The Nidaime

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Summary: Tobirama Senju was the Nidaime Hokage. Where other Kage have had their stories told, and had their backgrounds fleshed out through historical books and lessons at the Academy, Tobirama had not. But this was mostly because he alone wanted to tell his story.

Author's Note: No Tobirama this chapter, but the story still progresses!

An Uchiha Interlude

Madara lay on a padded bed in the largest and most well-guarded tent. Both of his eyes were wrapped with bandages, yet the blood that had started to flow since their fight with the Senju had not stopped flowing. The surviving Uchiha had spread the news of an attempt at peace by the Senju within the hour, and there were definite signs of a mixed reception.

Izuna sat at Madara's side solemnly. He after Madara, was the strongest in clan, and if it was found that Madara would no longer be able to fight, Izuna would be placed at the clan's helm. 'But I don't want that,' Izuna thought desperately, 'I would do anything for my big brother to be alright again!'

"Izu… na…"

Izuna turned his full attention to Madara, "Are you alright big brother?" he asked shakily, "Thank you for coming to get me."

"It's alright," Madara rasped in reply. Madara had fallen unconscious shortly after they had returned, and under the supervision of medics he had regained consciousness numerous times. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Madara," Izuna said worriedly, "You should be more worried about yourself." His eyes took in Madara's pitiful form. Madara had been stripped of his dark red armour, and he lay unclothes under a thin white blanket. His brother was bandaged from his nose to the very top of his forehead, his ivory-pale skin was bruised black and blue in certain places, and his shaggy long hair was splashed against his pillow, slightly singed (from what must have been a deflected fire technique). Izuna could only feel depressed when he looked at Madara, his handsome older brother who had done so much, only to be blinded in the prime of his life: His job, his worth as a man, even his appeal as a warrior would be taken away from him all because of the Senju.

Madara was silent for a moment, "My eyes must be bleeding still if the bandages are still over them." Madara's hands wandered over his face carefully, "I'm not wounded other than my eyes I suppose?"

"No you're not," Izuna shook his head, "None of the medics understand what is wrong with your eyes. All we know is that you are blind."

"It must have been the Mangekyo," Madara said thoughtfully, "Maybe I used it too much, and it overloaded the chakra receptors in my eyes."

Izuna said nothing in reply for a moment, and he felt a burning admiration for his brave older brother who chose to ignore his fate, "Maybe you're right."

"So it looks like you are going to be the leader of the clan now, Izuna," Madara said with pride, "And you'll be even better than me."

"I'd never be better than you," Izuna said quickly and truthfully, "I wish that I was the one who was blind, and that it never happened to you! It was my fault after all…"

Madara smiled emptily, "But you have eyes, and I don't… it's not like you can change that."

"There are eye transplants," the younger brother said, his tone clearly distressed. Madara's smile did not change.

"We have no Uchiha to hand who have died with the Sharingan," Madara said conversationally, "and those that died today aren't my blood type, so it's possible that my body would reject the eye."

Izuna sputtered, "But surely one of the Uchiha clan would give you their eyes? An elder perhaps? There are some people among the clan who do not have much to live for."

"Don't be silly little brother," Madara lectured, "I could never ask somebody to give me their eyes, and we don't even know what would happen. As I had the Mangekyo, would I retain that ability? Would the eye change? There are too many variables to count."

"You can take my eyes," Izuna said unthinkingly, "We are the same bloodtype, and we both have the Mangekyo."

Madara laughed and patted his brother's knee, "Do not worry my brother, I trust you to lead the clan to greatness. I am sure I can still be of some service to you," he promised.

"You will take my eyes," Izuna continued firmly, "If you promise me something."

The Uchiha clan leader hummed thoughtfully, "What would you want me to promise?"

Izuna started to unwrap the bandages around Madara's head, and Madara did not make a move to stop him, "Promise, my beloved brother, promise me that you will use my eyes to dominate the Senju clan."

Madara's bloodied bandages fell upon his long mane of hair, and Madara uttered his response, "I promise." And he reached his arm up to where he knew Izuna was, his fingers a single inch away from Izuna's spinning Mangekyo Sharingan eyes, "I promise you, my beloved brother."

And on this night, blood slapped against the tent floor, a young man's sight was sacrificed for what he considered the good of his clan, and his elder brother's plans had come to fruition.