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The Change, Chapter 17

"New Routine."

Weeks passed, and the Cullens' world changed little. Living in Forks, hunting in the local forest, maintaining daily fa├žade of human life. Jacob, daily fixture in the house environment. Bickering with Rosalie, hunting with Nessie, adjusting to Leah and Jasper together.

All the elements fit together creating a simple life, almost harmony. But not always and not entirely...

Like now, when he stood in the living room trying to block the sounds coming from the upstairs. He thanked the goods Seth was not with him, "When will they fucking stop?" He kept a bottle of water in his hand, his knuckles white.

Rosalie looked disgusted, "I'll never understand why someone would want to fuck a dog?" She looked at her nails.

"Shut up, corpse girl." Jacob said offhandedly, but looked disturbed never the less.

"Do vampires have endless libido?" Jacob asked trying not to think about the couple upstairs. It was quite hard to stop the imagination, as the banging sound rezoned throughout the house again.

"Aah," Emmett commented appreciatively, "the wall, sweet."

Rose elbowed him in the ribs.

The three of them could hear a subtle meowing now, clearly Leah's. Emmett smiled. In the otherwise quiet house, the sex was seemingly out of place.

"Can't they just go somewhere else?" Jacob complained and Rosalie had to physically stop herself from saying 'I second that.' After all, mere noise was not an excuse to agree with the wolf on anything.

"Oh, stop complaining," Esme entered the room with a plate of sandwiches in her hand. Her step was unusually bouncy these days. She joined everyone in the contemplation of the sex sounds, her head tilted in concentration. And then she smiled, "I think it is nice to have some life around the house, don't you?" She placed the plate carefully on the cherry coffee table. She beamed at everyone.

Emmett snickered loudly, and Rosalie groaned.

Jacob thought about her words for a minute, "I guess," he shrugged and reached for the biggest sandwich.

The life at the Cullens as usual.


Jerry sat in his old oak chair. Years of careful observation made him wiser, he hoped. One thing he learned was that the older he became, the world seemed to change faster. Passing beauty, bolder fashion, and useless electronics. And yet, he was there, pushing ninety-eight and still in business.

And business had its ups and downs, but for some reason always stayed afloat in the small town in the NA Reserve. Perhaps due to random tourists who were so lost they wandered there by chance, or perhaps due to a solid community of locals who stayed faithful to their land, but the store persisted. And Jerry surprisingly lasted too, like a timeless fixture, native to the town's local charm. He sat in the front of his store and watched the life change and turn, and although little surprised him in his old age anymore, one thing puzzled him much.

She stayed the same. Tall and lean, walking with long strides, often with dry leaves in her hair. Over the years the only difference he observed about the girl was her smile. She looked happy now. He sometimes wanted to ask about the secret of the resistance to time. A fancy moisturizer? Green vegetables? Goat milk? He sometimes wanted to ask but refrained.

Something in the brightness of her eyes or sharpness of her teeth, or perhaps the unusual precision of her movements, told him that he may not wish to know her answer. After all, everyone had their secrets, he decided to let her keep hers.

He turned his attention back to the street. And life around him went on.

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