Disclaimer Time! I don't own Final Fantasy X. That belongs to Square-Enix. I also don't own Garfield and Friends, or the 'Screaming with Binky' segments, which belongs to Jim Davis.

In case you're wondering, this is just a little one-shot short starring Binky the Clown... I'm going to do a few of those, but for now, I'm starting out with this one... crossover between Binky the Clown from Garfield and Final Fantasy X. How will this work out? Well... see for yourself!

And now, prepare your ears for a checkup, it's time for...

Screaming with Binky

We are now located at the wedding of Seymour Guado and Yuna. Yuna, against her will, is being forced to marry someone she doesn't want to marry. Tidus stared with jealously as Yuna walked up the aisle. Yuna was crying softly as Seymour was smirking as Yuna reached the aisle. The priest then started.

"We are gathered here today to witness our holy matrimony of Seymour Guado and Lady Yuna." The priest began as Yuna and Seymour stared.

Yuna gulped as she stared at Seymour from the corner of her eye... she wished that he would just go to oblivion... she would rather go kill herself than hang with that monster... she didn't want to do it... but she felt that it was the right thing.

Seymour smiled as he watched the priest continuing his sermon. Nothing can go wrong on his wedding... everything would go successfully.

But then, all of a sudden just as Seymour and Yuna were about to say their 'I do's', something horrifying happened... and no, it wasn't Sin.


That made Seymour jump as everyone in the church turned to see a clown in a green suit with purple spots, a party hat, a painted face, orange hair and green shoes yelling the line. In fact, Seymour jumped so high, he accidentally fell down the water. The clown, known as Binky, watched as Seymour went down in the water.

"Gee, looks like the groom is down and out." Binky chuckled as he jumped around and laughed.

Everyone had mixed reactions about this course of reactions, most of them had confused expressions. The only one that had neither of those expressions and kept a straight face was a fat orange cat with black stripes. This cat was munching on some nachos as the clown was laughing and the crowd was uttering confused expressions.

The cat smirked as he said, "You still have it in you, Bink." The cat then resumed eating as the segment ended.

In case you're wondering, these are inspired by the 'Screaming with Binky' segments that appeared in the early days of the 'Garfield and Friends' show. There's a couple of them on YouTube if you want to watch them. There are also plenty of those 'Screaming with Binky' segments in some 'Garfield and Friends' DVD collections, but most of them are in the Volumes 1, 2, and 3 sets. Well, read and review, and tell me what you think!