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Chapter 2: The first step

Bella POV

A bright light shinning through my window woke me up. I suddenly sat up straight wondering why my alarm or Charlie hadn't woken me up- I was going to be late for school. But then I remembered. This was the first day and the official start of the summer holidays. I smiled at the thought of lie-ins and lounging around in my joggers, having sleepovers with Rose and Alice and just being lazy in general.

Beep. Beep

The sound of my message tone brought me from my reverie. I picked up my phone.

Get ur lazy but out of bed Swan. Operation summer change is starting. Meet me at Starbucks at 1100.

A x

I smiled at Alice's silly antics. So much for my lie-in. I looked at my clock and the figures 10:30 stared back at me. I sighed heavily as I got out of bed, and walked straight towards the bathroom.

I switched the shower on and got in. The warm water was relaxing and helped to wake me up. I didn't bother to wash my hair; I hardly ever did, and I just had a quick wash.

I got out and brushed my teeth looking in the mirror. I didn't like to look in the mirror too much; my plainness always seemed to make me sad. I looked a lot like my mom, I thought to myself, but she was prettier than me. I missed my mom. She lived in Phoenix with her new husband, Phil, and I only saw her in the holidays. However she wasn't coming this holiday as they were moving house to somewhere nearer the school where Phil works as a coach. She said that she would be too busy with the move this holiday, but that I should go over to her at the Christmas holidays.

I rinsed my mouth and put the toothbrush back into its holder. I walked back into my bedroom, walking past the unused rooms that the house had. I didn't understand why Charlie and I needed such a big house. It was all for appearances though, everyone in Forks had a big house; I thought that it was a bit silly to be honest.

I walked up my wardrobe and just chose some cropped grey sweatpants and a white top, as it was warm outside. I went into the kitchen and had a quick bowl of cereal, Charlie had already left to go fishing. By the time that I had finished it was10:50, which would leave me just enough time to drive to the nearest Starbucks, it wasn't really that far, but my red Chevy truck was just slow. It wasn't like I couldn't afford a new car, but I liked my truck; it had personality.

I arrived at the Starbucks just in time and took a seat next to Rose, opposite Alice. I was glad that I wasn't late- I didn't want to suffer Alice's wrath.

"Hey girls," I said as I sat down, taking a sip of the drink in front of me

"I bought you your usual, latte," Rosalie said

"Thanks," I replied, taking a sip. I could feel the caffeine in my system, making me more alert.

"Now that we are all here, we can officially start the meeting," Alice started formally

"Meeting?" I interrupted, she was making this whole thing way too formal.

Alice glared at me, she didn't like being interrupted. "Yes, meeting," She snapped back, "As I was saying now we can begin. The task is to change over the summer holidays, become cooler so that we don't get picked on. I think that the first thing that we should do is go to the hair dressers, hair can make a huge difference; I already made us appointments at Toni&Guy."

"That's good, I think that after a good hair cut we will all be unrecognisable," Commented Rosalie

"I'm not sure guys, I don't want to change too drastically," I looked at my hair, I liked it long

"Don't worry you can still keep your hair long, just have a few layers and maybe some bangs," Alice reassured me

"Ok, so when are our appointments?" I asked

"In about an hour, so we've got time," Replied Alice

We spent 45 minutes just sitting and chatting about random things, like best friends do, and the time just flew.

Hello, Hello baby you called
I can't hear a thing
I have got no service in the club you see, see
Wa-wa-what did you say?
Huh? You're breaking up on me
Sorry I cannot hear you
I'm kinda busy

Telephone- Lady Gaga started playing from Alice's phone

"Well, that's our queue biatches, are you ready to get styled up?" Asked Alice; switching off her alarm and standing up from the table.

"Like hell we are," Said Rosalie enthusiastically.

I just nodded, feeling kinda sick. This could either go really well or really bad, and once we take the first step there was no going back.

Edward POV

"Good morning, darling," Esme said, kissing me on my cheek.

Esme was my Mother's sister and I have lived with her and her husband Carlisle since my parents died when I was 3 years old. Even though Esme and Carlisle weren't my biological parents, they were the best adoptive parents that anybody could ask for. When I was 6 years old they adopted Emmett because I said that I wanted a brother.

"Good morning," I mumbled back half asleep. I looked at the time and smiled 11:30am. I loved lie-ins.

I made my cereal and put it on the table, when I remembered that Emmett and me were supposed to meet up with Jasper today, so I ran upstairs to get my phone. He hadn't text me yet so I sent him one;

Hey J wot time do u wanna meet up?


I made my way downstairs, thinking about my cereal, I was starving.

"Hey Eddie, thanks for the cereal,"

I looked in the dining room to see Emmett sitting there eating my cereal.

"Emmett, man why did you feel the need to eat my cereal," I replied rolling my eyes. I couldn't be bothered to fight him for it and he had already used the spoon. "And don't call me Eddie,"

"What do you mean your cereal," replied Emmett "I can't see your name anywhere on it." He looked around the side of the bowl mockingly.

I ignored him and made another bowl, sitting opposite Emmett on the table. Esme walked into the room

"Hey boys, I'm going out with Cassandra, and your Dad's at the hospital today, so you're by yourselves," She looked both of us in the eye, in turn "Behave."

"Yes Esme," Emmett and me responded simultaneously

Beep. Beep

I heard my message tone and checked my phone

On my way 2 urs now


"Jasper's on his way," I told Emmett. He was too busy eating his cereal and just nodded distractedly.

By the time that Jasper had arrived me and Emmett had finished eating, and I had washed our bowls. I was used to being the responsible one.

"Soooo what's the plan?" Jasper asked after I let him into the house

"I don't know. I thought you would have an idea…" I replied

"I've got an idea," Emmett interrupted

"No," I replied immediately, not even letting him say his plan. "I know how your plans end Emmett,"

"What man? That's not fair," He argued

"Whose idea was it to try and climb a tree when we were ten?" I asked


"Whose idea was it to see whether we could fit in the washing machine?"

"Ok, ok chill bro. I won't share my amazing idea," He said back. He pouted

"Fine then Emmett, feel free to share your "amazing plan". I replied, making speech marks with my fingers when I said "amazing plan"

"Well bro, I thought that we could go to the gym. U know get ripped. Chicks dig ripped guys." He suggested

Me and Jasper stared at him. It wasn't actually that bad of an idea.

"Sounds alright to me," Jasper stated, in a chilled out tone. Jasper was always mellow somehow, relaxed.

"Yes!" Emmett exclaimed, "another great plan by yours truly."

I rolled my eyes at him "Lets get going now, we have nothing better to do,"

The other two agreed and with that we all went to the garage, Emmett insisting to drive, and made our way to the gym.

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