I am writing more stories. Sorry. But I couldn't keep this out of my head. Lock and Key. This is where the book left off. What I think happens next. Probaly will be crappy. I do not own Lock and Key. I did this last night at 3:00 am as I couldn't sleep so it might have mistakes. Tell me the mistakes. I posted it this morning as I woke up with my head on the laptop.
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I watched until the fish and my key were out of sight. I suddenly felt very lonely without it. I'd had that key all through this weird experience. But then I felt something else. That key was the key to my heart, everything. I'd kept the door shut for so long that the door was squeaky and hard to open. But I forced it and then walked through. In that room of my heart I saw everyone I loved and hated. Like two sides in a war. On one side of the room there was sunshine and rainbows. Standing infront of the beautiful blue sky was Nate, Olivia, Harriet, Reggie, Cora, Jamie, Gervais, Laney and even Roscoe. All the people who were there for me. Then on the other side there was rain clouds and lightening. The people standing there were Peyton, Marshall and Aaron. the people who had hurt me and let me down. Peyton who betrayed me. But also blinded me with the truth which hurt just to spite me. Marshall who had never really cared about me. And Aaron who had left me unconscious in the woods when I really needed someone. What really struck me was how at the start of this I thought them (Peyton, Marshall and Aaron) were my friends. They were the good people. And on the sunny side they were the people I could never love, would never trust were the ones who were my whole world. Then right in the middle was my mum. She'd hurt me. She'd also been my rock for most of my life.

"Ruby come on. You're as bad as Jamie. We're going to be late." Cora's voice yelled from inside the house. She appeared in the window overlooking the pond with her hands rested on her hips. She was shaking her head impatiently. I had to find myself laughing. I pushed myself up from the grass and made my way over to Cora and Jamie who were now back in the foyer.

"We're all here. Come on before anyone else dashes off." Cora sighed and basicly dragged us to the car. Jamie got into the driving seat next to Cora who was in the passenger seat. Jamie was fiddling with the dials on the radio until some music started coming out. I got into the back seat and put on my seat belt before Jamie put the keys into the ignition and it let out a roaring noise. Jamie backed out of the garage and onto the main road.
I looked over the sea of people and there in the mist of it was the only people I wanted here. Jamie, Cora, Harriet and Reggie. Cora and Jamie were discussing something between themselves. Then Reggie was laughing at something Harriet had said. Jamie had glanced at the side of the stage where all the seniors were sitting awaiting their name to be called and noticed me staring at them. He started waving a little to enthusiasticly that he knocked Cora. She looked at him and he said something before she started waving as well. Then Reggie and Harriet joined in as well. I waved back. My little family were strange and at times they annoyed me. But my family was perfect.

"Ruby Cooper." That brought me back to the event on the stage. A boy I didn't know very well was coming down the steps from the stage with his certificate. I stared up at the stage and got to my feet feeling wobbley. I made my way to the man who had welcomed me here. He shook my hand and passed me my certificate. I heard yelling from the four people I'd brought.

"Ruby, Ruby, Ruby." They were chanting. I found myself grinning. I stared at them and saw Jamie with his camra. I waved once more and smiled. Then I looked to the man.

"Well done. You really settled in. I'm pleasantly surprised at you." Mr Thackray had whispered to me. I shot him the smile.

"Thank you. I'm going to miss it here." I replied. What surprised me was that I deffinatly meant it. He nodded. Then I made my way back down the stage and back to where I was sitting. I felt someone prod my back. I turned already knowing who it was as they'd poked me about ten times already.

"Olivia?" I raised my eyebrows.

"What'd he say to you? You were up longer than the others." As always Olivia got straight to the point. No 'I'm sorry I had to poke you I just needed your attention' or 'Well done, you did well.'

"Just that he was pleased with me." I shrugged and swivelled back so I was looking at the front once more. Olivia poked me again.

"Olivia?" I asked in an annoyed voice.

"No, it's me." I glanced away from Olivia who was to the right of the person behind me. Heather.

"Oh sorry." I told her, flushing slightly. We were supposed to sit in order of when we were going up. Olivia was supposed to sit by me but one of the teachers told her to move to the end because she was talking to much.

"Olivia Davies." Olivia got up and gave me a thumbs up.

"Wooooo go Olivia." I yelled which Laney ,I heard, joined in with. I turned back to Heather.

"Sorry about that." I smiled at her.

"Don't worry. She's your friend. Have you heard from Nate recently?" Heather asked.

"Yeah. We talk loads on UMe but I also spoke to him two days ago on the phone." I answered.

"How is he? I've been trying to build up the courage to call him." She bowed her head which made me think she was blushing.

"He's fine. Got a job as a lifeguard. He'd be happy if you called." I knew that Nate might still have feelings for her and this could make things worse for us. Us being Nate and me. But I trusted him.

"Oh. Are you sure?" She looked back up at me.

"Yes." I nodded and patted her hand which had travelled to the back of my chair.

"How is it with you two? You've done a lot for him. I'm happy for you both." She swallowed and moved her hand. Like it pained her to say this. She still liked him ,obviously, but she had to be nice. That was who she was.

"We're not oficially together. But we're going to talk about it when he comes back after the summer to go to the U. It's hard to talk about that stuff over the phone." I couldn't quite believe I was saying this to his ex. Who liked him.

"Yep. So you going the U as well? It seems everyone's going there." Heather told me. This seemed true.

"Yeah. I got my acceptance letter a couple of weeks ago. I know that Nate and Olivia are going the U." I stated.

"I'm going as well." She smiled.

"We can catch up a bit more there then." I grinned and turned back around in my seat. She didn't poke me this time to get my attention.


"Yeah?" I glanced at her over my shoulder.

"That'd be great. Here's my number. If you want to call or something. Us two, we're alike." She handed me a piece of folded notebook with a number on it in a swirly handwriting. I didn't think we were alike at all except for Nate. Maybe that's what she meant. We both dated Nate. Wanted to help him. Cared for him.