Title: How I lost my best friend? By Legolas

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just playing with the bunnies, poor Legolas takes the fall.

Rate: K/K+

Warning: Angst/humor, AU.

Summary: Legolas is upset, but what can you expect from an elfling who ran away from Imladris? Legolas has a story to tell…

A/N: Legolas is only an elfling.




The blue-eyed elf could not believe how quickly he lost his friendship with Estel – just like that, in the heat of the moment. He had left Imladris as soon as possible then, as he could not stand seeing the one, whom he treated like a friend, now as his worst enemy. It was just too much for him to bear any longer.

Legolas gazed out at the horizon, noticing how the orange-red hues soon covered the blue sky of darkness as the sun rose in the sky. He sighed heavily before he stepped backwards, letting himself fall onto the ground, still holding the bound parchment that his adar insisted he must have with him no matter what happened.

Feeling the need to vent some of the anger that filled his mind, he opened his diary and started to write…

It all started when the twins knocked in the room where Estel and I lay resting after a long day of playing and helping Lord Elrond.

I was awake though Estel was not. Estel sleeps like one who is dead, not hearing any voices, until the twins broke into the room and started jumping on the bed.

Estel opened his gray eyes and I could see the darkness spreading within his eyes. I could read his anger toward the twins, but instead of fighting, Estel did something sudden that left me amazed and feeling like an outsider.

The boy started to tickle them, and then when the laughing were over, all three brothers stared at me, noticing the frown that I had upon my face, and laughed at me at my expense. I could not bear how I was the only friend being laughed at and I left the room.

How could I be that stupid? How could I not see?

I went outside, seeking Lord Elrond's advice as I did not want to leave like this – after all, there might a good reason for all this; my father always told me to check all the details in every story so I would not find my eyes closed and getting embarrassed for missing the small details.

But when Elrond saw me, and saw the anger that sparkled in my eyes – I'm sure he did not know why I am angry – he asked me about it in a mocking way, which only made me angrier than I already was.

How dare he act like this to me? I am a princeling, the son of Thranduil – King Thranduil.

But I will never let anyone come so close to me. I trusted Lord Elrond, I trusted the twins; most importantly, I trusted Estel. How can I trust anyone after Estel hurt me so much?

I need to get away from here as soon as possible!

But where will I go? Adar will be fuming when he hears of what had happened and I do not wish for adar to act like this when I have no strength left to be on my guard against anyone.

Maybe I need to seek for any shelter that will keep me safe?


Legolas was so busy in his diary that he did not sense that he was being watched. Nor know if it was an enemy or a friend.

The crack of a broken branch startled the elfling and he ran over to his stallion, mounted quickly and sprang away, but in all the rush and the fear of getting caught, he forgot the one thing that had kept his heart together when he needed a release.

The diary rested upon the grass, the pages still covered in the fresh ink, but in the blink of the eye, a hand reached for it and, in the silence, the last lines were read.