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Yea so supernatural time.

It took me about half an hour to make my way back to the hotel and by the time I got there Sam and Dean were both wide awake and freaking out. Brilliant just what I need to do right now improvised lying.

"Jess!" Sam called as I stepped through the doorway.

His slightly annoyed expression faded to worry as he noticed my tattered state, still in my skimpy pyjamas. "Oh my god what the hell happened" Dean growled stalking over to me.

"Don't I'm fine," I flinched hating the thought of his touch after that dream. Damn it what the hell did that bitch do to me. It was just a dream right? Oh fuck even I knew that wasn't true shit I couldn't lie to them about this.

Two hours later I had achieved three things. First cried my eyes out, second gotten over my fear and let Dean hold me. And lastly which now had me crying again taken a pregnancy test. Correction I had taken five.

I stood paralysed holding the little white stick in front of me. The other discarded in the trash but I couldn't ignore the fifth pink cross. I was pregnant. Fucking hell. Time evaporated as I let the tears slowly fall. She said it would happen. The dream was coming true. But this couldn't be Dean's.

So..."Sam" Holy crap the stick slipped from my fingertips landing with a plonk into he toilet. It was Sam's baby. One stupid lapse in judgement and I was having his baby. When would something good actually happen to me.

"Jess what's going on in there," Dean's urgent voice knocked me out of it.

"Dean I-" how could I tell him? How could I tell Sam? Well either way I would have to someway.

"I'm pregnant"

Both brothers sat staring at me with the same shocked expressions.

"But don't you need to you know...bump uglies to get pregnant," Dean grimaced trying to demonstrate with his hands.

"That is generally the idea," I sighed grabbing his hands to stop the floor show.

Sam's frame stiffened beside me as he finally clicked.

"Dude con-sta-pa-ted," Dean chuckled raising an eyebrow at his brother.

"Sam I'm sorry,"

"what! No don't you be sorry it's my fault Jess," He growled standing up and striding over to the far wall "I pushed you into it,"

"Excuse me," Dean's cute wtf face almost made me laugh.

"Sam I acted on my own free will,"

The disgruntled hunter turns his teary gaze on me "You have to get rid of it,"

My heart stopped. No. The mere thought of doing that made me want to vomit.

"That is not going to happen," I snarled instinctively holding my stomach asif to protect it from him.

Dean face lit up then darkened within the second as he looked at my hands. He understood now. That was a problem. Before I could do anything to stop him Dean had Sam held against the wall by his throat.

"Dean cmmon," Sam choaked trying to push his brother off.

"You did this to her," he growled landing a fist in Sam's gut.

"Dean!" I screamed but he kept going hitting Sam in the jaw with a sickening crunch.

This time Sam retaliated swiping Deans leg and gunning him in the eye before he went down. But he didn't stay down long.

Soon enough I was watching Dean ram his brother into the mirror shards flying everywhere. My heart was screaming for them to stop. But it just kept going and I could only crawl up against the wall and watch as the two men I loved beat each other to a pulp.

It was the moment Dean pulled out a knife that I had to move. Bile rose in my throat and I crawled to the toilet slamming the door behind me. That's when the screams started and I finally let my tears fall. What was happening to us? Life used to be nice. But now...we needed John.


It was quiet; it had been for about ten minutes though my tears still fell. Which one was it? Which one was dead? I longed to know yet my mind tried to deny that either of them was.

My head snapped up as the bathroom door slowly dragged open. I panicked grabbing the thing closest to me and holding it out. That thing happened to be a toilet brush.

My stomach sank when Dean's face appeared in the doorway yet in some sick way I was relieved. Fucking beautiful Jessica you monster. Dean came closer kneeling down in front of me.

"Jessie its okay," he soothed grabbing my hand and pulling the brush free.

I couldn't fight him I just went limp in his arms my tears still falling onto his sweat coated shirt.

"What did you do?" I whispered my voice muffled by the cotton covering it.

Dean ignored me instead he just picked my limp body off the ground and carried me out of the room.

I closed my eyes as we walked through the front room but just as Dean reached the door I peeked over his shoulder. Oh God.

Sam lay on the floor ripped clothes drenched in blood. A quiet yelp escaped my lips before the screams began.

"NO! SAM," a painful thud rattled my ribs the sound of my heart breaking rang in my ears.

I think I kept screaming as Dean hurried to the impala shoving me inside. We couldn't leave him there. Not like that I kicked at Dean as he tried to shut the door but it was no use, he overpowered me. I kept screaming his name though.

The image of Sam's lifeless body lying there haunting my thoughts. No I want leaving him. Just as Dean was about to start the impala I kicked at the back window crawling through and rolling off the back of the moving car.

"Shit!" I cried as I felt my skin rip in multiple places.

But my pain was irrelevant. I sprinted to the room dean hot on my tail. I knew he would catch me but a girl could only try.

My fingers fumbled with the door handle as I smacked into the cheap wood. Dean's hand reached my waist and I panicked pushing the door open. My body was lurched backwards as Dean threw me over his shoulder and back into the car.

I gave up fighting and just sat back dumb struck.

I didn't need to fight, because I knew now Sam was alive out there and he would find us. How did I know this? That room was completely empty.

Please don't hurt me there is more to this than you know yet I promise. Dean certainly wasn't 'thinking' straight ;) anyhow I'll try to update soon it's the holidays for me now so I can focus on this abit more yay