This is my second IchiRuki story, but my very first wolf fic so be nice please hope you enjoy it! And Action!

'Damn it! Where are these bastards taking me?' Ichigo thought banging up against the steel shaking the whole cage with just his brute strength.

The steel bars on the carriage where tough as titanium so he couldn't just bit through them like a sheet of paper. The steel chains wrapped around his huge black paws and hind legs where only used to secure him before he broke the first two trying to escape so they had to use a stronger pair for safety precautions. He could barley move anymore, the tightness of the leather muzzle on his snout kept him from getting any ideas in ripping the bars to pieces with his powerful jaws.

He shifted his golden eyes to his captures glaring at them with nothing but raged and hate.

The horse that was pulling him whined into the night hoping for a break from carrying the load of luggage it was carrying including himself.

They stopped for a break to rest up for the long journey up the dirt path of the canyon.

"hey Rihito how long until we reach the black market?" one of the hunters asked sitting on a boulder.

"not too much longer maybe a few miles west the pace were going we should be there by tomorrow morning" he said tightly tying the horses harness.

The huge beast growled and snarled in anger trying to get loose from its binds. Clawing at the chains on his paws, when using all his strength to at least be free of the nuisance of the leather muzzle on his snout.

"hey shut up back there making all the god forsaken noise scene we caught you!" the hunter shouted banging on the steel cage.

"how much you thing he's worth?"

"I don't know maybe around 75,000 if we get there by tomorrow"

"I hope so this thing took a lot of effort to capture"

"I know but once we sell him he won't be our problem anymore"

"yeah your right lets hurry to get rid of this thing"

Ichigo lied down in the cage exhausted and tired from the over weighted chains on his paws and around his body. Ichigo looked up from the inside of the cage seeing the distant he'd lingered from his pack and family.

The two hunters left him to direct there steed in the right direction passed the mist of the black mountains drifting further and further away.

'I'm sorry, I can't be there to protect you all'. He thought ashamed waiting until he met his destination where ever they were taking him.

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