(want to be humor and parody, but else, probably light drama; WARNING: NO SERIOUS PLOT, just a series scenes of wanderer)

disclaimer : I don't own Suikoden... look for "Konami", ok?

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A.N: Do not confuse of the sudden changes of tenses (It's played often; past and present interchangeable in this story). Italic sentence in this story means present time (actual train of thoughts of the character being described).


It's only two days after the war, now here he was, stepping carefully within the ruins with deep thought in mind. I can not sense it… He wanted to look at him for the last time, and confirmed himself that the wind mage had died. He had never been so emotional nor show any emotion this far in his life for three decades. But this day, he might be a little distracted. It was a mix of feeling he could not understand. The remaining of collapsed ruin was difficult to get through, even it was impossible for any wanderer to get through. But he was different, he was special, the earth had always obeyed him. It was only matters of days 'they' would deploy search party. For once in his life, he did not do ordered things. He did not even go back to Harmonia first to report. There he was, standing by his own decision. He finally arrived at the place.. Somehow he could not believe it. But he's dead. He's truly lied lifelessly.

So it's true. No wonder I fail to sense any kind of wind power. He stepped closer and examined the dead body.. The girl next to him was surrounded and hit by bricks and stones of collapsed ruin, but the man was not. Dry blood everywhere nevertheless. He touched the hand of the dead body. He could not sense any power. Blood everywhere, stink smells, and torn garments. His pale skin-just like his- revealed from that torn green Harmonia robe. He realized how pale it was but it appeared rather bluish now.

Like I thought… it must have been passed or else- destroyed. The true wind rune.

"I don't even know why I'm here. " he tried to suppressed emotion. "I still could not understand the way you think." He paused, "the true wind… was it dead with you? Destroyed as your soul shattered? How about the balance then?... did you pass it?", a pause again, "I honestly could care less about the rune now. " he purposely pause, denying the fact why he was there in the first place. He did not even consider this traitor as brother, right? "Hikusaak… The Absolute One is going to instruct search party for this matter I presume. Or… The Temple….We then might meet again next days. Farewell."

"…..thank you for teaching me about freedom.", he forced the last word, "brother."

Then for the first time in his life he cried. "are we really vessel? Why did you tell me then just leave me ALONE?!", the calm bishop had lost his control completely. Luckily, no one there to see this shameful moment. He fell to the ground and shouted. As he stood, he raised his hands and great earthquake formed. Krkkkkkk…

And the wind blew stronger. He tried to regain his composure and revert to his usual calm, well-collected, and graceful self.

For minutes he watched, as the ruin forming the 'proper' burial for his twin brother, then he left.

"… we're square, consider this as my last empathy for you, brother. May you rest in peace...", the bishop murmured some ancient Harmonian language, the pray for the dead.

The two dead bodies now deeply buried in stones and on top of that, the place had been turned to be a beautiful sanctuary-like stone ruin, which somehow reflecting the wind rune shape.

His blue Harmonian robe swayed as he left the place. The usual smile of him had back in his face just like his wisdom and graceful aura. The turmoil was still keep going.

The strong elements of earth and remaining true runes involved in the last war made his job possible and even easier. I'd rather you to be like this, at least you gain your freedom… I assume this is what you want. At least there is no one could disturb you now, even his graceful Hikusaak. Thus you won't be bound by fate.

Bishop Sasarai had successfully sealed the place.