The Takeover

Summary: They were the 6 most uncoolest, geekiest kids at Forks high, but after a long summer and a big change, can they join forces to takeover forks high. AH

The Decision to Change

Bella POV

I could feel the sun, a warm caress on my face as a closed my eyes. The beach towel under me felt soft against my bare legs and arms. I felt warmth close around my hand and turned my head to the side to see my hand enveloped in another. I looked up to the owner of the hand and smiled brightly at him. His own lips turned upwards into a crooked smile that I knew well. "Bella," He said. I smiled and was about to respond when…

"Bellaaaa, Bellaaa," Alice said, rudely interrupting my day dreams.

"What, sorry," I started. Alice followed my line of vision.

She sighed. "Bella, why don't you just talk to him already."

"Are you joking?" I looked back at the green-eyed God, Edward Cullen. He was perfect, good-looking and smart.

"Come on Bella, he won't bite," She teased. I just glared at her.

I was about to reply when the bell rung, I decided to just drop it "Come on Alice, let's go to lunch."

It was the last day of school till the summer holidays, I thought to myself happily. I dreamed about what I could do during those long weeks with him and smiled.

We packed our things away and linked arms and started to walk down the hallway. I stared at the dreary off-white colours of the walls as I talked to Alice about the new science project for the summer holidays. I couldn't believe that in a few hours I wouldn't have to go to school for 6 weeks. I smiled to myself, but my good mood instantly disappeared when I saw them walking towards us.

I looked around quickly, but there were no toilets or corridors to hide in.

"Shit," Alice said, thinking the same thing as me.

"Well, well," Lauren said in her nasal voice, "It's two of the geek girls."

Alice and I just looked on, too scared to say anything. You didn't mess with Lauren, Jessica and Victoria, unless you wanted your school life to be hell.

She turned her piercing gaze onto Alice "What is wrong with your hair," She sneered, gesturing towards her hair "It looks like two curtains that have been dipped in oil."

I finally decided to speak up "Leave us alone Lauren," I said quietly

"Or what" Lauren replied, "you gonna hit me with your books?" Her whole crew started laughing.

I just ignored her and went to walk past her. I didn't realise that she had stuck her foot out until I felt the impact of my face hitting the floor. Ouch.

Alice came rushing towards me "Bella are you ok?" she questioned.

I heard laughing as they walked away. My cheek stung like hell, however it didn't compare to that of my bruised ego. I rubbed my cheek as I stood up.

"I'm fine Alice; let's just go to the canteen."

I felt angry and upset. How could they be so mean, what did we ever do to them. So okay, I understand that I'm not the coolest girl with my long, stringy brown hair and my shy demeanour, but I was sick and tired of them treating me like something on the bottom of their 6 inch stilettos.

As we walked into the canteen I saw the cool group, sitting at their usual table in the middle; Lauren, Jessica, Victoria, Mike, Tyler and James. I ignored them and let my eyes travel around the room until I saw a glint of light reflected off someone's braces. It was Jasper. He was sitting at his usual table with Emmett, but Edward wasn't there. I wonder where Edward was.

I followed Alice to get our food and then sat at our usual table. Rosalie was already there, her head in some mechanic book.

"Hey Rose," I said. When she saw us she put her book down and looked at me. Her eyes widened.

"Bella what happened to your cheek, you've got a huge red mark."

I groaned. Now I'd have to explain it to Charlie.

"It was Lauren," Alice replied simply. Rosalie sighed, already understanding without any need for further explanation.

"We can't keep on living like this. We have to do something. Whether it's changing our clothes or acting less geeky, I don't care. I'm sick of the way that they are treating us."

I closed my eyes and nodded. "You're right we have to do something."

Edwards POV

I caught my reflection in the mirror of the boys' toilets. I looked a mess. I was panting uncontrollably because I was so unfit. My hair was even messier than usual and was down to my chin. It had been a while since I had gotten it cut, but there were more important things that my hair. I could see my spots on my face; an angry red colour against the pale white. No wonder no Bella never notices me.

I sighed to myself. Bella was so beautiful with her big brown expressive eyes, her pale heart shaped face and full pink lips. But she would never want me, I was a geek.

When my breathing had evened I carefully looked around the toilet door to see if Mike, Tyler or James was outside. I had caught a glimpse of them when I rounded the corner and decided to run for it. I didn't feel like being called spotty or any other uninventive names today.

When I saw that nobody was there I started walking to the dining room, keeping my head hung low. Sometimes it was hard living in Forks- one of the richest cities in the USA. All anybody cared about was how rich you were and your social status. To be honest I didn't really care about either.

As I entered the canteen, my eyes were automatically drawn to the table in the middle- where the cool people sat. I quickly moved my eyes before I made eye contact with anybody. They landed on Bella's table. The first thing I noticed was that she had a huge red mark on her cheek that was quickly bruising. I wonder what happened.

I wanted to go over to her table and ask but I couldn't. I didn't want to seem like a desperate stalker and I'd only ever said 5 words to her.


Bella was queuing at the till in the school library, about to take out a book. She shifted impatiently and I saw the title of the book; Romeo and Juliet.

Before I could stop myself I blurted out "That's a really good book."

She looked at me and our eyes met. I couldn't look away from the depth of her brown eyes. I felt hypnotised. I don't know how long we stared at each other but we were interrupted by the librarian calling Bella's name. She flushed scarlet and looked away. Of course I ran out the library as fast as I could.

End of Flashback

I decided to just walk to my own table, on the opposite side from hers.

"Hey man," Jasper said "what took you so long?"

"I had to run away from them," I couldn't stop the venom from seeping into my voice.

"Tough luck mate," Emmett said, his plump face turning into a grimace.

"I'm tired of this," Jasper said in his quiet voice, "I'm tired of running away from them."

"What else do you want us to do," I said "It's not like we could stand up to them, and I don't want to worry Esme by coming home with another black eye, or split lip."

"You're right, we can't fight them, at least not yet," Jasper agreed "We should just try being less geeky, giving them fewer reasons to pick on us."

"Why didn't we try that ages ago," Emmett inquired "It would have saved us a lot of trouble."

"I don't know, I only just thought of it," Was Jaspers reply

I decided to give my input "Well, there's no time like the present, and we've got a whole summer in front of us."

We all looked at each other and smiled.

"This will be the last day that Emmett, Jasper and Edward are anybodies punching bags."