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Okay, I really didn't intend on adding onto this, since originally it was meant to be a one-shot collection, but since one of my reviewers requested that I not "leave them hanging" I added on. Enjoy kiddies.

You're Such a Dreamer: Skywarp, Thundercracker:

Claws that were barely used on anything tapped nervously together as Skywarp hovered over a good sized field of little yellow flowers, optics twitching from one open bloom to another. He'd been trying to find the perfect one for hours and still hadn't worked up the urge to pull one up out of the dirty ground, or brave the numerous bees seeming to get agitated by his mere presence. The bees that were thinner than the others had actually chased him from the only flower he'd touched so far.

"Where are you hiding, you little coward?"

Giving a sharp cry in alarm, the darkest of the Seeker clones forgot his previous fear of getting dirty and dove into the thickest clump of flowers. Unfortunately, his wings stuck out rather like a sign that said 'Over Here. How Pathetic am I?'

I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much- Repo!: Thundercracker, Skywarp:

Thundercracker could vaguely register that he was scared at the sight laid out before him. Skywarp had been attacked by that unworthy, stupid, worthless Elite Guard and TC hadn't been there to make sure the littlest Seeker didn't get hurt. And now…

Both optics cracked, wings ripped off, right arm five yards away in pieces and energon dripping from every orifice and Skywarp could still manage to shake pathetically in the blue Seeker's arms, making feeble attempts to apologize for staining Thundercracker's armor.


"Ssshhh," Thundercracker hissed half-heartedly, rocking the shorter clone like a mother would its child, "I will not allow you to go offline. My genius will get you out of this. You're gonna be alright."

Live By the Air: Skywarp, Thundercracker, Slipstream:

Dark purple paint could be seen for a quarter-second before flashing somewhere else when Thundercracker thought he had the other Seeker within his grasp. Then the egoist had to start searching for Skywarp all over again. By Primus, the blue clone hated hide and seek.

"You know that you'll never catch him, right?" The female version of Starscream smirked. Oh, how she enjoyed her technically older brother become desperate to win some stupid Earth game with Skywarp when he had probably known he couldn't win. He denied it, but Slipstream had a feeling the blue mech just liked to make the little coward happy. He wasn't good at it, but he tried.

Second Rate: Starscream and all his clones:

Nine times out of ten Megatron told the clones that they were merely second rate beings that didn't deserve the tiny shards of the All Spark residing in their chassis. Most times, the clones ignored the comments, but in the small hours that they were alone or in pairs trying to be alone, there were some insecurities to stem from those words.

Starscream, for all his self-absorbed ways, did his best to make sure that they didn't feel like that for very long. He often commented on their individuality and the little quirks they'd gained since coming online that had nothing to do with their creator but with their own experiences. It didn't always worked, but it helped. He even pointed some things out when one of his creations were particularly depressed or worked up.

Skywarp, for all his fear and phobias was probably the bravest when it came to protecting his family. Thundercracker, though big-headed, could be sweet when he was sure that nobody was watching and was the best big brother to his younger siblings.

Sunstorm, despite his constant days of being a suck-up, could be down-right mean if the time came and he needed to get out of a jam. Ramjet, despite his lying, trenchant mouth, found ways to outsmart the people who knew of his affliction by saying the opposite of what his programming dictated that he do.

And Slipstream…. Well, truth be told, Starscream still hadn't figured out what he could point out about her that she didn't already know, but he could stretch the truth sometimes by simply saying that she was probably the best femme he'd ever met.

Bagpipes: Starscream, the clones:

Standing in a straight line before their fallen comrade, the Seekers that were of Starscream stayed silent as Thundercracker was lifted onto the pyre used by most Decepticons when one of their own fell in battle and was well known enough to be turned into ash and not forged into weapons. None of them liked each other very much, even fewer of them cared at all for the arrogant blue Seeker, but they were not doing this for him.

They were doing it because Skywarp had tricked them all into coming. They were staying because the purple and black clone had no fear on his face today, only sorrow. They were keeping their optics on the young one as well, since they weren't quite sure if he could die from a broken Spark.

Roses Red: Slipstream, Sunstorm, Jetstorm:

"Oh my Primus, get it away!" Slipstream screamed, her voice that was much sharper and meaner than Starscream almost breaking Sunstorm's audios as she clung to his wings in an effort to put as much distance between herself and Jetstorm as possible.

The older in age, but not in knowledge and experience clone stood with a puppy dog look on his faceplate with a bouquet of roses that could fill a football field in wrapping that would put Sunstorm's paintjob to shame. He kept holding them out for the femme to take, but she kept swiping at them and he kept having to pull back so she wouldn't damage them. Rather like a form of slap-stick comedy.

"Hello, Jetstorm," Sunstorm chirped pleasantly at the smaller mech, "It's so nice to see you courting my sister again. To what do we owe the honor?"

White Rabbit: Thundercracker, Skywarp, mention of Slipstream:

Thundercracker didn't care if his claws hurt when they scraped above his audio receptors, he didn't want to listen for one more second of Skywarp making that hideously happy squealing noise. Like a couple of groundcrawlers hitting accelerate and ramming each other on glass. Happy did not fit Skywarp, he was supposed to be cowering in a corner.

But was he cowering? No, he was in one of the fleshies' national parks, running around, trying to catch a miserable ball of fur known as a rabbit.

"Please, may Slipstream descend from the sky and incinerate all those little vermin…"

Stop Watching Me: Skywarp, Thundercracker:

"You're losing again," Skywarp stuttered absently, if not a little boldly to Thundercracker.

Thundercracker resisted the urge to turn around and snarl at his (secretly) favorite sibling by default. Instead, he clutched onto his controller a little harder and continued trying to get the little fleshy on the screen to shoot the dark clothed fleshy standing on the building ahead of him before he reloaded his weapon.

One of the few good things about the human race was their video games. He'd already completed Halo, Dawn of War, three of the Final Fantasy games and something called Pong. Skywarp said it would cause his optics problems down the line, but oh well. So long as he could kill the assassin on the roof and complete Ninja Warrior before 'Warp made dinner, he was happy.

Changeling: Skywarp, Shockwave, Megatron, mention of Thundercracker:

"Lord Megatron, please, a little help over here!"

Giving a half-glance over his shoulder, Megatron allowed his optic ridge to move up a notch at the sight just beyond the door. Wiggling on the ground in an undignified heap, right antler bent like a lop-eared rabbit and his entire paintjob scratched into oblivion, was Shockwave under attack by Skywarp.

Currently, Skywarp was clutching the intelligence officer's head while sitting on his back, a black expression on his face. Like he was out for the other mech's Spark.

"Shockwave, what did you do?" The grey and red leader of all Decepticons asked, turning in his chair, but making no other motions.

Before Shockwave could answer, Skywarp did it for him, "He lead us into an Autobot stronghold and left me and Thundercracker to fight while he got some codes from Optimus' room. Thundercracker has to get new optics and wings!"

"…You're on your own Shockwave."