The Return of the Shredder

I don't own anyone but Orthello and Sharp the fox demon and the 4 Tatsu Stones, and Dragon Siblings mentioned

Chapter 1- Ch'rell's return and Sharp's plan

In outer space in near the asteroid Mor Tal

"Hmm, there's something on this asteroid that is quite strange." An alien that looked like a bird with human like hands and a long snake tail and has green pants replies in intelligently. "I, Orthello, must see what this strange being is this?"

Orthello rides his ship to the icy asteroid and lands.

"I must follow this tracker of mine, and I must see what is on this asteroid."

Orthello get out and looks around the place. He walks 30 feet and then sees something strange.

"What is this?" Orthello asks. "It's an utrom, a red utrom; I must take him to my ship."

Orthello gets the 'red' utrom and then get back to his ship he takes off.

"I must examine this utrom and see what make it ticks." Orthello replies excitedly as he used a ray to melt the ice of the utrom and then uses electricity to revive the utrom.

The Utrom's eyes shot open "Where am I?"

"What? you talk?" Orthello asks.

"Yes, I talk; I am the one true Shredder." The Utrom answers.

"Then you must be Duke Acureds!"

"Yes, I am Ch'rell, the one true Shredder."

"I did not know I rescued such a great mind and great hero, I am Orthello, and I'm your humble servant."

"Well, Orthello, then you can help me make a new body and help me return to Earth and get my revenge on those accursed Turtles and their rat!"

Ch'rell laughs sinisterly and Orthello bows down.


"Raph, I'm so excited, Kuwabara and others are coming." Mikey chirps excitedly.

"Yeah, and I'll have someone intelligent to talk to." Raph replies sarcastically.

"Yeah, I'll have Kurama help me identify this demon blood I found near our lair." Don explains in calm voice.

"Demon blood?" Raph asks. "What would a demon be doing here?"

"I don't know, Raph, but this is strange, something of mine was stolen the telescope I use to look out in the sky to see if aliens every came back to Earth is gone."

"Don't worry, who ever stole it we'll get it back."

"Ok, I got our sleeping arrangements, we give the guys our rooms since it's the closest thing to home we have." Leo explains.

"I don't know Hiei usually sleep near something that's close to a window." Raph replies.

"Well, when are they coming? I want Kuwabara to see my new powers I got." Mikey replies excitedly.

"Well, I gave Kurama directions to our new lair since Karai destroyed our old one." Don replies.

"Yeah, they haven't seen our new lair yet have they?" Raph asks.

"No, the last time they were here is when the Utrom Shredder was still here and he had the Kingdom Crystals." Leo replies.

"Are they here yet?" Mikey replies from his room.

"Be patient, Michelangelo." Splinter replies from his room. "I can sense when Genkai comes."

"Well, you guys can't keep a stable home can you?" A voice asks.

"Hey, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei!" Raph replies excitedly.

"Finally, I thought you guys weren't coming." Mikey replies.

"Mike, we were coming it was Urameshi's fault cause he can't read directions." Kuwabara replies.

"Shut up, Kuwabara, we got here didn't we?" Yusuke replies angrily.

"After Kurama read the directions he wrote down." Hiei replies.

"Is Master Genkai here?" Leo asks.

"No, she said she, Splinter, and the…" Yusuke replies as tried to figure out third person.

"Ancient one." Kurama replies to help Yusuke out. "They're going on a journey to help find the Tatsu Stone."

"Really?" The Turtles reply.

"Yes, my sons, I'm going to help Genkai and Ancient One so I will be going to Japan as Yusuke and the come here. Be careful my sons and Genkai's students feel a great evil is coming soon." Splinter replies as left for Japan.

"A great evil that's not good." Mikey replies nervously.

"Yeah, Genkai told us the same thing before we left." Yusuke replies.

"Well, let's get started we have a whole month to hang out." Raph replies excitedly.

The other cheered too.


"I have it!" A short blue grey fox demon with a rat's tail and glasses replies. "That Turtle's telescope is all need to see out in space and his other item the communicator so I, Sharp, can contact beings from space."

Sharp tinkers with Don's communicator and hears Ch'rell talking to Orthello

"This body is great, Orthello, it looks like my old one." Ch'rell replies excitedly on the communicator.

"Well, I took blue prints from your race and gave them upgrades." Orthello replies on the communicator.

"Ah ha, there are aliens. Now I can put my plan into action as soon as I contact them." Sharp replies. "Hello, can you here me?"

Meanwhile on Orthello's ship on the radio of ship

"Can you here me?" Sharp's voice repeat over the radio.

"Who are you?" Orthello asks.

"I am, Sharp the demon fox, the smartest demon in all of demon world." Sharp replies over the radio.

"Demon World?" Orthello asks confused.

"Yes, Demon World, where most powerful demons rule the world."

"Where Demons rule?" Ch'rell asks.

"Yes, if you aliens come Earth to demon world I can tell you how can rule the human world." Sharp replies over the radio.

"Rule the world and get revenge on the turtles." Ch'rell replies sinisterly "Orthello, land in this demon world, so I can hear how I can rule the world."

"Yes, Master." Orthello replies as he put his ship on overdrive and went to Earth and got to Demon World and lands his ship.

Ch'rell walks out of ship in new version of the Shredder suit.

"May I ask who are you, Mr. Alien, sir." Sharp asks as he bowed down to the Shredder.

"I am, Torrinon, Kako Naso, Duke Acured and the one true Shredder." Ch'rell replies. "Are you the one called Sharp?"

"Yes, sir, I am him." Sharp replies.

"Tell me how I can take over world?"

"You can take over the world by get 4 Tatsu Stones from Human World and Demon World. There's a blue one in New York, Light Blue one in Japan, The Purple is here in Demon World somewhere and the Green One is in a part of Demon World that hasn't been seen since Yusuke Urameshi and his friends were here: the Plateau of the Beheaded ruins. They can grant you power never seen before, Sir."

"So, if I collect these stones, I'll be the most powerful being in the world."

"Yes, sir."

"Who are these boys, Yusuke Urameshi and his friends."

"They're Spirit Detectives that capture people like me and have met the Turtles you speak of."

"Of course, I remember they were the boys with the Turtles when the Kingdom Crystals. I did not know their names until now what are the other boys' names?"

"Besides Yusuke, there's Kazuma Kuwabara the human psychic, Hiei the fire demon, and Kurama the fox demon."

"Now, Orthello, we must start finding these stones and I will have ultimate power." The Shredder laughs sinisterly.

"That's right, fool, you fall for my plan to release the ultimate evil upon the world: The Dragon siblings." Sharp thinks to himself as he laughs as well to himself.

To be continued…