Memories of Ice

Story Outline

Greetings everyone, this story has been brewing in my mind for already a long time. Despite a busy schedule, I can no longer resist the urge to put it to pen I find the tiberium universe to be a very rich platform to explore. The unstoppable tiberium infestation a metaphor of ever-worsening human habitat, the GDI, with all it s wealth and technology ultimately fails at stopping the infestation.
So I decided to explore these issues by seen through the eyes of people who actually goes through the hellish green infestation and all the consequences it brings, placing myself into their position as good as I can. This story will be less focused on gun fire and more an the everyday life of the denizens of a dying world, from the bubble-boys (blue zone civilians) semi-oblivious to the cancer ravaging everything outside the walled Zone to the people awaiting the inevitable doom as tiberium encroaches ever closer. From the battle weary but still motivated GDI soldiers determined to defend with their lives the last vestige of pristine soil to the brain washed and drugged up Nod fanatics willing to slay their way into heaven.

Finally, I will put a greater emphasis on speculating how every technology works in the tiberium universe. Including the infrastructure and geographic makeup of the Blue and Yellow Zones.

Special thanks to feastguy101, Peter for encouragement and info about Rio de Janeiro.