A Heartbreaking Choice

You never know how good you had it

Till it is taken away from you

I turn to my side. My radio starts blaring Hayley Williams "I settled down a twisted up frown disguised as a smile whoa." Ugh! Why did summer have to end? I hit the off button on my alarm. I get up and walk into my bathroom. Twenty minutes later I walk out of the shower feeling refreshed and awake. I blow dry my very dark brown curly hair. Karma is going to flip when she see's the two streaks of blue I put in my hair this weekend. I hate the first day of school. I am starting my sophomore year at Rosewood High School. I grabbed a black skirt a white tank-top and a purple plaid shirt from my closet. I walk into my bathroom; I put on light purple eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara. I fix the diamond heart pendant; Will got me last year, that hangs around my neck. I grab my old black high-tops, lace them up then head back into my bathroom to brush my teeth. I grab my purse and binder off my chair and trudge down stairs. I head out the door, walk across the lawn and head into our kitchen. I grab a cereal bar from the pantry and gulfed it down. I wash it down with a glass of water.

"Colton! We are going to be late for school!" I scream up the stairs.

"Fine, I'm coming! He says while coming down the stairs.

Colton's cropped dirty blonde hair glistens with water. He was in khaki short and a t-shirt. He carried his black soccer bag with him. Colton plays mid-fielder for our varsity team. He's hoping to get a scholarship to William and Mary College about an hour south from here (Rosewood Point). He eyes me once over.

"Go upstairs and change" Colton tells me.

"This skirt isn't that short" I reply.

"Fine. If any guy including Will does anything or says anything to you, I will personally beat their face in." Colton says.

I laugh then punch him lightly in the shoulder. I love the relationship I have with my brother, most siblings fight and we do occasionally. Other than that we are pretty close.

"Okay, let's go. Do you have you volleyball stuff?"

"Yeah, it's in you car."

"Are we picking up Karma?" Colton asks me.

"No, she's going out with Gabriel York. He's driving her to school." I reply

I walk out the front door with Colton following. I step into the passenger's side of his '77 Mustang. I flipped the radio channel to 104.6: pop hits of now.

"No, wait. My car, my stereo" Colton vocalizes.

I roll my eyes at him. He flips the station back to 98.4. The drive to school isn't long, it takes about fifteen minutes. I get out of the car and grab my volleyball bag from the backseat.

"I don't need a ride home. I'm going home with Karma after dance practice." I tell Colton.

My life was hectic. After school I'd go to volleyball then after that I'd go to Dance Company practice then I'd go home and do homework. I see Will get off his bus. I walk over and place my hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?"

"Umm…. My wonderful, smart, loving, sexy girlfriend." Will replies.

He turns around and gave me a once over. He took my bag from my hands.

"Emphasis on the sexy. Why are you dressed up?" Will questions.

"Company and volleyball. Don't say that in front of Colton. He said he'd kill anyone if they said anything like that."

"He was kidding" Will rolls his eyes at me.

"I know but still he's my older brother. If you do anything to me, he'd probably murder you ass."

We walk inside the school. I walk to the English hallway where my and Will's lockers are located. His is two down from mine. I place my volleyball bag in my locker. I grab the magnet picture frame that has a picture of me and Will and place it on the inside of my locker. I also tape pictures of Will and me from the photo booth and Karma, Becca and I in the photo booth. I also place a mirror in the back of my locker. I grabbed my blue binder from Will's hands. I pecked him on the cheek.

"I'll see you at lunch."

I walk down the hall knowing Will and every other guy is probably staring at me and my assets. I'm not skinny. I was built curvy; it's the Turkish side I get from my mom. I'm 5'3 weigh 105 lbs, have size C cup boobs, hips and a round but. And I'm proud out it. I walked into Mrs. Pierce's homeroom class. I saw Beck's (Becca) jaw drop when she saw me. I strut over and sat down next to her.

"I don't hang out with you for one weekend and you go and dye your hair blue." Becca says.

"It's not all blue. Only two streaks, Karma has two red streaks in her hair. My mom said red is too sexy. So did you write our school's Spring musical yet?" I ask.

"No, only the first two pieces" Becca says while smiling.

Rebecca Hathaway aka Becks is one of my two best friends. She is what I like to call a drama geek or the proper term thesbian. In last years production of the Christmas Carol she played the ghost of Christmas past. In the spring musical she wrote two original songs for our production of High School Musical and was cast as Kelsey. This year she hopes to have her original musical as our school's spring musical and of course she'll cast me as a dancer.

"How's your foot?" Becks asks me.

"Better, still hurts though" I respond.

"Do you and Will want to join Mark and me at the mall later?"

"Can't Karma and I have volleyball then dance company and that will last till six. You know my mom, she won't let me out. Will has soccer till four and will probably sneak through my window later because we haven't really hung out since last weekend. Maybe this weekend?"

The bell rang; I face forward and listen to Mrs. Pierce go through the usually first day of school policies we've been listening to since the first grade. After that Mrs. Pierce hands out our schedules. On A Days I have Chemistry with Mr. Johnson, Musical Theater with Mrs. Moore, Study Hall with Coach Coleman, Lunch, and A.P Environmental with Mr. Johnson and Dance Company with Mrs. Allen. On B Days I have English with Miss Brooks, French with Mme. de Ravin, Lunch, and A.P Euro with Mr. Price, Pre-Calc with Mrs. Watson and Study hall last period with Coach Coleman. I hate being smart.

"When do you have Study hall?" I ask Becks.

"3rd today with Coleman and last tomorrow with Coleman. What lunches do you have?"

"Last today, first tomorrow Looks like we'll have musical theater, study hall on b-days and English together."

"And lunch today" Becks said.

"What is the point of have study hall last period, if I forgot to do homework for the day, that will help me."

"You can do the homework for the day before volleyball." Becca said shrugging her shoulders.

The bell rang. I get up grabbing my binder and purse.

"See you in 2nd period." I walk out of the room towards Mr. Johnson's in the science hallway.