Assembled by Jayovac

Will we be there soon?
I am cold.
I know.
I'm hungry too.
I know.
When do you think we will get there?
I don't know
It's too dark, Papa.
I know.
Why isn't there any light?
I don't know.
Will we ever see the sun again.
I do not know.

Nights so dark like the inside of a cardboard box with the flaps closed. The burnt shell of a car leering in the fathoms. They stopped upon the greatest path of a forlorn road against the blackness of night. Fires burning like bonfires at night. Their lights juxtaposing the thick layer of darkness. A movement in the night. Quickly, the man said. We must hide. So they did. In the inside of a shack. The windows burst like glass that had been cracked with a relentless hammer. Like tools of craftsmen of a powerful and satiable empire. The man procured his associative parka from the depths of his pack and entwined it around the boy. A cocoon of warmth.

I'm scared.
Don't be.
Why not?
Because you shouldn't.
Care to explain?
I don't want to.

Three nights later they pressed on with the ash falling around them. Their feet wet with water. Ashes falling from some giant crematory in the heavens. Darkness all around them. Now it had begun to water. He lay a tarp on the ground for which they could sleep in. It's wet, the boy said. I know, the man said. I don't want to sleep in it, the boy said. Why not? the man said. It's wet. But it's all we have. Okay fine be that way.

A few more nights later they were walking. It was dark like a night that was particularly dark because there were no lights on. Ashes falling like snowflakes. The wind screaming banshee-like screams. A dead body burnt a thousand times over.

Is he dead?
I don't know.
Can we help him?
There is no help for him.
All right.

On the following day the gray was gray and strange rife with the sorrow of a dozen wars fought endlessly throughout the ages of mankind. A dark wind blows. The road was severely splintered. Crevices so deep you could. Fall inside. Everything covered in ash.

I'm hungry.
We do not have any more food.
I'm cold, too.
I know.
Can we sleep?
Not yet.
We must press onward.

The man did not. Answer. Black snowflakes falling. Everywhere.

The following week they came to a great lake that was no longer a lake as it contained no fluid in which the liquid could be classified as water and now it was dark with ash and the horrors of a thousand eons it contained. Breathlessly. Hills rolling in jagged. Fashion. Is there anything here to eat? No. Will you find something? I will try. He found nothing. I am still hungry and cold. His mind pounded out the conclusive thinkings of wise men in some forgotten era. A forgotten tale. He stood there like a man standing. Heroic in his righteousness. The stoic practices of eternity.

But out of somewhere a zombie jumped out and ate both of them.

The End