Once I was safely in Olivia's car the questions started up, just like I knew they would. I tried telling her things like 'I'll tell you tomorrow, I'm tired now' but it was Olivia, and feeble excuses wouldn't stop her. At the moment the radio was playing quietly in the background and Olivia was tapping her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited at a stop light. The questions had stopped but I knew they'd start back up in a couple of minutes so I enjoyed the moments silence. I glanced out of the window at the other cars with their bright lights, briefly, before turning back to Olivia. Right on queue she fired her next question.

"So this guy... was he hot?" She shot a look at me before starting the car back up as the lights went yellow and then green.

"Um... he was okay..." I answered with a shrug. I was lying. He was so hot. Olivia knows I was lying, too, of course.

"You do know that you're not even offically dating Nate so you can think other guys are hot?" She turns into my neighbourhood and glances at me quickly before looking to the road. "And even if you were dating him, you could still say other guys are hot."

"I know, don't worry," I reply and cross my arms over my chest, shrugging a shoulder.

"It's not like you'd be cheating on him," She adds and smiles at me as she pulls the car to a halt at the curb outside Cora's house.

"Whatever. See you later," I open the door of the car and grab my bag, pulling it onto my shoulder. "Thanks, by the way."

"Anytime," Olivia turns the radio up slightly, drowning me out. I slam the door shut and start to walk up to my house.

The sun was just rising now and I really needed to catch up on my sleep but I knew the questions would have to be answered first. It was obvious that Cora had been waiting for me as she flung the door open before I could get to it. Her dressing gown was wrapped around her and there were defffinate black marks underneath her eyes from lack of sleep. She had her arms pulled around herself and a worried look scrawled across her face. She grabbed the bag off me and pulled me into a hug which left me grasping for breathe. When we parted she led me inside, dropping my bag by the door.

"Where were you? I was so worried... Don't ever leave me again," She started to ramble to me as she walked us both to the kitchen.

"Mum took me. Turned up this morning and just took me. I'm so sorry," I told her as I fell into one of the chairs next to Jamie who was looking at me. Cora sat on Jamie's other side and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Oh. I should have known. Don't be sorry though, Rube, it's not your fault," Cora smiled at me slightly and sank into Jamie.

"I'll tell you more about it once I've had a sleep, yeah?" I raised an eyebrow and as if on queue I let out a huge yawn.

"Of cause. Have a good sleep," She nodded and rested her head on Jamie's shoulder.

"Yes, have a good sleep Ruby," Jamie agreed as he gave me a smile. I got up and made my way upstairs to bed.

I woke up in the late afternoon and after having a slice of toast I logged onto Jamie's laptop which was left on the kitchen table. I signed into my UMe account and just like he'd promised, there was a request from Kieran. I swallowed my last bite of toast and placed the empty plate into the dishwasher before returning to the laptop. I accepted the request and I noticed he was online. I sat back in my chair, wondering whether to talk to him or not and before I could say anything he'd already sent me a message.

Kieran Jones says: i think we need to meet up soon. because you've got my sweater

Ruby Cooper says: what incase i don't want to see you again?

Kieran Jones says: you have no choice

Ruby Cooper says: why not?

Kieran Jones says: because you've got my sweater

Ruby Cooper says: ah, damn it. i forgot about that

Kieran Jones says: so you'll have to see me again otherwise i'll go to the police and tell them you stole my sweater

Ruby Cooper says: they won't believe you

Kieran Jones says: why won't they? i look very innocent

Ruby Cooper says: there were witnesses! people saw you GIVING me your sweater

Kieran Jones says: whatever

Ruby Cooper says: we could meet up tomorrow? i don't think i'm doing anything

Kieran Jones says: tomorrow, at the mall, 12 o'clock?

Ruby Cooper says: i'll be there

Kieran Jones says: it's a date

After I spoke to Kieran I got a call off Nate. I pressed the button to turn off the laptop and pushed my chair back. I pressed the accept call button and pressed the phone to my ear as I got up from my seat at the table and started to walk upstairs to my room. When I got there I shut the door and lay down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. I heard him say a greeting on the other end of the phone and told him one in reuturn.

"So, what's new?" I asked him as I propped the pillows up and lay back on them.

"I got a call from Heather," He answered and felt my heart drop to my feet. I shouldn't have though, I was busy meeting up with random guys I met on trains.

"Oh? That's nice," I replied as I tried to make my voice sound casual and indifferent.

"Yeah. She says she wants to meet up when I get back," He carried on and I heard a door slamming in the background like he was getting into his car.

"Well that's nice," I responded keeping up the casual tone of voice.

"She said that you told her to call me," Nate added and I rolled my eyes. I was a stupid person. Do not tell ex girlfriend to call maybe boyfriend.

"I did, at graduation," I told him as my head mentally cursed.

"That was nice of you. I liked catching up," Nate said in a cheerful tone and I wanted to scream.

"I bet it was lovely," I answered and I hoped he didn't hear any sarcasm in my voice.

"Yeah... So what's new with you?" He asked and I got the feeling he might have sensed my sarcasm.

"I got kidnapped by my mother and had to creep out of a motel room in Illinoise. I met a nice guy on the train though and I've added him on UMe," I decided to leave out the fact we were meeting up together and keep the 'mum kidnapping' thing brief.

"Oh, wow. So busy couple of days?" Nate sighed and I could imagine him raising his eyebrows.

"Pretty much," I nodded my head and sighed with him.

"I think I might be flying back sooner, so hopefully we'll get to see eachother soon," He told me and I got the feeling he wanted to cut the call off soon.

"Yeah, I've got to um... go and see Olivia. Bye," And with that I cut the call short. I didn't know whether it felt awkward because of Heather or because of Kieran, but I decided that in future I wouldn't bring up either of them in the next call.