Hey, it's me again! Okay, so this is a bit different.

I like this guy, SO much and I haven't gone out with anyone for three years. He's just so infuriating, we have a similar relationship with DMHG, but more teasing.
So please review! Honestly, I need advice. I'm sinking here. It's frustrating and it hurts, because I don't know what to do.

This feeling, right inside my chest, is something that I haven't felt for so long. When I'm around you I forget everything, laughing and acting normal. But when you're out of sight I have to take a deep breath because I'm falling so hard and fast, and I'm not sure if you'll even catch me.

And dammit I LIKE YOU! And I'm too scared to say anything, and if I do drop any hints, you're too oblivious to notice. Come on! We're already halfway there, we've already pretended to go out, what's so different? We acted like a loved up couple and I wasn't pretending. But I don't want anything to be awkward; I don't want to spoil it! And I'm such a coward. But I like you, so FREAKIN much, and it's frustrating because I don't know what to do. Honest.

You think that I hate you, but it's not true. Actually, I like you more than I should. You give me that kind of feeling that people write novels about. But you can't help what your heart feels, because it just goes where it wants to. Damn you, your looks and your highly addictive presence. Damn you and your likeable personality.

Damn me, for beginning to fall for you.

Help?! If you're from my school or you know who this is, I don't mind if you tell him. Tell me if you're going to tell him please? Review (You can do so anonymously)
If that's you, Chris, leave a review under your name, just to let me know you read it, and I'll talk to you at Phoenix. I lost my phone and I'm banned from Facebook.

Thanks for reading, review?
Love you guys. x