He sung it perfect, beautiful. His mother's voice echoed through the room from his mouth as he sang the song that he had loved for so long. But his mother was gone and his father couldn't even cope with one phone call without her.

So he blew the note.

He blew the note and watched his dreams crumble, mimicked by the expression of pity on Mercedes face.

He blew the note and watched Puck's face crinkle in malicious glee.

He blew the note and hated that note and his father and himself as her saw Rachel's face light up with pride in herself and self respect and forcefully covered by pity as fake as Sue Sylvester's entire face.

He walked out of that room and drove home in his big flashy baby, and sang that song over and over and over, fervently like a prayer.

Just to make sure that he could. (he could)