. Then a month after my eighth birthday my Mom was killed by a demon with these weird yellow eyes. So that year I decided to be a hunter. I'm sixteen now and nothing's changed, except my innocence, despite my father's insistence I'm not a little, ribbon wearing girl anymore.

I sat glaring at the wall of trees as they whizzed past me. Dad was speeding as usual, no surprises there. I would have been complaining by now if it hadn't been for the fact that I had sworn myself to silence until he felt bad enough to turn the damn car around. Yea that didn't last long.

"Why the hell do I have to stay with them, I don't even know the Winchesters, it's so unfair can't I just go with you," I turned to dad forcing my best puppy dog face.

He didn't buy it.

"No Jess. It's too dangerous. John and I need to deal with this on our own," He set the line there and I mustn't cross it. So ofcorce I did.

"That's bull I'm not a baby. I could help you, I want to help you," I turned in my seat glaring at him.

I watched as he took a deep breath and let it out, the straying hairs from is short ponytail flying around his withered face. The years hadn't been kind to my Dad. Neither had I, even though I loved him to death.

"You will not come with us Jessica, you are far too young. This is not like any hunt you have been on," He hissed, forcing himself to stare at the empty road ahead.

I felt the mood darken and could almost see everything get just a little darker. Several seconds passed before I could manage to say the words that stung my throat.

"I know. I'm not stupid Dad, you're going after it, the thing that killed Mom. yellow eyes," A hitch caught in my throat and I had to force myself to swallow down the lump.

Dad went rigged, pretending he didn't hear me he reached for the radio and switched the dial. AC/DC's highway to hell blared from the tiny speakers. Typical Dad avoid everything that could cause him any pain, emotionally anyway. I returned to glaring at the passing wall of trees, and muttered to myself.

"They're not going to be happy either, god they'll hate me,"

Dad just sighed and completely ignored me.

"What! A year. One freaking year," I shouted as Dad and my new acquaintance John Winchester stood before me.

"I agree are you crazy," John's eldest son Dean stood at my side also shouting at the two men.

They both held the expression I was so used to. The face that told you, you were being childish and wasting their precious time. I let out a yell of annoyance. John and dad had just told us that they were going on a hunt that would probably take them around a year. They were fully dedicating themselves to searching for freaking yellow eyes. In other words forgetting they had kids for a year, too hell bent on revenge. I scowled at my Dad full of despise and anger.

"Will we even see you or are we going to have to fend for ourselves for a year, so you can forget about us and focus on more important things," I hissed.

Dad's face twisted with his own anger. "Now you listen to me Jessica Anne Harrison. While I am gone you will go to school you will behave yourself and if I ask you to do something you will do it. Do you understand," He stepped closer so that he was right in my face.

"Loud and clear," I spat.

Dean threw himself onto the motel bed that his younger brother had vacated. I turned to see the boy whimpering under the shouted arguments. My heart ached for him, but still this was utter crap, Dean Thought so too.

"If you're going after yellow eyes don't you think we would want to help kill it too, it's not just your lives this thing ruined," Dean glared at his father.

As John stepped closer to the teen he stood to upstage his father. Dad was full of tension ready to step in if things escalated. I didn't care if they did hell I'd join in I was so mad. Dean folded his muscled arms across his chest.

"Ofcource I realise that, I'm reminded of it every time I look at you boys. But I'll be dammed if I will have you boys within a hundred miles of this thing," John growled his rough voice filling the small motel room we had met in.

Dean fumed, his cheeks flushing red with anger "I want to fight," He yelled.

John glared at the boy quickly silencing him. "So you want this thing near Sam do you?"

At this the pre teen on the bed finally piped up "Wait I-"he was silenced by a wave of shushes and shut up Sammy's. Okay this wasn't going anywhere. Obviously yelling wouldn't help the situation, so what would. I pulled my ruck sack onto the bed and groaned.

"Will we see you? I mean what about money and stuff? will you give us the hunts you find? and who do we call if were in trouble?"

Dean stared at me in shock. "What you can't just give in," he looked at his father then Sammy then me "This isn't really happening," he cried.

John put a reassuring hand on his son's shoulder "don't be afraid you're strong, you can handle this," the way dean looked at his father with undying respect; it was obvious he was his idol. I kicked dean lightly to get his attention. He turned to look at me with a surprised expression.

"Hey, c'mon I'm not that bad to live with," I winked at him putting on my cutest smile.

That was the last nudge Dean needed. With a grimace he surrendered to his father.

The two men left us with five strict instructions.

1. Don't go on any hunts unless you have been given them by either John or Dad/Don.

2. In case of trouble call Bobby.

3. Stick together.

4. Keep moving.

5. Stay in school.

I had to laugh at the last one, it was so...normal.